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What does /fa/ think? Seems like a pretty good idea for a minimalist bag


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>in shitty meme material
no thanks sempai

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Actually pretty cool tbqh

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That bag looks pretty ugly

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>Buying these bags when they're so simple to sew a literal retard managed to sew one in my middle school home-ec class.

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This is fucking hideous

The bag looks dope. Probably gonna cop

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>theft proof
Is the inside chainmail ?

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what it's like to live with split personality

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>$350 for that hideous thing

Nah dude. Nah

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Just buy tote bags m8

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The material is incredibly durable and can't be cut with normal tools. It also has RFID blocking technology, and can carry up to 1000lbs.

I think they're pretty cool if you go traveling a lot, and the design isn't terrible. Wouldn't buy it if I wasn't traveling though.

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ive got a Catch 22 tote, would i get shit on for using it for school?

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I'd rather use that money on an aesthetically pleasing bag
cuz that's one's ugly

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Hope your image isn't an example cause it looks like garbo m8

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Have fun with that ugly weaboo duffel bag

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>"I bought this bag so I don't get my stuff stolen, I'd just like to see somebody get my wallet or passport with this baby"
>gypsy approaches and pulls out pocket knife
>gib bag kid
>"O-okay, but please don't hurt me"

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I want a helmet bag; wasn't specifically referring to that duffle bag on the bottom

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I use a Supreme tote bag and have never worried about my shit getting stolen. I'm literally asking to get mugged too. Where do you live that you need this?

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