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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Last Thread: >>11413266

Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS_wQ-CIu6Q

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>love lizzie & her llamas
>make america thin again
>stay hiddratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

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Nvm me, just posting the best girl.

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Literally who?

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helo famla daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u tanks bye bye

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Thanks freg but I wont take that advice today, going out tonight so no food or drinks for me.

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Reminder to post this everytime a female says says she's struggles to have thin legs.

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holy fuck source plz

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helo watar has no calores, keps skin gud, halp mood, kep u cool, halp u digist fod, an halp contral ur apatight. u shold dink watar. luv u tanks bye

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Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago

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>get skinny by running and calorie counting
>try to get into fashion and buy better clothing
>realize I live in the middle of no where and nobody cares how I dress

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Why do so many women always have to play the victim? check the difference in comments

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Not saying you're wrong but you're comparing a clothing company vs. a bodybuilding profile. Two completely audiences, people who follow men's bodybuilding at all won't give a shit about how unhealthy 1% bodyfat is, it's for competition. While a lot of normies probably follow the swimwear one.

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how am I doing /fa/?

I'm decently happy with where my body is now, but I've developed so much anxiety about keeping it up and not putting on any fat. my messed up self-image doesn't help

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I know but if you check their page there are more or less only skinny models, so maybe normies shouldn't complain about a company that make stuff for skinny people.

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I'm visting Berlin soon are people there /fa/ what are some /fa/ things to do

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You look really good <3

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>can't take it anymore need to eat some sweets
>everything has just crazy high calories
>tell myself I will just eat a bit
>end up getting 500 kcal from just two small chocolate bars

Sweets: not even once.

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Anyone else obsessed with hygiene since going thinspo?

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>need to eat some sweets
you'll never make it

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How obsessed?

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What kinds of sweets do you like? I might be able t help you find something lower calorie.

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Chocolate. Can't really be substituted with fruit.

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Ah, that is a bit problematic... You can try dark chocolate, maybe. When I eat 80+% cacao chocolate, my cravings go away faster.

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Like feeling dirty all the time and washing multiple times a day, going trough deodorants in a matter of days

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That doesn't sound that obsessed. Especially if you are typing on a keyboard you haven't cleaned in a long time.

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>lift weights and be not sedentary all day
>eat like a horse, throw in snacks every now and then
>still at a deficit

activate urself my man

i'd recommend popcorn though, you can actually eat a bowl without getting more than a few hundred kcal, add on sprinkled cheese or whatever and you'll end up at an even 500 kcal for something that takes a while to finish (unlike 100g chocolate)

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Yes, but I'm more so obsessed with cleanliness because I always feel ugly, which for me feeling clean = feeling more presentable and attractive

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You understand me my man.

Seems like losing a few more kg lessened my immune system, my lips feel like in gonna get a herpes breakout soon.

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Kind of. I feel like putting more effort into my appearance now, which includes hygiene.

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This thread gives me motivation to get to my goal weight. F, 5'3 and currently weigh 105 pounds. I want to get down to 100, maybe even 95

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You're going to make it. <3

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when I want some chocolate I cut up a small ripe banana and roll them in cacao powder/vanilla. It does taste pretty similar to the real deal

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Thanks anon <3

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Please join the thinspo skype group!
We have like 12 people now.


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Not sure what to do with myself. People say im too skinny and others say I look fine. I have no self confidence so I dont know how I'm doing.

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>gf looks skinny af when clothed
>see her naked for the first time
>skinny but not as skinny as I thought, especially the thighs

should I just dump her

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>fishing for compliments


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get leaner

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I thought that you had to be good looking to get compliments

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Good lord that is fucking thin.

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Where do you get images from thinspo qts? Already checked tumblr and leddit.

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tumblr and ana forums

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I am afraid those on the ana forums will be too much for me.


>I recognize that tummy

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I am afraid those on the ana forums will be too much for me.

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1st thing's 1st, shave

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I love your body hair.

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Keep posting thinspo images. I'm trying to make a few wallpapers for my phone and laptop.

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stop deleting your comments

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I have this problem, bro

Nobody cares about fashion in this hick ass town.

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Hoping to get down to 95 by August. This thread is my motivation.

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you'll still look good. I think people can appreciate that even if they aren't into fashion.

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Where are you at now? Height, weight?

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I'm 5'3. At 105

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Who is she? Maybe I'm just tired, but I swear she has a doppelganger I saw in Trader Joe's yesterday.

Very lean looking, you're making a lot of progress. Just stay focused, a little anxiety never killed anyone if it kept them on track.

Don't be shitty, everyone looks leaner in certain clothes.

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>Don't be shitty, everyone looks leaner in certain clothes.
don't bite such easy b8. I love /thinspo/ but seems like some of you haven't been on the rest of 4chan you get baited so easily.

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She's just a girl I'm infatuated with.

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thangg u froger luv u to have niec day

>> No.11425856

That's so strange, that look so familiar, but maybe the one I saw was a bit skinnier.


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How can I make a webm of her juggling those oranges on OSX? I'm tech-retarded.

That's so qt.

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Guys I want to go out tonight and have some fun but I have no one to invite.

What should I do? I already feel the pressure to eat something.

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Thank you so much!

Do you like to drive? Sometimes its nice to just listen to music and drive around, can be peaceful depending where you live. You could drive out to a nice spot and then go for a walk, maybe someplace with a nice view?

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just go and make new friends

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lmao this cuck reminds me of elliot rodger so much

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Maybe I'll take your word for it and go for a drive, I used to love to drive but I've driven so much that it has become a chore to me.
I have so many friends, I have friends at college (which is an hour away so I can't drink and there is possibility of them "not making it" when I've already driven all the way there), I have friends from high school in this town but they are really not reliable, I have friends in my old home town but they're all busy tonight.

I don't have a group of friends I belong to and I always feel like a guest when I'm out with somebody. There isn't a person I can phone right now and know that he'll pick up without a seconds thought and just go out with me and do nothing.

I know I should be grateful and it would be unfair to say I'm lonely to people that have no one because I've made all these friends in the last year or two and I know how it is to be completely alone but I still feel (and end up) alone most of the time.

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Yeah I know the feel but sometimes if you have no place to go and are just chilling it can be nice.

You can always go to a movie at the theater too.

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>tfw your theater just put back the No Singles policy again
Maybe that anon doesn't have that rule

>> No.11425967

I live really far away from the closest theatre.

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based fregg have a qt

>> No.11426021

she would be a qt if she didn't have
a- those fucking nails
b- those fucking piercings
c- alien eyes

>> No.11426026

i like the"alien eyes. agree about the piercings though, especially the gages. Can that ever get fixed or does it permanently fuck up their ears?

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also tumblr nose and smoking

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All I'm gonna eat today is a peach. How many calories is that? I feel bad about drinking supplements because calories. What to do?

>> No.11426041

They can get them sewn up but they still look gross and weird

>> No.11426045

Eat like 1200-1400kcal per day minimum, anon.

>> No.11426047

It depends on the size. If you don't use a piercing there will possibly be a scar there, it will look like a mole, but she's using 2 fucking gages so I'm pretty sure the "hole" is permanent.
I fucking love her eyebrows, tho

>> No.11426057

I ate so much yesterday though!

>> No.11426068

that's okay, you won't binge if you eat enough regularly.

>> No.11426081

But I feel to disgusting, like I ate the world.

>> No.11426085

It'll pass. What's your current weight and height? What's your goal weight?

>> No.11426100

My goal is 95. I am 5'3, weigh 110.

>> No.11426107

Okay, you're pretty small. I'd say you can get away with eating 1150kcal. You'd reach 95-lbs by before the end of the year eating that every day. You'd have energy, you'd have nutrition, and you'd learn how to be 95-lbs for a very long time rather than 95-lbs until you ended up in a rehab center after health problems.

I understand wanting to be skelle, but permaskelle is the real goal.

>> No.11426122

also how I figured that is using this: http://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php

>> No.11426138

how im supossed to do cardio without feeling dizzy and light-headed /thinspo/?

>> No.11426148

Drink more water.

>> No.11426154

suck on a dick before the run

>> No.11426172

I haven't figured this out yet, I usually eat somewhat normally if I exercise or else I get muscle cramps/lightheaded. Usually I'm fine if I'm eating around 1000 calories.

>> No.11426200

you look fantastic f@m, my goal body

almost there <3

>> No.11426208

goddamn he bf is ugly

>> No.11426230


>> No.11426250

I feel like I have large bones and I can't look thin.

>> No.11426285

I wasn't baiting him desu

>> No.11426290

wtf? is this real

>> No.11426299


By pushing through it.

Chew some gum while running.

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Is this true?

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Select theaters around the united states after that batman theater shooting decided not to let singles in. You have to be 2 or more people. It's fucking ridiculous, and sucks for robots like me that always go alone.

Now I have to wait for the movies to come out because I have no friends to go with.

>> No.11426323

i'd believe that.

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Thinking about stopping this cut soon. Not sure if I should continue, don't think it will get much better no matter how much leaner I get.

>> No.11426338

you look great hun

>> No.11426342




>tfw people think this is sexy

>> No.11426343


>> No.11426351

maintaining that would be really good, maybe a bit more chest work.

I mean we are going to be biased here, but currently that's so perfect, but you could probably gain 10 lbs easy with a slow bulk and look amazing and bigger. (I like this more tho)

>> No.11426354

wow, that would suck for me if I ever actually went anywhere.

>> No.11426356

That's stupid though. I'm not going to eat 2 saltines for a snack. Best to just snack on healthier stuff, but take in a few more calories and also not eat 2 stupid saltines lmao.

>> No.11426365

5"10 and 130lbs
Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking, summer is here now so will probably try to maintain or go on a very small bulk, chest is for sure not as big as I want it to be.

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Just eat some cherries, bros.

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she still v cute tho imho.

based qt

>> No.11426388

why the fuck are retards telling you to shave? What the fuck dont

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Can I get some girls waist measurements?

>> No.11426411

zoom fast pupper

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>> No.11426430


Just realised these are kids sizes.

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>tfw people will still take this seriously

>> No.11426639

im so sorry for this girl
she'll never lose those fat thighs :(

>> No.11426730

How long did this take?

>> No.11426734

this gips/waist ratio <333333333333

>> No.11426786

I think she looks best in the middle two...

>> No.11426819

Second to last in my opinion. Middle two she looks good also though. Hard to know when to stop.

I know I'm too heavy now but I honestly don't think I can look in the mirror and judge where I should stop either.

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File: 1.33 MB, 989x1022, 1381284087445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Imagine the smell if yeast infection forms

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Male 19,178cm 60kg here

>tfw body went fully skelly mode,legs got thin but still have face fat

I can achieve the /fa/ cheekbones when the cheeks are pointing to the inside but i need to lose more i think

How much do you think?

Currently 28 hours without food by the way on a low carb 500kcal/day diet

>> No.11427108

poor girl. I don't think surgery could fix that permanently :(

>> No.11427116

I feel like this whenever i'm eating

I went on a rampage on Sunday and ate like 2300kcal,literally everything that was in front of me and now i'm punishing myself with 96 hours of starvation

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Hey guys, I start my new job tonight and I need something to keep me up and going.

I was thinking of just getting 2 redbulls and that's it. I currently am not eating any food. Maybe the occasional handful of nuts but other than that nothing.

Would two redbulls be okay, calorie wise? I'm trying to stay below 500cals.

>> No.11427130

A hot black coffee would be a much healthier alternative imo

>> No.11427132

Is 182cm good height for thinspo? I have a feeling only tall people look good thin.

>> No.11427136

I hate black coffee. It makes me gag. Anything else?

>> No.11427144

Natural orange juice since your brain needs sugar,can't think of anything better

>> No.11427149

I could do that actually. I have these 8oz bottles of OJ. tank u

>> No.11427154 [DELETED] 

>I'm trying to stay below 500cals.

For what purpose? Why not instead go with 1200 and just be more patient?

>> No.11427159

No can do muchacho. I wanna look good asap :)

>> No.11427175

Current stats?

>> No.11427185

I'm a bit embarrassed to say but I'm 169, 5'10.
It's not even muscle. I'm just kind of fat. I hold my weight good enough but I actually wanna go down to 120-130.

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File: 199 KB, 1304x869, 1465865515184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good man,keep up the good work and don't cheat.Remember that eating junk food will only make you want more junk food.

How long have you been on a diet?

Also,don't feel embarassed and act like you're thin because the fact that you understand you need to lose weight is everything you need to actually do it.

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File: 82 KB, 538x810, 1461289883741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know of any good appetite suppressants that aren't stimulants?
I always struggle to fall asleep when I'm hungry and I usually just end up eating in order to fall asleep. I know that's bad but I don't know what else to do.

>> No.11427356

I always take a mint when I am hungry.

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File: 117 KB, 640x640, tumblr_ntetdwW8o41rcrcdeo1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I go to work fasted to burn off some extra calories since I do some physical work, then drink water with hydroxycut drink mix during breaks.

>> No.11427398

I like the trader joes green tea mints.

>> No.11427401


>> No.11427403

Your opinion on hydroxycut?

Just finished my first day of fast after ordering a burger and fries at fucking midnight last night. Went really well; drank water, no cravings at all, not even hungry. I never did more than a day before but since it went so easy I was thinking about pushing it to see how long I can go.

What's they longest you've gone before? Have you noticed if it gets harder or easier the more/longer you fast?

>> No.11427406


>> No.11427415

Since you know that is the way you are, save up calories for right before bed. Have a pre-bed meal planned and accounted for.

>> No.11427421

As fast as I see this thread


>> No.11427433
File: 700 KB, 1280x1279, tumblr_nw28ermMSs1th8xh9o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Your opinion on hydroxycut?

It's great for energy, it gives me a bit of a boost during work. Don't know if it actually has helped me lose weight since I'm intermittent fasting anyways.

>What's they longest you've gone before?

4 days then I did my cheat day. After that another 3 days.

>Have you noticed if it gets harder or easier the more/longer you fast?

It gets just a bit harder. You will even dream about food but you'll be fine as long as you stay hydrated like froggo says.

>> No.11427439

welcom u to

tank yu

>> No.11427455

Can someone post more /thinspo/ pictures containing bottles of water?I find them very inspiring

>> No.11427481

I felt like I had some but I apparently don't. I know what you mean about the inspirational value though.

>> No.11427483
File: 111 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nz3lifsZyh1usnsy3o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11427507

I think it might be the lighting you view yourself under, idk

people have told me my cheeks have gotten sharper since losing weight but I don't really see it in the bathroom mirror. but other times walking outside I see my reflection in a window or something and they look quite sharp.

anyway I'm almost your height and planning to lose 10lbs and go down to ~110. I know that 20lbs made a big difference in my face but idk about 10lbs.

>> No.11427516
File: 41 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n2ulgxss1B1rgcp51o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's very nice inspiration,i'm glad to hear that someone finds it inspiring besides me


>> No.11427524
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Yeah,the sun light makes you look better for sure(white light in general)

My goal is 52kg

How much weight do you think i can lose if i fast for 10 days and will it be a visible change?

>> No.11427541

that is some beautiful malespo. wish my rib cage were narrower like his

>> No.11427549
File: 617 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nqiecfHd9t1qzjwylo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lose more,mine is huge too but not really a problem

Not trying to be rude by the way,just giving advice

>> No.11427554
File: 63 KB, 400x533, tumblr_njt5vym33y1sjofgho1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These threads are awesome but lack malespo

>> No.11427560


>> No.11427565
File: 22 KB, 461x418, 09c1bed0e15579e2d027a0eb8278e0e566dc4029e5760bffa2b11f80df2ac351_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does this actually work?

>> No.11427572



>> No.11427582
File: 69 KB, 540x749, 1452701200066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Part of it will be water weight, but, ever 500kcal under your TDEE per day is about a pound per week. So, that averages somewhere around a 1500kcal deficit daily for most people. I'd guess you'd lose 6-lbs of real fat doing that diet. You'd also lose a bunch of water weight, so probably 10lbs on the scale but actual fat once you started eating normal again would be like 6-lbs. Again, total estimate based off knowing nothing about you.

That's just some cancer website that takes everything that gets uploaded and watermarks it.

>> No.11427595

hot as fuck

>dat thigh gap and slightly saggy ass

>> No.11427684
File: 182 KB, 1200x896, tumblr_nhrox9U4811sh1hr6o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not stopping until I'm someone's thinspo.

>> No.11427715

anyone have tips to build pec volume only? the rest of my body is ok enough, maybe a little more toning is necessary
6 4

>> No.11427730

what do u eat what's ur routine how do i

>> No.11427762

show pusc

>> No.11427774

I'd like to know this as well. Pecs look whatever from the front, god awful from the sides

>> No.11427792

Try finding a snack that's low in calories to eat a bit before bed. Some celery with hummus is my go to for something filling.

>> No.11427820

As I am typing this post out I am completely nude and utterly slathered in ointments and grease.
My body is glistening and extremely greasy. I've got a pair of latex gloves on because I don't want to get this shit all over my desk, aside from that I'm as oily as they come, totally. My face, my asshole, my cock, just totally, I haven't missed a spot on my body. I'm a greasy motherfucker. It's delicious.


>> No.11427871

Are you gay

>> No.11427874


>> No.11427882

Red pepper or cinamon. Wouldn't have any right before bed though.

>> No.11427900


>> No.11427902

That was a rhetorical question you /fa/g

>> No.11427943

you can be my thinfu after another 12 or so pounds

>> No.11428000

zoom fast pupper

>> No.11428012

have to work 8.5 hours tomorrow and im always sleepy. anyone got suggestions on low calorie energy? (dont fucking say black coffe i already know that shit)

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>> No.11428034

Just lower your TDEE by like 500 and eat healthy. These diets are for retarded teenage girls, you can get skinny by simply eating less, but not so little that you torture yourself.

>> No.11428043

o shit waddup i didn't even notice.

>> No.11428056

how do i be thin and make my figure look feminine

>> No.11428072

I'm assuming you're a man aswell? I wear prosthetic ass and hips underneath my skinny jeans.

>> No.11428089
File: 208 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 6-20-16 at 2.37 AM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11428092


>> No.11428094


>> No.11428099

This selfie isn't really thinspo related since everything but your face is covered in loose fabrics/hair, is this the right thread for it?

>> No.11428110

yeah, but i don't want to have to stuff my clothes to do this

>> No.11428130
File: 152 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh wow, thank you guys

i watch what I eat pretty closely. more so to avoid awful ingredients and preservatives, unhealthy fats, etc as opposed to calories. but I honestly do not work out at all. I could probably have a much better body if I would just commit to a solid workout routine

regardless, I generally stay away from empty carbohydrates, but I do eat brown rice and quinoa. Sweet potatoes are a good source of healthy carbs as well since they contain good sugars and are super filling. I gave up bread for a while but I've recently started incorporating sprouted grain toast into my breakfast. I'm gonna see if that makes much of a difference in my satiety throughout the morning. but if not I'll probably just cut it out again

I eat eggs pretty much everyday, boiled or scrambled in a tiny bit of olive oil. the most important thing that I've learned throughout cleaning up my diet is that fats don't necessarily make you fat. A good amount of the RIGHT kind of fats are vital and can actually help you lose weight and stay slim in the long run. For example, I'll have a couple egg whites but keep at least one or two of the yolks. Pure organic peanut butter is great and tastes just as good if not better than the Peter Pan and Jif brands. I eat avocado a couple times during the week and I make sure I get in a lot of protein everyday. the best and cleanest sources for me are chicken breast, salmon, ground turkey breast and grass-fed beef

also, I know that there may be some kind of gross stigma around protein shakes and meal replacements, but pic related is honestly amazing and I think that everyone in this thread could benefit from using it. it's completely plant based, vegan, non-gmo, provides you 40 grams of protein per two scoops and contains so many detrimental vitamins, minerals and probiotics that I know a lot of us who are cutting and fasting aren't getting nearly enough of. the nutrition facts are really impressive

>> No.11428132

>having to go to sleep without seeing lizzys feet

kill me now

>> No.11428172
File: 617 KB, 1300x1300, 5517dc3e-3ec8-4717-8b62-0327b86a5521_1.a1e2ae35df866911708bee437f6d02a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty much replaced my lunches with these and they've helped a lot because they fill you up a bunch, anybody else have experienced something similar?

>> No.11428178

I love you.

>> No.11428201

I want to kick that belly

>> No.11428211

went to the movies with my mom today, we were offered free popcorn/drinks and she said yes, felt really bad about endulging on the popcorn/sprite, had a spinach salad with some prawns when I got home.
Gonna go for a run later but I still feel a little guilty..

>> No.11428225

I wanna fugg you, that will also help you to burn calories bby

>> No.11428240
File: 55 KB, 822x796, 1442017106943.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Popcorn is fine as far as I know but you clearly fucked up with the soda, it reminded me something that happened to me
>be me
>skinny fat
>trying to lose weight
>get out with a grill
>thin af
>we been walking the whole day
>7 pm hungry as fuck
>she calls for pizza
>order a big one for botH of us
>I said I'm not very Hungry so we might end up taking some to home (lying)
>also I ask for water
>"we only have soda sir"
>Ala right give me diet soda
>"sorry we only have flavored and regular"
>All right I'm fine
>Girl stares at me
>You gonna make me feel bad if I'm the only one drinking soda
>she offers to buy me a soda
>I decline politely
>insists for a straight minute
>I gave up and accept angry at her and myself
>pizza arrives
>she eated 2 slices
>I eated the rest

>> No.11428266

popcorn didn't have butter but you know that shit's prebuttered anyways
soda is terrible but I feel like sprite is like, best of the worst y'know?
water was 3 bucks, I should've just smuggled my own in now that I think about it

>> No.11428302
File: 50 KB, 960x960, 970852_160366934137851_1002912467_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11428333

Who is this?

>> No.11428345

I have a BMI of 18 atm and my measurements are 31-23-33.5 but when I had a BMI of 14 they were 30-21.5-31.

This is def kids sizes because I'm a size 00/xs and I'm not even that tiny.

>> No.11428359

It's genetics yo. If your cheekbones aren't prominent at a higher/normal weight they'll probably never be outstanding.

>> No.11428376


>> No.11428438

>180 calories

what the fiddly fuck what is the point

>> No.11428484


>> No.11428550

They're intended for people who eat probably 1000-1500 calories a day. Replacing a meal with 180 calories of shake is a significant help on such a diet. If you're actually balking at the idea of a meal replacer being 180 calories you're already down the slippery slope of disorder and should seek immediate help.

>> No.11428582

Trying to.

>> No.11428634

I've gone 9 days without eating, drinking alcohol the whole time

>> No.11428923
File: 41 KB, 486x720, 1447892383430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw now that I'm skinny fat aka "thick girls" hit on me

Why can't they just fuck off?

I'm look for a qt 3.14 thinspo girlfriend not a fatty with huge ass

>> No.11428929

some times i feel bad for wasting my nice gin on diet tonic water.

>> No.11428935


>diet tonic water

U wot m8?

There's diet water?

>> No.11428943


>> No.11428945

Tonic water usually has a fairly high calorie count because of the sugar and sodium, I believe.

>> No.11428946

I dunno why you would think so, my brother is skellington and fat girls love him for some reason. It's really fucking weird.

>> No.11428962


I wish I was baiting, mane

Even the black dudes at work give me shit for turning down those "fine ass girls" as they call em

I don't want a fucking fatty that has no fashion sense

The darkies can have them


It fucking sucks

The worst part is that not a lot of girls around here are thinspo tier

>> No.11428971

Don't take this the wrong way but you probably have less fashion sense than you think. The fatties see you as attainable, that's why they go after you. Just as the blacks go after fatties, because they feel that it's their best chance at a white female.

You may want to start lifting, not /fit/ mode fatty fat hamplanet mode, but real heavy weight lifting. It changes the way you carry yourself, making yourself more attractive to women in general and move yourself outside of "easy pickings" tier that causes all the obeasts to see you as a target.

>> No.11428973

That's the point,they are very distinguishable and my face completely changes when i lose like 1-2lbs

I probably need to lose more

>> No.11428982

this >>11428945, also i try to stay away from carbs

>> No.11428996


>The fatties see you as attainable, that's why they go after you.

That's not the case at all

I been working with these bitches for a while now and only because I got skinny and started dressing in skinny fitting clothes after being overweight for some time the started noticing me.

>but real heavy weight lifting

Yeah, I ain't doing that anytime soon.

I'm going for the skinny but with some muscles look. I'm not interested in looking big.

>> No.11429009

> only because I got skinny and started dressing in skinny fitting clothes after being overweight for some time the started noticing me.
That's because they didn't even see you as worthy of going after before
>I'm going for the skinny but with some muscles look. I'm not interested in looking big.
You don't have "some muscles" though. How do you think people get "some muscles"? Shitposting on 4chan? With months of disciplined lifting, you'll be lucky if anyone notices an actual change in physique by looking at you. What you'd gain is a more confident posture by being actually strong.

The only way you're going to get "big" is by taking steroids and spending 3 hours a day in the weight room.

>> No.11429160

Someone from /pol/ sent me here, but I think i'm too fat to even begin.

>> No.11429200

Just ate one slice of gouda cheese,two slices of bacon and two eggs

Pretty much my meal for everyday

>> No.11429205

You just have to take it slow. No one becomes fat overnight, and no one loses weight overnight. Just read the /fit/ sticky, and take your TDEE and subtract 500kcal. Maybe 600 kcal to be safe, most people suck at counting calories and portion sizes at first so it's best to give yourself some leeway. Don't starve yourself like a retard, if you're a fatass you have to be in it for the long haul, fasting will just burn you out.

>> No.11429210

Okay. My mom feeds me a lot and my depression and boredom makes me eat even more. I know it isn't an excuse.

I read the FAQ here, I'll read the /fit/ sticky next, thanks.

>> No.11429235

What are your current stats?

>> No.11429240

310-lbs, 6' 10", male, 20 years old

>> No.11429257

sicc tripp idd

>> No.11429394

6' 10"?...
Since you do have so much extra weight you should find that you'll loose it easier when you first start dieting. It can be a good motivator at first but don't let it discourage you when you find that you won't be loosing weight at that rate once you slim down.

>> No.11429416

>6' 10"?...

>Since you do have so much extra weight you should find that you'll loose it easier when you first start dieting.
Thanks, my tdee is about 3100 without any exercise. I am semi active, so I probably have a higher TDEE and eat more. Figure I'll knock 1000 calories off and lose 2 per week for a while. I think I can do that.

Gotta get mom on board with cooking less lasagna and more chicken or something.

>> No.11429481

I don't know I got the pic from /mu/ there was another one of her with a lot of pigeons but I don't have it

>> No.11429500

i don't see why people struggle to lose weight and don't admit they are addicted to food, im a little average weight for my height and age and i lost 3kg in 6 days by just counting calories, i don't understand why people complain

>> No.11429517


This is water weight senpai

>> No.11429575

my cravings are anxiety-related and it's making me gaining weight :(
college is stressing me real good

>> No.11429584

thank you thank you thank you for such a detailed response

>> No.11429589


>> No.11429594

you're perfect

>> No.11429607

All I'm gonna eat today is 250 calories . Yesterday I ate only a peach. I feel like I want to throw up when I eat.

>> No.11429608

I've got fat thighs though.

>> No.11429611

i wouldn't say so but i think your body is perfect

>> No.11429614

Thank you bby

>> No.11429661

With such a high TDEE why don't you try going for a 1500 cal diet? That's about the average anyway and it won't be hard at all, and you'll loose more faster.
Less lasagna for sure, try cutting out carbs and anything else you eat that's processed. switch from soda and juice to water. Although juice is healthier than water a lot of juices have a lot of extra sugar and unnecessary calories that can be completely avoided by drinking water

>> No.11429665

Juice is healthier than soda*

>> No.11429669

don't be a retard

>> No.11429693

The first week of losing weight doesn't count, it's just water. So many people lose a bunch of weight the first week then when it slows to 1 lb. a week they get discouraged.

>> No.11429717
File: 262 KB, 1200x1600, 12968132_966488600055554_1779286975395123818_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11429819

BMI guesses of this girl?

>> No.11429833

1500 calories? That's so low. I'm almost 7ft tall. Maybe once I had a TDEE of 2200 or something I could see that. I guess I could try 1500 cal. I have a feeling I'd be so hungry though.

I'm going to stop drinking calories, stick to water. I need to quit caffeine anyways since I'm always tired and it obviously isn't waking me up. I drink mostly diet soda anyways, but I do drink a lot of heavy beers at night. Like IPAs and stuff. Just one of those is 150-180 calories. Some nights I have none, others I have two or three. I rarely binge drink though.

Thanks for the help by the way.

>> No.11429842

>I need to quit caffeine anyways

black coffee is calorie-free, yo

>> No.11429844

this looks like some eastern european location
>tfwnoqt3.14easterneuropeangf to rescue

>> No.11429849

I think that the caffeine is interfering with my sleep and that's making me eat more the next day to have energy.

>> No.11429853

it's inadvisable to have any some 6-8 hours before going to sleep yeah

>> No.11429860
File: 77 KB, 750x500, asdfgsdgs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


ew eat less

>> No.11429867

I need someone to keep me company at the gym or when I'm exercising outside. Going to the gym alone always gets me stares and I get uncomfortable...

>> No.11429872

they want your ass

regardless of gender

>> No.11429881

I'm a fat female. They don't want my ass.

>> No.11429886

How fat?

Hang around here long enough you won't be fat anymore.

>> No.11429890

5'6" 170 lbs
I plan on not being fat anymore. These threads help.

>> No.11429904

oh, shush. not only is that a lot of people's fetish if you were telling the truth but anyway since you here im guessing your self-image is way off and youre not a tenth as fat as you claim to be

>> No.11429912

Age? What's your plan to get thin/How many calories are you eating? Timeline to reach goals?

You got some work to do but if you give yourself enough time and don't burn out you'll do it.

>> No.11429922

zoom fast pupper

>> No.11429925

zoom fast pupper

>> No.11429931

My self-esteem is completely shot, so I know my image is at least a little off.

I'm 24. I'm eating about 1,200 calories a day. No soda, candy, sweets, pizza, other junk food. Been going to the gym everyday to run on the treadmill for a mile or two since it isn't safe to run alone where I live at the time of day I'm able to workout. Been doing situps, pushups, squats and planks to build some strength.
I need to be down to 160 lbs by July 14th, after that I can take my time losing weight, but I'd like to be down to 130 ASAP.

>> No.11429962

>I'm 24. I'm eating about 1,200 calories a day. No soda, candy, sweets, pizza, other junk food.
Sounds reasonable.

>Been going to the gym everyday to run on the treadmill for a mile or two since it isn't safe to run alone where I live at the time of day I'm able to workout.
Great. Where do you live?

>I need to be down to 160 lbs by July 14th, after that I can take my time losing weight, but I'd like to be down to 130 ASAP.
What's the significance of July 14th? My calculation shows you at around 165lbs by then eating that much /without/ exercise. The exercise should boost you along, so it might be possible but don't be discouraged otherwise.

If I was you, I'd set a goal of April 2017 to be 130. Might sound too slow but you could steadily get there and set goalpoints along the way. It would be a very achievable goal that wouldn't leave you super discouraged and tempted to do anything unhealthy or give up. You'd be below 140 by the end of the year. Below 150 by the fall. People will be commenting on how nice you look by the fall which will boost your energy for the final stretch to 130. You'll have to be careful around the holidays obviously, but in my estimate I calculated the loss to be a bit less in December because of family stuff and all the bullshit food that gets passed around then.

>> No.11429973

good luck on the reconstruction of your self-image. don't you go and hold yourself to impossible standards though

>> No.11429975
File: 85 KB, 500x675, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11429988

I bet she is going to be beautiful :3

>> No.11430002
File: 19 KB, 320x320, 13129571_210649005993905_1096952075_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So after a 2 day fast I just had some grapes, cantaloupe, 2 oranges, 2 bananas, a 2 large eggs scrambled between two slices of whole wheat bread and a bowl of frosted flakes.

I managed to stay just under 1000cals and I still feel like I ate too fucking much even though Myfitnesspal says I'm not eating enough.

I can never win, lads

>> No.11430021

two away from some sick quads too.

>> No.11430050

she already quit

>> No.11430074

you'll be surprised how much those few beers at night add up to in the end. Even one 150 beer a night adds up to over 1000 calories.
Yeah, my bad 1500 is a bit too drastic for you who is just starting out. I'm also not used to thinking with a 7foot tall person in mind haha. For now as long as you're at a deficit you're good. Ease into it so you don't discourage yourself and burn out, but I wouldn't go toooo easy on myself either. You'll find once you get into healthier eating habits it won't be hard at all to stay at 2000 or even 1500 calories. If you want to sustain yourself make sure you're eating balanced meals and you're not sacrificing quality of your food for quantity of calories since that'll cause more harm in the long run. (Binges, lack of energy, hunger, weakness, list goes on)

Good luck man. Try to keep us updated I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in how you do

>> No.11430104

I live in NW Pennsylvania. Crime has been on the rise in my city, and I usually hit the gym around 1am, so being outside running isn't wise at that time.

I have to be under 164 lbs by July 14th because that is when my military reserve unit is doing height/weight and a PT test. Both scales at my unit are off of every other scale I use. One by 2 lbs, and one by 5 lbs, so I just want to be down to 160 so I should be alright no matter which scale they decide to use.

My family doesn't actually celebrate holidays with lots of food, so hopefully there won't be any issues with binging on crap during November and December. We just kinda all send cards and argue about everything and anything if we see each other face-to-face.
Thanks for all your feedback anon! I really really appreciate it! I'll set my goal to be 150 by the end of the year, then to 130 by the end of the next April. That seems pretty realistic, and by next summer I can fit into all new, nice looking clothes.

Thank you! I'm hoping progress will help keep me in check.

I hope I will be, anon. Thank you!

>> No.11430114

Male 19 60kg 177cm going on a 20day water fast,what should i expect?

>> No.11430116


>> No.11430149

holy fuck I checked the replies just to see if someone posted this my sides

>> No.11430157

zoom fast pupper

>> No.11430251


>> No.11430274

Onto hour 40 of my 48hour fast. Not hungry but starting to think about food. Really want to hold out for the last few hours wat do

>> No.11430286

>20 day water fast

for what purpose? are you recovering from a serious injury or something?

>> No.11430294


>> No.11430311

I want to lose weight

>> No.11430323


See you in heaven, buddy

Nah, you should be alright for like two weeks

>> No.11430358

Make sure you take vitamins

>> No.11430459

You're retarded. Even people who promote water fasts generally say it's a shitty way to lose weight because people gain a lot of the weight back afterwards.

>> No.11430522

This is a shit statement,i know that i will lose a shit ton of weight but some of it will come back as it was only water weight.Did you think i'm not prepared for this?I will probably lose around 5-6kg of pure fat during that time and some water weight.

>people gain a lot of the weight back afterwards

It was never fat weight anyway so who cares?

>> No.11430539

zoom fast pupper

>> No.11430544
File: 14 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw when seeing your arm veins bulging
Best feel

>> No.11430547

same. mine stick out a lot,

>> No.11430554

literally just insecure and jealous

enjoy being hospitalized

>> No.11430604

Tbh you seem pretty conceited and shallow which is probably why we don't like you sorry.

>> No.11430613

Probably 15-16.

>> No.11430670

Today I ate 520 calories. I am on a 100 calories diet. What to do?

>> No.11430675 [DELETED] 

>ate 1800 calories today
>without sweets and snacks it would have been 1200

>> No.11430683

Yep big guy, come here and post us updates once in a while.

>> No.11430686
File: 77 KB, 639x640, 1466454736795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you based motherfucker, have a qt

>> No.11430809


Time to kill yourself, m8

Just kidding

You'll be fine. Go do some laps

>> No.11430826

not him but that's the sad part of the post

>> No.11430831

I T ' S A B A I T B O I S

>> No.11430862

watch a good movie

>> No.11430998

My god moar

>> No.11431019
File: 92 KB, 750x750, 12747714_220221964996165_2102275269_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>current weight: 166.6
>mfw I got trips today

Getting close to my goal, familia

>> No.11431078


my ex did gymnastics and had arms as veiny as these, they bulged a lot more if he was hot or had alcohol though

>> No.11431155

I love it when this happens.

>> No.11431159

So far away but that is my goal body.

>> No.11431197

where are you at now? you'll get there senpai

>> No.11431201

Anyone else eat at maintenance every once in a while and end up feeling like they binge ate an entire grocery store

>> No.11431209

yep. it keeps me sane tho. I usually have one or two maintenance days a week and it's something to look forward to.

>> No.11431219

I don't feel awful, but I feel like I ate more than I needed. I'm pretty sure I count calories high anyways, so I'm always a bit under maintenance even when eating my TDEE.

>> No.11431252

Are you for real? Your going to dump a girl because she knows how to dress for her body type...wow. It's not like she is fat just got curvy legs. I guess you should dump her she obviously deserves better.

>> No.11431263
File: 15 KB, 480x269, iwanttodie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

normies never know how good they have it

>> No.11431266

I see nothing wrong with her nails.

>> No.11431284

They look fine. Women tend to carry a little fat in the thigh hip area. She also might be into squaring and if you do that you don't get
Sticks formless.

>> No.11431288
File: 425 KB, 600x900, molly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11431348

>tfw you're on nearly a week long streak of not purging and you accidentally eat spoiled food


>> No.11431375

But, I feel so shitty. How long should I fast?

>> No.11431395

you're my dickspo bby

>> No.11431396

Just fast for 1-2 days at a time, eating for as long a period you fast. it's a lot easier than fasting for a long time at once and your body gets used to the cycle so the gains aren't lost when you eat.

>> No.11431397

I am 29 5' 5" f my scale says I'm 142...however due to measurements and clothing size I think I'm more 138/9. I been pretty stuck at this weight since having kids. Plan Is

1. eat clean for all meals/ sneaks. (been doing so but dunkin been fucking me up)

2. No coffee. (I only will drink with to much cream/sugar)

3. Workout 5 days a week.

I do not drink juice or sodas. Was wondering how many Cals should I eat to drop 30 by next summer? 900-1200 Cals?

>> No.11431406

Fast only as long so you don't go into starvation mode, yes? And when your body is used to it, go longer and longer?

>> No.11431486

This site adjusts for changes in TDEE as your weight drops: http://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php

From the info you gave, it says that 1600-1700 should be fine. Since you exercise regularly you can eat a lot more than most of the people here and still lose weight.

Try 1600 for 4 weeks, and if your weight isn't on track, drop it by another 200 or so. Losing 30 pounds in this amount of time shouldn't be too difficult or stressful for you.

>> No.11431624

Just finished my 48 hour fast, managed to fit in a short jogging session too. Gonna go to bed now so by the time I wake up I'll be at 56 hours fast. Still not really hungry, and water took care of my cravings.
I almost want to see how far I can go with this since its been easier than I had expected. Thinking about maybe a round 60 hours? It's my first time going this long so what's usually the recommended length of a fast? How can I incorporate it into weekly eating habits?

>> No.11431641

Is anyone else fascinated by asceticism? I remember reading Siddhartha in school and was interested in the part where he lives among the ascetic monks, basically starving himself creates a spiritual awakening and he can practice astral projection. Did some more research on both Indian and Christian asceticism, reading as much as I can about St. Jerome. Basically took a ton of rich women in Rome and made them starve themselves. Thought of /fa/.

>> No.11431649

What did you eat today?

I'll start:

>> No.11431659

Tfw went from your weight to 125 in like 2 months. Only 1 inch taller too. You can make it senpai

>> No.11431691

176 at 5'10. I've lost about eight pounds in the last month, though.

>> No.11431759


>> No.11431878

Looking at this thread, I feel like being underweight isn't nearly as big a deal as "average" people (AKA typical American fatties) claim it is.

5'4", gone from 145 to 130. Average over a week 1,000 a day, although some are up to 2,000, some 500. Found out if I do this until the end of summer I'll be at rock bottom of healthy (108).

If I keep it until Christmas I can get to 92. But that's pretty deep into underweight. Thoughts?

>> No.11431885

don't go to 92 maybe try for 100-110 instead

>> No.11431918

Hey, I'm almost your exact stats and goal. I started at 135 though. It's a relief to hear you're eating that much and still losing, I thought at this height I'd have to eat air and water to ever hit 100

>> No.11431943


>> No.11431944


>two maintenance days a week and it's something to look forward to.

I have two cheat days every month and I treat them like my fucking birthday.

My chat is coming up this Saturday and I cannot fucking wait.

>> No.11431947
File: 33 KB, 540x720, FB_IMG_1466572389974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11432020


>> No.11432073

For real? That's awesome!
How'd you do it?

>> No.11432080

if that picture is you, you're very handsome and your facial features look great

>> No.11432107

They're more skinny than curvy desu
Just not as skelly skinny as I like
Also she's not a virgin...

>> No.11432197
File: 223 KB, 405x549, R_l_stine_2008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to go to bed hungry
>drink water to fill stomach
>get up and pee a lot

>> No.11432209
File: 1.37 MB, 3264x1836, 20160621_012400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Down to 140 from 230.
Am I gonna make it ???

>> No.11432299

Do her a favor and dump her, then kys

>> No.11432338


Do you have any loose skin?

I went from 297 to 160 and I have some loose skin but it ain't that bad.

>> No.11432362

Hell yeah I do. My skin feels like a circus tent. Still losing. Goals 129 now. Congrats btw! That's a lot of fucking weight

>> No.11432405
File: 66 KB, 619x720, 1457666799113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank goodness urinating at least feels good

>> No.11432506

Yea I guess if you don't eat for long enough you might hallucinate

>> No.11432558

New thread:

>> No.11432589

ruined fingernails, ruined face with the piercing. disgusting.

>> No.11432653

90 is the maximum for your gender and height.

>> No.11432849


You mean 90 should be my max weight?

>> No.11432852


You mean 90 should be my max weight?

>> No.11433081

I think they mean max lowest unless they're crazy/talking about their own preference. I believe 108 is the very bottom of the healthy bmi range for 5'3 so 90 would be quite underweight for you.

>> No.11433189

yeah thats what i was thinking too. i want to be at 100. 90 seems too low

>> No.11433316

The normal way at first by just eating at a deficiet but I slowly developed anorexia and only ate like a 200 calorie protien bar a day and a shit ton of water, sometimes not even eating the protien bar. not saying that's the way to go but that's how I did it. I fixed my eating habits and only gained 10 pounds. It's a lot to me but I'll get back down healthily. You can make it senpai <3