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Starting balding when im in high school, shaved it all when i enter college. I'm content, but since i got into fashion, i cant help thinking how awesome it is to have a headful of hair, all those inspo and fits pics with glorious hairs doesnt help either.

My fellow bald senpai do you feel the same?

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I think that I would probably kill myself balding at that age

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:( i tried, but im too much of a failure to even do that properly.

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How can you fail at killing yourself?

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Go full Foucault my dude. No other way

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>tfw can only go Steve Jobs core due to xboxhueg eyebrows

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>tfw bald since the age of 5

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I shaved it off and adopted militaristic and skinhead aesthetics.

Learned to like it a lot. Stopped wanting hair a long time ago and probably would not take some breakthrough treatment for free.

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Quick question, is there a naturally thin hairline ? Because when I pull back my hair its kind of thin and I can see my skin but as long i can remember it always looked like that and I have no problem growing hair, in fact it grows pretty fast

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Hair is for women you pussy. I'm not bald and I still shave it.

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who is this semen demon?

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Handsome men that still manage to fuck their shit up and try hard to look trendy. Never trust them. They're all autistic sociopaths.

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Check out Ben Kadow he's a skateboarder with good style and who is (almost) bald

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well youre clearly a really weak person

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My hair is thinning and receding like a motherfucker. Probably gonna shave it once my fall semester ends.
I've started stocking up on dadcaps but I don't think buzzing down to a 1 looks too bad.

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I'm bald and it sucks.

My waredrobe consist of

-blank tees from corner shops
-huff and Brixton snap backs
-Levi's jeans regular fit
-beanies during winters
-plad long sleeves and short sleeve t-shirts
-basic vans shoes.

I really need to step up my game.

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I'm bald af, I Bic it all off and use an anti shine lotion so I'm not reflecting the lights off the ceiling. A smooth, clean, matte finish is all I got. Given the choice of the "holding on to hopes" look or just taking it off? Take it off.

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why are you on this board

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What is this matte stuff? My head always shines with great intensity

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Probably because he's trying to get better.
>I need to step up my game

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prob the most handsome bald dude. freddie has got the coolest facial structure. perfect face

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if you're not a skinhead, don't. This is much more than just fashion.

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Get off 4chan, Caillou

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