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fit pic

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No it's actually really embarrassing. Being right wing isn't fashionable and it will never be fashionable. It's indulgent and unposed and increasingly irrelevant.

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3/10 I responded

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Don't you think people are starting to smirk at those who are openly leftist these days though? With the whole cuck/trigglypuff phenomena you see people being embarrassed to call themselves feminists for example.

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See this video for how people are starting to see the left.


I think a kind of 'Alt Right' leaning is becoming /fa/ and the Trump hat is iconic.

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>implying following either of the dumbfuck wings of the US govt can ever be any kind of /fa/

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strong opinions on US politics is NEVER /fa/

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I think there is some truth to this, but there are a lot of Carl the cuck types on the left like >>11499630 that think this is only a right wing issue, when they are essentially prepping the bull in their 'open relationship'.

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no because the cuck/trigglypuff phenomena only exists on 4chan. most normal people arent going around calling themselves feminists, either, and are about as conservative as they were 10 years ago

go outside for once you fucking autist

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Fascism is not /fa/

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>being an alt right cuck

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Bro have you seen the college campuses? And the whole BLM thing, most millennials are cucks when it comes to politics lol.

Think about it, how many of your friends are all like "Refugees Welcome" (When the majority aren't refugees and commit high levels of crime), and how many of your friends blame white people for stuff like the Trayvon Martin case and black underachievement (when this is actually explained by IQ and crime rates).

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>heavily edited to spread propaganda
isnt this what polcucks complain about? you guys really are just edgy feminists

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^this. you clearly spend too much time inside, most people dont give a shit or even know about this whole cuck/sjw/feminist thing

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Yeah but what would there political opinions be? It might be where I am from, but most of the women here imbibe are the feminist cancer.

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their* dam

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people ask about it daily at this point. it could work with some fits, it's simple enough etc.
you need to be comfortable wearing one though, people are gonna judge you

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lol even the dog is ashamed of his owners

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I wore mine to my polling place for the election here in Aussieland and stole a display right from a Greens shill as he was handing out flyers. He didn't do shit, just glanced at my hat and looked down. Being a lefty cuck is an embarrasment

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the child could always have been adopted...

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im from europe though (not even from the liberal/western part) here this sjw thing is non-existent
most people doesnt give a shit about politics here.

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Yeah I would expect a certain amount of aggression from salty leftists.

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where did you get that fucking pin I want one so bad

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>I wore mine to my polling place for the election here in Aussieland and stole a display right from a Greens shill as he was handing out flyers. He didn't do shit, just glanced at my hat and looked down. Being a lefty cuck is an embarrasment

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Yeah I think it is a predominately North Western European/Anglo-sphere phenomena.

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hahahaha my friend become a communist and went to China and when he got there he got his ass raped by Mao so now he says he regrets not voting Trump

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Holy fuck just realized, nice pin Ausbro >>11499808

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ebay breh

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Yes... adopted.

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It does slowly start thappening in bigger cities, mostly at college and in high schools.
t. Poland

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What do you mean exactly?
I'm hungarian, most people hate the government here but there is no real opposition/other choice so they don't even vote or give a fuck about politics in general. Only the radical people seem to care here really, from both sides.

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My brother goes to a college in Hungary, he is completely SJW and Soros funds his scholarship. The whole institution he goes to is sjw/progressive orientated and largely funded by Soros.

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Which college? ELTE?

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I would prefer not to say but it is in Budapest

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if a man wears it you're a fucking meme

if a girl wears it she's looking for dick from fat alt rightists

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I like trump
it's just the hat isn't effay it's a reddité meme

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>thinking the real world is as coddling and tolerant of intolerance as college campuses
>thinking people care about you """"grown ups""""

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>thinking the real world is as coddling and tolerant of intolerance as college campuses

Yes, that's why a majority of Sweden are totally against extremism of all kinds.


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Camo MAGA > Red MAGA

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Ha yeah, I don't know if that guy has realized, but the larger society is pretty cucked.

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>Camo MAGA > Red MAGA

fit pic desu?

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but sweden has some of the harshest immigration laws in europe now because the people asked for it, don't you read the news?

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The damage is done though. Rape capital of Europe. Destroyed forever.

Such a meme country lol.

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I live in Sweden. I know the situation we're in, squire.

It's too little, too late.

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Such a shame as well, you guys had pretty much untouched European genetics, the purest in the world, now its gone. Not to mention all the social decay/crime rates.

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>Rape capital of Europe

This is repeated over and over but it's actually just a matter of rape being recorded diffrently. The most common form of rape occurs within relationships and in the swedish legal system each individual rape is tallied up and put into the system rather than treating it as a singular "serial rape". The numbers have been inflated for ages; if they actually were as severe as the statistics would imply, things would look very diffrent. You don't need to look for very long to come to the conclusion that swedish rape statistics can't be compared to those of other nations because they're simply measured diffrently.

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>he doesn't know about the withdrawing of permanent permits of residence and the cessation of their issuing
>he doesn't know about the new age checks
>he doesn't know about the near complete lack of family immigration
>he doesn't know about the new demands for language proficiency

If you're gonna meme about something that's way too complicated for you to understand, atleast read the news. I've had the best of laughs at the expense of the now ideologically castrated green party.

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It's just americans embarrassing themselves with their lack of knowledge about political ideologies. It's been going on since the commie scares of the 50s and literally no one is surprised anymore.

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It's the migrants bro.


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I don't care, I'm from a mongol mongrel anyway. Things are quite exciting though.

No, your answer is the crap that gets repeated over and over while not having much to do with reality. Norway has the exact same rape laws as Sweden yet only half the amount of rapes. Norway also hasn't taken in as many immigrants as Sweden.

It doesn't matter. The situation we're in is just too shitty. And once the shit really hits the fan, it won't be much fun anymore, no matter how many polls we see about the islamist party dropping below 4%.

The housing shortage. The ever-increasing debt the Swedish people have been forced into. Political parties talking about re-introducing 'easy jobs' while Sweden has the least amount of said jobs, and the few we have left are going to be rationalized away in the next 10-15 years. This includes many jobs that today requires someone with a bachelor's degree. The fact that we're running on 0 rate, making sure we have nothing we can do if things get bumpy.

Sweden had a good run. It's a shame it had to end this way.

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I'm not going to pretend like the migrants haven't pushed the statistics up because they clearly fucking have, their culture is garbage in more than one way, but if they were the sole reason for Sweden's seemingly staggering number of rapes then an identical increase would have happened to each european country with a similarily sized muslim minority. Sweden has shitty ghettos full of muslims, but not even close to the absolute garbage heaps that have been terrorist hotbeds since the early 00s like in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

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Dude Sweden had a small population to begin with, they have been absolutely flooded. In 100 years, they will be a minority due to birth rates.

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Um... indulgent?

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France, Belgium and the Netherlands strike down much harder on sex crimes that in Sweden. Over here, you barely get a sentence, and if you're an immigrant, chances are you're walking.

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>It's just americans

I am actually British you redneck filth.

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>Norway has the exact same rape laws as Sweden yet only half the amount of rapes.

It's not about rape laws. It's about how it's recorded in the statistics. These "rape charts" are absolutely unreliable because diffrent nations record their rape rates diffrently; I already told you why Sweden is such a clear statistical outlier.

Stop being a fucking meme and try to have a serious discussion where you don't rely on piss tier attempts at acting like an alt-right demagogue. I'm not here to defend any fucking muslims, I'm just clearing things up because you seemingly don't understand how statistics and these compiled charts work.

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>I'm not going to pretend like the migrants haven't pushed the statistics up because they clearly fucking have, their culture is garbage in more than one way, but if they were the sole reason for Sweden's seemingly staggering number of rapes then an identical increase would have happened to each european country with a similarily sized muslim minority. Sweden has shitty ghettos full of muslims, but not even close to the absolute garbage heaps that have been terrorist hotbeds since the early 00s like in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

Yeah but you have to think about it proportionally bro.

Sweden had a population of what, like 10 million? They have had millions of people migrate there, so the migrants rape inflates the statistics higher than if an equivalent amount went to Britain for example.

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Then why are you regurgitating nonsense spread by american media? I thought you brits knew what liberalism meant; you fucking invented it.

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Rapes relative to population was always what it was about, absolute numbers can't be used to compare crime rates. If the stats were true and not inflated because of the reasons I stated then nations with similar percentages of muslim immigrants would have very similar statistics at this point, yet it hasn't happened. It has increased because of immigrants, there's absolutely no doubt about that, but not as much as some people would like to think. It's just an effective scare tactic born out of ignorance.

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Its an interesting phenomena actually, you have these 'Daily Show' tier leftists in America/Canada who love to shit on America all day long whilst saying the people in Europe agree with them. Well no, they don't.

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>They have had millions of people migrate there

lol no, it's literally a few hundred thousand

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it's a meme

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It's really grating because it's made me less willing to admit that I'm a liberal in the normal sense of the word. American media has tainted the word with their strange definition of it; in truth it has nothing to do with the regressive left. I don't subscribe to identity politics, I don't subscribe to generous immigration policies; if anything this makes me more of a traditional liberal than the people who do.

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What's the chart's numbers based on? Number of cases reported to the police per capita or independent polls?

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you must live in Montana or some other irrelevant flyover state because it's absolutely a phenomena in cities/college campuses across the US.

source: I see this shit on the daily

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>le "regressive left" meme
hating people and putting them down sure is cool man

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>>le "regressive left" meme
>hating people and putting them down sure is cool man

Hey they started it lol, with the whole "kill all white men"/White male tears memeing.

>> No.11500288

What Maajid Nawaz labeled the Regressive Left has more to do with this specific group's unwillingness to promote open discourse and debate, people who'd rather infringe on the right to free speech than let people's feelings be hurt. You can be pro-immigration and pro-identity politics without being part of the regressive left; I can't decide that for you.

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Both high school with commie core and colleges are infected with this shit. it's practically a part of the curriculum

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I used to think she was a qt until I saw her with out makeup

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link desu?

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Left, or right, or whatever else, politics is NOT /fa/. Democracy and mass politics is literally for peasants.

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Agreed, anyone who states "Refugees welcome" or supports BLM is a cuck and a peasant.

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>MFW the feminists at my school were campaigning for men's rights before edgy fedorafags started PRETENDING to care about men's rights.

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By caring about men's rights they mean castrating males and treating them like defective women lol. (i.e what makes men effeminate, mentally weak and useless, whilst driving up the male suicide rate)

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When you say "agreed," and then state something completely different from what I said as if the statements were synonymous, it makes me think you don't really know what you're talking about. The rage behind pretty much everyone who unironically uses the word "c.uck" betrays their hoi polloi origins. Frankly having any concrete opinions strong enough to make one that angry is laughable and demonstrates an off-putting lack of poise. If you're spending all your energy being upset about what unfashionable people are doing, you're not going to be able to devote attention to being as fashionable dressed as you can be and enjoying the most excellent things in life.

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We really care about you men, we won't push for discrimination against white men in the work place and won't push for more false rape accusations against you.

>> No.11500410

Nah, they were campaigning for female-on-male/gay rape/lesbian rape to be treated as seriously as men-on-female rape before the FratChads in the Campus Young Republicucks stopped raping each other/forcing each other to rape goats and started pretending that they cared about the health and well-being of other men.

>> No.11500416


You are over think things man, just describing some of the peasants who get too involved in politics.

>> No.11500417

T. Fedora-clad manchildren who pretend that they care about men's issues, but actively contribute to the issues men face

>> No.11500421

Meant to tag >>11500391 instead of >>11500404


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Your post sounds like woman bullshit to me.

>> No.11500427

>Pretending British feminism matters

Nothing you inbreds do matters to anyone aside from retarded midwesterners that think Sherlock and Doctor Who are "well written".

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LOL, you think America has the high ground when it comes to feminism?


Just look at Milo's dangerous faggot tour around American colleges. The college women are bat shit insane. See clips below





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Lmao you pol fag, your dumb as fuck

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not a brain dead millennial cuck* like you


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>Citing Milo the Failed Tech Blogger as "proof" of anything.

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lol, I posted the videos to show how crazy your feminists/college age women are.

But now you mention it Milo is actually very successful, and you are probably just a salty leftist.

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I bet Milo's semen is very salty.

>> No.11500510

He only got successful after baiting gaymerfags (Who he's previously insulted as being "permavirgins who should kill themselves". Because nothing says "I support men's issues!" like telling more dudes to kill themselves when we already make up the majority of suicides amirite!?) into pretending that a no-name programmer sucking off game reviewer cock to get her shitty text-based game about depression reviews at all as "totes srs bidness"

Then Breibart took him on because Fox News Lite needed their own shitty knockoff of Ann Coulter.

>> No.11500537


He has certainly gained more of a public presence after Gamergate, but he makes most of his money from renting out properties he bought/developed.

Also, I gotta say good on Milo for getting stuck into Gamergate. All the media were listening to that murderer/amateur pornographer Zoe Quinn and con artist Sarkeesian before Milo came along

>> No.11500547

>Then Breibart took him on because Fox News Lite needed their own shitty knockoff of Ann Coulter.

Also bro, Milo was writing for Breitbart before Gamergate.

>> No.11500551

Point still stands that he's a cognitively dissonant fuckwit that doesn't actually give a shit about men's rights.

>> No.11500553

(Unless he can exploit it for monetary gain from fuckwits that are easily led, that is.)

>> No.11500563

People who call other people chucks just seem really insecure and are projecting their perverse fears of not having full control in a system constructed for them it's sad but also really obvious.

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Really makes you think.

>> No.11500570


Men Rights is part of it, but in general he is poking fun at progressives on all fronts. Next month he is going to lead a gay pride march through a Muslim ghetto in Malmo Sweden on horseback, LOL! Whatever his intentions, he certainly is entertaining.

>> No.11500590

I supportthe gay pride parade idea, but I want a more "fruity" gay person to do it.

Richard Simmons doing am even gayer version of Tae Bo while leading it would be funny as fuck.

>> No.11500609


Kek yeah, I think Milo will prob be half naked/in very gay attire though. We shall see. Also, he might get 'The Golden One' and his friends as bodyguards lol.


>> No.11500625

It is reserved for black men only.

>> No.11500632

>the golden one

I genuinely hope none of you guys take this man seriously.

>> No.11500654


Lel, I don't follow the Golden one, but the image of Milo on horseback wearing really gay clothes going through a Muslim Ghetto in Sweden with the Golden Once etc as bodyguard is hilarious.

>> No.11500661

only if you're a woman or non-white imo, as it contradicts ignorant people's assumptions about Trump supporters.

>> No.11500671

Caring about politics is not effay

>> No.11500690

if i wear mine in the UK will people realise it's ironic?

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To be honest, I can't really argue with that.

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fake hat, real ones don't have the mesh

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>being a Milo cuck