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Been a while since we've had one of these, looking to cop some of these pieces. Mostly concerned about the color, not the specific attire itself.

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Been looking for the same thing for ages now. Very versatile look, pretty much goes with any scenario. Sleeves are a little longer than I'd like in your pic, here's my mockup from the last thread.

Perfect look for the summer. My colors are a bit shit though.

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wow those colours, doesnt look gnomecore at all. maybe some crossover between normcore and gnomecore but not 100% either direction.

definitely gotta get a Pine Glade green henley for the shirt (try Uniqlo), San Felix green for the trousers (H&M), Olivetone shoes (you're on your own, sorry), and Temptress for the belt (out of style, can probably find one on Grail)

Best of luck!

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My shit tier European retailers don't sell proper gnome hats, just that cap and fedora bullshit. Where may one find a tasteful headpiece?

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Found the hat, unfortunately it's from etsy and you have to manually crotchet it. Just a PDF file, prob the best you'll get

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>>11323725 (me)

meant to respond to your post

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Is this like elfcore

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this is better

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did you seriously just ask that?

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w2c a low poly hat

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I always wondered how cosplayers do it, is it cardboard that keeps the structure up? My gnome hats always end up looking too flaccid

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no must be strong like a dick

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beards are not gnomecore

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No stores go that in depth with their color options, how is this in any way useful? fucking autist

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Print a screenshot of the gnome and compare it. Make sure that your monitor and printer are calibrated correctly first.

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His picture didn't even have the colors he was saying lol he's clearly new to this

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OP here, sorry for the slip up. This should be a serviceable mock-up for the time being

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Straight from the source here.

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i would love to be a fucking elf

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Your mockup is shit but the colors are spot on

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gnomecore is
>perfectly conical hat, but low poly is acceptable too
>drapey top, tucked into belt. just drapey enough to obscure the belt's color
>hat and shirt match exactly - essential!
>clenched fists and powerful stance
>flaring pants. try straight leg or even boot cut. the knees should taper from both sides.

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if you got bucks and don't hate elves too much you can get the cashmere elf hat from l'maltieri

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Sounds expensive, anything for a gnomie on a budget? I hate how once something goes out of style you can't find it anywhere, everyone always looks the same because of it.

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Is it fucking 2007 in here?

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You could sew yourself a felt hat, to get that perfect cone. It should just be one or two pieces of felt.

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Do you think some sort of short sleeve sweater would work for the torso given his build? I've been keeping up with /thinspo/ and trying to go skeleton mode, maybe I can't pull it off

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A boxy tshirt a few sizes too large would fit. Thin is good but remember to keep your agility up.

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>not knowing gnomecore goes all the way back to 2002

It's gotten pretty shit since then, though.

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Post rare gnomespo

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While unique, rare gnome outfits run the risk of being too obscure

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Good colorblocking with a daring red hood

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Anyone know where to get any pieces of the outfit?

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oh (you)

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are you blind those colors are nothing alike

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is sruli recht elfcore or gnomecore
and what is elfcore?

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>Not elfcore

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damn thats actually sick

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elfcore plebs get out

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