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Trump or Hillary? Thoughts?

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Hillz of course

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In this specific picture, Hillary.

It is pretty ballsy to make public appearances in robes resembling your true reptilian flesh.

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Trump just wears suits but sometimes he gets creative

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Does she ever wear the same pantsuit twice?

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Hillary only wears designer
Hillary x Rick Owens colab when?

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what's wrong with dressing well while talking about inequality? is there some reason to suggest that Clinton is going to screw over her voter base?

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Nothing! That story was a Republican lie to smear my campaign.

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Have to give it to Hillary, but only because the playing field isn't level at all, a male politician is very limited in what he can wear

Hillary can wear supervillain-tier shit like wacky African looking Zulu jackets and shit

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she's stayed out of the spotlight because Trump's campaign is imploding
the debates, especially the vice presidential debate, will seal the deal on any clinton holdouts

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I miss when Trump was effay-core

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Tfw 1988 was almost 30 years ago

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Lmao ctr shills even made it to /fa/

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when undecided conservatives listen to Tim Kaine compared to Mike Pence, they'll support Clinton for president, guaranteed

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this pic is too good

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...Is that his daughter?

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Not the same level of creepiness.

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damn she THICC

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sit on my face

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>Mike pence is a pretty generic conservative picked solely to downplay Trump and appeal to conservatives

>Tim Kaine is a pretty generic liberal, picked solely to downplay Hillary's unfavorables, and appeal to the left-center

>Conservatives will go to Kaine

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where'd you read that? Huffington Post?
he's a conservative democrat, not a center-left liberal

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At best he is a moderate, however his abortion views will push away any Christian-conservatives(except Catholics, Kaine is a catholic after all). And the only "conservatives" voting for Hillary are neocons, since she is basically a neocon anyway

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>being swayed by an effeminate little man who gets bossed around by a woman in a diaper

Kaine is Hillary in drag. Nothing he says will win over anyone that isn't already mentally Hill.

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I would unironically cum as deep as I could inside that fat ass while nibbling her neck intimately

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She was a qt, lads

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Bill and Hill were the perfect effay couple

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Somebody Photoshop it to make it look like one of those couples from Go Out

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Fuck off weeb cuck

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shills leave plz
>$0.01 deposited

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We made Dylann Roof pics look like Dior ads I don't see how that pic wouldn't be subject to the same meme standards

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trump 100%
he's very confident and wears reasonable outfits very well, with occasional forays into more flashy styles.

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I've avoided every trump thread on the board
If those aren't shilling then my comment shouldn't gave been either

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God Emperor Trump will always be the most effay person on this fucking planet !!

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How is that less creepy? Bill looks like he's a about to go in for the kill.

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>is there some reason to suggest that Clinton is going to screw over her voter base?

What did he mean by this?

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If you're autistic and never bonded with your parents like a functional human being, then sure, it'll look weird. There's nothing suggesting sexual tension in that photo.

Trump on the otherhand is holding onto Ivanka's waist and thigh (pratically her ass).

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Bug eye ass lookin ass email deleting ass ass classified grandma ass spic ass lookin ass

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donald dur

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>Bill Clinton
>Chelsea's parent

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Hillary shits into an external bag. You can't be effay if your shits are piped into an accessory.

Prove me wrong.

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The MAGA hat is the single most fashionable piece of clothing in American history. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is wearing upside down cone shaped bullshit every day to hide her adult diapers.

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talking about deleted emails
W had a private email server; he deleted 22 million emails

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Hillary has more in common with W than Trump does. W is not even endorsing Trump.

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it seems like everybody in the state department and white house was trying to keep their shit private, especially with the CIA spying on everybody
no reason to throw her under the bus, in my opinion, sounds like a big secret that she's taking the blame for

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of course they are. that doesn't mean what they're doing is acceptable. i'm not even so triggered by her desire for secrecy as much as I am with the extreme technical incompetence with which she handled the information and repeated verifiable lies about her practices.

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she got drilled by congress for like 14 hours and they still couldn't get enough evidence to have her reprimanded

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post loli hillary :3

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that's completely wrong. Comey himself said she acted with "extreme carelessness" whereas the law she violated would have punished "gross negligence". the only reason she wasn't indicted was because it would be politically too edgy to do so without evidence of a more heinous crime.

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Got you

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My personal favorite

Fuck, what I would do to nuzzle with that nose...

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it's careless (is carelessness now a crime?) because it had the potential to turn into an international incident; but it didn't

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William truly is a lucky man.

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read the law under question. carelessness with classified information is explicitly defined as punishable under that law.

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>inb4 it's an LA times article
they directly addressed the question with a national security law expert so it seems appropriate

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this is just a single opinion. there are countless legal experts who will go either way. While being interviewed by congress Comey's personal justification for why he chose not to indict Clinton for gross negligence was because there was no previous precedent for doing so. After that he was asked what will stop someone from doing the exact same thing Clinton did later on and he could not answer. Any reasonable person can see what Clinton did was absolutely unacceptable and it is not up for debate that Comey could have easily indicted her if he wanted to.

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why would they expect the FBI director (a detective, not a fucking lawyer) to answer legal questions? they should have asked someone from the DOJ

>Any reasonable person can see what Clinton did was absolutely unacceptable
this is the same witch hunt that people pursued against Bill in the late 90s during his impeachment
Did he have sexual relations with an intern? By their definition of sexual relations? No
but he was still crucified by the right wing media anyway

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Oh my god I'm so glad this thread slid into political bickering with no end-game instead of just continuing to talk about their clothes for fun. This is so much better than that was, thanks to all involved. You're changing hearts and minds and making the internet more entertaining.

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Comey was the person who had the final word on whether or not to indict her. If he's not well versed enough in the law to make that decision maybe he shouldn't have the job.

Nobody with half a brain can find a single thing about what Clinton did reasonable. Her private server was extremely vulnerable to hacking and had top secret information on it. It's literally indefensible and shows extreme incompetence and disregard for the law. This is no comparison to Bill's blowjob.

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>FBI director (a detective, not a fucking lawyer)
pretty sure Comey is a lawyer

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It's actually a great comparison
Bill Clinton ended up being impeached because of that blowjob; not because it was a national security concern, but because the media and (subsequently Capitol Hill) was convinced that perjury on a "sexual relations" inquiry was enough to try and strip someone of the presidency.

In this case, we have an email controversy that broke no laws; it was stupid on her part, it was high-profile mostly because the republicans (who were really hoping that Trump would lose to Ted Cruz in the primaries and have a chance at maintaining some dignity going into the election cycle; I think at this point they're ready to stop talking about it) wouldn't let it die, it begged to answer a lot of questions, but it wasn't illegal.

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never mind; I didn't know he was a lawyer...sorta assumed he had been in the department before being tapped as director

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>In this case, we have an email controversy that broke no laws

Any reasonable person would agree that what she did should be illegal. Most reasonable people also agree that what she did already IS illegal under the clause of the law she broke that mentions "gross negligence" handling classified information being punishable by fines, imprisonment, and disqualification from office.

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I wonder who could be behind these posts...

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>Any reasonable person would agree that what she did should be illegal.
then write your congressman and tell him to push through a bill

>gross negligence clause
here's a screenshot; doesn't really apply, famalam

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>then write your congressman and tell him to push through a bill
there shouldn't be a need for one since it's already a law. I guess there's just no precedent for enforcing that law therefore it should never be enforced according to Comey.

>here's a screenshot; doesn't really apply, famalam
uhh... yes it does?

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she wrote emails to someone with her security clearance, there were no leaks, you are convinced she should be in jail even though there is no legal precedence, your candidate will lose every battleground state except maybe North Carolina, talk shit post fit

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she moved top secret information from a closed government network to an unsecured server connected to the world wide web. she is either incompetent, retarded, or both and so are you for supporting her. Also, Trump is not "my candidate". I am not voting for anyone.

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kek then you're definitely on the losing side
>News reports published over the past six months, citing anonymous government officials, suggested the top secret emails referred to covert CIA drone strikes in Pakistan. Other reports said the emails may have identified CIA operatives who were working undercover.

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>still trying to defend the literally indefensible

why do liberals love being delusional so much?

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I'm not a liberal; I was actually hoping Jeb would be the nominee
and I live in a deep blue state so my opinion/vote doesn't matter

>> No.11716201

>I was actually hoping Jeb would be the nominee

oh boy

>> No.11716204

he somehow convinced Mitt to not run, he had a good donor network, he would have been fair on immigration, he would have fired up the base and united the party; he was the only candidate who had a chance to beat Clinton

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So you're not a liberal but you still suffer from mental retardation

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the rollout of his campaign was a complete disaster; but in an alternate universe where Trump hadn't been propped up by the media and handed the nomination, he would have kicked ass, although probably still would've lost

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too bad he based all his decision on Jesus instead of, you know, US law / the Constitution.
As a conservative Athiest, there's nothing worse than a do-gooder Christian for fucking things up.

>> No.11716224

>So you're not a liberal but you still suffer from mental retardation
says the faggot who honestly believes that Law applies equally to all, or that that's even a good idea.

>> No.11716231

yeah honestly is it such a good idea to lock up an opposition nominee two months before the election? this isn't Uganda

>> No.11716236

bingo. I think you misunderstood my point.
consistency for the sake of consistency is the surest road to Hell.

>> No.11716238

I don't understand why so many right wingers are atheists. Don't they realize that Christianity is needed to destroy the Jews?

>> No.11716241

it's like pardoning Nixon or giving Bush a free ride for the last eight years; it's good for the country to not drag a former president through the mud, even if it's not popular at the time

>> No.11716245

>Don't they realize that Christianity is needed to destroy the Jews?
Are you kidding? The Jews are the only culture left that consistently values education, intelligence and efficiency. Why the fuck would I want to destroy the Jews?

>> No.11716249

Asians do too
except Filipinos
they value tip drills a lot tho, so they get a pass

>> No.11716256

Like Bush, Nixon's heart was in the right place. Too bad he was certifiably insane half the time.

(To be fair, Nixon had a serious sleep disorder and was so sleep depped he was barely sentient half the time. And I empathize with that. But I'm also not trying to run the Free world, and know better than to even enter local politics. Hell, I don't even trust myself to own a shotgun.)

>> No.11716262

>Asians do too
>except Filipinos
OK, point granted. I don't want to destroy Asians either.

>> No.11716266

Maybe because theyre inherently evil? They killed Jesus ffs. They believe goyims sole purpose is to serve them

>> No.11716271

I think Romans killed Jesus

>> No.11716272

>Maybe because theyre inherently evil? They killed Jesus ffs.
Yeah, Atheist. Don't really give a fuck about Jesus, sorry.

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>1437 AH
>not yet converted to the Religion of Peace™

>> No.11716505

you bloody legend

>> No.11716539

And christians want to start a war in Israel cause they believe it will bring the second coming of christ. Religion is evil and every religious person in the world, believes people from his religion are better.

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Trump is a DESIGNER baby. Trump Signature Collection is FIRE. All his buttonups have that white collar swag you need in your collection. Don't sleep on this Trump flame baby.

>> No.11716769

That's just a generic suit.

This looks pretty good.

>> No.11716792

>implying Trump designed that

>> No.11716799

yeah he just licensed his name to the brand; I looked it up on trump.com lol

>> No.11716867

I didn't realise trump was this aesthetic

>> No.11716871


Brioni of course is the brand of suiting James Bond wears when not Tom Ford. Brioni still supplies most traditional tuxedos for the films

>> No.11716889

hillary looks like a jew while the big junk trump dresses up as a politician should

why women have freedom to pull these stupid ass fits anyways? they should wear a suit instead of going full clown in public events

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Would bang.

>> No.11718351

She was really effay, but what's up with those grandma hands

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oh shit wtc Giro x POTUSA helmet

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HRC is wearing some beaten to hell sneakers
why the fuck don't you guys want her back in the white house they were so fun

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looks like vintage Yohji

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>tfw i thought /fa/ had gone full on /pol/
thank you based porky i can keep lurking safely

>> No.11720324

That's actually cute af.

Would cop h2t

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Dick riding Jewish people for their traditional family values and perseverance through struggle? Only Baptists do that

>> No.11720600

Bill wearing the NB 1600s, reppin 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This nigga hella dope.

Hill's winderbreaker is fresh, but she's stupid for wearing the pants that came with it, I'd have thrown those shits right in the garbage.

>> No.11720608

yeah that seapunk athleisure fit is a hard pass

>> No.11720694

Hillary ofcm she always wears what seems to be granny tier Dior Raf era suits in comparison to the ugly as fuck suits Donald (what name is that? Fucking potato tier) wears, fuck it seems a 5yo dresses him or something

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>mfw this fucking thread
Lol americans are nothing but tasteless redneck inbred fucks

Kys /pol/, you've been killing this board for more than 2 years

>> No.11720711

I'd ask you to post a fit but I can already see you squatting in your Adidas tracksuit from here.

>> No.11720719

>supporting any of those retarded fucks
>actually psoting in /pol/
>being this butthurt
Lol kill yourself my Shartmerican, you know ameticams are tasteless fucks, just look at the creme of the creme of your society, the fucking Kardashiand, Donald Trump, Kanye, Miley Cyrus and fucking Ellen, just a fucking joke

>> No.11720754

Steve Jobs. Walt Disney. Google.

What's the name of your country? We don't even know.

It ain't America tho. It ain't America level.

>> No.11720772

>Steve Jobs
You cant make this shit up

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our Caliph

>> No.11720816

Need that 2016 LV colostomy bag

>> No.11720839

>creme of the creme of your society

Bahaha! According to whom? You? Fuckwits, the lot of them. How about you come live in the Northeast and talk to the folks around here. I've met people 10x more exceptional than the idiots mentioned.

>> No.11720855

Theyre still the representation of modern american society

>> No.11720863

They are a representation of american entertainment and politics, respectively - which nowadays is the same fucking thing. If you want to see american society, come live here and stop basing your insights on television like so many idiots do.

>> No.11720866

this. it's like if someone based their perception of German society on /pol/ and /int/ memes.

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>> No.11722540

You know what's funny? /pol/tards almost never talks about or even cares about other boards, but faggots on every other board can't help but scream the name of their favorite boogyman into cyberspace every 15 seconds.

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File: 1.75 MB, 531x652, what did she mean by this.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What did she mean by this?

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File: 255 KB, 1500x2322, hillary-clinton-in-1969-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You motherfuckers are dumb if you thinktrump comes anywhere near this goddess

>> No.11722577

is that really hillary?

>> No.11722598

What is that? Disgusting.

>> No.11722631

very doubtful

>> No.11722639

wtf man she is gonna die

>> No.11722646

thanks doctor dumbass

>> No.11722650

They realized that they can't influence /pol/ so they jumped ship and shill on every other board now. I can't even mention anything remotely politically conservative on a board anymore without getting some generic response about how Trump will start ww3 and that I need to go back to /pol/. It's a disgrace.

>> No.11723730

Well. Then it would be a barren society where everything repeats over an over again trying to imitate another culture

Well, thats american fashion in a nutshell

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>> No.11724236

damn this is pretty good

>> No.11724428

plz sit on my face yung rodham

>> No.11725238

jesus, has she just allways been old?

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>The Jews are the only culture left that consistently values education, intelligence and efficiency