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What does /fa/ think of adidas gsg-9 boots? Let's have a thread about lightweight, comfy boots.

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I like the idea of them more than I like the look of any of them

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those look like something a policeman would wear

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They're named for a German police unit

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well these look infinitely better

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these are actually pretty cool

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yes they do

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Personally huge fan of these.

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the brogueing looks horrible, so does the sole
the upper itself is pretty attractive though

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our trainer in the navy wore these

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looks like something a McDonald's kitchen worker would wear

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s c h o o l s h o o t e r v i b e s

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was he effay?

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Nike sfbs are better

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i thought /fa/ agreed that nike is shit and adidas is superior in pretty much every way imaginable nowadays?

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Their fan boys do. I honestly think both companies have some great shit. People who are loyal to one sweatshop are just mindless consumers

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no, it's just the Adidas shills who make you believe that

Nike is still the king and will be for the time being, it's just that Adidas finally woke up from it's decade long sleep and finally started to produce somewhat decent lifestyle stuff

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i think the only thing saving nike from going bankrupt are the jordans... and they havent made any good jordans since the first model lol

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t. adidas shill