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what creates a truly attractive smile?

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even some models have ugly smiles

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white teeth. you can have a shit grin, but with white teeth it becomes instantly attractive.

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im referring to the features of one

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telling ugly people they are beautiful out of pity is actually just as mean as it is vain. bonus points if you're giving yourself a pat on the back for scouting "atypical beauty"


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mac demarcos smile is beautiful though

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ok first what kind of crackpot school she go to with all these extreme alternative types and B half of them are pretty ugly tbhdesu

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and he has white teeth, so the gap doesn't mean much

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if you dont think that fucking indian girl in the OP pic is a fucking 11/10 your either literally a fucking homosexual or so tasteless that you think salty is sweet

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Fresh teeth, and actually genuine happiness

also checked

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fresh teeth?

also I look like shit when I make a genuine smile unless im fucking ecstatic

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white enough teeth, not rotten, taken care of, not damaged, relatively symmetric, not speckled with coffee muck, not surrounded with muscle fibres from the sirloin you enjoyed an hour before the picture, you get the gist.

And if you look like shit when smiling maybe you look like shit without smiling too, make sure the other details of your face are spot on too. What I mean is take care of and fix your hair, take care of your skin and all of that so that you're not red as fuck riddled with pimples and with greasy hair etc. Don't be fat too.

Practise your smile in front of the mirror and try to get all the facial muscles in on the whole kahoot, so you dont look like a robot and so on. you don't wanna consciously focus on using your eyebrows and tightening the skin below your eyes etc too because if it happens consciously while youre smiling it will look like shit and very awkward and bad, learn how to smile with everything without actually thinking about it. Vague, but yeah.

pic slightly rel

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>Don't be fat too
Well thanks anon, thats like telling a black person to not be black

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come on anon use your head there's options out there

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No it isnt, you can lose weight. You can't "lose black". If race worked like that I'd be asian

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It is absolutely not in any way like telling a black person to not be black. Being black is not in any way negative, apart from naked camouflage purposes in the snow I suppose (not a situation that would be encountered often), and also maybe more encountered the burdens and persecution society has come to lay upon some black people at some times, but anyway, being borderline obese is negative in many more ways (that actually exist compared to concepts society has dreamt up) than being black. Being too fat is not healthy, it is very bad actually, which is medical fact and scientifically backed. Being black is being just like you're coded to be by your genes, and not in a hugely important way unhealthy, maybe making vitamin D harder to get if you live far north. You have every reason and should use any motivation you have to stop being fat, and it is also very possible in the form of altering just what you eat and/or how much, and/or how much you move. You can't change being black in the same way as you can change being fat, and you also don't have as many reasons to want to.

Being just moderately fat, while not giving as big a motivations to do something about it, is objectively less attractive still, and compared to a black person stopping being black it is very very much more possible to not stay fat than to not stay black. Just eat different/less and/or move more as I said.

pic rel is girl who stopped being fat

I write a bit too much but I don't do anything too valuable with my time anyway

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It has to do with the eyes and how they look genuine and "smiling". You have to sort of squint your eyes a bit

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nice bait there

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really good white teeth.

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Being happy.

Meaning, none of us will ever have one. Happiness is the one thing you can't cop.

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authenticity creates a nice smile. not just smiling w/ your mouth but with your eyes and whole face. being genuinely happy makes the best smiles

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It's an art school. A real life echo chamber for rich Tumblr types.

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>tfw I neglected my teeth when I was younger so now they're stained and yellow

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Not him, but I'm a homosexual and even I think she's a 11/10.

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being truly happy

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A wide palate and a forward grown upper jaw and maxilla. ie proper breathing method(mouth closed) and proper tongue posture

genetics that determine bone density and properties are relevant as well.

There is no evidence that genetics determine the width of the palate and other facial aesthetics

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buddy i hate to break to you, but if you think she is anything above a 7 then you're the one with no taste here

SJW aesthetic is appalling desu

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Teeth are often naturally yellow, don't blame yourself. You should only blame yourself if you played with skateboard tricks as a teenager and knocked out half your teeth or if you smoke ten packs a day, yellow teeth alone aren't considered a dentally detrimental condition. Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash generally serve to brush off the particulate matter which causes yellow stains. OTC whitening kits can often be a long and drawn out process if your teeth are naturally yellow because they'll generally just change to a softer, lighter yellow rather than whitening them completely.

If you want to see fully corrective results, you'll want to head to your dentist and ask for bleaching. It's a purely cosmetic procedure and as such is not covered by dental or medical insurance. It can run you up to $1000 out of pocket but the full whitening effect will usually last anywhere from four to eight years. There are a few short-term precautions you need to take after the procedure like only eating soft foods for a week or two and brushing using a specialized toothpaste, but the bleaching itself is usually almost painless and finished within less than forty-five minutes.

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I bet you read sports illustrated you peasant bitch

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how do you get a wide pallet without genetics then

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most attractive smiles? genuine ones. smiles that arent forced. those are the best ones.

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I think an authentic smile is a pretty one.

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being genuinely happy

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yeah ok we get it: she's plain at best, ugly by most standards and culture has probably some influence on our perception but for the most part it's genes that make decisions since free will is an illusion.

you don't have to make bait posts so obvious to get your point across, anybody can see she's sad and ugly, but at least she looks somewhat healthy and she still has her youth so there's that.

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teeth, dimples, wrinkles and if it's genuine

80% genuine and 20% the rest

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Two x chromosomes.

Men don't smile.

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the ressemblance is uncanny

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low body fat, clean skin, and facial symmetry. Everything else is a bonus.

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are braces /fa/ on girls