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I'm really digging this lately & slowly building up a folder for it. What are your thoughts on the 90s revival?

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the 90s revival isn't happening.

people talk about it like it's a thing but it really isn't.

what is a thing is people talking about the hypothetical 90s revival they wish would happen

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it's been building for two years. of course it won't be a 1 to 1 revival because it's the internet age and there are a thousand things happening at once. but one of those things is definitely elements from the 90s.

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I'd say it is, in small pieces. Things like the resurgence of brands like Fila and Puma coming back into the scene. It's ESPECIALLY coming through in the sneakerhead culture, classic models from Adidas and Nike (Superstars, AF1s) and so on.
I think also this time, it's more muted than the actual 90s. Like >>11567541 said, it's not 1 to 1. But it's pretty close.

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>it's pretty close
Hell no it's not.
>of course it won't be a 1 to 1 revival because it's the internet age and there are a thousand things happening at once.
Cause you think there weren't in the 90s?
The reason why it won't be a 1 on 1 revival is because people have shit taste and lack dedication, so they will either pick only insignificant, barely noticeable parts of 90s fashion because they don't actually like it as a whole, or merely talk about reviving it without actually doing it.

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To each his own I suppose.

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such a badass pic, now all asians dress like faggots

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Go watch early skate videos from the 90's and you'll see where streetwear is going to head.


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>denim jeans and denim jacket
>same color

what are they even thinking

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they love Americana and Canada is America's hat, of course they'd start at the top!

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>low waisted
>shoes tied up that loose

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w2c jeans

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>pokemon boom
>90s movie remakes
>resurfacing trends
>muh nostalgia fags
It's happening

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Yea I agree with this
I'm seeing more and more 90s trends every single day, you can argue and say that an entire 90s revival isn't happening, sure, but there are definitely elements coming back

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High waist jeans are already really common on girls. How long until it's as common on guys?

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those are 501s, so not really low waisted

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these were taken before the 2000s scared everyone out of dressing interestingly

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not long at all

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I've been wondering how the taper should look on high wasted jeans, but tbqh jackie rocks them tapered, so maybe that'll be the modern version of high waisted. Not a fan of tyler's cut

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just cuck me up, if it weren't for the mullets I'd think that this was from this year desu

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high rise jeans are just objectively more comfortable and look good with a tucked shirt

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>Born in 95
>Love everything about the 90s
>Can't remember shit

At least I got to remember the early 2000s, they were pretty great

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>the early 2000s, they were pretty great

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Lmao nah, it already happened and is on the slow decline in SF. Mom Jeans were the absolute shit for like a year, same with this style jacket. Chokers peaked this winter, and my guess is they're going too, idk they might stay around longer.

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best part tho amirite

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possibly the most /fa/ picture of all time.

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Possibly Levis 501 shrink to fit

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90's grunge was the shit

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bruh 501s havent come in acid washes since the 90s

and those have a zipper fly

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That's a solid guess but those look a little acid washed to me. I'd look for acid washed jeans.

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Stupidest fucking glasses

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Yea I didn't consider the wash, and it does look like it has a zipper.

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Not really streetwear but still 90s inspo

If you like that aesthetic you should checkout asap nast on instagram. idk what his insta name is.

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This picture is so fucking cool

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i'm seriously mirin that hair

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>tfw you learned Arnold's kilt was an untucked shirt
was I the only one?

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I hope so, I remember everybody worn comfy and cheap clothes in the 90s. However its really odd to go back so quickly.

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Sign me the fuck up

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this was set in the 80s

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Why would anyone want to wear such ugly denim jeans and tuck in your T-shirt again?

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How long until Harrelson and Snipes make an oldmen buddy com together?

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I dunno where you are but I've even seen normies onto this
they're lowkey onto it without knowing, like wearing really high rises, seen lots of retro windbreakers too

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should I cop this?

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jerry seinfeld, king of '90s fay

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Fuck Buffy was such a damn cozy show back in the day. I just had such a nostalgia wave. I loved it when it premiered each week. Also loved Angel

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The girl is in this tv series Bloodline. Pretty good series gets better with each episode

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Its perfect

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The early 2000's were a great time for high fashion though. Also the modeling industry.

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Ben Mendelsohn is perfect in it fampai

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meanwhile this was the staple 80s inpso post for the longest time.

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Holy fuck that sweater is amazing.

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except that the giant bulbous sneakers were goofy then and their goofy now

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the only people wearing jackets like that in the 90's were minivan moms.

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Rewatched it start to finish with my sister recently.
>willow is wearing overalls again
>that was a thing
>yes at the time I didn't believe it either

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This is amazing. Was that actually in the 90s, or current?

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Well Woody Harrelson has hair sooo...

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