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Are skinheads /fa/?


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hell ya
i mean the style is. if you're an outright violent racist asshole that's another thing.

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i was literally just thinking about skinheads op

i want to do it but all i have for footwear is cement 4s nike sfbs raf simons stan smiths rick owens ramones and high and low air forces in white

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I figured as much.

None of your sneakers fit the bill. Cop Docs.

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oh shit its the lad from the OP picture, post more dude you got great pictures I have never seen

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They look /fa/. Sadly my forehead is fucking ugly so I can't shave my head to go for the look.

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They look /fa/. Sadly my forehead is fucking ugly so I can't shave my head to go for the look. Such a shame considering I have the jaw, cheekbones, ears, and eyebrows to pull it off.

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you sure you are not just being insecure? i have goofy ears, a goofy nose and a bumpy fuckin head but I always go back to the buzz cut. Shaved head with odd features just makes you look more confident about them, I too have the strong jaw, cheekbones and thick eyebrows to make it work though.

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just do it if you want to. buzz cuts are cool cause they're functional and comfortable so they don't alert everyone to how vain and self-obsessed you actually are (as opposed to say the hitler youth haircut).

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Believe me my forehead is ugly as shit, I don't know if you have ever seen something like it but mine has two very big bumps in each corner, it looks like if horns are going to come out of it, the bumps are very noticeable, from the side it kinda looks like Emma's forehead.

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Last year I almost did it, specially considering that my hairline is already receding, but then I thought that I better enjoy my beautiful hair while I have it and I worry about looking ugly when the time comes (when my hair starts the final phase of balding).

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I have the same man, maybe worse. My forehead is divided into three sections of different sized bumps, mine is more like I have one horn growing and the other side isn't doing so good. Along with that I have massive veins framing the forehead, when I get angry I can become fucking hideous.

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better sharp up lads

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Nah sod that lad, I've got a strong hairline and buzzed it off a few months ago.

The guy that was asking about the photos (I'm not the poster) but they're by Derek Ridgers if you want to see more of them.

Any skinhead influenced inspo for shirts and shoes? I don't really like polos and I've already got boots.

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>The guy that was asking about the photos (I'm not the poster) but they're by Derek Ridgers if you want to see more of them.

fucking thank you mate

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No worries mate

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>this is not a fashion its a way of life

Yeah good luck with that
>working class owns high fashion

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I went skinhead shave once. People asked me if I were some monk.

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>one of the first times i shaved my head
>kid approaches me on the street
>"are you german"?

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Not this kid again.

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Kek you wish Juan

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depends, we talking ska skinhead or white power skinhead?

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is that harry potter

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do you know anything about skinheads other than what you've seen on fox news?

skinheads were originally a racially diverse subculture who had a common interest in ska music (among other things).

were and are there still racist skinheads? sure. just like there are racist people in every segment of society. skinheads just get a bad rap because young men with shaved heads and boots look intimidating to pearl-clutching suburbanites who need something to be outraged about.

there are also SHARPS (skinheads against racial prejudice) as well as 10,000 other iterations of skinheads who, surprise, all have different views.

the "skinhead = nazi" meme is ridiculous

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There was skinhead revival in the 1970s which included a sizable nationalist white faction. It went from UK and spread to other countries.

Now being a skinhead has a bad rap but staying sharp is good.

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Nobody's saying all skinheads are racists. But saying skinheads have no more connection to racism than any other group is pretty stupid. Skinheads were a British subculture and the style wasn't that popular elsewhere until white nationalists adopted the look as their unofficial uniform worldwide. In some countries "skinhead=neo-nazi" is mostly correct.

Why do you think SHARP even exists? There would be no point in "goths against racial prejudice" or "preps against fascism". Skinheads have a reason to vocally distance themselves from neo-nazi groups.

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What happened to him ?

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I have a recceding hair line and a big forehead. Should I shave it off?

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I wish pubs like this still existed... Writing on the walls, smoking inside, girl with her tit out, guy passed out on the seat. Beats Weatherspoons

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fuck off back to Tumblr you legitimate nu-male

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whetherspoons, Lancaster?? you know the place??

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what are some skinhead approved shoes? (not talking boots).

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no, you fuck off, you ass-backwards redneck piece of shit.

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More like shitheads amirite

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black penny loafers with white socks

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Ben Sherman was another brand a lot of skins learned towards, maybe some Ben Sherman derbies?