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what was his trip again, bc he tried 2 cheat on his gf with someone i know and I recognized him from here.
mods pls forgive about unrelated, just nowhere else to ask~

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thats birthday isnt it
dont quote me on it tho

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So many trolls lol

It's stance

I could see that ugly neck a mile away LOLA

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lol i remember that guy, he kept trying to hit on me in a waywt thread like a few weeks ago and he even did the same thing when i posted my snapchat and ig like 2 weeks later on /fa/...he asked me if i wanted to see his dick pic but i said no lmao. my bf and i actually laugh about it to this day

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why are you pretending to be an autistic chick on fa? everyone knows you arent eliza, and im honestly just curious why youre still doing it.

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newfag here
can someone list me the top quality trips

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did you not see my timestamp >>11466778

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is it stance or bday? anyway, my friend told me something fucking hilarious. he's going to court for shoplifting. he got caught @ saks outlet or something, after shoplifting from nordstrom. makes sense for how much new shit he always had.

trunks is pretty great, and nice for the most part.

people are iffy on Patrick Bateman but I like him.

There's another one that's five characters long and starts with an s. something like STCHM lmao or something. i know that's not crazy close, but he offers great skincare advice.

I haven't been on here recently so that's all I got for ya mate.

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what's ur instagram?

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>This Account is Private

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This definitely isn't Birthday. I think this is Stance, but I never caught this guy's trip.

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>time can't be found anywhere on the stamp
You're a genius, moron

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Wilguen is his trip. Haha holy shit what a fucking idiot.

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idk what ur talking about boyo

ive never talked to you in my life

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are u really going to court for shoplifting

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it's stance


yeah pretty sure its stance

fuck off this isn't you ...

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is your real name cameron moreno

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Oh shit nigga

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eliza why would u turn down Wil? He is such a qt

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its andrés

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is that you in the picture?

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whoops looks like I clicked /r9k/ on accident

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This is him. His trip was Wilguen, not Stance.

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either thats not you or you're lying about your name lmao.

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>071 ▶
>>>11467040 (You)
>This is him. His trip was Wilguen, not Stance.

obviously faking..

this is stance, i know astance troll a mile away kid. i've been here since 14'
I know when a troll comes at your door, you greet him with a pie to the face. this isn't """wilguen""" its probs some old trip hes got access to..

wilguen hasnt posted in AGES.

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ya caught me

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whoever it is, he noticed. just protected his twitter.
anyways letting u all
know he's a cheater and a shoplifter lmao.

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not real stance


haha god australians when will they fuckin learn

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did you not read my last post? i have a bf and were in love

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I mean, its wil. I'd accept the dick pic just out of curiosity t b h

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u guys are cute lil doofuses n i say that with 100% kindness. ~

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200% cute

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mods really need to step up their game

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his name on here is wilugen and his insta is felixguattari his real name Cameron David mereno he seems kind of scummy not even surprised about the shop lifting or cheating. so are you gonna tell his gf op?

ppl itt saying his name is stance or b day are trolling

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You're back!

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>has pictures of him saved on his computer
>doesn't know his username
u might have a minor case of severe brain damage

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im not getting them from my comp, buddo.

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sorry am confused. Don't you have to have them on your computer to upload it to 4chan? Am I the one with retardatiion?

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y'all are creepy as hell

idk what this talk of cheating or stealing is and idk why everyone is obsessed w spreading rumors about some random dude on a fashion forum

go back to talking about clothes

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v interesting this random dude has his skype name set as Wilguen. and his fb url. wacky coincidence.

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just bc u have my social media stuff doesnt make me any more random than someone else

why do u care so much about me?

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bcuz u r a qt3.14

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i just think maybe you shouldn't be a morally terrible person my man? maybe don't steal ur clothes???? maybe don't cheat on ur gf???? also you lied about ur name in the thread previously, so that is you?

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u could get a cuter gf tbqh

she's fat

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stance btfo hahaha

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my birth name is andrés ya dingus

i dont cheat or steal my dude

why is my moral content being questioned on a fashion board

why do u even care in the first place

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be careful what ya put online :^) and have fun hiring a lawyer for ya felony. stop tryna front on a fashion board with stolen clothes.

and why not just break up with your girlfriend if you're going to get with others? like it's not worth it, that shit will bite u in the ass later on my man.

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wilguen btfo

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and finally

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no go greaso
I thought I filtered you out

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no go greaso
I thought I filtered you out

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timestamp or you're not real

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This is the stupidest fucking thread

I keep forgetting /fa/ is actually high school drama

a bunch of people being petty about some nobody

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I just hate thieves. All these items he could afford but he chose to steal them.

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What does this have to do about clothes and/or fashion

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this. take ur social politics to social media faggots

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It doesn't. It's just a thread about a tripfag

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So filter the trip, delete the thread and get on with your life, jesus

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not my thread lmao

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have you sucked his dick already?

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lol rip wilguen

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what do facial aesthetic threads have to do with fashion? this board, besides waywt threads, is a meme in itself

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wilguen id turn gay for you

what do u say

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were there ever grill qt trips who posted on fa

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yea there was one but i'm p sure she was an actual narcissist. was incredibly annoying. i think eliza is too, they both kind of use the board for attention.

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bc maybe don't steal your clothes and support your designers/companies if you want to wear their clothing? and stop trying to front on a board with stolen shit.

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may her soul rest in peace

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poor guy

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keep dreaming pei

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It just says /fa kill yourself you're not the real Ciara Horan I'll report you and I'll contact the inter fbi

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they are mad because:
1) you look better than them
2) they would steal clothes if they could
3) you look better than them

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Shut the fuck up faggot stop harassing these people by spreading rumors please consider suicide.

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oh fuck it's true

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who's his gf

>> No.11469354

some girl he's been dating since high school, don't wanna post her info bc she's the victim

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who gives a shit


i steal shit all the time from the convenience stores

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That you could obviously pay for and not hurt the business

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Mikayla? :^)

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who gives a shit

God this board sucks

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Wow what a fucking degenerate

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Check these quads

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This faggot has just made his twitter private? He has done this because he is lurking this board NOW???

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good effort

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this fuck BETTER not actually go to columbia

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post the one where she's sucking a dildo

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Someone send help to the poor sap please, the look of disparity and "kill me now" in his face is enough to claim Eliza the cancer of /fa/

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there we go

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and now he's going to court for having a clothes tag remover, along w stealing at nordstrom and saks, which could be a felony lmao

>> No.11470126

Faked ID, also Columbia is a trash overrated Ivy right next to Cornell

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You guys are super cute together.

>> No.11470137

fucking REKT lmao

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and i'm sure you'll be making 200k starting at a finance firm that offered to suck your penis if you worked there straight out of community college too

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>i just think maybe you shouldn't be a morally terrible person my man? maybe don't steal ur clothes???? maybe don't cheat on ur gf????

>> No.11470164

They aren't bf/gf there was some drama between them involving money. That trip is not her she once made a video saying so.

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That's pretty awful.

I guess this place really is hopeless.

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y post all ur personal info online i dont get it

especially on a site as toxic as 4chan

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P sure wilguen himself didn't post much if any

It's other people leaking all of it for some reason

>> No.11470223

guess a better question is why post your face at ALL
google reverse image search is a thing ppl pls be safe so that this doesn't happen to u

also he did mention a few times that he went to columbia which probably made finding him easier

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of all the injustices in the world you're concerned with someone stealing lip balm from a convenience store

it shows what a delusional and tiny worldview you must have

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actual pic of wilguen

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how is this fashion related? where are the mods?
also is there any connection to wilguen being a marxist and also a thief? a convenient coincidence maybe? ;')

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lol haha xDDDD epic

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i agree this thread should be deleted

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I agree

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His trip was Wilguen. I don't think the Wilguen in this thread is actually him, but his trip was definitely Wilguen.

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fuck off wilguen

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Ewww is this a tranny

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I gotchu f a m, don't worry.

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Shut the fuck up BITCH

>> No.11470445

Need more images of this female

>> No.11470446

His tripcode is #cameron
wilguen btfo

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hello test

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I'm not him but this is very Reddit and dumb

>> No.11470486

guys chill out! :^)

>> No.11470529

seriously chill

>> No.11470531

hi #cameron

>> No.11470682

You're still beautiful you kleptomaniac.

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suck my cock a doodle doo

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We are all Wilguen.

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speak for yourself

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q_ko isnt trans, just a really ugly asian

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this thread is probably the best thread of /fa/ right now. kinda makes me feel bad about the quality of /fa/ but then again wilguen is an annoying cunt so this thread is v fun

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Who posts what they shoplift online? Why would you do that?

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our boy wilguen of course :^)
an ego stroke, for the low price of free!

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you know i'd agree with you,

but the guy is tripping on here

policing your own 'community' (yeah , yeah) is just an essential part of having a non-totally shit community. and in this case the guy is clearly a cunt

>> No.11471256

anyone want to turn those screenshots into the nypd?

>> No.11471266

he's already back in arizona for court, so there's no use lmao

>> No.11471414

he actually seemed like a cool guy in the beginning

>> No.11471434

he is a cool dude, havent talked to him in a long time (tfw too cool to follow little ol me back), even if he steals shit he doesnt deserve this.

hate to be a white knight but it's really mind blowing how many dudes shit on him for being smart and pretty, or straight dont believe any of it. so embarrassing

>> No.11471486

He's cool but has shitty morals. I would respect him a lot more if he paid for his clothes. Shoplifting jeopardizes employees' jobs because the store needs to make up for that stolen item somehow.

>> No.11471537


it's hard to remove jealousy from any kind of public shaming

but i don't know, there does seem to be something...weird, when you can treat people awfully but you can't be attacked because of it, because you're already undeservedly lucky and therefore there will be this competent of jealousy involved in most people's perceptions of you (if you're pretty or smart)

like i'm not saying we shouldn't observe that, but it seems like the guy should be getting laughed at on here anyway, there's little point sparing it because he goes to an ivy

>> No.11471538

you dont go to columbia w him do you?

>> No.11471542

Nope, why?

>> No.11471553

thought i might know you
i cant tell what youre trying to say

>> No.11471554

Do you know him personally?

>> No.11471565

never met him in person, just talked occasionally outside fa. very shortlived

>> No.11471570


i suppose that it's adaptive (like, healthy for a social group) to have higher standards for naturally influential (which includes smart, pretty etc) people, than to default to lower ones

criticism might come partly motivated by jealously, but the attention comes at least partly motivated by looking good. like you can't have your cake and eat it

>> No.11471573


> but the positive *attention comes at least partly because of looking good.

>> No.11471610

I don't care how he looks. He's a tripfag who was always wearing sick fits that turned out to be stolen.

>> No.11471645

tbbh i bet he only started lifting when he got to nyc, aka after he stopped posting. all his sick fits were parents dosh, another dumb reason to hate on him

>> No.11471649

In my pic he started lifting in september

>> No.11471651

He did post about shoplifting once in July though

>> No.11471653

yeah exactly, school year starts in august, he hasnt posted here since he was in hs

this is embarrassing. i dont even care, im just desperate for a distraction from the fact that i'm gonna dump my gf tomo

>> No.11471660 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure he's quitting /fa/. Anyone can dm her on twitter and tell her about his cheating ways @motelcandy is her username

>> No.11471668

Do you think posting the pics from his twitter is considered doxing?

>> No.11471669

dindu nuffin

>> No.11471972

accept me on my throwaway instagram starts with "e"

>> No.11472338

Wilguen my nigga I hate it had to be him

>> No.11472487

wilguen i think

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