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I'll start with this one. "A Cold Wall".

Such a redundant, unoriginal brand that serves no purpose whatsoever. It's basically a rip-off off other rip-off brands.

Post some more below.

The worst ones are the brands who actually get taken somewhat seriously by some people.

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>The worst ones are the brands who actually get taken somewhat seriously by some people.
Hysteric Glamour

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En Noir
Daniel Patrick
Mike Amiri
A Cold Wall
Midnight Studios
Fear Of God
Unravel Project

Notice a trend? Almost all these are LA based.

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What exactly is this? is it related to louis vuitton somehow?

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Cav Empt

There's something disingenuous about every bit of it

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There are some dope ass CE pieces, but sadly, I agree. I've never seen a brand go down the shitter as fast as they did.

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Reo Ma
Zam Barrett

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please kys you pathetic hater

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nice b8, i hope nobody falls for it

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I hate everything that is popular : the post

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if /fa/ had been around in like 2003, there would have been a lot of hysteric glamour threads
they're an overpriced / [formerly] overhyped japanese brand that makes tacky t-shirts and gets nothing but praise for it

I guess they're like Supreme but, clearly, most people haven't heard of it since their dropoff about 10 years ago

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But adidas kinda serves a purpose, I don't like it, I hate their stupid branding but they actually make nice casual shoes, I prefer nike when I buy sports shit but adidas makes nice sneakers for poorfags.

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They're one of my favorite brands, becuase I love their vibe and aesthetic (for lack of a better term)

But this culture and autistic fanbase they've seem to created is fucking annoying. Their instagram is filled with resellers trying to make a quick buck and that and all this fucking copy cat brands as well.

I love their graphic tees though.

I also get tired of them throwing their fucking logo on everything lately

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also the quality is abysmal

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God, this fucking list. Also add MSBHV onto it too, trend hopping shitty brand.

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I don't hate Adidas, I like some of their shit and own some shoes.
What I fucking hate is when everywhere I look I see their name. When I see a family of 5 in nothing but Adidas. Trackies, jackets, shoes, hats the fucking lot it's disgusting

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But it serves a purpose, it doesn't have to die. What has to happen is other companies making nice casual, cheap sneakers.

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Where do you live? In the US its basically Nike. Nike hasn't done much this year but anyone under 18 or soccermoms will buy nike for the sake of the branding.

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I would hate seeing entire families in Adidas

but that's a regional thing, anon
here, it's Fox or Eddie Bauer

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Eh I forget they for that because they're a young brand, everyone's gotta start somewhere most brands don't start out doing cut and sew.

Look at Midnight Studios for example.

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It's all Adidas and North Face right now

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This. And this is why Nike and Sketchers will bring the bucks. Your average person will buy beats or Nike for the sake of the name before anything.

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>implying north face jackets aren't a tongue in cheek reference to the national front

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Eh I forgive them for that because they're a young brand, everyone's gotta start somewhere most brands don't start out doing cut and sew.

Look at Midnight Studios for example.

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dont hate on what you dont understand normie

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Its nice to own some older pieces. I like a couple of the newer ones, but the past year's seasons haven't really done much for me. Here's hoping the next release will be better.

You'd think that they would take a step up from Gildean hoodies, given that they're in DSM and selling their stuff for alot more than what its worth.

Runway-core. Its cool on the runway but the applications outside of that are limited.

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"Alone" spelled with a V in case you didn't know.

ASAP Bari (aka "Young Lord) and Ian Conor rep this "brand" which one of them created and even have "Vlone" tattoos. They constantly claim they're of a "Vlone/loner lifestyle".

Yet they're hanging around with ASAP Rocky, Kanye West and posting pics with a bunch of other people all the time on instagram. Hell, they're openly apart of a group called "ASAP Mob" - So how the fuck can you possible claim you're a """loner""" despite all that? Frauds to the fullest.

The fact people support things like that no matter how disingenuous and hypocritical it is, is mind blowing. Not to mention the fact all these people thinking they're super cool for proclaiming they're "loners" is just the epitome of corny.

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Given time.

They already stopped/poked fun about it with their snow camo "Not Gildean Hoodie"

Apparently they have a pair of Air Forces in the works as well.

I don't have a problem with Gildean blanks becuase I think they're nice quality the only people who have a problem with them are the ones find $80 for a hoodie "splurging"

I get the complaint, but at the end of the day they're a boutique brand, they have to do what is most cost efficient to both themselves and the consumer.

I think eventually they'll move away from them and work towards better blanks.

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Anything with excessive uses of v's and x's that nignog raptards promote

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I was onboard until the cringey get weird tags.

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Honestly, any thing Conye does. Whether it's his Yeezy Season shit or the tour merch. It's pure cancer.

He needs to sit back and just respect fashion design if he truly "cares" about it like he pretentiously claims. He's clearly incapable of doing anything remotely unique. Every single thing he's ever done has glaring, blatant resemblances to something previously done. Don't play the "nothing new under the sun" card either.

This can apply to his music where he needs a room full of people to pitch into songs, help produce, sample other peoples' songs - or whether it's the shoes; taking half the design (often the sole) from a previously made shoe (Yeezy 2s and Boosts) - or as most know with the clothing: majority of it's been ripped off detail for detail from Helmut Lang, Margiela, Haider, Raf, Rick - whether it's the pieces themselves or the aesthetic as a whole.

He's drowning in delusion and the yes-men + sheep who enable him just make everything 1000x worse.

For a (self proclaimed) genius, he surely relies a ton on other people's creativity for his "own".

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Fuck off rick owens is trash. I respect him but his clothes are god fucking awful

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Your gift is too late for me as I am already balding

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la fashion sucks

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Your gift is too great for me.

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phew. Now this is some edgey content

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Anti Social Social Club is the ultimate fluke brand, it pisses me off. they ripped off wedidit, shlohmo's music collective basically was the birthplace of the aesthetic as well as the font. this is from like early 2014

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I hate this shit desu, because I was doing this shit before it became popular, now Im just like every otehr faggot out there

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I shamelessly trend hop and worship celebrities like a good goy: the brand

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Your gift is too great for me

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The post on Kanye was pretty factual.

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I like to base my hatred for a brand because I really really really hate one certain celebrity : the cuck.

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vvhxt xre vou tvlking xbovt

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Agreed vlone screams hypebeast poser louder than any brand atm

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"Runway-core" is a cop out answer senpai. Demna is doing some interesting things and taking some nice inspo from some incredible fashion, but I have disdain for a lot of it. "Muh concept!!!" has been taken to an overplayed extreme, and just because garments become overexaggerated is somehow supposed to make them special (demna beat this into the ground and every other designer and their fucking mother is following suit). Reminds me of why Alessandro Michele is making such a splash with Gucci: it was incredible at first, but repetition of the same exact thing cheapens the ingenuity of it and it feels like a design trend is milked for all its worth (and this doesn't just mean fashion is following a new direction; it's just being capitalized a different way). He needs to stick with what he's doing at Balenciaga.

tl;dr Vetements has been doing the same thing and should probably innovate or else they'll become as stale as Gucci will also be if they don't stop copy-pasting.

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Your gift is too great for me