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General Terrorwave thread, post Inspo, discuss

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Can anyone explain what terrorwave is? Do you dress like you are a fucking slav with a gun or what

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mfw i actually dress/am slav
will post some pic that would fit in

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Palestinians run this shit

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mfw ill never be serb removing kebab
t-thanks for reminding me

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Get out slavaboos

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I'll dump a little.

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>not FreedomFighterwave

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>Óglaigh na hÉireann

I see you, Sasanach

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it's a /k/ friendly fashion trend with emphasis on being cheap, simple and not-gaudy.
I love it.

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seems cool/

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would this be considered terrorwave

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>Lose the bulletproof vest
>Or put it under outer-shirt

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eta in csgo is effay af

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What's the the cops and undercover military in the terror thread?

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why are they wearing normal jeans and sneakers? why is there no standard uniform

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Because they look spooky and terror-ish when not in full police gear. I mean remove the "Police" patches and they look like hella effay terrorists.

Because sometimes when something goes down that needs immediate unit responses police forces that are off duty get called to (insert event here) from what-ever they were doing. So that means they don't have time to change and just slap on the gear and guns and get ready to go.

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what vetements season is this from?

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idc about terrorwave but TIOCFAIDH AR LA

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this is the most pretentious bullshit i've ever seen. basically it's "let's dress up like the biggest piece of shit brown people with zero sense of society"
fucking dumb.

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what jacket is that? Looks nice

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>piece of shit brown people with zero sense of society
what's wrong wtih this?

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>mfw every pic is white in this thread, exept palestine

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TerrorWave tends to draw inspiration from the IRA and Troubles Period more than anything Slavic.

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More polize???
No buttcore next time pls

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Be warned though, it's more of an olive green color. Though pleasantly surprised- just keep that in mind when thinking of putting together with other clothing. Here's what the Gorka 3 ANA looks like. (Also comes with pants)

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Cheeki, very cheeki.

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Protip: get a plain t-shirt, and put it over your torso, like you're about to put it on. Don't put your arms through. Before pulling it over your head stop, make it so that your face is looking out of the neck hole. Now grab the sleeves and tie them behind your head. It is Now a cheekibreeki headgear, or you can pull the top down and use it as a scarf.

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>dat horrible trigger discipline

un/fa/ de-tsu

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the Office T militia are /fa/

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kill yourself

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>no blackbloc

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What American police force should I join if I want to be /fa/ while still enforcing my sick fits?

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>join local pd
>take out your pistol
>blow your brains out faggot

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I'm in love with this fit. Might become islamic now to pull this off.

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Good taste

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It's pretty amazing but you can do the same without being Islamic, this is pretty much color swapped Ricky.

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This is better than the police threads on /hm/, keep it coming guys.

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thank you friend

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U tha plug, thx tripboi

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dumbass anarchists kek

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when u havin republican friday

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>implying white people aren't the best at terrorism

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Underrated post

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>my name related

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I dress like this during all of autumn and early spring

Am I terrorwave?

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is this terrorcore

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>desert ninja
I could totally get on board with this

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more like robberwave

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w2c balaclava

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make your own nigger

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oioi pls leave

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normal clothing + balaclava and gun

got it, no need for a whole thread

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What? Is this wrong?

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Brigate Rosse

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god damn does it hurt to operate this hard

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>osama watch
>worn boots

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"Just do it"

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mfw ordered gorka in russian flecktarn
im smoking 2 packs since then, cant wait

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Story on these dudes? Video?

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Where were you when the Ukraine conflict happened? It's Speznas pretending poorly to be west Ukrainian civilian combatants attacking Simferopol to justify Russian seizing of the Crimea.



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in preparation for the hellscape that will be 2017 we're stocking up on aesthetic military clothing

i really hope this trend catches on, the media would be horrified

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so its just techwear + military surplus with pants that fit aesthetically and trendy but functional sneakers

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In America, where I saw almost no coverage of the events besides some nice pictures of the conflict. Never really knew what was actually going on. Sounds like that mission from Modern Warfare 2 where the russians pretend to be americans shooting up the airport lmao

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Terrorwave not airsoftwave

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