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Why does the left dress so shittily?

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They're both good homie. Its the revival of modernist ideologies that is needed. Don't get bogged down in details, you'll miss the point.

Mosley is god tier tho fwiw

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I fucking love the guy on the far-left's look. I wish I had the "medic from TF2" facial shape.

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It's not really that hard senpai: 20th century leftists championed the working class and wore simple working class clothes, 20th century conservatists/fascists favored militarism and hierarchy and thus wore uniforms and insignia.

Nowadays of course leftists champion safe spaces and wear body mods and conservatists & fascists favor anime and memes and wear very bad haircuts

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btw style of uniforms aren't worth much if your paramilitary needs police support to pull off even a demonstration, and even fails to do that lol

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>20th century leftists championed the working class and wore simple working class clothes, 20th century conservatists/fascists favored militarism and hierarchy and thus wore uniforms and insignia.

I was just discussing this with my gf yesterday. I've started dressing somewhat more militaristic recently and I told her I was worried that I didn't want to seem like a fascist, when in fact I'm very anti-authoritarian.
I do it for the aesthetic and utilitarian purposes.

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There's an essay by Slavoj Zizek where he discusses the symbols of fascism, including uniforms and fashion, and whether mimicking them is promoting the ideology or helping break it down. I can't remember what the title of it was, but I recommend reading it if you can find it.

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I'll look around for it, but Slavoj is really hit or miss for me. Some of the shit he says are pure meme, but every once in a while he makes a lot of sense.

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Socialist German Workers Party
>implying they didn't champion the working class against the rich globalist-capitalist filth and der juden
>implying they didn't rant about a classless society all the time
>implying they didn't celebrate may day
>implying they didn't have an extreme left wing called the strasserists and sang songs about how they fought 'reactionaries' in their party anthem
>implying they didn't have loads of shovels and cog wheels and red and stuff as symbols and party labour unions and party labour organizations and named everything "the peoples - " like the peoples car volkswagen
>implying they didn't start projects for cheap worker beach resorts and cheap cars and free welfare and workers rights and free education and all that jazz
>implying the SA wasn't just a bunch of homoerotic factory workers led by an openly gay guy
>implying they're actually 'far right' because your leftist college teacher defines "right wing" as everyone she dislikes and "left wing" as everyone she likes

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You clearly understand quite a bit about Nazism, so it's rather strange that you could also be oblivious to the ways in which the post you reply to is correct. I won't deny that the things you said are true but that doesn't change the fact that the fascist ideal is the soldier and not the worker, something that is clearly visible in their aesthetics and political reforms some of which benefit workers but clearly not because they believe in giving them any power, especially once they had their votes and got rid of the communist. Oh yeah, "Volk" also has absolutely nothing to do with your social standing or occupation.

I'm interested in this but can't find it between all the comments about his fashion sense and those calling him a fascist. Does it have anything to do with the Matrix movie?

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>the fascist ideal is the soldier and not the worker
Nazism and fascism are two different albeit rather similar ideologies. Main difference being fascism puts less emphasis on nationalism and spiritualism, and is based in authoritarian syndicalism and authoritarianism rather than socialism, nationalism, existentialism and authoritarianism. I would almost say fascists were more prone to romanticize the humble worker than the nazis, but also, perhaps somewhat contradictory, more prone to emphasize the leader and follower ideal, although this may have more to do with ethnic and cultural differences. The führer wanted to be seen as a servant, a slave to the volk. The duce depicted himself more as a God amongst men, as a traditional king.

I wouldn't say the nazis didn't like the labourer. But rather, they saw all labour as duty to the volk, meaning the labourer, and the much glorified farmer, was also a 'soldier'. We must understand, that in (north-)Germanic culture, power was always decentralized, with strong independent soldier-farmers being the actual rulers. In my opinion, while the nazis only saw war and thus war propaganda as ideals, the main reason they dressed well is due to their vision of an improved volk, an ideal in beauty, mind, spirit and physique. A first step towards a man made evolutionary process. If you look at the German workers, in nazi propaganda they were hard to separate from the soldiers, but I wouldn't argue this was due to an idealization of traditional right wing hierarchy. If anything, it was a way to break the hierarchy - even the factory workers are glorious classless members of the volk now.

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>implying any of this is true
hitler loved capitalism and purged the left wing nazis, it's only called "socialist" because socialism was popular back then

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Hindenburg threatened to turn power over to the army if Hitler didn't 'take care of' the radical elements in the party. Hitler was days from losing power. His early far left policies were about to fail due to lack of public support, and Röhm was possibly planning a military crackdown to enforce the ideas when the rest of the party were getting soft.

As such, Hitler killed his best friend, the only man who used the informal "du" to refer to Hitler, and the only party member to call him "Adi", and Hindenburg was pleased and didn't start his threatened military coup. After the night of the long knives, Hitler locked himself in his office for days without speaking a word. Then he walked out, took a shower, and told his secretary that now he felt as clean as a baby again.

If Hitler loved capitalism, he must have hated his financial policy. The only sources for the nazis not being socialists is from other socialists that don't like the association.

But the discussion, since this is /fa/, was about whether the nazis idealized workers and tried to make a militaristic worker fit or if they were just sporting an old school right wing militaristic style.

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Thanks, familia

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That guy opened a dance studio after the war ended.

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haha, no thanks.
also, why don't you all fuck off to /pol/?

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>it's only called "socialist" because socialism was popular back then
Yep, that and due to all the far left fiscal policies Hitler implemented, that have gone on to be emulated by other socialist/far left government parties across the world

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No, he didn't. They just share names.

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That was a completely different article, what are you doing?
Also another classic Zizec, making fair points that go completely against the accepted leftist dogmas to then just at the end turn his argument around without good reason but to align with those leftist dogmas.

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>the revival of modernist ideologies
i despise postmodernism so much

then again, the idea of the deconstruction gave birth to Madoka

so I dunno, maybe it's okay in small doses

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Žižek is a lefty icon. Also you can fuck off.

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He reminds me of anime characters with tall, elongated faces, circle glasses and a short and tight haircut.

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Newfag here.
What are those pants called?
And those shirts?
Not that I'd wear the shirt, but the pants type looks nice.

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circle glasses look so much better on people with the right faces than rectangular glasses

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>talking shit about berets

fite me /fa/ggot

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he's really got the perfect face for it

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>Kriegsdienst von 1939-1945 als Untergefreiter und alle damit verbundenen Greuel nebst Bauchschuss und Gefangenschaft nicht erspart geblieben.
Waffen SS officers were selected from enlisted personnel. Same name, age, face, and military service means odds are good.

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What's even the point of a paramilitary that doesn't wear berets?

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>>11829630 #
What kind of pants are these, anons?

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gotchu senpai

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The Strasser brothers were both dead by the end of the Kristalnacht
The SA was also destroyed by Hitler
The Nazis were basically left-wing nationalists and had a lot of Jew members before Hitler and the spiritual reactionaries came and destroyed an originally promising ideology and turned it into nothing but butthurt and genocide

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Strasser was a traitor, the SA was completely out of control and led by a homosexual degenerate, and the jews were 6,000,000% communists.

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Same name and military service means nothing in this time. If you look at younger pictures of the dancer or specifically his profile the similarities are less striking (even taking the effects of aging into consideration). I wish it was true but after comparing the two and reading about the dancer's WW2 experience I consider it very unlikely.
Also an Untergefreiter (I guess they mean Gefreiter, since Untergefreiter is lingo for a civilian) is not an Untersturmführer, not even close actually, that's bottom of the barrel. Their wounds don't line up either.
As I said it's a lovely story if it was true but I believe someone just came across two people on Google search which looked similar in one picture and decided to role with it.

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1970, age 55, should not look so drastically different from a picture taken at age 29

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