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Are these cuck shoes?

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wtf is that supposed to mean?

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It doesn't mean fucking anything. Anyone using cuck unironically spent too much time on the internet.

Actually, imagine the fucking scenario for creating this thread. Someone downloaded a picture of wolverine boots, opened the browser, typed 4chan.org/fa/, and made a thread asking if the before-mentioned shoes are cuckold shoes. Cuckold fucking shoes..it makes no fucking sense.

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Lmao bro you win the internet for the day

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Fuck off.

EDIT: Holy shit, gold for this? You guys are fucking crazy xD
EDIT 2: Two years and this is my top rated comment? omg..

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Bahahaha, you should crosspost this to /r/bestof !!!!! I spat out my coffee all over my macbook air! peytonmanning.jpg haha! Gotcha!

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>t. cuck
>here is my wife's son

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probably the most recommended boots on the internet to a point people mindlessly buy them and forcing them into every outfit instead of its practicality so yeah theyre cuck shoes

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>t. cuck

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