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How to dress like a Communist?

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Dress like a bum.

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Castro is effay as fuck.

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Fuck Communism

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Says the """socialist"""

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Communism is one of the worst forms of politic but i must admit Hitler did some things wrong like the holocaust biggest disaster in the nationalist time....

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Humans are flawed, not Communism. Communism is a good dream.

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Humans aren't flawed. It's natural for humans to be selfish and greedy. Communism is unnatural and inhuman.

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Ok spook

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Lol stay spooked (you)

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>Muh human nature

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It's true though. It's not in our nature. We're hardwired to be selfish.

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I really wish this guy's plotline actually went somewhere. Shame they totally dropped it.
Still, the show is a 10/10

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I'm a communist because I'm selfish. I don't want to work to make my boss rich, I don't want to pay for a crisis caused by others, etc.

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>dress like a Communist
You can't dress yourself (unless you're a hypocryte), since all clothing is made by capitalism.

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I guess minimalism would be the communist-core.

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It was too obvious.

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get a telnyashka

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>totalitarian state communism

It's anarcho communism or go home, buddy. If men are to be free and equal there cannot be a leader.

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>underrated post
In it's essence communism is simply the equal division of resources, that are more than enough for everybody to not only live comfortably, but also have to barely put in any work for that comfort. Man could divert his priorities to science, space travel, discovery and art, if not for the pitiful rat race.
The resources are there, the technology is there, but the rich want to remain on top.

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can't farm (unless you're a hypocryte) since all farm equipment is made by feudalism

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dress like whatever you see on inspo threads. because being fashionable and trendy is left wing.

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communist posters are beautiful

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and i was surprised to know that most of the best looking people on this board are communists. i mean i saw their instagrams and snapchats and like hammer and sickle etc etc.

well whatever i mean political preferences are very seasonal. like fashion trends. remember how praising obama was seen as cool and edgy ? so it doesn't matter, i don't believe in objective truth anymore, anything could work as long as the people believe in it.

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somehow left wing people are more artsy than right wing people. like they would protest by just putting on white noise while screaming "shame" in repeat. art. creative

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>Lions are flawed, not Veganism. Veganism is a good dream.
Communism is an ideology for ants, not men.

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because leftwing people are creative, while right wing people are logical

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I'm a very logical person but i'm not ready to give up my creativity, it's the only thing that makes me feel i'm on par with everyone else :(

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any links bud?

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it isn't that left wing people are more artsy, it's that people who are more artsy are usually leaning more on the left.

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>it's not that 1+1=2, it's just that 2 consists of two 1s.

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You're the kind of idiot that gets manipulated by statistics in the media.

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what are you ? statistics are everyone's weapon. have you seen how often people here bring up anything from PEW research ? statictics don't manipulate, statistics are just data and facts.

look at /pol/ intellectuals, they use statistics to back up everything.

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Post moar commie posters. It's my /gd/ fetish.

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also natural to be loving caring and to live in a good community

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The very fact that you do not understand that correlation does not equal causation means that you are retarded. You can phrase a statistic eight ways to Sunday and each of them can deliver a different message to a moron like you, who does not understand simple principles of logic.
Stay in school, kiddo.

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and you are retarded :))

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Sure, if you're White or East Asian.

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That's the IRA you fucktarded pinko

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What are you trying to say ? That stats can be wrong ? Idk how we got into the topic of statistics but i've never looked up stats regarding to left wing being more creative. I just quick sample from what i've seen.

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Ok, now I legitimately feel bad for insulting you, because you might really have some sort of deficiency.
I do not question the fact wheter leftists are artsy or not, I dispute the statement that it's the same whether communism attracts artists or art attracts communists. In other words, if you know the cause (1+1), then the effect is obvious (2), but if you only know the effect (2), it can be any number of causes (0.5+0.3+1+0.2) and claiming that only 1+1 = 2 is silly. Let's have a little thought experiment:
1 = artistry
2 = leftism
3 = right wing ideology
and every other number, or fraction represents a different thing.

2 = 1 + X + Y * B
Where as
3 = B - Y * 1 + Z....etc.
As we know an equasion like this can easily be reversed by simply moving the (1) on the other side of the equasion and putting the previous result in it's corresponding place in the problem.

Furthermore in a historic sense fascist have always been the ones with a penchant for classical art and aesthetic.

Point is, no neither are you right in simplifying a statisitc about human behaviour to 2 base elements, nor is it true, because in historic aspect communism has been no friend of art, practicing censorship on par and sometimes even more than fascist dictatorships.

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let's see where will your "brilliant mind" get you in life

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>claiming that only 1+1 = 2 is silly
i didn't. but the point is, communism and art has some sort of good relationship, since more leftists care about it than right wings do. most modern leftists don't employ their logic that much which creates more room for the said creativity.

and the era of western art was long before fascism.

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p good. i like it, comrade

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nice fit for real 8/10

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inside your mom

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unless you can get it for free, made to be distrubeted

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Logic and creativity are not mutually exclusive, that's an unfortunate stereotype.
If you are referring to the classical era of western art, sure it happened before the emergence of fascism, however the vallues and ideals of people in that era were more in line with nationalism, pride, militarism and hierarchal structure than with social justice and egalitarianism. It could be for the reason that patrons of the arts at that time were rich and powerful rulers and nobility, but there is no doubt that artists were also part of this cultural zeitgeist.
Even in the current cultural climate most art that is created is based on right leaning principles and ideals, as the very process of production of films, music and literature is so strictly capitalist that the leftist virtue signalling in the works themselves is absolutely meaningless.

I'm not trying to argue the left ideologies don't create or have art associated with them, but in my opinion to claim one side is more artistic and the other is more logical is flawed.

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l mean that's not a good question

There's no commie style in particular unless you plan to overthrow a country, in which case you'll need a long coat if you're old or some sort of army uniform if you're younger

altough what you're looking for is endless drab, olives, beiges, browns, 0 brands and the occasional white/blue shirt

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statistics from cucked websites lol.

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Communism is a fucking shit dream.

Fucking loser.

Life is a zero sum game, for there to be winners, there will be losers. Lots of them. There is a small percentage of men that have the will to achieve anything, and for them there is enough social mobility to achieve power and wealth. That's all that's necessary.

Life needs losers, will always have losers, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Forcibly stagnating society is a good dream for weak willed faggots like you.

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Alright tough guy.

Instead on focusing on bigger things such as space exploration, we'll keep fighting each other like animals because that's in our nature and we should totally not try to supress it.

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the lengths conservatives will go to beat down a dead joke is laughable

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torn rags

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There's also statistics out there proving rightwinger populists have a lower IQ

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there's nothing funny about being a cuck also
>huhueahuheahueuha conservativ xD

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kill a commie nigga

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literally the same as 13 year olds constantly repeating memes. all i see when i see the word cuck is "damn daniel"

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the point stands

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probably what is going to end up happening anyway desu, universal income is going to be more and more attractive as a way of keeping the economy ticking over while employment keep dropping but productive capacity keeps rising.

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from experience:
old, disgusting vans because you're too poor to afford new shoes
ripped black jeans
your only flannel that may not have ever been washed
your grandfather's cap that has definitely never been washed

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>Furthermore in a historic sense fascist have always been the ones with a penchant for classical art and aesthetic.
Because they intensely disliked the 'degenerate' art of the time, and because classical art is good for conjuring themes of empire and conquest, as well as kind of implying "we're bringing the nation back to when it was powerful" (make Italy great again).

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>I'm 16 and I like streetwear
>also, this kid I just described fucked my girl, so I'm pretty sure he's a commie desu

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>Life is a zero sum game
>Forcibly stagnating society

If life is a zero sum game then society is already stagnated. Capitalism might benefit some people more than other but that's a very far cry from being a zero sum game. If Capitalism was a zero sum game then economic growth would be impossible.

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its not human nature to be selfish

we live in a society that benefits the selfish. a labourer is paid enough just to maximize profit for whoever they are working for. the person who they are working for is selfish because they are doing no work and making much more than their employees, simply because they own the means of production .

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>comparing technology that you don't need and bought for yourself to food and tools needed to survive

Are you fucking retarded?

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I think anyone who takes communism seriously is

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Wear what everyone else wears.

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Socialist here. It is human nature to be selfish, just as much as it is human nature to be selfless. Selfishness takes no primacy naturally, only when enabled by economic fundamentalist ideology it takes a dominant form in society, insofar that it actually has society is convinced that in a post-ideological society every other aspect of human nature is subordinate to its selfishness. This is however the purest ideology of the neoliberal variety.

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>effay thread
>gommie and nazi shitlords from /pol/ come and take a dump on it
i expected as much

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You already took the clothes example, and we could extend this to a variety of different needs the everyday citizen has.

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Me and all my friends are commies and the general dress is actually just /fa/ as fuck with mostly black

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My nazi friends wear milsurp and all black too, they browse /fa/

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Nazis arent /fa/

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it doesnt matter if you are nazi or gommie, bohemians are always effay
punk, skinheads and boneheads, on the other hand........

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I will forcibly shove Falcon Heavy up your ass.

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Tried to post this exact pic.

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borrow clothes from a homeless man. that's all people in communist countries can afford

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no, but it might be natural for you. Which is why we need to kill you

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capitalism doesn't make anything. workers do.

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>lol clothes extend into intellectual property under capitalist law meme


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Hoxha was pretty effay but he could have chosen better fits

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that's a good man

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>You know what the radical left really needs right now? More lifestylism.
Please don't.

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>that alienation from species-essence when 4chan will never have a /leftypol/

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what the radical left really needs right now is organisation and theoretical clarification, not a focus on individual lifestyle choices

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human nature doesnt exist
its a lie bourgoise made up to maintain worldwide capitalist agenda

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>right wing

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dressing like a communist means dressing in whatever you can steal from the government

source: my grandpa

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What the left currently needs is a culling.

>> No.11912757

>this is what regressives actually believe.

>> No.11912764

if you believe in the existence of the 'regressive left' then you are either a new atheist fuccboi or someone who reads /pol/ unironically

neither of those things are very /fa/, since you end up either as dawkins/hitchens or a fat neckbeard wannabe neo-nazi

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>fighting for segregation
Shiggy diggidy doo m8

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That's right, so why should I sit idly by while the fruits of my labor line the pockets of a capitalist? It seems detrimental to my interests.

It's in my rational self interest to seize the means of production.

SJW's are idealists though, they like Critical Theory but don't apply through a Historical Materialist analysis. It's like trying to use a microscope with the lenses removed.

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Idealism alone is worth nothing, if you're a flaming retard that shits the bed at every occasion. I consider myself an anti-authoritarian leftist, but seeing the state of the modern left I not only want nothing to do with most of them, but even if I did I'd be ostracized for being a white male that doesn't agree with all the demagogy they spit out.

Also, dump the rest of those paintings. I used to have a folder with all of them, but I can't find it.
Thanks, famalalam.

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>Idealism alone is worth nothing, if you're a flaming retard that shits the bed at every occasion
Sorry, I should have been more specific. When I said "idealism" I was talking about the philosophical/historical definition: the belief that a society's ideas shape its material reality, rather than the other way around, which is the Marxist position.

>Also, dump the rest of those paintings. I used to have a folder with all of them, but I can't find it.
Sure thing. The artist is Zhang Da Zhong if you're interested.

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better dead than red

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Is there more?

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man these paintings are dope thanks

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One more!

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>make them surrender
>no-one cares about geneva cause this is 1950's

>> No.11914457

And that's why they are fucked up, following data and facts blindly like they are some sort of machines

>> No.11914713

>fuck logic we don't need facts and statistics
>our feelings matter more than a functioning system

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>Leftists doesn't use data and facts
>feels are better than reals
This is probably one of this worst false flag attempts I've seen in a while. Try harder, /pol/

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>""""functioning"""" system


>> No.11914838

I don't know but I do have a helicopter I would like to show you.

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start with the sissy hypno videos, then buy your first toy(bbc dildo preferably) use that for a while, begin camwhoring with your mothers makeup(you're a self identified gen y commie, you live at home) follow that with an amazon watchlist that your predominantly indian and arab fanbase can use to buy you gifts. from here you will be able to cultivate a cute commie wardrobe that perfectly suits your jewish nihilistic mind virus ideology.

dont forget to kill yourself 6 months into hrt, you commie dweebs lmao.

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That was weirdly specific. I'm starting to think all of /pol/'s masculinity worship is just a front.

>> No.11915591

get hand-me-down clothes handed to you from the state

>> No.11915635

Thanks for the dump, comrade.

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the ira

are communist


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>implying national self-determination isn't the necessary prerequisite for proletarian internationalism

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hoxha killed my friend's grandfather

fuck that guy

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Mom is home, kids.

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Where can I buy this jacket?

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only correct answer in this topic
if you're commie you should live in venezuela, china, north korea or vietnam

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National >Socialist

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>National >Socialist
is this the medic from tf2

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