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Post fits you saved from /fa/

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what a surprise these all look right shit

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tricky dicky at it again. I'm going to /thread this because everything after and before is shit

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dammn muh dick wanna stick my dick in our asshole bitch nigga

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Sorry to burst your bubble nigga, that first one is straight up a dude.

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That black girl wants his dick, look at her expression

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Who is this semen demon?

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Where do you get shirts that fit like that?

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Can she even walk?

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who has folders of the trip a long time ago who went to school in Antwerp and made a clothing line for an assignment? he had the best fits on /fa/

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Wish I was this alpha 2bh

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you're gorgeous, but that is impractical fetish gear. Wear some real clothes ya

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is this from Gosha fw16?

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nobody ever notices the girl in the background with her knee high converse

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>thinking that's a pic of the poster

that's a really old tripfag who isn't around anymore

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stop shitting the board up you retarded faggot

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i audibly kekked at this one

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my fucking dick core

those shoes look retarded

best fit itt

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w2c pants and socks?

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would also like to know

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How do you call those pants?

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w2c pants?

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my boy rick surely knows

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I've saved a couple

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Original poster said it was burberry but obvs gave a rick vibe

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id on shoes ?

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Looks like the john elliott mercer tee to me

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Think they're margeilla

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I am wondering what he's hiding on his leg.

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Explain these tags to me then you bozo

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marry me you fucking whore

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pls sit on my face. i wanna suck the shit out of your ass and parade you around like the stupid trophy that you are

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thats MBD. are you people 14 yo?

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is this jew chan

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lol id steal the shoes

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anyone know w2c boots?

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This would be a bretty good fit if he had black boots and put the belt on right

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This was fine until the boots.

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What does mdb mean

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...no? pretty sure they're acronym p10s

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i disagree with the second fit, those shoes are awesome.

best fit on here

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lol, they are not p10s at all
there are more tapered joggers on the market than p10s you know

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that's not MBD wtf

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Fucking new fag

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holy kek. love this

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>all this basic as fuck shit
>worth saving

This board is hitting the absolute lowest it can in this thread

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nice contribution to the board

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hahahaha!!!!11 10/10

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W2c bike?

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margiela x hm

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If dubs jail-core is the official style of 2016

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>implying I'm not right
Anyway, here, have some m65 jacket inspo

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That is also the name of a German gas mask, pic related

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50% like palladiums 50% dislike palladiums

what's up with this shit? is it the marmite of shoes

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the gasmask is much effayer

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>acronym p10
w2c jacket?

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someone ID this coat w2c

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w2c cargos

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>: IMG_3612.png
Ofc the tard nigger can't read

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W2C this fucking shirt

>> No.11831582

Its a rick Owens drkshdw Double layer tee

>> No.11831597

w2c shoes

>> No.11831608


AA The summer shirt (loose crew) is pretty similiar but cheaper

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W2C jeans

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anyone got that picture of the dude in rafdidas & black skinny jeans & raf simons ombre sweater?

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Looks like easterposter's favorite jewess from /thinspo/.

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i kinda like this one

>> No.11832813

I like how all of you shit on reddit but still save everything posted in wywt threads

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>le hivemind meme

>> No.11832826

My sides.

>> No.11832827

every day i regret buying an alpha industries m65. i need to sell it

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>ergo bars

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Nice fit man, I dig it. That cav empt jacket is sick

>> No.11832949

so many tryhard staged poses lmao
you fags are not models. just take a selfie in the mirror with a phone like a fuckingnormal person JFC

>> No.11832961

loled so hard it made my night

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Since I've modeled runway, I can tryhard pose?

>> No.11833177

w2c jeans???

>> No.11833183

not bad.

>> No.11833188

where to cop that vascularity

>> No.11833401

w2c jacket like this?

>> No.11833559

It looks good, no doubt, but it kinda looks like he's trying too hard. What is that he's wearing there under the jacket? Is that a fucking tunic with a hood? Replace that with some sweater in the same color and it'd be easier on the eyes.

>> No.11833564

drink mostly water
soda, juice, beer, energy drinks - cut it out

>> No.11833567

that's knoch, he used to trip on /fa/
one of the more liked trips
I only say this so you'll be ready for the string of replies bashing you for expressing your opinion

>> No.11834456

Verpiss dich mit diesem Homo. Größter Bastard im Internet

>> No.11834480

thanks for your input /r/streetwear

>> No.11834560

trying too hard is buzzword used by low confidence teens

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>> No.11835450


literally homeless core

>> No.11835562

you don't know what you're talking about

>> No.11835578

its pretty bad though

>> No.11835584

wtf is with those shoes

info on jacket tho?

>> No.11835589

Pretty sure that pic came from a reddit thread too

>> No.11835594

you're already tryhard posting so why not

>> No.11836004

>Not a single piece of adidas

>> No.11836134

W2C pale jeans like OP's pick

>> No.11836335

I'm so gonna buy that converse again

>> No.11836503

I love knoch ;-;

>> No.11836510

Here, have a tricky ricky fit.

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Yikes the image didn't attach.

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Alright posting some fits ive saved from here. Most are either from w2c and waywt.

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Most techwear fits really boil down to wrapping yourself in a garbage bag + expensive sneakers

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i have too many to choose from

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"Ist ok. Geh’ deinen Weg, aber red’ keine Scheiße."

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That is a Rick Owens dress. It doesn't just look like it. I know that exact piece to be Rick Owens. Soz bro

>> No.11836820

w2c light wash jeans? Can't find any that fit me that look more towards the bleached end of the spectrum

>> No.11836829

I love the margiela boots, such a good fit

>> No.11836832

If all this shit is basic to you, I want to know where the fuck you live. Because at my uni most girls wear nothing but yoga pants and uggs and most guys wear ill-fitting jeans / cargos and tacky as fuck shoes, shirts, etc.

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cool story

>> No.11836838

Dropbox link?

>> No.11836845

This actually gets posted on the terrorwave threads a lot.

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Share them on Dropbox.

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