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Post some Leftie fits

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goat tbqph senpai

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mao suits are fucking goat

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Is that Castro? I love his fit

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Hipster abraham lincoln

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Obama has god-awful fashion sense normally, but he really nailed that fit

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video inspo incoming

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Fuck off with this political bullshit

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Post all the aids Skrillex inspo you have

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it's like u actually think leftists are all bad shit crazy sjws
that's as childish and dismissive of an assumption as saying that all republican voters are part of the kkk

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bat*** shit crazy, i mean

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>a Goldwater girl

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that's hillary clinton, not goldwater

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Hillary Clinton shilled for Barry Goldwater you know nothing. She's not a leftist. I swear, only in Fatmerica do you get nazis calling conservatives out for being communists.

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its a meme ya dip
the issue is that the majority of left wing people that are vocal and easily identified are either those posted above or celebrities.
social media and the liberal media itself has made their stereotype bed, and they've got to lie in it
>that's as childish and dismissive of an assumption as saying that all republican voters are part of the kkk
id almost agree if the kkk were much more prevalent
people do say all right wingers are racist all the time tho

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the kkk doesn't actually still exist in any real capacity though

sjws do. and they're hilarious

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SJWs are very similar to conservatives in their ways.
They supported Clinton, they're against freedom of speech and satire. The only difference is their love for minorities, but most blacks are right wing christians awyay.

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>the kkk doesn't actually still exist in any real capacity though
Sure thing champ.

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>but most blacks are right wing christians awyay.

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you need to stop letting 4chan dictate your sense of reality

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it was in reference to the >but most blacks are right wing christians awyay

it's apparent that someone's never left his flyover state tho

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It's ironic that that is the fit he got so much shit about, since it was deemed too 'un-presidential'.

The tie is awful though.

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stop shitting the thread with /pol/ tier crap and post fits

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whoever took this pic really sucked at photography

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Don't think the ira studied photography

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quality post.
i hate my country.
we've ruined everything.

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What type of jacket is the guy fourth in from the left wearing?

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Lol it's just suit, they all look the same

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americans should be banned from using words like lefty, left side and communism untill they learn what they mean

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>Love for minorities

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If you really want to play this game, it certainly works both ways. Here's some rightie inspo.

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it's che

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What the heck are you trying to say

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god sartre was a manlet

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>shilled for goldwater

supported him for like 6 months in high school before she gave 50 years of her life defending democratic policies

pull your head out of your ass

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This is a fashion board, what are you doing here?

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liberals are not leftists in any meaningful sense of the word

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>any real capacity

don't they have a newspaper that endorsed Trump during the election campaign? They might not exist in the sense that they aren't lynching anybody, but I think that having a newspaper suggests that they're around

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WOAH a newspaper shit man

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They still have rallies, dumbfuck.

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WOAH rallies shit man

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Is that George Orwell on the left side of the picture?

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The necktie fit on this one is impeccable

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WHOA still in existance man

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This guy knows fashion.

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haha what fucking point are you trying to make
just cause theyre not in office or some shit doesnt mean they dont exist

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I fucking love this guy

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not left

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he said
> in any real capacity
which they dont.
they cant do anything, all they are is a name and some hicks who hang out and wear bed sheets while yelling something about niggers and spics.

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is he holding a cigarette and a pipe? fucking baller

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