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I have a friend, sort of a girl-friend (it's complicated) and she just bought these shoes half an hour ago and sent me the photo. We're in our mid thirties and we've been talking recently about feeling young again and I told her she should dress younger, and I've been telling her she needs to wear sneakers or at least sexy boots, so that's why she sent me the photo. But quite honestly /fa/m, I'm having a really hard time getting past these shoes. I'm feeling like Jerry Seinfeld - it's a trivial thing in the grand scheme of things but I just don't understand why an attractive woman would like these shoes. Surely it means something? What does it mean? I'm really struggling with this. I can't talk to her about it because she'll get annoyed with me. How do I help her? How do move past this?

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does she teach kindergarten, 5'3 and weights 165 pounds?

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fix it

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She probably wears that kind of shoe because they're super comfy. Even though this sub thinks they're ugly, I do like my Docs and Birkenstocks. Unfortunately they're associated with old people or Tumblr.

She might be afraid to wear younger stuff because she doesn't want to be seen as basic/ a hoe. I know in my area there is usually a certain "type" of girl who wears booties/ sneakers.

Also take in to consideration her overall wardrobe. I know that really sleek boots and sneakers don't fit in with my wardrobe, because I have a very twee / kindergarten teacher style. If she likes to dress cutesy, I would recommend some (non-Doc/ non-creeper) Mary Janes, and ballet flats. These are much younger looking than Danskos or Clarks.

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No, she's tall and good-looking. It's really confusing. I'm sure it's something deeply psychological.

Thankyou, that does make sense. She definitely has anxieties about the kind of woman she's perceived as. But sneakers are just comfy shoes too. And she does wear boots and hoodies and black pants and stuff, but then it's always back to floral blouses, K-mart jeans, sandals and stuff like pic-related.

I'll look into those recommendations though, thanks.

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It's either you or the shoes! They have to go!

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>already trying to influence how she dresses
>Not picking a well-dressed woman

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i like those desu... they're pretty old fashioned girly

with a nice pair of socks...brown or black maybe...

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>this sub
Please fuck off

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>(it's complicated)
you're a fucking cuck

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with the right outfit (a nice summer dress, for instance) these could be girl-next-door core
if you're in your 30s, (a) wtf are you doing in my /fa/, get out dad and (b) stop being such a shallow asshole, time is not on your side. find some happiness and hold on to it

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Technically her husband is.

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>giving an absolute shit what she wears

I have my own fashion to worry about.

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Tell her you care about fashion to the point you spend time in this forum, browse her through here and show her >>11856136

Also are you getting cucked or cucking?

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ofc hes getting cucked if he cant even make a dumb bitch do what he wants, wtf

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