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is metal /fa/?

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Nope. Absolutely not. Notice how many people in this group are Skinnyfat, socially awkward, greasy and with straggly beards.

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definitely not, some things that the metal aesthetic takes from is /fa/ but metal itself is shit tier

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It depends

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i wouldnt call led zep metal man

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Its where it began, theyre all over the place though

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Metal did not begin with Led Zeppelin my friend, not even in 'murica

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Achilles last stand brah

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Communication breakdown is more metal than that

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Only if it's Black.

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I'd agree but 90s metalcore is dope af too

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It can be but I'd rather not affiliate myself with what the people who listen to metal are like.

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The only /fa/ music is obviously Chief Keef played in reverse over the sound of glaciers thawing sped up.

Also Kanye.

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I bet you live in america.

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what are you talking about?

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yes, but only black metal and death metal

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not really

love it tho

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Autist guitar

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nergal is fa

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Whos dis hottie

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Is it you anon?

You're too beautiful ;-;

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IKR! Are you looking for wife?

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You're so wrong

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Whenever is see some long haired dude wearing a Ensiferum shirt, a shitty aeans jacket and leather pants i know hes my brother.

Thats something you medium warm latte fags will never understand. Metal crosses alls boundaries.

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tfw someone posts your oc

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Quorthon is /fa/ as fuck

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black sabbath my man
and they were kinda fa back in the day

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Everyone whose favorite type of music is metal is an autist and if you disagree then I've got some bad news for you. I'm not saying it's wrong to listen to metal, but nobody who prefers metal over everything else is ever someone worth spending more than 3 minutes around.

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Steinbergers are wonderful to play

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no it's not .

leave the hall, false.

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Literally anything can be /fa/ if it works for you, and you're at least moderately attractive.

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Varg is my fashion icon.

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Varg a cute

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Aren't Deafheaven fa af?

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Single most ignorant post I've ever seen on 4chan

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is svrfpvnk /fa/ guys?


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Seriously. How is he always so god tier?

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lmao fucking pleb

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Yeah but they're not metal

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Dude please. Choose to be ignorant but at least choose to be ignorant somewhere else.

Metal is brutally good.

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what are they?

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dude nothing wrong with being gay. not giving a fuck about others is pretty metal.

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metal is /fa/ as fuck, you fucking retards
i hate this board so much nowadays, full of ignorant faggots

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>Grrrr I hate all the 17 year olds on this board!! Once they're 19 like me they'll really know what's effay!!

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>I'm stuck in an obsolete meme genre and I hate everyone who doesn't let me into their little clique.

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deal w/it but elements of young Scandinavian metal are used a lot on models this days. Such as longhair + beard less. Miles McMillan is a good example as well.

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t. 350 pound manchild that grew up in the 80s and can't deal with the fact that Axl Rose has no talent.

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Bones isnt metal

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this tbqh

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His Style is.

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Change the transparency on the Levi's logo.

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headless guitars looks so stupid.

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This talentless white trash faggot is not /fa/

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Bones is /fa/ as fuck.

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he has a huge forehead.

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He fought cancer and won, I'm not really surprised.
Also Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel has a really good music video for a metal song.

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he always had a huge forehead, he looks a bit more acceptable post-cancer, ironically.

also metal is not /fa/ quit lying to yourselves

>pic very related

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holy shit he's effay as fuck here

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right wing wave when?

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This. I think in general it is shit as fuck, but you can look good in metal style and be effay.

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w2c that sweatshirt

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Lemmme buy that shirt from you
I'll give you treefiddy.

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Is varg holding a bag of doritos? Did he finally decide his racism and paranoia was wrong?

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bones isnt metal you fuckwit

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Long hair and beards were not invented by you edgy scandinavian metalbands you poofter.

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his style is

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bruh pair that look some hypebeast sneakers and a decent pair of jeans and it'd be /fa/ as fuck

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