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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Last Thread: >>11554626

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

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this was me a a few months ago

I fucked up and let everybody convince me that I was unhealthy and gained weight, I'm still no fat i'm 125lbs but I'm working to go down to 104 again

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nice dick senpai

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thanks, but I don't like it being that obvious tho

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y-you too

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And now?

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mfw thinspo because let muscles completely underdeveloped due to hip dysplasia and lack of exercise from said condition

there is no face

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now I'm starving my ass to go back to my ideal weight.
I will try to post progress in thinspo threads, I'll post current pics once I'm feeling thin enough.
125 is not fat i know but still is 20lbs more than what I used to be so I feel & see the difference.

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virgin detected

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post thinspo related ITT

if you want to talk about virginity you can check out /b/ or /r9k/

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Another day, another Thinspo.

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p e r f e c t

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Thank you~~~

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helo fwends daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u soo muhch tanks bye

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why can't more grills take care of themselves as well as this one
inb4 blacks saying that's not a grill

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we need to talk about your hair though

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My hair is kinda fucked right now, you know how girls cut their hair short when they're about to lose it? Yeah.

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how big is your thigh gap?

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https://discord.gg/SeMWYm9 Join the discord

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>how girls cut their hair short when they're about to lose it?
wot? w-why would you be losing your hair? I've heard of girls cutting their hair shorter when the ends get frayed or cooked by hair dying...

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You are very cute :3

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I meant about to go crazy. I didn't go crazy per say but it's a cliche that girls will cut their hair when they're about to have a rough time.

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Why are you having a rough time, senpai?

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noice family

you must drink a lot of water

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thx frug bud :')

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One of the symptoms of anorexia is hair loss.

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why do you keep pretending to be this girl?

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That was somebody with a fake trip. I actually started posting once I proved I wasn't the tripfag

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timestamp needed

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You never proved anything.

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My work trousers are now starting to fold at my ankles, because they're dry-cleaned with a crease. I really don't want to take him on a weekend to be tapered, but it's a terrible look.

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>dry-cleaned with a crease
oh dear don't do that. you can get them dry cleaned without creases, but often just washing in cold water is better than dry cleaning.

post thigh gap now

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No, I can't really. Flat-front doesn't really fly at my office. This only really happens when it's windy or if I walk too fast.

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You have sad eyes.

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I'm not pooping regularly help

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drink more coffee and water?

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>go to amusement park
>drink lots of soda because free refills, brothers cup so he picks drinks, and the fact that hardly anyone has fucking water
>eat lots of snacks and food
>go home and count everything
>tfw well over 3500 cals
>tfw most likely underestimated soda cal intake so number might be higher
>tfw headache
It was the first time I drank soda in probably a year. Got incredibly hyper too. It was fucking horrible. Fuck soda.

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to gain one pound of body weight, you will need to consume 3,500 calories a day

keep this up and thinspo will soon be practically impossible for you

but on another note, make sure you drink lots of water and ''stay hidhratted,'' as soda will probably most likely make you hungry the next day. make sure you have kept your teeth clean too, because soda can fuck your teeth up

same senpai, i feel you. fuck soda.

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Move more, stay hydrated, get 34g of fiber per day. It's harder than you think to get to that amount of fiber. Also as you eat less its normal to poop a bit less, but not much less.

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Already drink an inconvenient amount of water, and 1-2 cups of coffee a day. My fiber intake is pretty high, lots of carrots and vegetables, but I think I need more carbs from wheat.

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psyllium husk

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>heavy cutting for a week
>decided to binge today
>ordered 2 burgers,fries and diet soda(lol)
>ate that shit
>felt horrible
>tripped like a motherfucker
>diarrhea all day


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aww thank you frogger <3

>> No.11561761

Just have a cheat meal or a maintenance day and eat more on cutting days senpai. No point having the exact same calorie average for the week plus feeling like shit every day, including your "treat" one

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haha told you so!
just let it pass and don't do it again

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Yesterday i got diagnosed with anemia so my family is blaming my diet.
Now i will have to eat "normally"
So that means fried eggs, sausages, fried steaks and that shit, vegetables too.
What to do? I don't want to gain weight and lose my progress.

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Can't you take supplements?

>> No.11561806

Yeah, i'm taking iron supplements now, but the doctor told my mother that i have to eat "normally".
So, shit happens.

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>tfw your weight starts with a 1 for the first time since 6th grade

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Try eating your TDEE in healthy foods for a while to tell your family that you're eating "normally," then slowly gain a deficit if you still want to lose weight.

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If I eat one meal per day while staying under 1200kcal, can I eat carb heavy things like ramen and Mac & cheese and still get abs. I lift about 4 days per week and do cardio a couple times per week.

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>to gain one pound of body weight, you will need to consume 3,500 calories a day
According to what? This is an extremely shallow and stupid statement

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You all are dead man walking
I.hope to.see you in hell alongside fatties while me and /fit/ Jesus will.laugh our ass off in heaven

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it doesn't matter what you eat, as long as you eat under that amount of calories then you'll lose weight

>> No.11561878

as long as you're at deficit you will lose
and since you work out your body expends those carbs.

I personally tend to eat only one meal a day so I can eat whatever the fuck I want.
Have still been consistently losing over time

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none of you "guys" are gonna make it

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>mfw this thread

makes /fit/ look like scholars

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If anybody's wondering where the idiots are coming from:

>> No.11561908

What was it?

>> No.11561914

/fit/ thread

>> No.11561918

>participating in a thinspo lifestyle

Who are the real idiots here?

>> No.11561922

Not everybody here has an eating disorder; some of us just like being thin.

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What the fuck is this?
/pol/ here and I need you to stop this degenerate shit. You know what makes a healthy masterrace? some meat on those goddamn bones so you can rear healthy children. If you're a woman looking for a man, men like something to hold onto. guys... if youre losing weight for a damn dress... stop that shit and eat meat. lots of it. No dress, no suit, not perfect outfit is worth throwing away the future of the strong and virile. Accept your beauty accept your greatness, eat the goddamn beef.

>> No.11561930

being unhealthily thin and aiming to be so is in fact an eating disorder

>> No.11561933

What do you consider an unhealthy weight for a 5ft 5in female?

>> No.11561934

stay obsessed

>> No.11561935

medically, <111 lbs.

>> No.11561937

How the fuck would I know I'm not a female

I'm going by the pictures seen and posts written here

>> No.11561963

Okay so my goal of 115 isn't too crazy.

>How the fuck would I know I'm not a female
You can just look it up. Basically a bmi at 18 is alright medically, using bmi as a ballpark and understanding it isn't perfect.

I think the extremes are nuts too, but, it also goes for the /fit/ types. Carrying that extra mass isn't probably ideal for the heart, which needs to pump blood to more places and work harder. People who eat less tend to live longer. Lifting heavy weights isn't great for your back, even with proper form, it still puts lots of pressure on the discs (my dad is a spine surgeon).

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>mfw all these skeletons in this thread

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helo welcom fwit. i luv u vary much and welcem. frwendly remindar tp stey hidhratted luv u soo muhch tanks bye

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you need some food
you need some help
you need a shower

>> No.11561986

second this

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how do you enjoy food and be thin? I am thin and what i get out of being thin outweighs (lol) what i get out of eating junk food, but man i crave it and the enjoyment of eating it in that moment is amazing... i miss the relief of eating a whole bag of these even tho i feel like a massive shit afterwards

>> No.11561994

the secret is to exercise

>> No.11561995

I enjoy food, I just eat less of it. I'll have a bit of desert, a sweet snack, some extra wine, and so on now and again.

It takes a lot less to fill my stomach too, which helps.

>> No.11561997

Maybe eat at a meintance and do a lot of cardio. You will lose weigh slower, but your family will fuck off

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>> No.11562004

frof iluu

>> No.11562006

its all just calorie management
eat less of other things in the day so you can eat this
or have a cheat day

>> No.11562015

i do. do you mean to offset the calorie gain or for the pleasure that exercising brings? you don't lose that much from exercising

i guess I'm similar, but my brain goes beyond "need to fill stomach" to just eating for pleasure. i think i'm addicted to junk food D;

>> No.11562035

>you don't lose that much from exercising
that's 211 kcal, you can easily lose that much in one session

>> No.11562040

chew&spit is magic

>> No.11562070

I can't do lots of cardio due to mi actual condition, i have to reach optimal hemoglobin levels to do work out again

>> No.11562078

This is retarded. Just eat small and take enjoinment in making food for your gf/bf/waifu

>> No.11562139

thanks m8 you seem cool

>> No.11562158

I'm pretty sure that anon meant that it takes 3500 calories over your maintenance to gain a pound of fat, which is true. No need to be rude, we're all family here.

>> No.11562167

this is why I'm glad I bought some fucking vitamins.

>> No.11562184

>not wanting to support a qt thinspo gf and eat well together

>> No.11562213

thank u green oval

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tenks frag lub u 2

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can someone give me like an intermittent fasting for dummies run down?

all i understand of it so far is ... you only eat during certain hours of the day? halp please

>> No.11562284

Why does /fa/ like to be skinny as possible? I'm not trying to shit on everybody I just want to understand. I'm 6 foot 120 lbs and I fucking hate being so skinny.

>> No.11562289

clothes fit better and look better
body looks more like a model
and i cant think of anything less effay than stuffing yourself with food until you're all gorged and bloated

>> No.11562293

Stop eating at 8pm and don't eat till noon the next day

You can drink coffee/tea and water and smoke cigarettes during the 16hrs you're not eating

>> No.11562296

around how many calories per day?

>> No.11562297

i hope you don't mind me asking but how tall are you and how much do you weigh?

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It's literally all in the name; there's not one way to do it and you can make your own plan for it.

Basically it involves fasting for a certain number of hours and then eating and then fasting again.

Most people do it for either 24 hours (ie eating one meal a day at 5 pm) or 12 hours (ie eating one meal at 8 am and one at 8 pm each day).

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>eat at deficit
>feel good abt body
>binge back deficit next day
>feel bad abt body
>repeat cycle

pls halp me find the strength to just maintain for a bit rip

>> No.11562323

Unf god girls like you are the reason I'm still holding onto hope I'm not completely gay.

>> No.11562325

moar 90s kate moss

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if you're feeling the need to binge its because you're not eating enough. try upping your caloric intake for the day by 100 calories. if you cant sustain that for the week, add another hundred until you're still at a deficit but no longer binge

>> No.11562335

eat normally and START MOVING YOUR ASS

>> No.11562361


Drink coffee. I drink 2l of coffee a day easily and I shit a ton even if I eat like a tomato a day kek

>> No.11562383

I'm an inch taller and start feeling like shit at less than 95 lbs, so around there.

>> No.11562392

you need 2 get help

>> No.11562393

Hey I'm new to these thinspo threads. Can you guys help me? If I have to post any thing just say

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lurk for 6 months before you post anything again

>> No.11562405

5'6 and 95lbs isn't an unhealthy weight.

>> No.11562407

Uh.. help with what?

>> No.11562421

That hip to waist ratio wtf.

>> No.11562423

1. stop eating
2. move more
3. get thin

>> No.11562426

im all for /thin/ but wat. BMI 15.3 can be really dangerous if you're dumb about it and a lot of people understandably feel and look shitty there.

>> No.11562437

>whale coworker brought food, asks me if i want some
>"thanks but I'm on a diet"
>ridicules me the rest of the day

Why are whales so mean? I just keep myself hidratted at work.

>> No.11562455

my coworkers were planning some sort of feast or whatever at work and were trying to come up with foods that everyone likes
after a while they were just like "what are we going to do with anon, he doesn't eat, he just drinks"
but then again it mostly just makes me feel good

>> No.11562479

I support this, at a 15.1 I was starting to lose hair and my waist went to an insane 20 inch. There's no beauty in being that unhealthy.

>> No.11562508
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do what feels and looks best for you senpai. people handle different weights differently.

>> No.11562511

i will friend!

>> No.11562525

go back to your containment board and post about cucks, we don't want you

>> No.11562537

Thanks, right now i'm in the 16.6 line, and I feel really healthy, and /thin/ at the same time, the thing is that my height doesn't help much.

>> No.11562661
File: 43 KB, 612x612, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's great! How tall are you?

>> No.11562674

5'1, at 85 pounds; it's just the lowest I can get without losing my period or some medical stuff

>> No.11562682

sit on my face and maybe I won't romanticize you.

>> No.11562718

I'm the guy who was cutting for a week and then binged on burgers and fries,i now have bloating,stomach cramps and burp that smells like rotten eggs

wat do

>> No.11562726

just drink water
it will pass

>> No.11562739

What is that thing though,it's frustrating af

NEVER touching fast food again

>> No.11562757

Ah, I feel you, I'm not exactly short but I have a very small frame so never really look very "thin". Might have just been deficiencies that led to period loss? 16.6 is still tiny though

>thinking thats me

>> No.11562794

>tfw for the first time ever i drank my recommended daily amount of water
I-Is hidrate freg proud of me?

>> No.11562796

Yep,I do own a very small frame, and yes, I had a heavy deficient in my vitamins and my proteins; my body couldn't take longer. I did met some girls at 14.5, but they were already in the hospital.

>> No.11562885

Day #2 - had a decent lunch which filled me all day and was well under my caloric limit (1.5k cals @ 6'2).

Saw my reflection the other week and was disgusted at myself (currently at 218lbs). I can't let this slip. I just want to look good and feel good :(

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File: 683 KB, 1017x920, 1427749920074-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello family

Daily reminder to drink coffee to suppress hunger

>> No.11562935

anyone here use modafinil for appetite suppression?

>> No.11562942

no, I've heard of it though
prescription or nah

>> No.11562951

its all the awesome proteins in fast food that humans arent meant to breakdown

>> No.11562952

Nah, can be bought online and shipped in pretty freely (at least here in the UK)

>> No.11562954

your body wasn't used to the shit food

>> No.11563009

apologies for late response, but male or female, and would you mind posting a pic?

>> No.11563043
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ily ciara marry meeee
pic is not me :(

>> No.11563044

How to stop getting hungry after injecting marijuana?

>> No.11563071

i dont understand why newfags dont do this.

>> No.11563077

She was born to marry a Latino guy and have kids nonstop

>> No.11563085

I went to the opera today, /thin/. Those girls have the most amazing bodies. I could see their collarbones from 30 metres away.

>> No.11563094

Any advice for me? 6 foot 1, 165, trying to get down to 145-150 range. I need that Saint Laurent sickly look. drugs, fad diets, excercise. Anything that will make me get to my goal.

>> No.11563109
File: 72 KB, 574x574, 1468352707067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how long do you think it will take to get to 95 lbs by intermittent fasting? im 115 lb 5'3"

>> No.11563163
File: 69 KB, 427x640, julia_nobis_backstage_at5N03Cn.sized.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>emotionally frail women deluded about their body to the point where they starve themselves to a bmi of 15

>> No.11563172


>> No.11563192

do acid instead

>> No.11563197

see this thread on the front page all the time and it's depressing honestly. How many people ITT have diagnosed body disorders? some of you seem OK but others not so much. Ive had family members with issues like this, notice the past tense?

>> No.11563198

smoke more you'll get used to it
or just find something else to do, you eat when you're high because it's fun but so is other stuff like music

>> No.11563204

thank you gracious savior, you have enlightened us all to the errors of our ways
how may we repay you for this saintlike generosity

>> No.11563208

You're already tiny, like what the fuck? what thin aesthetic do you not have already that 95 pounds will achieve? If it's just the number you care about then that's a problem.

Pretty sure i could barnstorm a jetliner between your legs

>> No.11563215
File: 57 KB, 400x400, 23423423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11563223

I ain't even being critical here, i got nothing against people who want thin aesthetics, but there are people in this thread that are going to far to the detriment of their health.

I know I'm not saying anything groundbreaking here, but alot of the people here are encouraging some people who shouldn't be. Would be nice if this community showed more responsibility in this respect, but ive been through these sites alot in the past, and i know i'm being naive.

Still I'm on 4chan, and know i am well withing the rules to voice this, i feel apart of this community and others should speak out against this shit too.

>> No.11563285

fat legs and arms dude - theyre jiggly. And i am a womyn and dont want muscular looking arms id prefer soft skinny ones

>> No.11563303

i dunno caffeine when i'm feeling hungry makes me feel delirious at times

drink water desu, works even when high

>> No.11563410


>how long do you think it will take to get to 95 lbs by intermittent fasting?

One month if you do it right

>> No.11563581

did you start a skype group on pol

>> No.11563604
File: 85 KB, 728x716, Kuroki_Tomoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

real life watamote

>> No.11563627

they are retarded. I didn't lurk for quite that long, but I'm not completely retarded.

>> No.11563645

I know I'm fucked up. It's more than just the eating. I'm not diagnosed, but I'm not stupid.
And "past tense"? Fat chance.

>> No.11563649

caffeine is more of a distraction than anything, for me.

>> No.11563653

>BMI 20.4

>> No.11563703

lads I'm not sure if my gf is at a healthy bmi, it's 16 I think (she's 182cm 55kg). She eats a lot and cooks food that seems nutritious, should I be a hypocrite and tell her to try and gain weight?

>> No.11563719

If she's really active she could simply have a low bodyfat percentage and be on a athletic range. If she seems generally healthy she's fine.

>> No.11563726

thats about all i eat at around 1,000-1,200 a day and i've lost 20 pounds so far

>> No.11563728

>she's 182cm

w-where you from anon?

>> No.11563738

To my knowledge she doesn't exercise, she has a really crowded schedule and is lazy as fuck. Asian girls seem to be naturally skinny so that could be it

>> No.11563742

I'm australian but she's jap

>> No.11563762

She's fine.

>> No.11563802

I fucced up friends
Went to a small German market, ended up getting two Oranginas, a pretzel, and some almond sticks.

How do I recover.

>> No.11563811

I think you'll be fine dude, just consider it a cheat day for the week

>> No.11563822

Im the same height and your weight is my goal weight pls secrets pls

>> No.11564073

It's not a secret, just the very basics: eating 400-500 calories per day, only fish and egg whites as a direct animal protein source (no dairies or red meats), cardio and light lifting for 1 hour everyday except Sundays, and taking gummie vitamins. But beware of the weightloss, you should feel great and fulfilled, and never hungry or tired. If you don't feel well, just gain 1/2 pound more and you'll be fine.

>> No.11564145

I'm 6'6" 155lb. I'm naturally this way, as I don't watch what I eat/exercise regularly. Am I too thin? I feel alright, but a lot of people comment on my build and it makes me anxious.

>> No.11564175

kek, thnk you for this exactly what i think every time i see a post like this

>> No.11564186

For guys: eat nothing for 16 hours, eat you daily calories in the next 8 hours, then nothing for the next 16. Most people eat between 10-6, noon-8, or 2-10 depending on schedule.

For girls: last I heard, use a 14 hour fast followed by a 10 hour eating period.

During the fast part, no calories are allowed. No gum with 1 calorie. Just water, tea, black coffee, etc.

Some people do a 24 hour fast, then eat whatever they want for the next 24 hours. But that always seemed a bit silly to me and difficult to control.

Anyway, it's very simple once you start doing it. I generally eat between 1 and 9 and really only start getting hungry around 12/1230 so it's not exactly a struggle.

>> No.11564195

>she should have stopped at #4

>> No.11564197

Thanks guys I'm now appalled at the sight of anyone even remotely overweight.

>> No.11564206

6'3" 228 here. Same feels. Down 30 for the year but at least 50 still to go.

Good luck

>> No.11564213

Calorie deficit and exercise. That's the secret to weight loss.

>> No.11564225

If you feel ok, you're ok.

People have different physical ideals.

Many were raised in a time or place where no one was thin by choice. Instead it was due to poverty, malnutrition, scarcity, or disease/illness. Audrey Hepburn's tiny, thin frame was due to malnutrition/starvation as a child, not genetics, as an example.

>> No.11564227

tank u frogg love u <3

>> No.11564249

Not this anon, but does intermittent fasting work?

>> No.11564264

There's science behind it, most of the fat burning benefits coming in the last two hours of the fast then tapering off (hence things like 24 hour fasts being more of a mental exercise than a physically beneficial one). But it's been years since I read up on the subject so just going by memory here. Anecdotally it's easier to eat a steep deficit by confining all my calories to a tight window than eating small snacks and meals all day. Never stop being hungry in the latter scenario.

>> No.11564270

I think it has worked on me simply becuse it makes me skip breakfast and snacking in the evening

>> No.11564279

when i moved i didnt eat shit until 8:00pm i lost a shit ton of weight even tho i didnt mean too

>> No.11564411

>be nearly 6' and less than 130 pounds
>still have belly bump
I don't get it. A couple weeks ago, it looked like I was nearly skeleton-mode, but over the following couple of days, my stomach started look bloated (and it has since), and I began to gain weight by the pound (gained several pounds in as many days) while still eating at a deficit and drinking a minimum of 3 liters of water per day. Fucking hell man. Maybe 3 liters isn't enough?

>> No.11564415
File: 351 KB, 500x503, 1467950255991.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a tranny so sort of. It's hard wanting the body of a thin, athletic woman while being a dude m8. A lot of people here seem to like being skinny aesthetically though. It's not necessarily a body-image issue thing for everyone here.

Sorry if the picture isn't very /thinspo/ but more just general /fit/. I don't really have anything saved.

>> No.11564416

Try fixing your posture. Work on abs and glutes. Belly goes away last so if your posture is good maybe you need to cut more.

>> No.11564422

My posture could definitely use work. I think I overcompensate for my seated slouching when I stand up. Will planks/side planks be enough to tighten up my core over time? But yeah, ideally I wanna get to around 125ish, maybe a couple pounds lower, and chill there.

>> No.11564433

Planks will definitely help. Look up anterior pelvic tilt and see if thats your problem. If so stretch your quads and do some other exercises from youtube

>> No.11564468

>anterior pelvic tilt
Hah. Hard to tell if that's the case since all the pictures I see of it (like that one that's always on /v/) are always such huge exaggerations, so I don't think so. Sometimes I overcorrect my posture to that extent, but it's not my natural inclination and is uncomfortable. I should stretch though. Anyway thanks for the help, anon. I won't keep you any longer.

>> No.11564478

No problem. I have nothing better to do anyway. Thinspo just keeps sucking me up. I reached my goal but i keep lurking

>> No.11564489

It's the only thing other than my custom homepage that I have set to open automatically when I start up my browser.

>> No.11564627

I'm starting to think those /fit/ invaders were right. These threads seem to be full of eating disorders.

>> No.11564637
File: 69 KB, 540x749, 1452701200066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11564764

>Implying I care if that's you
I just want to prove to myself I'm not gay

>> No.11564817

Femanons of /thinspo/, I have a question.

Whenever I'm texting a lady, I'm always very conscious of not replying too quickly. My question is, is it offputting if a guy responds too quickly or is it all in my head?

>> No.11564871

Yes, it works pretty well and it helped me lose quite a bit of weight 2 years ago or so. I ran a 5-2 thing where i fasted like 2 days of the week, sometimes three. I ate maybe 700-800 calories those days and then maybe 1600-2000 the other days.

>> No.11564913

I don't think it's offputting unless it's literally 5 seconds after and the chick is texting in hour+ intervals. Texting back within a few minutes imo just makes it easier to hold conversation.

>> No.11564938

you just described my next gf perfectly

>> No.11564943

If you want to hunt deer, dont ask the deer for advice, ask a hunter.

>> No.11564971
File: 65 KB, 570x409, The illustrated manners book.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not replying too quickly
Where did that meme even come from?

>> No.11564973

You mean first? You obviously have no idea what its like to deal with lol

>> No.11565032

Nah, anon, you're pregnant.
I'm a doctor, trust me.

>> No.11565069

So text back that I'm busy and I'll text her later?

>> No.11565073
File: 98 KB, 776x602, 1358221762443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11565077
File: 82 KB, 540x720, 87867564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the correct answer.
now never bring off-topic shit like this to thinspo general again c:

>> No.11565079

Will cigarettes help me lose weight? I can't stop fucking eating. As soon as my ADHD medicine wears off I binge.

>> No.11565086

the only thing they might do is distract you from hunger, but even then it wont be by a lot. you need to learn self control on your own or you'll never make it

>> No.11565095
File: 2.66 MB, 300x169, 1467039206962.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11565097
File: 72 KB, 640x640, 1457573041755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you're doing your very very best and haven't over-eaten all week
>but you're also on your period so the scale refuses to budge

>> No.11565177

this week has been terrible and because of that all i am doing is binging

>> No.11565193

drink more water

>> No.11565207

Managed to eat 400 kcals less than my daily allowance yesterday. I'm feeling pretty proud, even though it doesn't really make up for all the binging I've done this week.

>> No.11565208

Happened to me last week, but I'm back to eating well this week.

Do you know what triggered it, or was it simply hunger?

>> No.11565245

o-ok how long did it take you? Also im a vegan so are legumes okay for protein?

>> No.11565299

>eating significantly lower than allowance
m8 this is probably why you're binging...

>> No.11565468

>tfw go to music festival and see everyone who is skinnier than you

>> No.11565486

at about early to mid june I was 144lbs I am now at 130lbs
Can I get a (you) ?

>> No.11565498

how did you do it?

>> No.11565504

(you) are losing weight too quickly but congratulations

>> No.11565505

>but I'm back to eating well this week.
keep it up
just shitty things happening

>> No.11565517


Yeah, I will binge when:
I'm super tired after staying up/out too late.
I'm super anxious or stressed about something.
I'm generally depressed about life.
I just had a big argument/fight.
And, maddeningly, after hitting a new low on the scale and feeling good about myself.

Wish I could tell you there's a magic way to control it, but if there is I haven't found it.

>> No.11565521

Oh, and sorry to hear that. Hope things get better for you soon.

(going to binge after reading how narcissistic my reply was)

>> No.11565563

how post height weight and gender

>> No.11565564

Estimating but around 900 to 1200 calories daily
intermittent fasting
2 or 3 fasted runs (no more than 2 miles each)
3, 24 hour water fasts
chin ups
jump rope (10 minutes 3-4 times a week but haven't jumped since like 2 weeks ago)

I'm a 5'5 manlet. The weight probably came off easier because overly heavy

>> No.11565569

dude i kissed my ex gf's on the mouth several times you fucking faggot

>> No.11565738
File: 321 KB, 1024x576, Progress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Never really took a before pic.
This is the only fatty picture I could find on my phone, I'm pretty sure I wasn't 144 in that pic yet because I remember having more man boob at my worst point. The other two are just different angles trying to recapture the look of the old one.

Notice the gut and love handles

>> No.11565742

Yup, legums are great; I do consume chickpeas when I want to add more proteins in my diet. You can eat brown beans and edamame too. In total, it took me about 1 months in total, and I used to be 105 pounds. It doesn't seem like a lot, but in a small body, it is hard and it is a ton. I recommend to go slow an steady, and eat your veggies.

>> No.11565791

Low cal chocolate milk substitute. What's your favorite?

>> No.11565793
File: 44 KB, 370x960, 13874651_10208473767915416_481392061_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mind the watergut, but I can finally feel like using dresses on summer.

>> No.11565799

add a T of cocoa powder to unsweetened almond milk.

>> No.11565813


>> No.11565818

kek, it wasn't narcissistic at all
holy shit thats amazing, good job

>> No.11566008

Help i keep binging on pizza

>> No.11566081
File: 118 KB, 960x960, milk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kinds of diet soda are thinspo approved? All? What about the 5 cal per can ones?

This stuff is ok

>> No.11566121

just quit

>> No.11566143
File: 1007 KB, 500x250, 1469740744178.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You remind me of Ally Sheedy at her best.

>> No.11566146

Stop drinking soda. Not for the health benefits, but for the mental part of quitting something cold turkey. You'll find it easier to change your lifestyle if you actually change and stop compromising

>> No.11566161

did answer height and how though

>> No.11566173

I ate fast food and got really really sick,i also never have apettite lately

Am i getting an ED?178cm 57kg here

>> No.11566188
File: 19 KB, 320x240, 1928-1928-20050819_144912-320x240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11566207

I've been on a 3 day long binge how do I come down? I've been going to the gym to combat the nasty shit I've been eating like chicken burgers and crisps but I don't know if it helps much.

>> No.11566210

All deets are here

>> No.11566218

literally just stop. if you have the motivation to make it to the gym everyday you have the self control to stop.
moving forward, if you're binging it most likely because your daily limit is too low

>> No.11566330

>not really trying to lose weight (fairly satisfied with my body) just trying to cut out shit food and sugars from my diet

Am I welcome here?

>> No.11566349
File: 75 KB, 250x288, 1369246562040b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11566358

talons are ugly as shit

>> No.11566361

post stats, then we'll decide

>> No.11566379

gross wtf

>> No.11566409

I typically eat within 100 calories of my allowance. I've just been stressed out and sick the last week or two.

>> No.11566510

Do you know how chocolate milk is made

>> No.11566551

How the fuck do I quit chips? Literally the only food I can't seem to give up. I've cut down to eating a small bag every other day but I can't seem to give it up completely. It's still in my daily cal intake but I want to give up this potato devil for good. Is it just willpower or do you think my body needs something and that's why I crave it? I saw an image a while back that showed what you crave vs what your body needs. Is there any truth to that?
And on that note, whats /thinspo/'s favorite food that you can't seem to give up?

>> No.11566595

thanks you my man very inspiring

>> No.11566642

>used to squat religiously
>injury kept me out of the gym
>lost a lot of weight
>now sitting on hard surfaces makes my ass hurt

My sit bones have felt nothing but cushy muscle and fat in years, how do you guys deal with butthurt?

>> No.11566648

When I was a kid, "hydrated" wasn't even a word.

>> No.11566680

nobody gives a shit

>> No.11566704

I designate Sunday as my coke day
Trying to hard cut would make me cave and say "oh I'll just quit tomorrow for sure"
Having a designated day for your vice helps keep you in line the rest of the week
It will still require discipline

>> No.11566718

How much do you go thru in a day?

Like an eight ball?

>> No.11566722

I meant soda

>> No.11566814

sit on soft things

>> No.11566852

>>used to squat religiously

>> No.11566876

thx /fit/
gyms/ running/ daylight is un/fa/

>> No.11566912

I'm around 5'4-5'5, fit in waist 24, sometimes 25, is it hard for me to get 23?

>> No.11566923

Depends if you have fat around your waist to loose, or are already skin and bones

>> No.11566981

thoughts on ketchup? I usually add maybe a tablespoon or two to my rice and beans

worried about the sodium content
(looking for flavoring suggestions)

>> No.11567027

I got pretty much fat on my belly but not the sides of waist, I wanna know how to aim at losing them specifically

>> No.11567029

Jap being 182cm
very rare

>> No.11567127

Mustard and vinegar is what I've been using. Also wasabi in oil form.

>> No.11567131

There's no way to target specific fat location. It all depends on how your body distributes it all on your body. The only way to reduce your waist fat is to reduce your total body fat. The only other thing is working out on your abdominals more so that you have more definition and the skin becomes more taut.

>> No.11567265

thanks fampilia
means a lot, drink lots of water

>> No.11567334

>go most of the day not eating
>consume okay amount of water
>eat half of a large pizza from dominos with diced tomato/spinach/mushroom toppings with ranch dip before bed

How badly did I fuck up for someone 5'4"?

I'm gonna go out in the morning and bike for a while or maybe job if it's not too hot outside to try and make up for it

when will I finally learn to stop being a lard

>> No.11567404

Remember 1 pound require 3500 calories over maintenance. Just relax don't fret about binging, focus on doing better tomorrow. Also think what led you to binge. We're you hungry? Did you try alternatives before eating such as water or coffee? Could you have chosen to buy a salad or grilled protein from elsewhere? If not what led to you being stuck in that dietary decision and how can you avoid it in the future. And finally don't worry about losing one battle. Stress release hormones that make you fat.

>> No.11567422


know them feels.
It's normal to fuck up, it's not the end of the world. Just try your best tomorrow, keep a positive attitude and learn from your mistakes.

>> No.11567441

You look lovely my dear. Very nice hip bones.

>> No.11567451

I just fucked up and ate KFC after work.
It's simply not okay to purge is it?

>> No.11567460

it's best not to start down that route.

>> No.11567478

stop feeling bad about eating fast food
if you eat to maintenance or lower you are fine
if you went over do some exercise tomorrow
we deserve a little indulgence every now and then

>> No.11567642

Thank you :)
I felt horrible today for eating at Taco Bell
>mfw I work at DQ
>mfw the cravings are intense

>> No.11567833
File: 1018 KB, 300x167, breckfust.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/pol/ here
Like autistic pottery

>> No.11567840

I fucking wack it.
A lot.
Like A LOT.
But then I have to drink water, so I get to not eat and please frogger

>> No.11567900


>> No.11567968

>think i only need to get down to 100lbs, this is doable, but it's pretty low right?
>check similar people with this weight on mybodygallery
>they're all fucking fat
>forgot people who say 100 is low aren't midgets
Although frankly most of them look like I do at 10 kg more so maybe I have some special heavy bones or they're fucking liars and there's a chance

>> No.11568051

are you taking into account height...
though i think a lot of people on mybodygallery are liars or the low weight ones are skinnyfats

>> No.11568062

i guess we freaks just prefer the look. clothes often look better, the body looks nicer... i can understand being built but to me i prefer the elegance to being skinny

>> No.11568110


Natural thin life

>> No.11568129



>> No.11568132

lol too real

>> No.11568133

also look into hip flexor stretches! very important

>> No.11568388


>> No.11568443

as you should be

>> No.11568579
File: 200 KB, 500x667, tummy-hip-bones.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

god damn this thread is slow

>> No.11568607

I was hanging out with a friend and we order pizza and halved it

it was kinda mindless because we were watching a TV series so I wasn't really thinking about it at the time ;_;

Thanks for the advice anon, you're too kind. Gonna go try to right my wrongs now

>stress hormones make you fat
jeez, where do they sell chill? is there a student discount?

>> No.11568640

Hi /thinspo/
I'm trying to lose weight and downloaded the "lose it" app like it said on the faq
But I was wondering how you like...measure food you don't make for yourself like when you go out or order in.
How would I know how much
my piece of salmon or so on is?

>> No.11568644

i usually search something similar and pick a conservative option (aka pick one with higher calories as there is often more than you think when eating out)

>> No.11568649
File: 622 KB, 598x596, 1467310717941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11568754

gotdamn when we reachin the bump limit on this so we can get a new thread?

>> No.11568778

Is a bmi of 19 considered thin?

>> No.11568780

We aren't there yet anon please calm down

>> No.11568794

Yes actually.

>> No.11568803
File: 106 KB, 454x597, 1397414597538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just don't want to start posting my stuff in a dead thread, just to have it ignored because we've moved on to the new one, ja feel?

>> No.11568855

Has anyone else doing intermittent fasting just completely fucking lost their appetite? I used to eat 3 pretty large meals a day and still be hungry by the end. Now I can go a whole day without eating, and not even being hungry.

>> No.11568886
File: 108 KB, 408x338, 1388546328366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've felt this way too. it becomes almost too easy.
except then usually once i force myself to eat at the end of the day, afterwards i'm crazy hungry for the rest of the day until i go to bed

>> No.11568889

To an extent. If I have a large dinner, I won't start getting hungry until 4 or 5 the next day.

>> No.11568927

to most people, yes. for /thinspo/, no. around 15-17 would be proper thin imo. i wouldn't go below 16 though. seems like most people who've been that low had serious health issues.

>> No.11568939

under 18.5 is considered "underweight" so i'm saying a tentative yes
of course body fat % is also a big factor in it too. you could have a low bmi and a high body fat % and not look "typically thin"

>> No.11568983
File: 162 KB, 640x480, didnt care neither.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 15.9 bmi aiming for 15.0

>> No.11569094

eh, i'd say it has more to do with bone structure and how much of an idiot you are about it. if you're fasting/eating anything below 1200, don't go below 16, or if you have a big-ass bone structure. if you're slow and steady and have a smaller structure so you don't look totally spoopy.

>bmi 15.0, aiming for 14.5 because tiny bone structure.

>> No.11569161

gl anon-kun. remember to stay hidretted and post progress!

this is true. you could probably be quite healthy/not malnurished at lower if you eat actually nutritious food and not the crap most people seem to be eating in these threads. got pics? would love to see what a 15 bmi looks like if not spoopy.

>> No.11569243

New thread:

Bump limit reached.

>> No.11569613

i do 3 days eating, 2 days off.

it works pretty well for me.

that's just for maintenance tho, i like to eat a lot so my days are usually ~1400 cal so i really need the fast days