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How does one get started with fashion when you've shopped at Walmart for clothes your entire life?

>pic related, i dress like steve carrell in this pic

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A$AP Carell

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Lurk and start to pick out styles that you like. Save pictures you enjoy, especially ones you think you could pull off. Look at how the colors and textures come together to make the outfit look good.
After like a month start buying cheaper basics. Emphasis on cheaper because you'll change your style a few times within the first year of getting into fashion and you may regret that thing you bought and wore once.

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here you go

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>not recognizing Carell is dressed in a custom made Yohji Yamamoto

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>I dress like carell
god of fashion, teach me your ways

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start with normcore, that way you won't have to get rid of your entire wardrobe

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Is there any guide/rule for knowing what sort of clothes I can pull off? (I'm not OP)

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If you are asian you can pull anything, if you are fat consider killing yourself or losing weight

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Are those the striking NB boots?

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>How does one get started with fashion

Read my post here >>11315103

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