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How do I turn myself from a 5/10 to a 7-8ish/10?

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Develop a style that feeds into what other people fantasize about.
For instance.. Tattoos piercings edgerocker
beard workwear lelmanlybear
drugs hippybullshit being an easily led retard.
highstreet trendpig

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If you do this that's sad. Trying to be something you're not will bring you from a 5/10 to a 2/10

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although these looks will definitely make you more popular with the people, it would be all for not if it just isnt you :/

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But that thread is crap.

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fuck off

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The average pleb can push two extra points on the attractiveness scale just by not having disgusting habits and looking somewhat presentable.

>become lean and muscular (see >>>/fit/)
>Shower daily
>determine what hair and facial hair style is the least disgusting on you
>wear slightly tapered jeans like the Levi's 513
>wear a slim fit oxford Uniqlo shirt and roll the sleeves up
>wear some casual leather shoes like the timberland city lite
>match all the leather on your body
>brush your teeth twice a day

congrats, you just went up about 2 points on the attractiveness scale.

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the instinct we use to measure attractiveness is still grounded upon a base of 'perceived to be healthy'

clear complexion, a normal BMI, clear lines of sexual dimorphism, etc.

it's insane to think humans are so advanced and intelligent yet we as a society are still tightly bound to primitive evolutionary thought processes

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get rid of your acne & style your hair

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Suicide + reincarnation t bh

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What a waste of a thread. The comments in here suck and they aren't helpful either. Never getting advice from 4chan ever again.

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Good haircut/facial hair and become very lean with at least a little muscle. If there's a limit to your physical attractiveness this will get you 95% of the way. Clothes and fashion will make up the other 5%. Seriously don't even bother with /fa/ if you haven't already achieved that first 95%.

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shit thread

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