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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Last Thread: >>11405565

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>love lizzie & her llamas
>make america thin again
>stay hiddratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

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How am i doing boys

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You look like a Chad. I mean that in a complimentary way.

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hey everyone! i try to eat about 1000-1500 cal a day and i bike about 45 mins to an hour (hard biking) ive be doing this for about a month and dont notice much except i can feel more defined muscles in my legs. i actually feel like i loot fatter... does it take a long time to notice anything? 6 foot 1 male 175 pounds

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How long have you been on the routine for? Just keep at it and dont expect results too suddenly. I'm 6'5" 155LBS and it took me about half a year to get there

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Read the FAQ. You should easily be able to drop a pound of fat per day.

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I'm going to be working on the low-calorie food list today since I noticed there were some people asking in the last thread.

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helo famla daly remindar to stey hiddratted luv u tanks bye bye

helo tank u bye

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sponky scary skleetons

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Anyone take multi vitamins or supplements?

I've been taking Adam's Multivitamin daily - just a general mens multi. I also take tumeric for inflammation. Combo seems to help with headaches and general energy while in a dificit.

Then unrelated I take Lecithin and L-Arginine for huge cum loads on and off

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Really good. Go out and get some Windex.

Hard biking will give you more muscle definition than running or elliptical will. Remember, muscle mass is 4x less dense than fat, so you are making progress even if the scale doesn't show it.

ON Opti-Men, 50Mg Zinc supp, lecithin, l-argnine, 1500mg fish oil, BSN True Mass for protein shakes, ON unflavored creatine, and sometimes extra B-12 if I'm feeling crummy.

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thinspo skype group, we have like 7 people so far

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>ON Opti-Men, 50Mg Zinc supp, lecithin, l-argnine, 1500mg fish oil, BSN True Mass for protein shakes, ON unflavored creatine, and sometimes extra B-12 if I'm feeling crummy.
You taking the zinc, lecithin and l-arginine for god-tier-cum or for other reasons? I get some zinc in my multi, 15mg. I'm afraid to take a 50mg because too much zinc can be a problem... l-arginine is good for working out too.

Do you notice the B-12 for your energy? I'm always tired.

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Yeah I've been doing it for six months maybe, it's kind of amusing. And yes, B-12 for energy and immune system.

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luv u honey :)

thanks 4 re mining me :)

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How old is too old to rock a quiff?

Alternatively titled: what is the DEAL with receding hairlines?! Am I right or am I right?

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I feel like the lecithin made the biggest difference, what's been your experience?

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lol enjoy your botnet normie

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>using anything but irc

normalshits will never learn

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hey anonny u r beautiful dont ever forget it

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Paris, no...

Paris in reality is not what it is portrayed on television and movies.


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London also not. Probably not Berlin either anymore.

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berlin looked fine in terms of the people when i was there in april and may. but then again, i spent more time staring at its boys.

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Drinking water is the best thing ever. It's already 1 in the afternoon here and I've only had 300 calories. I'm so full!

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Berlin is full of shitskins and libretards unfortunately.

New York and Miami have a lot of models. Miami has a lot of healthy people - of course you have to ignore the cubans which are fat and stupid.

you go to Berghain nightclub?

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Yeah water does help a lot.

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>Berlin is full of shitskins and libretards unfortunately.

i had an inkling your objection would be something like that.

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Bavaria is the better Germany. Swabian Alps and Black Forest are beautiful, by the way, highly recommended.

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i prefer skylines over landscapes.

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Then you need to visit Hong Kong.

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ill put it on the bucket list, and am now looking forward to being six feet something in a place made by and for asians.

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>you will never have Anzu's legs

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just to start off: egg whites have always been fantastic for me. 2 will fill me up even tho its only around 50 calories

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had a successful 50 hour fast (might be able to stretch it to 60) in preparation for hanging out w my friend tonight & probably eating some pizza or something. wanna keep my total for today at 300cals, pray 4 me guys whenever i hang out with her we eat so much food :,(

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focus on eating her pussy rather than the pizza

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Worst feel right there

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you will probably die of malnutrition.
just saying

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Thank all of the gods and deities for that.

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you should probably get some psycological help. you are going to die if you keep up that shit. 300 calories is just slow suicide. your body will go after your brain when it can't find any more shugar or fat to burn

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N E W Y O R K ?



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seems her brain has already been attacked.

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>tfw finally getting thin
>ftw freezing cold all the time

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I bet you both my entire legs that anzu herself doesn't have anzu's legs

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Damn. I could easily eat 6 eggs
I don't think I could manage on just two egg whites

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a skype for anorexia? that sounds incredibly awkward.

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post routine

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Is it still up?

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Dont eat for a few days at a time. Then if you stand up and it feels like you are gonna pass out, eat at that time.

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But I have that happening already about the 2nd day of not eating. And so it results in eating something basically every day. Will the body get used to it though?

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When I was dropping weight heavily (went from 200 to 150 in half a year) i was struggling with some mental health issues and was barely eating. Just eat one small meal every other day and a big meal when you have to. Its the key to dramatic weight loss

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Does getting that skinny change your facial aesthetics?!?!?

>> No.11414828

what bout the abs

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The abs are always there its just about getting skinny enough to show them :)

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Yall doing it all wrong. A body won't be able to sustain this kind of diet for long without bad side effects (like looking bloated and fat even at low weight, loosing hair etc). Key is optimal nutrition (CRON), then you may as well go as low as you want with your calories. It even will make you healthier, live longer and look younger for longer.

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Oh shit didn't expect that. You look great tho

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I'm a retard

I got a bit drunk and ate tons of shitty food because my miniscule self control gets even worse with alcohol + being anxious

63 kg / 186 cm
138 lbs / 6'1 feet

why are my arms fucking fat when I'm """""underweight""""" for my height

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I'm the same height as you and 56kg. My arms only got thin around 59. Keep going my man.

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I'd like to lick her teeth and smell her butt.

>> No.11415468

will do

fuck, getting to 56 kg while living at home will be hard, my parents are pretty observant of my eating habits

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Will getting skinnier than i already am do anything to help my shitty ass jawline? are jaw exercises bullshit or not?

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Just from my experience with keeping a low cal diet, I always choose handful of grapes or an apple. Not sure how bad they may be in comparison to other fruits but those two are juicy and always substituted as a flavorful drink and meal.

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I just found out that the college I'm going to next year posts calorie counts of everything online, I'm so relieved.

Does anyone else get anxious when you don't know how many calories are in something?

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nah, surgery will

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Lol, that didn't fix his low test eyes

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Yes it's still up. We're trying to get more people in!

It's not that bad. we don't just talk about being thin.

>> No.11415830

Yes, but also lift some weights.

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Yeah, it drives me a little nuts. It's not so bad if it's one day, like going out to dinner or something, but if its a long period of time of not knowing what I'm eating then I get pretty anxious about it. Also whenever that happens it tends to be food higher in sodium so the scale goes up and then I'm not sure if its water weight or fat and...wew ... anxious just thinking about it.

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Posting from treatment over here.
Looks like I've finally reached what the staff here consider to be my "goal weight" which is somewhere around 125 lbs, I think.

I'm 5'5", entered treatment in late April at 98 lbs. I feel so so so huge, guys, and none of my /fa/ clothes fit ;_;

I'm going to try and lose slowly when I get out, so as to not worry people, and there is no way I'm throwing any clothes out. Looks like it's loose fit and dresses for me this summer, so that I can keep my clothes through the weight loss!

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I see that treatment worked well topkek

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I've started trying to lose weight and want to get thin enough to be inspo tier. This is what I've been doing

100 situps
100 pushups
100 squats
2 mile run everyday
1000 cal a day
No soda, candy, or other sweets, but I drink coffee and tea.

Plus I walk a lot between classes and at work (in a kitchen). Any tips to improve what I'm doing?

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Learn patience and keep track of everything - that's the secret to being /permathinspo/. You get too dramatic you'll hurt your health and end up like this moron: >>11415972

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Yeah, I fucked up pretty bad.
Fun fact, 500 calories a day + ec stack = hospital.
i was definitely a moron and don't want to hurt my health this time around.

I'm going to be 1200/day with light exercise and see where that takes me!

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I'm trying to lose weight and so far I can keep my food intake down but I'm so fucking tired all the time I have no energy to work out. what do I do

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you'll drop weight pretty fast eating 1200/day while exercising, probably will grab the attention of your folks or whoever cared enough to pay for your """treatment""".

Honestly if all these treatment programs do is fatten you up you might as well just go hang out at a bakery.

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take a multivitamin. drink more water. sleep the right amount (not too little, not too much). eat enough where you have energy. eat quality food, avoid empty calories.

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1000 calories is too low, even for a cut. Get on a website that calculates daily calorie maintenance and eat around 500-700 calories below that. 1000 calories is too low, especially if you're exercising. It matters even more that you eat food if you're exercising.

What you need to do is to spend your calories on food that will actually fill you up. Fruits and Vegetables are amazing for that.

Don't skimp on the protein. Boneless skinless chicken breast. Also, oatmeal with greek yogurt is good for protein. Add some nuts if you want too, but be careful with nuts because they're loaded with calories.

>> No.11416058

Thanks famalam
I plan on doing this in as healthy of a way as possible. I don't want to be hospitalized or anything like that. I want to be thin and look good. Can't look good locked up in a hospital for treatment.

>> No.11416069

If eating below maintenance is going to put you 1000 calories or below, then just eat no less than 1500 calories.

>> No.11416073

My 1000 calories have been veggies (mostly green), fruit, greek yogurt, and tofu. I can't eat red meats, and I never really liked the taste of chicken, so all my protein is coming from plant sources. I honestly don't think I could eat more calories. I struggle now to meet 1000 a day. It's just too much food...

>> No.11416080

Developing healthy eating habits takes time. Try packing your meals to-go in advance and eating smaller portions more frequently.

>> No.11416085

Hey, I'm the one who was eating 500 calories a day.
My diet at the time was literally:
Steamed Cauliflower, Eggplant, Sauteed Mushrooms

I stopped eating apples because they felt like too much of a percentage of my daily intake, and even when I would make myself eat 1200 on days before high physical activity or blood draws, I would feel physically ill.

I ended up fainting in the hospital multiple times, going through refeeding, etc, and I'm still slated to be here another month just to make sure the 125 lbs sticks.

Don't do what I did, please. Do protein shakes if you need the calories. I was drinking muscle milk near the end just to stay functioning.

>> No.11416106

I'll try packing meals and hopefully that helps me get those extra calories.

Damn. That's terrible man. I'm sorry you've gone through so much anon, and I hope you recover fully. I'll definitely take this advice to heart.

I'll try to up my calorie intake to 1,500 starting tomorrow

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Good luck anon, I'm pulling for you

Remember to eat your protein!

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The link isnt working.

>> No.11416241

Has anyone with shit motivation been able to keep the need to get skinny going? Im trying background but it doesnt work would putting my background to a bad picture of me help? Want to dislike myself more then i like food. And being home has helped my stress helping me and my depression hurting me.

>> No.11416319

i do believe in you! i don't think i'll ever recover fully because i can't handle what is allegedly a "normal jewish woman body" but i can at least stay fit and thin and hopefully not sick.

>> No.11416348

I have the motivation but im really picky and impulsive so its pretty hard for me to stay steady. I would recommend trying an easy diet (well in my opinion anyway) like the 5 bite plan where you eat 5 bites per meal except breakfast where you take a multivitamin. You can eat whatever you want but only 5 bites so its way easier than having to spend the pennies laying around my dorm on superfoods that taste like ass. Also a common problem that i run into is having to eat in front of others like my roomates or parents so if I have to break my diet ill fast for as many days as i broke it while only taking the vitamin. light excercise is best and make sure to stay hydrated.

>> No.11417215

make sure your multi is safe for taking on an empty stomach...

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Some low calorie recipes would be nice too.


Thanks, froggo

I'm enjoying some cold water right now


Just so you guys know, there are some vitamins that only dissolve with fat.


>50 hour fast

I've gone longer than that and I also work out during fasts. Yes, you will lose a few pounds doing this.

You will feel like complete shit after the fast. Stay strong, bro

>> No.11417281

Anyone of here wear watches? I can't wear one with these thin wrists, everything looks too big.

>> No.11417335

you are 100% in anorexic territory

that much exercise on only 1000 calories is insane. go tell a doctor about your plan and watch their reaction

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jesus, look at those legs.. that's fucked up....
why do i want her to sit on my dick?

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Any t-rex femanons here?

>> No.11417532

what's so funny? I'm this skinny now >>11415206
while eating 1300 kcal a day

>> No.11417544

sounds ok, how tall are you?

>> No.11417549

So do you eat noting at all? Just drink water? I'd probably need to switch it up and eat some tic tacs, chew gum, drink Diet Coke or something.

>> No.11417576

You may just be wearing the weight poorly. Instead of focusing on losing weight, try losing fat, gaining muscle. You'll get heavier, but thinner.

>> No.11417636

Which is t-rex?

>> No.11417642

Technically all of them as they don't have thigh gaps. T-rex girls tend to have anorextic or petite upper bodies while their legs are huge with fat and/or muscle.

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File: 74 KB, 500x707, tumblr_ntnwu5Ceml1uxjl21o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I want one too

I might get a 38mm iWatch since they're not too big for skinny wrists

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File: 1.99 MB, 1292x720, 1466264906769.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something like this

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I'd be afraid of that sitting on my face. Could suffocate.

>> No.11417965


Would definitely recommend an Apple Watch. I have small wrists and 38mm looks fine, plus the strap is decent size too, fits perfectly on second smallest hole.

>> No.11417987

bavaria is boring as fuck. berlin still is the most exciting, and hamburg is slowly getting there.

>> No.11417991

Not could, will.

>> No.11417997


>thinking you're a super cool darknet hacker by using irc only

>> No.11418057

5'11 180 anon here, I used to post slot about craving proteins and fats but o realize now I was eating that because I wasn't in a stimulating environment.

Seem to already be losing weight since moving back to a major city 1200-1500 seems to be my caloric average now. Biggest problem is losing muscle but o have a very high retention and carry about 40-50lbs of stuff daily while I walk a few miles.

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>tfw no qt thinspo bf

>> No.11418292

if you're only cycling then you're neglecting your upperbody. upperbody muscle will atrophy, and you will be left looking flabbier. you need to do other upperbody exercises, even if it's just bodyweight.

>> No.11418317

That sounds like the devil wears prada cheese diet.


>> No.11418325

it's okay to eat something every day. just make it a salad or fruit and you'll still get thin

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My friend actually tried that diet after seeing that scene.

She's now full blown anorexic, but so am I.

Eating a cube of cheese is just gross though, is not like I'm Charlie Kelly

>> No.11418512

5'6" female

>> No.11418523


>> No.11418524

Should I still do less exercise if I up my calories to 1,500?

>> No.11418529

While weight restoration is a large part of treatment, the main idea is to treat the underlying mental/psychological issues. I don't think you know what anorexia is anon, it's not just being underweight.

>> No.11418536

Please don't relapse anon. Don't let your treatment go to waste. Stay healthy and take care.

>> No.11418538

they going to treat borderlines and other personality disorders even? a lot of that shit doesn't get cured really

>> No.11418545

I wish

>> No.11418562

move i'll be your loving boyfriend

>> No.11418567

> a lot of that shit doesn't get cured really

Doesn't mean that you don't treat it.

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No, that means you make money off it while not really doing much.

In the case of borderlines it probably makes them worse because it feeds into their attention seeking behavior - which is what self harm / eating disorders are.

>> No.11418582

I wish I could take you up on that offer

>> No.11418587

Aids is treated, cancer is treated even if it's terminal. Both are done so you live longer and/or with a higher quality of life.

Uncureable doesn't mean that it does not respond to and improve under treatment.

>> No.11418622

It seems to just be feeding into the attention seeking behavior.

In these threads there have been at least four that have gone into treatment since I've been here, which hasn't been that long. At the end of it, at least three I know of have come back or have said they are going to lose the weight again after they are done. They say "oh it'll be healthy this time" but then when you read their plan it isn't healthy at all - and that's assuming that they stick to their """"conservative"""" plan and don't just go back to 400kcal per day with black coffee.

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File: 238 KB, 540x810, 1463180167805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 83 KB, 467x700, 46-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Argh, I just want a hairy Scottish, skirt wearing boyfriend who I can milk and use as a fucktoy

>> No.11418893

Hi anon, recovered anorexic here. I've been to treatment twice. The first time, I relapsed when I got out because I was underage and forced to go by my mother but I didn't really want to recover. The second time, I made the decision on my own. I truly WANTED to recover and make a change. I've been in recovery for 10 months and now I only do outpatient weekly therapy and bi-monthly dietician sessions. Treatment helps those who have a will to recover, it does not help those who "just want attention" and want to stay sick. My guess is that most people here who have gone into treatment did not do so out of choice and that's why they end up back where they started. I can tell you from experience, about 2/3 of the patients I keep in touch with from residential treatment are still in recovery 10 months later. The other 1/3 are the ones we call "boomerang patients" or "res regulars", meaning they always come back time after time since they simply have no desire to recover and/or have been sick so long they don't know anything else other than treatment and relapse. But for those of us who want recovery, it is 100% possible if you choose it.

>> No.11419027

Yeah you made the choice to stop, not the treatment program. That shit is a scam.

>> No.11419080

Not necessarily. I wanted to recover but wouldn't have been able to do it without the extra push that treatment provided. Like I said, it's not just about starting to eat again and gaining weight. It's about dealing with the underlying problems that cause you to go to such extremes. You also have to consider that most people who go into residential treatment are not in great shape medically speaking and require a lot of monitoring and medical care. On top of that, refeeding can be a lot more complicated than you'd think just because of how damaged the body is by that point. It can even have dangerous side effects if you don't know what you're doing. There are a lot of reasons why trying to recover on your own is more difficult even if you really want to.

>> No.11419133
File: 72 KB, 399x391, 1450723198549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is kind of like telling fat people to stop eating. If you are anorexic all you have to do is start eating. It's the exact opposite. All these hugbox """"treatment"""" programs are perfect for dramatic girls that want to get attention but end of the day all they need to do is eat a doughnut. Can cry all you want about underlying conditions but those, if anything, are only feed in a program like that - especially the girls with borderline or other personality disorders that are attention seeking. Literally the cure is eating more, that's it.

>> No.11419163

You are literally so ignorant.

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>doesn't buy into my bullshit so must be ignorant

>> No.11419315

>has obviously never had anorexia and thinks the cure for a mental illness is food
>not ignorant
K good luck

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>thinks cure for attention seeking disorders is more attention

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Anyone watch Aquarius?

Emma Dumont is /thinspo/

>> No.11419642

Stop it with this terrible b8 m8

>> No.11419647

on a diet rn but I finished two hard courses yesterday and my mom got an ice cream cake from dairy queen to celebrate.

>orange juice
>green tea/water
>spinach salad, no dressing

think I can have a slice and then jog later and it'd be fine?

>> No.11419681

Lads, this is day 3 of my fast

Wish me luck

Cheat day on Monday

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been getting bites since all the way back here: >>11416042

I'd say it's been pretty good bait.

>> No.11419697

jesus man of course you can have a slice. its okay to treat yourself every now and then especially if you're eating so few calories

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yay :3

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Yeah but fare warning if you haven't been eating much, watch your stomach.

Whenever I don't eat much and stick to really plain food, then all the sudden eat a slice of cake or something, it makes my stomach really upset. I guess my body just isn't used to the sugar or whatever and reacts bad.

>> No.11419745

yeah that happened to me yesterday actually. I had only had a mug of honey bunches of oats at 9am, then come 7pm when I got home from class I had a bowl of asparagus soup, decided to have beef jerky and trail mix as a snack.

That was the worst shit I ever took oh my god, it came out me like a bullet train.
Thought I was gonna be too sick to jog, but I still managed to do 30 minutes thankfully

>> No.11419867

How often do you go a few days without eating? Every couple weeks?
I did 3 days and now am eating every other day and am wondering how long I should wait before I do 3 days again.

>> No.11419884

>was fat, eating like shit
>didn't fart very often

>now I'm thin/getting thinner
>farting all the time

why, I cut out soda and I drink only water/green tea wtf

>> No.11419893

i usually only do 2 days without eating. 3 is annoying.

im trying to get to a bmi of 16 as fast as possible I'm already at <18 so I've got a month more.

>> No.11419910

Soda doesn't make you fart. Veggies do though.

>> No.11419911

oh well there ya go, love me some asparagus

>> No.11419978

Today was my eat day after 3 days of nothing but black coffee and water.
I'm going to start another 3 days tomorrow.

>> No.11420012

thats pretty crazy anon. are you trying to lose 3 pounds a week? I'm doing 2 pounds and I can still eat a somewhat normal meal a day.

>> No.11420017

Hope you're taking vitamins.

>> No.11420025
File: 293 KB, 633x758, 1461252112841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>always tell myself tomorrow will be the day i start dieting for real and start getting skinny
>tomorrow is never the day

>> No.11420104


>> No.11420107

how much of a failure do you have to be to contemplate suicide because you aren't skinny and then continue eating the same.

>> No.11420217

Just ruined my second day of ~500 cal diet with a midnight carb binge. Days are easy enough but nights get so hard to get through. Shame me /fa/ for being for weak willed.

On a side note, does anyone know of any groups that act as motivators when you're tempted to cheat? If we had a group chat or something that we text when we're feeling tempered and had others send inspo it would be really great

>> No.11420223

Please eat at least 1000cal a day. Food is not an enemy, I've gone through 500cal diets and it was miserable. 800-1200 is a good diet range.

>> No.11420261

Going to bed early is the best thing for that.
If you aren't tired then go for a walk, if you have to stay up because you doing something else then obviously that's okay because you aren't bringing while doing something.

It sounds stupid and obvious but it has been the biggest help for me because I used to always binge at night.

It wasn't like I was really losing valuable time either because as much as I say I want to do something important at night, all that time was usually just used messing around online.

>> No.11420288

seriously... like. no matter what people say, losing weight is literally not in any way shape or form difficult... just... fucking..... eat........... less...............

>> No.11420295
File: 67 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nxkby3bKH41qaf9imo1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I could help you motivate, bro

There are some days where I think I'm not gonna make it but I have nobody to motivate me.

You guys let me know if you want in on this.

Make a IRC or To or something like that.

>> No.11420313


>> No.11420319

>just be yourself

>> No.11420330

I just get out of work kinda late and all I do is just wind down for maybe an hour before sleeping since I can't go straight to sleep for some reason and it kills me. It's like all my self control disappears. >>11420295
What's and IRC/To? Sorry if that's a stupid question but I would def be interested. We could send inspo and our intake and help keep each other in check

>> No.11420377


>> No.11420528

>don't care too much about how much I eat
>eat 1 meal a day at most and feel full
>start caring more, counting calories etc
>suddenly all I can think about is eating and I'm hungry all the time
What is this shit

>> No.11420672




Its like Skype but without the botnet

>> No.11420677

It's probably the extra fiber, don't worry your body will get used to it.

>> No.11420686


Welcome to our personal hell, buddy

I fucking have dreams about food every night. Cooking shows are my porn now.

>> No.11420780

Who else is pissed that they'd be skinnier if they slept well

>> No.11420881

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, don't drink caffeine after 9am.

>> No.11420889


Sleeping is the only thing keeping me from eating

>> No.11421005

Are you a girl?

>> No.11421007

probably not. roasties are too retarded for irc.

>> No.11421255

Guys what the fuck? i'm 6'3 and i weighted myself on Wednesday, i was 163 lbs, same as Thursday but today, Sunday i weight myself and i am like 170 lbs, so what? i feel very bad

>> No.11421270

Any thinspo instagram girls?


>> No.11421277

Eat more sodium? Carbs?

It's just water weight no worries.

>> No.11421290

exact same situation

>> No.11421292

well i have been eating the same things everyday no exceptions, i did some exercise too but this is very dissapointing

>> No.11421293

where are you from?

>> No.11421298

New exercise can make you spike a bit of weight too. Causes inflammation. It'll go down.

>> No.11421303 [DELETED] 

>just... fucking..... eat........... less...............


This is why you will fail. You don't eat less you eat right. I don't even get why so many people here are talking about how to deal with hunger. If you're hungry then you are doing it wrong. Eat foods that have a high satiety:calorie ratio.

>> No.11421320

well lets see how it goes, thanks anon!

>> No.11421322

Madison, just for school though

>> No.11421328
File: 492 KB, 810x810, 1440418726302.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want to put her in my pocket she's so ccuuuttteeee


>> No.11421332
File: 955 KB, 799x530, 1466111996994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

drink more water

>> No.11421336
File: 598 KB, 591x594, ENA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>those qt little drawing she does

I want to look at her for a while.

>> No.11421337 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 633x758, feel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you go on the insta of a qt and she has a picture with her bf

That just ruins the mood.

>> No.11421340

Just started the timer on a 48 hour fast. Wish me luck, this'll be the longest I've gone. I'm doing it because of a couple days of shit eating after doing good for a long while.

>> No.11421344 [DELETED] 

>Wish me luck, this'll be the longest I've gone. I'm doing it because of a couple days of shit eating after doing good for a long while.

Just continue eating your regular diet. Trying to equalize bad days with fasting will just destabilize your diet.

>> No.11421345

i am in Madison for school too. want to meet up fall semester? :^)

>> No.11421349
File: 40 KB, 452x363, 1420942692453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

her life looks so interesting and dynamic.

I could never have an instagram because mine would be so boring.

>> No.11421356

Uhh, I'm a girl just so we're clear

>> No.11421370

i am not. rip

>> No.11421407
File: 72 KB, 488x472, confused-black-girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would that matter? You guys should meet anyways.

>> No.11421423

I find the comments on Instagram from strangers so bizarre.

It's like they just type what's on their mind without thinking about the point of the comment. Like "ur so beautiful", "haha nice"

>> No.11421427

Yeah, that is strange. I'm a creeper on Instagram but I haven't reached the creepiness of actually commenting on people I don't know.

>> No.11421429
File: 58 KB, 680x870, 1466022482893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11421437
File: 118 KB, 1122x630, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

u-uh o-ok

>> No.11421507
File: 239 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You'll be fine. Maybe make a new friend even.

>> No.11421521
File: 126 KB, 453x604, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a new friend? what an exciting prospect!

>> No.11421667

Well I was only stating my gender because he posted no bf and Im not a bf. Id be down to make a friend though

>> No.11421674

are you on snapchat?

>> No.11421687

Nah, i dont really have much social media. Not sure how this'll work!

>> No.11421714

Not that Anon but I can't even figure Snapchat out.

Just use throwaway e-mails. sharklaser.com works. Then give your real emails in those emails. or phone numbers and then can just text.

If you are on 4chan you should get a cock.li email. Semi-perminant throw-away that's perfect for this sort of thing.

>> No.11421761

uglymane@cock.li send me you are cell number

hey, this is cool. i didn't know this existed

>> No.11421793

Yeah, I've had mine for a really long time. The guy that runs it (VC or whatever) is pretty chill and keeps shit running.

>> No.11421998
File: 90 KB, 603x604, 1453755102208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11422015

All I've been eating everyday is a piece of bologna. When will it start working?

>> No.11422019


>> No.11422024
File: 113 KB, 1080x1109, tumblr_nxi8ntu0EO1uf48l3o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>well i have been eating the same things everyday

That's why

Your body got used to it. The same happens when you do the same exercise everyday.

Eat something different low on cals everyday.

>> No.11422027

Does it matter what size bones you have?

>> No.11422032
File: 362 KB, 700x700, questions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really? Seems like as long as the calories were below your TDEE you'd lose weight the all the same, regardless of what it is.

>> No.11422055

Do I need to take vitamins or something?

>> No.11422057
File: 118 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nseg3yTYMp1tsdrwuo1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You gotta have variety when you eat even on a diet.

Eating the same everyday is boring.

>> No.11422061

Why wouldn't you be taking vitamin supplements regardless of your diet?

>> No.11422066

I just started 3 weeks ago.

>> No.11422068

It might be boring but I don't think it would matter if you ate 1400kcal of X or 1400kcal of a variety every day, as long as it was 1400kcal you'll lose weight.

Now nutritionally it's likely better to have variety, but, weight wise not sure it would make a difference.

>> No.11422139

>not doing 4000 calories a week and only eating 5 times a week
get serverely depressed or something, it worked for me

>> No.11422187 [DELETED] 
File: 473 KB, 1047x757, static1.squarespace.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder to get enough (1000mg) calcium.

>> No.11422209

Thhis, I'm eating the same for 6 days a week and am loosing weight. It might be boring but it's really helpful in keeping up with my diet. Also I obviously checked to reach all my nutritional needs.

If someone wants some inspiration, I can write down my whole meal plan.

>> No.11422229

Talked to someone on Omegle that finally got me to start thinking about my calorie intake.

She suggested fasting for a day and eating the next. Thing is i've never done anything like this before so i may just eat every day but now actually know how much i'm putting in.

Anyone have a similar situation in the past that could tell me how long it may take before i can handle straight up not eating for a day? I'm sure i could be able to do it by just drinking water and or tea.

>> No.11422239

It takes you one day to handle straight up not eating for a day, then you're done. I would seriously suggest eating breakfast though and fasting the rest of the day. You can also skip breakfast the following day to make it a full day of skipped meals.

>> No.11422269

>not knowing when to stop

>> No.11422270

Femanon here and I weighed in today at 119 lbs at a height of 5"7. 110 was the lowest I said I was going to go but I might drop more because yuck.
I started a new diet that boosted my weight loss that consists of strictly lean meat, vegetables, nuts, and oils. About a year ago I weighed 160ish. It's starting to get hard to find dresses that fit properly and stuff but my stupid hips are wide so baggy shirts make me always look fat. I did buy a new dress today that I'm in love with.

>> No.11422271

Alright cool. What should my intake be? I'm 5'11, haven't measured in a while and at 72kg.

>> No.11422276

please do

>> No.11422282

I don't know what your regular breakfast looks like. Normally I'd say something like 400 calories with a great variety, maybe some fruits, eggs, yogurt, nuts, lean meet etc. If you want to be the hungriest skeleton cut that in half but then you might as well not eat anything that day.

>> No.11422283

God damn I'm glad I came back

>> No.11422304

same here pham

>> No.11422306

>love my job
>day four into fast that was backed by several days of eating under 500kcals and burning at least 300
>at work
>have to tell boss I'm not feeling well and he lets me go home
I'm so sad that I have the self control easy peasy but I might have to quit my job to keep this up.

>> No.11422313

Thanks for the help. Should be able to handle 400 a day easily. May just take a while to get rid of some bad habits.

>> No.11422359

that photo is disgusting fuck me if i knew someone like that id force them to go to mc donalds every day seriously no

>> No.11422412
File: 330 KB, 787x2139, CRON O Meter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Sometimes I change olive oil with flaxseed oil and ditch the onion when going out. Then instead I'll have inulin powder.
Also I add lot's of ginger,cinnamon, pepper, spices in general and eat a max of 5 gr sea salt a day.

I supplement with about 3000IU D3, fish oil, lutein and a multi a day.

On my weight lift day I eat about 300kcal more.

>> No.11422489

>goes to thinspo thread
>ew disgusting thinspo


>> No.11422639

thanks, looks good. how fast are you losing? and how long have you been eating like this?

>> No.11422654

How much of a difference does running on an empty stomach vs not make?

>> No.11422670
File: 89 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nvt9qs848k1t67vhko1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


A lot

I usually work out when fasted

Do like a one hour workout, you won't have much endurance but try to do the hour, bro.

If you don't push yourself nobody else will.

>> No.11422960

How long do you all have until you reach your goal weight?

I'm not there until the 30th of next month which is pretty damn painful. I feel like I'm just counting down the days.

I don't know why but I look like a skeleton with a beer gut, the only place fat is stored is my stomach, there is nothing around my ribs or legs it looks ridiculous. I don't eat anything during the week until before I go to bed so my stomach is empty to mitigate the appearance ;/

>> No.11423040

been doing 30 minutes every evening on the treadclimber, if I do this every day for a couple months while also eating healthy, will I get thinner thighs?
I don't have a tummy or anything but I hate my thighs so much

>> No.11423055

same. fell into an eating disorder and im recovered basically but the thign i hate the most is im not sure if i'll ever stop /constantly/ thinking about food ;n;

>> No.11423085

is this you?

>> No.11423105
File: 700 KB, 1280x1279, tumblr_nw28ermMSs1th8xh9o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>30th of next month

Intermittent fasting is your solution, my friend

>> No.11423114
File: 46 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nsq20rqx5y1uck621o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Run instead, but yeah do a bit of resistance training on your legs so you don't get injured.

>> No.11423161

what speed on the treadclimber is best for jogging? when I'm walking to build stamina I tend to keep it pretty low, 1.1 or 1.2

>> No.11423194
File: 38 KB, 550x535, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ate way too much today. Off my schedule of normal eating times, Father's Day, late lunch, early dinner I shouldn't have had...

Hold me /thinspo/, if I'm not too heavy

>> No.11423245

Any opinions on Coke Zero?

>Captcha select all the food

>> No.11423246

it's just one day, you'll be fine and can make it up tomorrow. bonus points if you're a dad.

>> No.11423253

>tfw drank over 9 litres of coke zero in the last 2 days

>> No.11423280

I stumbled upon this thread by mistake and I wonder:
Why don't you fucking faggots do DNP if you are so inclined to losing weight?
Why don't you faggots starve yourself?

I literally lost 12kg in 20 days in April just by taking DNP and eating once every ~48 hours.

>> No.11423321

that's pretty irresponsible friend

>> No.11423325

>beer belly
That sounds like visceral fat, anon. It's fat between the organs. Is it pudgy soft fat or is it quite firm? Also are you diabetic?

>> No.11423352

are the mini 100cal sprite's okay?
it's hot and I wanna cold one

>> No.11423360

Judging by the rough look I took at the posts the majority people in this thread is irresponsible as fuck.
I'm just giving my two cents here. :^)

>> No.11423391

Favorite water?

Fiji, for the "aesthetic xD"

>> No.11423392

Should I throw up what I just ate?

>> No.11423397

No. It'll make your face fat. Just eat less later

>> No.11423399

Na I wouldn't recommend it. Just eat way less tomorrow

>> No.11423400

Are you sure?

>> No.11423403


>> No.11423404

I'll take your word for it, baby.

>> No.11423406

I'm not a dad, never even had a gf. My dad is the only reason I haven't killed myself though, it would hurt him to much.

>> No.11423407

As a recovering bulimic, can confirm it'll make your face swell around your jaw. Looks bad.

>> No.11423410

>tfw losing weight is the only you can be good at, everything else is failure

>> No.11423413

That is me in the photo and that is what 6'5" 155lbs looks like

>> No.11423416

So just like, don't eat anything tomorrow?

>> No.11423426

Did it ever look better?

>> No.11423483

It's getting better after about a week without purging.

Just eat enough so you don't pass out or anything. Make sure you drink water.

>> No.11423524

What should I eat?

>> No.11423556

I recommend foods high in protein and fiber

>> No.11423571


>spending money on water

>> No.11423581
File: 9 KB, 320x320, 11875388_1498557160459904_2139143618_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>tfw you get so good at loosing weight that other people want your help

With great power comes great responsibility

>> No.11423589

People ask me and I don't know what to tell them other than eat less. I told one person about how I actually do it (MyFitnessPal, counting everything, TDEE - 500kcal for a pound a week, etc etc) and they just looked at me.

>> No.11423613


The fatties are the ones that always ask me.

I tell them how and their response is always "I couldn't do that."

Fucking failures of life.

>> No.11423753

LOL no I'm not diabetic and it is not between my organs, I can grab it. also how is fat suppose to be firm? thats muscle anon.

>> No.11423761

2 pounds per week is as much as I can do.

also intermittent fasting is what I've done my entire life, i never ate during school lunches and I never ate breakfast.

>> No.11423769

I've took a long hard look at my life and I've come to the conclusion that losing weight is the only thing that I am statistically and objectively "good" at, as in better than the entire population of earth by a significant amount.

Every hobby I've ever taken part in I've been average.

>> No.11423794

any skinny girls dtf?

am skinny

>> No.11423984

Normies are awful at counting calories. I don't know why, MFP takes like 5 minutes a day and yet people still look at me weird when I tell them about it.

>> No.11424049

Who else /kids sizes/ here

>> No.11424064

leg goal shawty

>> No.11424071

ive noticed that too

>> No.11424077

Same. This was basically the driving force behind my eating disorder. I'm recovered but still haven't figured out how to lose that mindset.

>> No.11424080

I've noticed recently that sometime me's adult smalls are too large for me. It's a weird feeling. Men's shorts rarely go below 30. sometimes 28. I'm going to have to buy boys clothes soon, not sure how I feel about that.

>> No.11424093

is soy milk good /thinspo/?

>> No.11424125

it means youre a manlet with womens shoulders

>> No.11424127

I can fit into the bigger end of girls' sizes :(

>> No.11424198


Soy milk is bad for men
Almond milk is for gays

>> No.11424199

If it's low cal yeah

>> No.11424211

Soy milk usually has similar macros to regular milk. I feel like they do that on purpose, so replacing milk with soy milk is easier..

>> No.11424220

The only way I have ever lost weight is by counting calories and when I moved out and wasn't sure how long my money would last me and went grocery shopping like a homeless person.

>> No.11424226

I meant if your belly is firm but round but you've already answered my question because you said you can grab and pinch it. I think in your case, the order of which fat deposits shrink differs and your belly is the last to go. Just push through!

>> No.11424278

What's wrong with almond milk and what's wrong with gays

>> No.11424311

i fucking hate that this actually reminds me to drink water

>> No.11424318


>> No.11424330

this thread is distressing.
i feel like i should be reporting a suicide in progress.

>> No.11424334

somebody needs to look up water toxicity.

>> No.11424349
File: 451 KB, 2652x1768, 1438390988802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try sticking to diet today
>feel intense nausea from hunger
>cave in and eat
It's really like my own body doesn't want me to be thin.

>> No.11424372

Go figure.

>> No.11424419

Sorry to hear that. Kinda afraid that's what happening to me too, but I can still get myself to eat enough even though I feel sooo bad about it. Stay strong buddy, none of us deserve what you've been through.

>> No.11424428

what drugs will help me not want to eat

already addicted to xans and codeine and not doing heroin or crack... basically i need something affordable that suppresses my hunger

>> No.11424432

you know about benzo withdraw, yeah? feeling for you. I was lucky enough to get out early enough

>> No.11424439

yes i fucking do... no seizures yet lol

the insomnia is fucking brutal... basically feel like im coming down off coke or molly 24/7

>> No.11424440

have you considered eating correctly and dieting the way dieting is supposed to be done with nutritious foods that make you feel full but don't make you fat?

>> No.11424452

Y'all take multivitamins every day, right?

>> No.11424458

i take tribulus for low test and it works hella good

>> No.11424461

I hope you're taking plenty of vit D with that

>> No.11424626

Be careful out there guys.
I just got out of the hospital and I think my fasting has to do with it.
They're not sure what's wrong with me but they think I might have an ulcer.
I'm unable to hold any food or liquids and it's pretty painful.

>> No.11424652

Can somebody post a thinspo weight chart for guys? I'm 5'11, 120lbs and not sure if I should go for 110 or 115. Thanks lads.

>> No.11424662

What's the point of going thinspo if I'm hairy as hell?

I'm 193cm/67kg which is not really that thin but who cares when I look like a beast.

>> No.11424663


>> No.11424667

Shave my whole body?

>> No.11424672

If you don't have a problem with it, sure. It looks so much better.

>> No.11424677

New thread:

Bump limit reached.

>> No.11424678

But I'll have a full body stubble in a couple of days.

>> No.11424683

Trim don't shave. Just manscape.

If you really want to go completely hair free consider lasering some areas. That's pretty common now.

>> No.11424684

Maybe just trim it every once in a while then? I don't know, haven't had to deal with it myself.

>> No.11425175

For the last 4 months.
Hips are down to 34'' from 37''. But my cut never went lower than 25% from my BMR, since I want to retain as much muscle mass as possible.

Been there done that and ended up looking skinnyfat.

>> No.11425419

enjoy your flushed out electrolytes

>> No.11425742

Is anyone else a recluse today because a recent binge bloated you the FUCK up and you don't wanna go out looking like fat garbage? That's my day today. Pretty comfy though honestly (other than the guilt inducing reoccurring thoughts of why I'm stuck at home).