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Got no responses from my first try, I need some inspo for GOAL/ GOAT body. Please post images.

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Dumping the few pics I have, I feel like Brad Pitt's body in Fight Club is the best possible.

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Frontal shot of Pitt in Fight Club

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Current Goal.

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too muscular imo, he needs to lose like 15 lbs to be really beautiful

but you do you

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is that daniel tosh?

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>looks pretty good.
his chest is huge compared to the rest of him though.

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This. He'll have trouble finding clothes that fit (if it's even possible).

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Not really, his bone structure is just shaped that way.
Buy a large, take it in at the waist.

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Seems impractical for t-shirts, polos etc. Also kinda impossible for some outerwear, sweaters, knits.

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if this isn't your goal then im sorry but you literally can never be effay

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lmao, polos and tee shirts are made for athletic builds. You just can't wear topman or hm anymore, big loss.

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Those child bearing hips

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these are great; thin and toned

bit too thick imo

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Every day = Leg day

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looking like this guy in general is my goal, from the body to the hair, everything

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I really wish I was slp skinny but seriously this guy is goal af like wow

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Just meme my shit up

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you wanna look like a pale, anorexic russian?

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OP here, I want to go for this but I feel like you naturally need to be an ectomorph to achieve this look.

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fuck yes

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I think this fit looks good for just a casual outfit. 8/10 would study @ coffee shop in this.

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Alex Honnold's for obvious reasons.

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really more concave sides than "child bearing hips"
he'd look fine if he had a more masculine taper

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Do loads of swimming, and youll get the body down atleast

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But papa how will you wear skinny jeans

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ALL jeans will be skinny, babe

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hopefully not, but it's always worth the try i guess.
also as long as you work out lose weight 'n shit it can only get better.

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Anyone know the stats of this guy? I'm 6'2 and 183lb and aiming for this.

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also /cbt/ ?

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really don't get how you look so ripped at ~the same weight as me, looking great man. You're beautiful the way you are dude, no homo just appreciatin

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this is my issue, there is a descripancy between what looks best naked and what looks best with clothes on. Skinny jeans and a slim silhouette looks great imo but being a bit more muscular naked looks much better. Been skipping leg work for a while and I'm much more happy with the way I look in skinny jeans now but I miss feeling big naked

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I think it's because I have short legs + long torso so my proportions would be way diff to yours. thankyou for the kind words too man, you look great too, great progress.

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Pitt was GOAT in Snatch

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what options do i have if i am a 5ยด6 dude.?

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find a grill even shorter my man

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look however you want, what do you think is the person you want to be? Owning what you are, no matter what it is, is inspiring and attractive. Look at Ian Connor for confidence inspiration

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>ywn be husbandomode

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how do I achieve this?

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Lift for a year or two depending on where you're starting out and then cut till oblivion. You can do it mang, it's worth it and if you do it right it's fun while you do it

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