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Was the yugoslav war the most effay war?

also post late 80's-90's combat inspo

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I think the Spanish Civil War is, generally it seems having civilian clothing mixed with military items yields the most effay results, the recent conflict in Libya is another good example.

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I think it's like the most depressing one...

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Coming from a Bosnian/Croat/Serb family and hearing stories, I can definitely agree. The war was just a big and bloody clusterfuck.

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albanian oldfag here: fuck you
there's nothing "/fa/" about war
kys dude

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ok no worries

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I've been waiting for someone to post this, thanks.

The rest of us weren't there but we don't romanticize or trivialize it like OP and several other threads. Their thinking is messed up.

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pretty much this

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OP here, I completely understand. I just worded thread wrong; I meant to discuss the uniforms etc, not the actual war itself if that makes sense.

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"I'm just here for the costumes, not that icky killing stuff."

Fuck right off.
War is not /fa/

If you must take on some military styling, balance it with knowledge, respect and show it in the realm of fashion, not with photos of others' suffering, you Mong.

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Obligatory Northern Irish Troubles

But war is shit, troubles wasn't even a war but fuck it was still horrible. Fuck the IRA

Fuck murdering your fellow countrymen

Fuck getting exploited and being taken advantage of because you are young, aggressive and easily influenced

Fuck making money from sending kids to the morgue or to a life sentence in prison

And the biggest fuck you I can deliver to Gerry Adams and Martin McGuniess

Fuck you the retarted American who will probably come along and say muh ira muh 1/32 Irish

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Nah m80.

Fuck the UVF who for some reason were not classified as terrorists for nearly a year after the IRA status.

Fuck Tatcher allowing Boby Sands to die in prison because shes a dried up Sandy Cunt.

Fuck Ian Paisley and his outright condonement of anti-catholic segregation and discrimination.

Fuck Ian Paisley, recommending northern irish people to get Irish passports after brexit, when he is the most anti-irish wanker ever to grace the fucking earth.

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Yugoslav here, you wouldn't even consider mentioning this is you had been a part of it. kys

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is much effay shoot down crni bombarder

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Crni stealth

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posting inspo

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serb here, oh wow, a war was brutal and bloody, does the fall of saigon stop you from wearing an M65?

besides, yall cunts should embrace the future and cop an m89 fur vest, shit is hot

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Albanians are subhuman
Get removed you quickbreeding, tribal, smelly, degenerate kebab.
And I'm not even racist or serbian but I saw Albanians do shit no other nation would. Their mentality is on the level of bronze age African tribes. Look at Shkreli.

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just wow

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Suffering is effay

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fuck the ustase

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Thank you.

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>gosha casting party

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Is Albania a dangerous place? Why are people saying its so bad?

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It's the least developed country in former Yugoslavia. Also, it's muslim

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All these fucking apologists scum.
If that Albanian scum is offended then tell him to fuck himself. I bet this fuck has never seen a day of action in his life.

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you'll see another cleansing within your lifetime, kebab

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Did you make two Yugoslav wars threads? Are you trying to [soiler]Balkanize[/spoiler] this board, op?

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>lemme just hide behind these civilans

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I'd rather kill you first.

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leave it to the serb to say some stupid shit

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>caring about people getting killed
>are you even /fa/

war is effay as fuck deal with it

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>not caring about people getting killed

Psychocore, my dude. We have a board for that: >>>/pol

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Wow you guys sound so tough. Feel free to post your Rambo-like bodies and weapons.
Not the guy you answered to, but I had Albanian refugees neighbors, And you cucks come here to roleplay as war lords, while incapable of going through a women self defense course.

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That strange considering how it's not in former Yugoslavia

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>white knighting muslim immigrants
>calling others cucks

pick one fucko

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>he uses "white knight" as a verb
>no hint of irony

back to >>>/v/

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>albanian neighbours
>not missing a kidney
Check again, cuck.
I hope you ejoy that fat jufka you stuff in your mouth everyday
For real tho, only decent albanians i met were christian. Anything Else - rats

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>anecdotal evidence
>calling people rats, especially poor uneducated refugees
Well, bring arguments or post pics of yourselves. I'm still under the impression you're a bunch of 19~22yo sheltered cunts.
Also, in advance, no, lifting weights do not make you a badass; it's just basic conditioning.

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w2c jeans

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Why make it personal? I"m not some sheltered autist and it's not even a moral argument. Has it eer occred to you that maybe we're actual yugoslavians who live with albanians and have a lot of personal experience with them. I used to be like you until i simply figured out with observaton that they din't think and act like other Balkan people. Have you ever been to Macedonia? Shit is rough there and guess why...

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Also, they arent "poor uneducated refugees" i'll take any syrian, afghan or iraqan citizen for a neighbour over an albanian. Thievery and deceit are a part of albanian culture. Have you ever seen the trash piles on the coasts of Dubrovnik? Might want to guess where it comes from? Just take the red pill god damn it

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But there were plenty albanians in yugoslavia. Also remember albaniansare the only nation with two countres, kosovo and albania. And they're already at 60% of the population in macedonia sk make this 3. High fertility rates correlate with the backwardness of a nation

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>doesn't think refugees are scum
>calls others sheltered

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cuckold faggot, how is your wifes son doing?

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I admit I've never been in Yugoslavia, and of Eastern Europe I've only been in Austria and Hungary.
But my point is, all your remarks aren't a matter of race. The muslim Albanian refugees lived in the flat beside our family's for 20years. They:
>pretty shit-tier at being muslims
>cooked odd food that often smelt foul
>spoke the vernacular language really shoddily
but still, they were really kind, humble and always willing to help. Great people with hearts of gold. Of course you may tell me ugly truths about Albanians in Yugoslavia, but a lot can be tracked to them being poor uneducated plebes. Could you tell me about a race that somehow doesn't produce trashy filthy people when they're deprived of ressources and culture ?
By the way, feel free to tell us more about life in Yugoslavia, we mostly get stereotypes about you guys, without actual stories.

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as a croat who was a7 y.o. kid when it all ended in 1995, I must admit these serbs were pretty fa

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Yes, when there is just a family they're usually humble, my neghbours are too. But when you live in yugoslavia you get used to bosnians, croats and serbs always being loud and realy talkative and nice. My albanian neighbours are completely different. They're humble alrwady, but they're cold, the man is a shady mafia guy, they have many many kids and what you mentioned about the food and language. I also know some christian albanians that are nice to talk to. But!
When there's plenty albanians together, and mostly men, a person can't help but feel unpleasant. You have poor people all over yugoslavia and they're all, ill bet you, 100x ttmes more pleasant than albanians. The thing with abanians however is, you invite one, 4 more wll come. And they bring 10 more. And so on. And they discrrminate. They lowkey hate other yugoslavians. My grandmother saw their merchants wreck a coratian farmer's food stand in such a sneaky way they couldn't be framed. Just because he was selling similar prodcts next to them on the piblic free market. Here, there's way more criminals among albanians than in any other nation. Most drug dealers here are albanian. They create networks, in the cties they massmmigrate to, and thats dangerous. Combined with the hostile attitude and rimitive thinking. Connected like the jews but more shady and brutal. They kidnap kids for organ market here, only major brutal crime happening here in the last years. I wish it was just a scary story but its real. Ill never trust an albanian, you can come here and try if you want to get cucked my dear friend

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MP5 sub-machinegun optional.

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Well fuck, seems like a real fucking shithole culture they have going on, I understand the hatred. I remember my albanian neighbors being farmers from countryside in Kosovo, might explain the difference in behavior.
So, still not a race thing, but I admit you're justified in considering them a nuisance. I even agree with you, poverty doesn't justify crime and theft. Thanks for the input, and feel free to continue sharing stories.

Though you can hold back on calling me a cuck you guys, since I grew up with street fighting gypsies as role models and racketters as friends. And with 10y of martial arts and some competitions, I'm not eastern europe tough, but still not completely defenseless.
>pic related, /effayest/ war is future war

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It is pretty tribal. Also watch for the dfference in humor, serbs especially have a really good sense of humor while albanians almost never joke. It's cool m8, i have never even been in a fight, i'm completely useless but know that most of northern former yugoslavia is really civilized and peaceful, there was rarely an occasion in which i felt threatened, yugoslavians are peaceful by default unless drunk.

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I love this picture. It's just perfect.

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>Eastern Europe
Just go fuck yourself

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