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Why do men wear sagging pants?
Do they really think that women imagine they have a huge penis hanging down until the pant crotch? Usually women think they have just very tiny legs and it is not attractive because men have anyway shorter legs for their body and large hanging crotch makes them even shorter.

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aint nothin but a G thang (baby)

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looks like that.
men don't realize that it really makes their legs short and they look like midgets

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or that rapper who looks like he has diarrhea but still came to perform, just keeps his pants down in case he needs to run to the toilet

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oops picture too

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lol why do you think it's all about what women think

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these pictures are either from the early 2000s or these people travelled from there. I know sagging is still a thing to some people but its never this bad anymore, r-right?

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In prison guards take away belts so people cant use them as weapons.
Prison is considered cool/ a rite of passage in the gang community
Some people get out of prison and keep up the habit of sagging, some imitate them to gain face
It has nothing to do with women

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I do.
People my age don't wear their pants like that nor many drop crotch pants but when I went to university again then younger boys all wore (drop croch mostly, not hip hop sagging style). At first I thought they all have so short legs but then that maybe it is pants fault. They probably think that it looks like their junk is big. No, it doesn't

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ugly leftover from the late 90s

oddly enough it has become ingrained in our culture to the point where the majority of fashion directed towards young people today includes sagging/low riding pants

bring back high rise pants

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I wonder how they make to runaway from the police wearing those

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Don't need to run if you dindunuffin'

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actually I mean pants like these. Half of the guys wore drop crotch pants every day and after a while i started to wonder if they have some physical problem, that their legs are so short.

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I can give you my perspective, niggas younger than 30 don't dress like that anymore, that's mid 00's shit. Literally no one sags for women. It doesn't happen nearly as often as it used to and sometimes niggas just don't feel like wearing belts

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w2c high waist?

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Isn't the act of sagging ones pants used to essentially beckon for anal sex in prison?

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>In prison guards take away belts so people cant hang themselves

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That shit is never gonna come back. Fucking early 2000's niggers ruined fashion.

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some people think it causes police shootings

the gentle black man runs from the police, and the police gives chase

suddenly, the black man looks back and reaches down towards his waist strap

the cop shoots him

but the black man was only trying to hold his stupid fucking pants up while he ran

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>niggers ruined America

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Um Ghetto trash isnt worth our time discussing

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keep your butthurt in the designated butthurt zone

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but they wear drop crotch pants like bieber here >>11615436

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Therefore, you are insinuating your appeal to sagging pants.
You are a chafed cunt.

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>chafed cunt

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i'm white, i don't wear sagging pants
please keep your butthurt in the designated butthurt zone thank you

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It's not roasting, sperg, it's redirecting, since you seem lost. We're not on leddit or on pol, so your lelsorandum stormfront shitposting is out of place and makes you look retarded.

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Holy shit, being this offended

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kill yourself

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oh god, it is not a thread about black people. I was just wondering why men think that wearing drop crotch (either by style or just lowering their pants) is attractive. For me it looks like they have very short legs or genital problems. Especially if it is the only thing they wear. Shorts look also like that.
Why don't men wear pants that make their legs as long as it is possible? And heels?

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>i defend black people on the internet

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lol this

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I want to rid our world of these animals.

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This what I was told and based off the few documentaries I've seen it's true