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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

State Your Stats & Goals Edition

Last Thread: >>11299676

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>love lizzie and her llamas
>make america thin again

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

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how do you suppress hunger?

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Depends on how far you want to go.

I just eat a lot of fiber and drink lots of water. Depression helps too....

You can also use stimulants which really kill appetites. I find the negatives of that outweigh the positives though, especially smoking or Adderall.

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4chan is slow tonight
im depressed as shit
summer is always a lonely time for me

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So my is trying to get into thinspo after seeing how skinny I got, she's 110lbs and her body is slim but her face is sort of round and her nose is a bit wide.

How much would she have to lose to look at least half decent?

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How tall is she?

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She's 5'4"

Also her upper body looks a bit square shaped

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That's already pretty thin for that height. Could go a bit lower, say 105lbs, and see how she looks and feels. Remember just 5lbs at that weight is a large percent of her bodyweight, it's not like some fat fuck losing 5lbs when she weighs 200lbs.

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Yeah but she's pretty insecure about her round face. Also one of her friends got skinny and looks fucking great and she's jealous about it.

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Well getting thinner won't change that her bone structure resembles an outhouse. Actually sometimes when really wide shouldered people get extremely thin they look worse because of the vee taper they get - end up looking like a midget linebacker.

For the face she could get plastic surgery.

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helo daly remindar to stey hidratted.

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Thanks froggy. I will.

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i accidentally lost two pounds today because i didn't have a big enough appetite to have snacks on-top of my big three meals a day

down to 133 lbs now

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>my big three meals a day

Look everyone! The big shot that eats three meals a day


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someone seems salty

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i came to inadvertently brag. why do i have to leave?

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if you feel bad about losing weight then you're in the wrong thread, pal

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its true that i dont really find inspiration in any of these threads and dont think eating disorders should be encouraged liek they are here but i still enjoy the company cuz im a lonely faggot

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>why do i have to leave?

If you have to ask then you don't belong here

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Is it worth going for a super skinny look with a pear-shaped body? I've lost enough weight that my old medium clothes hang off me on top, but I only dropped three pants sizes on bottom so I worry that I'll never enjoy that skinny-leg aesthetic.

Pic not me I crey evry time .

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>dont think eating disorders should be encouraged liek they are here

Then /fa/ is not for you, m8

Go to /fit/, they worship fat girls there.

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eat more high-protein foods that are lower in cals (eggs, fish, lean chicken, etc.)

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something about the broken knees look i really like. unrealistic for me but nice to look at

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Whos got the hook-up on DNP pills.

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this isn't anorexia-inspo. the intended purpose is thin (which can be perfectly healthy at the same time)

I workout about as much as a corpse paralyzed from the neckbeard down so fit sounds like bird shit. also, i prefer thin over curvy just not anorexic thin

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drink water, chew gum, stay busy, and stay out of the house

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>he thinks that girl doesn't have an eating disorder

m8 pls

I'm almost in my 30s and I have an eating disorder

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When you become so thin two of your bodies can fit inside one pair of shorts from last summer

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I can't be certain because her clothing is so big on here, but she looks very thin to me.

Either way I agree anorexia isn't a good thing to promote, and most of what I post isn't /that/ far either. It's pretty thin but not complete stick figure thin.

But hey I'm not here to be anons parents. It's not worth being preachy about. We post what inspires us.

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vidiya and sleep
don't hang out around food

I also personally found IF with regular intake reduced my appetite between meals a lot
I still eat like a pig when I do, but I don't feel the need to eat between meals anymore, I cope better with hunger too

You mean pear shaped as in actually wide pelvis? Or just having more muscle and fat on the botom? Both?

This is the best shape for skinny girls imo, but yeah you might end up with skinny arms and thicker legs

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>The Broken knees look i really like. unrealistic for me.
>unrealistic for me.
>for me.

You Shigged when you should have digged.

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This is the best thing for me. Makes intermittent fasting pretty easy, since it takes me a good 2-4 hours to start feeling hungry after I wake up. Pair that with an early dinner and a good 7-8 hours of sleep and it's easy to go 16 hours on just one cup of coffee.

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5'10'' down to 145 from 160

I just want to look like Christian Bale in the Machinist.

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You should shoot for 115, he had a BMI of 16.5 in that movie.

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>I just want to look like Christian Bale in the Machinist.

Don't sleep
Work overtime
Drink coffee

Repeat until you start hallucinating

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Just a few more months if I can stay at this I guess

I can never sleep anyway. I thought that's why was so fat.

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I have mastered the art of throwing up.

I am now able to do it by just thinking about it, I don't need to use my finger or anything.

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I hope you have a lot of money, dental's expensive and bulimia is a pre-existing condition.

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>bulimia is a pre-existing condition
what do you mean?

And I dont do this all the time only once every few months when I go out of control or during the holidays

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You get denied insurance if you have pre-existing conditions, like throwing up a lot on purpose.

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Stef would say that your obsession with being thin is caused by you being abused as a child

Someone should remind him Freud was debunked decades ago.

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I'm going to become like Shmageh!

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For a chick that's 5'7" and weighing 115lbs, is it possible to reduce even further without having a huge waist.

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I used to throw up on people on purpose when I was a kid, good times

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Depends on the person. Your waist won't get bigger obviously, just the ratio will change to your torso. Do you have really wide hips?

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They're more of boxy wide. Pic related, top third on right.

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Thinner might actually make that worse.

Has it been getting better as you go down in weight? Or staying the same?

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Both I suppose. My legs hold almost all of my fat (I walk for my job so I suppose muscle too), but even at a 23 BMI I'm already starting to get a thigh gap.

Guess I'll just keep losing and see what happens!

>> No.11311655

It has gotten worse, I also have muscular legs and trying to get a bigger thigh gap. Waist is flat and doesn't stick out. At the moment I look lile a T-rex with a box pelvis, perhaps focusing on toning down legs with thigh-specific exercises or avoid any leg exercises?
>inb4 see /fit/
At this point I believe I was destined to be born with a shit pelvis and unfemenine height.

>> No.11311787

why does /fit/ worship fat women?

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Kaya kinda has that shape, I don't think it is the end of the world. I'm not sure about what exercises would help. I think on certain people getting too thin doesn't look better, and you might fall in that category. Without actually seeing you it is hard to say. Can you post a photo without face?

High-test meme is part of that. Why does /fa/ worship thin women? It's preference I guess.

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Get skinny eating less, becoming skinny solves everything, it might not fix your bottom but it will make everything better.
I have the best one of that picture. 3rd bottom but I have been skinny all my life.

Thats kinda wierd but get to 110 and stay around there. Muscle mass is the worst and the deformity takes a long while to go.

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Because they think by liking obese women is "manly"


I like skinny girls because I'm skinny

>> No.11311836

im a complete bottom 3rd on the right and buying pants is such a nightmare
any pants that fit me in the thigh do not fit my hips
plus my legs are very short so all pants are too long
very not /fa/

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I like skinny guys and girls because I'm skinny too. They also have the best faces, skinnies look the most doll-like.

Our worlds are different. We learned to appreciate beautiful bone structures, faces, delicacy, finesse and elegance. We were not exactly sexually educated on porn like the prole. /fa/ is also younger and more trustfund than /fit/.

In contrast it is a young prince vs an old worker that spits on the floor and thinks all you guys like is "gay". Just because your tastes are way better than theirs.

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Cheap: Levis 535.

A little better end: April77, Naked & Famous, APC

Higher end: Japanese denim. Pure Blue Japan, Samurai, Iron Heart

High Fashion: Dior, Saint Laurent Paris

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>mfw sustained disorientation and dizziness of fasting while drinking black coffee

>> No.11311998

i know that feel but it's worth it

>> No.11312010

I have come to somewhat enjoy it as well. Though often the sensation of manual breathing feels precarious

>> No.11312018

Kek, pls be trolling :')

>> No.11312045

who is she

>> No.11312048

the manual breathing gives me anxiety unfortunately :/

>> No.11312061

I find it comforting that CB's hips aren't much wider compared to his torso than mine

>> No.11312237

Ashleigh F.
was Owl-Eyed on tumblr

>> No.11312292

black coffee. peppermint tea (or any tea really). cinnamon. gum. exercise (whenever i exercise i don't feel hungry for a while after). lots of water.

>> No.11312469


I feel dizzy at work sometimes.

It's a bitch but I've learned to deal with it.

>> No.11312520

/lit/ thread that you may be interested in family.


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She should probably have a snack

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>wide hips and forever large legs
please kill me

>> No.11313344

This retard is still not eating even after ending up in the hospital? She's literally on her death bed and won't eat? Why don't they use an IV or something?

>> No.11313365


>What He Ate: To lose the weight, Bale went into starvation mode, eating a can of tuna, an apple and... nothing else

>> No.11313369

Imagine getting paid millions to look great

>> No.11313434


Her arms must be so soft and fragile

>tfw no qt thinspo gf

>> No.11313464

Newfags who fell for high test meme.

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>ywn pick her up

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The seagull that made that drawing is a genius. /fa/-tan is senpai mode as heck!

Vlada & Freja are my yuri waifus. Can't decide through probably Freja because she is more yuri.

>> No.11313521


That jacket is pretty dope

What brand is it?

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I find it scary how few men seem to be able to appreciate beauty past "muh dik". Big tits and ass may be hot but are you constantly horny? Once the horniness wears off it looks vulgar. It distorts clothing and looks showy. Of course I understand that genetics are not in ones control but that's just how I feel about it.

>> No.11313562


>> No.11313575

you're pretty retarded if you only think with your dick

>> No.11313591

Yeah nah. I just love women.

>> No.11313625

agreed, he probably has a 2 digit IQ...

>> No.11313630

yeah....killy....muh oldfag friend....probably...........

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this is the same reason most men are idiots when it comes to women's fashion

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how did i do? this is me in the pic. i weigh just over 100lbs

>> No.11313698

Not so good. At least do some push ups and bicycle curls now and then anon.

>> No.11313711

looks nice senpai

>> No.11313738

pretty accurate

>> No.11313751

fuck you. muscle weighs more than just skin and bone. do you even skinnyboi at all?

>> No.11313768

You do understand that it's not about numbers right?

>> No.11313773

You love jerking off.

>> No.11313779

you do understand that if i go to jail, i can just turn sideways and walk through the bars right? im literally above the law at this point. so fuck off

>> No.11313784

Well yes. You don't?

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Ladies and gentlemen, thinspo 2016.

>> No.11313803

You said you "love women". What you really love is jerking off to porn, not 'women'.

>> No.11313818

thank okay

>> No.11313821

We're not on r9k you know. Some people do have gfs or bfs. And I do love jerking off to porn. You say it like it's something bad. Are you a faggotry or a femenism?

>> No.11313825

haha epic meme dude. is that the guy from the lord of the rings films? hahaha, too funny XD

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has lizzy dropped by
im nice and full at the moment
here to laud it over all you starving faggots that i get to eat while you starve and at the end of the day im still thinner than most of you without being a disgusting skelly and have my self esteem intact

>> No.11313872

No and I miss her very much. :( I hope she is having a great weekend.

>> No.11313889

Why does she have a face of a grandma?

>> No.11313894

She doesn't. She's incredible and lovely. Friendly and cute all mixed into one.

>> No.11313904

Hi liz.

>> No.11313943

You wish. She's probably off with friends having fun and living well. Probably met a nice boy and he asked her out on a date.

>> No.11313971

Bunch of degenerate retards.

>> No.11313979

There is no need to be rude this is a comfy thread.

>> No.11313984

I'm ok with that.

>> No.11313993

As long as she stays on her diet. She's got a goal of 105 in three and a half months.

>> No.11314135

she has cancer you retard

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liz is cute
shes my age
maybe a year older
i have become slightly infatuated with her
i starve for any girls attention since i am so depraved
i think i'm ok looking but i'm too reclusive to talk to girls
instead i just glance at the same girl a few times a day and that's enough for me
on the internet, i can shed my inhibitions and be as outgoing as my personality permits

summer is so painfully lonely for me..
I hate it

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helo ur welcom tanks bye

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Stimulants are the most efficient and easy way but people have problems with it. I guarentee coffee and adderall maybe some alcohol to mask the sickness will get you to your target weight and even below, i guarentee it.

>> No.11314453

not much of a difference

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>tfw my size 31 skinny jeans are no longer skin tight and fall off my ass now
>also getting more of a v-taper as my legs slim down

feels nice

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/fa/tty reporting in

Goal weight: 88lbs
Current weight: 111.1lbs
BMI: around 19 (old system)

>> No.11314626

What sizing system is that - just inches?

>tfw 23.9" waist at a BMI of almost 20
I love my bone structure.

>> No.11314641

shut the fuck up and quit trying to evoke pity
you're pathetic and you're body is gross, also, how fucking short are you?

>> No.11314646
File: 97 KB, 500x333, 026 - gldgYYh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw have to wear children's clothes
>tfw SLP doesn't carry sizes small enough for me
>all this at a relatively high BMI
Feels fucking good.

>> No.11314652

i love being attractive and skinny, this thread makes me sick, full of ugly anorexics wasting their life because they feel like they have nothing else to live for

>> No.11314654

5'3". End my suffering.

>> No.11314662

I wish anorexia would kill faster.

>> No.11314663


>> No.11314669

agreed 100%
end it yourself you faggot

>> No.11314769

stress eating like crazy today. i gotta get a second job..

>> No.11315044

Just tighten up your muscles with a bodyweight routine and you'll have a god-tier body.

>> No.11315076
File: 19 KB, 320x320, tmp_22846-13129571_210649005993905_1096952075_n-79522828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I wish for this everyday, mane

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Hey, I need help. Im currently 171cm 46kg and gained like 1.5kg for my weigh in. Are my legs ok? Because imo they're still quite chubby. Im thinking about going down to 41kg. How much should I lose?

>> No.11315719

calves are too chubby
you look like a 12 year old

>> No.11315720

Not chubby but if being thinner is what you want go for it. Always.

>> No.11315800

What do w calves then?

>> No.11315804

loose more weight and hope for the best
honestly you might not able to do anything

>> No.11315820

Ur k

>> No.11315835
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>tfw binged for the first time in months
>Still only ate 1800 total for the day
Turns out it's pretty hard to go overboard when all I buy these days is skinless chicken breast, vegetables, berries, brown rice and diet soda.

>> No.11315851

bb pls dont ure beatiful as of right now

>> No.11315876

Don't go lower, legs look great. You're perfect.

>> No.11315890

I second this. I'm the same height and I can't imagine being 41kg.

>> No.11315961
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Reviving the thread with some inspo.

>> No.11315977

is that you?
post more for thin science pls

>> No.11315989

Who is that? he has a very nicee body.

>> No.11315996
File: 60 KB, 800x600, webcam-toy-photo118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess I'll post even though I'm currently trying to gain a little weight

cigarettes, coffee, and adderall murder an appetite

>> No.11316007

Fuck your legs look fat. Go down to 30kg, maybe it will fix that.

>> No.11316055

More nnnow

>> No.11316065
File: 70 KB, 500x332, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pls don't lose more weight you look great if you lose more you might get sick and I want you to be healthy and feel great

>> No.11316091

But desu i want to have legs like a cute russian model

>> No.11316105
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>> No.11316108

not at the expense of your health. I think you're at the minimum now. You look great, maintain fampai.

>> No.11316114

is your face that of a cute russian model? if not, you should probably consider gaining just a bit

>> No.11316154

In my opinion you should gain about 3kg, then you are perfect

>> No.11316162


>> No.11316174

Dam rite

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>i disagree with your opinion therefore you must be from reddit

>> No.11316185

>fucking up your body so you can look like an actual anorexic skellie instead of simply being skinny
i think you need to go back to your ana fetish site

>> No.11316196

if you look at replies to pics of the guys on these threads its always "omg more" "perfect" bla bla bla, but when girls post its always oh no you need to gain more weight!!!! ur perfect bby i luv u...
seriously you need to stop fetishizing chubby girls and let girls be thinspo aswell

>> No.11316203

I'm afraid I don't know who that is.

>> No.11316205

Right-click-save to thinspo folder.

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Yep this is still the most fucking retarded thread on this entire site

>> No.11316229


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She's not chubby, she's perfect. The guys in this thread are homosexuals and therefore don't matter.

>> No.11316243

nice anime reaction image faggot
also im not just talking about her, ive seen other girls posting here (fat) and people keep telling them they're perfect and shit, (kinda like the way you just did)

>> No.11316266
File: 81 KB, 182x249, smhtbhfam.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>comes on Mongolian cartoon forum
>complains about the cartoons
I tell the fatties when they are fat, but that girl isn't fat she's perfect. Her BMI is probably like 17 or 18. That's ideal in my view.

>> No.11316267


(I'm not one of the previous posters)

Right now you are at the right weight and body shape for your height and size. If you lose more weight, your legs will look too skinny. Also, you won't just lose weight in your legs, you'll lose it all over, including your face. And that means you're going to start aging prematurely. And that means you will look ugly at a younger age. Also, if you are female and straight, men are wired to want women with breasts, who look healthy enough to produce children...

If you're a gay guy, none of this matters, you're doing a great job of looking like a girl, and if you lose weight you'll get a bony old-man face which gay guys love even more.

>> No.11316271
File: 47 KB, 500x334, ng tube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think they're just skinnyfat, definitely not chubby
The size is fine but I'd replace the fat on the tights with muscle like >>11315044

They don't feed people with IVs you dip, they use feeding tubes

>> No.11316292

I have a nice chest imo, and a good butt, so thats not a problem, but my top is still extremely skelly. I think i still can lose more.
I run everyday, and exercise twice a week. I dont really have much time because of exams. I've been doing this for quite some time and my legs are still so flabby and soft, im like fucking jelly.

>> No.11316321

Take a photo of your chest and butt (nothing lewd). I can't see in those baggy clothes.

>> No.11316332


go back to /fit/

>> No.11316339

Nothing lewd amirit

>> No.11316343
File: 78 KB, 657x527, strolgbone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fit dink milk thinspo dink watter.

>> No.11316354

thanks pepe

kek. chicks do take the most retarded photos on here though. at least the guys take their shirts off, the girls obviously can't show their tits but wearing xxxl tshirts and shorts and giant sweatshirts doesn't exactly give much to go off of.

tl;dr women are stupid

>> No.11316355

this is a thinspo thread retard, we discuss getting thin and shit

>> No.11316358

everyone is doing the opposite and talking about being normal sized

>> No.11316362

Did you read my posts at all or nah

>> No.11316371

>the girls obviously can't show their tits
You can just censor the nipples for SFW boards

>> No.11316382

does anyone else have this issue? I'm not attracted to normal girls anymore, I only want skeletons. Like some girl was showing me her tits and I thought "I wish I could see her collar bones". I'm not even joking.

>> No.11316384

true but i mean a bra works too

>> No.11316389

just your fetish m8, need to find you a skelle grill.

>> No.11316398

here's a few more pics in an album so I'm not shitting up the thread camwhoring


looking to gain about five-seven pounds

>> No.11316420

What's that hole over your bellybutton?

>> No.11316438

an unfortunate scar
I've had it since I was a child though

>> No.11316788

Bumping for more bones

>> No.11316932
File: 641 KB, 1440x2171, bones_2_tiff_6_of_6__WEB_zvwpch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bones? Do you like his rap music?

>> No.11317576

I think he meant bonespo

>> No.11317656

how short are you? my bmi is like <17.5 and my actual waist is ~27"

>> No.11317717

not that guy, but I like bones. my favorite is his song 'cut.' it really sounds like bones has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

>> No.11317729

wow! you're perfect! pls b my bf. where do you live?

>> No.11317745

you're all fucking sick.

>> No.11317778

Northeast US
also thanks

>> No.11317785

thanks pham ur pretty sick too

>> No.11317807
File: 83 KB, 620x931, c6bznxfmw6cipf92xekw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He is nice, thin enough to be thinspo too. As a rule of thumb if it can't wear skinny jeans is not /thin/.

>> No.11317819

last july I had a kidney stone that caused some other problems and I lost 40 pounds by December and by January I had gone up to about 128lbs and have been there ever since.
You jealous /thinspo/ ?

>> No.11318266

Not really, I'm glad you are doing better though!

>> No.11318316

I've had two kidney stones myself
not fun
I'm assuming you're female considering 128lbs
what's your bmi at now?

>> No.11318481

aren't kidney stones supposed to hurt more than giving birth?

Yeah no thanks.

>> No.11318561


>> No.11318704

I'm a guy

Id say you're fine. Just tone up more by exercise and don't starve yourself.

>> No.11318727
File: 102 KB, 534x950, CbYko-vUsAAK4cX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also even exercising too much is bad. Friend of mine who got signed and everything fucked up big time when she lost too much weight and put in the hospital. Her career is now kind of at a stand still. Her body is burning off calories faster than she can consume them making it so she can't even gain the weight back. Cant even walk, but instead wheel chaired around. Her names Lexi Kapono

>> No.11318730
File: 51 KB, 534x742, CbYko-qUsAEBwkE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11318854

>leviathan cross
looking good though

>> No.11319002


>> No.11319320

and nope, male
I do have somewhat soft features though.
I have never been in so much pain before. they pump you with morphine and it drops into your bladder it isn't bad at all though. They sent me home with a big bottle of oxy and FloMax and I didn't feel a thing when it came out

>> No.11319445

try drinking lots of liquids if you are gonna eat something, too. like a meal with soup. you need to learn to make your meal portions smaller as well. shitton of water shitton of water shitton of water

>> No.11319540

oh damn, how tall are you?

skinny males with soft features are top tier imo

>> No.11319633

>tfw drink lots of water to suppress hunger and one of my meds is a decent diuretic

>> No.11319779


jesus christ

>> No.11320013
File: 109 KB, 360x340, pepe-myy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she sounds like an absolutely miserable person.

>> No.11320058

she cute tho, so it doesn't matter

>> No.11320064
File: 8 KB, 475x405, 1423401708274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11320574

Hey Killy how does it feel being so hopelessly DYEL and low testosterone that you decided it would be better to LITERALLY start dressing and pretending to be a girl.

>> No.11320592

c-can you guys stop encouraging eating disorders

>> No.11320595

It was not like that maybe half a year ago. Blame that killy newfag.

>> No.11320718

about 5'8"
I need to tone my body though.
My face is thin and I look very thin with clothing but the second my shirt comes off the flab is revealed.
Or maybe it's not flab and I'm just too used to thinking I'm fat. Regardless I really need some lean muscle. I do theater and lifting stage weights and lights are a big struggle.

>> No.11320721


Most of the thinspo physiques can easily be achieved by healthy diet and exercise.
These threads are full of kids, thinking they can lose 50lbs before the summer and it will somehow make their lives less miserable.

>> No.11320759

it's amazing that people still don't filter all tripfags

>> No.11321090

This. You literally don't need to eat less than 1400kcals or so to be extremely thin.

>> No.11321097

and I should add maintenance will be like 1700-1800 depending how tall you are. For me 1750-1800kcal is my maintenance at 6' 125lbs.

>> No.11321107

c-can you stop typing like a faggot

>> No.11321213

literally, u know he be eating all kinds of salty chips n shit.

>> No.11321221

im trying to do the same thing, but im 170, ive been yoyoing from 165 to 170 all week.
>i need to just stop eating

>> No.11321282

oh rip
I'm 5'8 105lbs

>> No.11321932

haven't ate in 1 whole day , took a massive hsit and have already lost 2 and a half pounds. i think i can go a few more days until i reach my goal of 10 pounds weight loss but i have to go to work and im going to need energy to do the manual labor there. what can i do besides eat and gain weight back for energy? :(

>> No.11322067

you eat, kinda like you're going to have to do until you die. you can starve yourself and lose temporary weight all you want but you will eat again and gain it back.

>> No.11322236

>tfw 1,500 calorie binge

Feels indifferent right now but will probably be awful tomorrow

>> No.11322426

That ain't bad senpai you'll do better tomorrow

>> No.11322457


lol. She's not a miserable person. Most of those posts were from when she got put in the hospital so she was really upset. She would literally run 7 miles a day and only consume tea, black coffee, water, and fruits and veggies. She's still in recovery too. She's literally the most dedicated person I know.

>> No.11322467
File: 152 KB, 959x959, CaZMlOGUAAEEpov.jpg-large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

her stomach though

>> No.11322516

where to find qt model gf who starves herself to almost death

pls be in spain

>> No.11322535


>> No.11322560


Same here, mane

I'm only attracted to thin girls since y became a skinnyfag

>> No.11322564

that is just bad

>> No.11322574

In recovery from what?

>> No.11322575
File: 14 KB, 320x320, tmp_14781-12277434_720975341335379_964237696_n-1698303282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>eating disorder

>mfw I lost 100lbs in 3 months not giving a fuck

>> No.11322668
File: 164 KB, 262x287, 1414276254238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ever letting yourself become a fat fuck in the first place

>> No.11322683
File: 117 KB, 1000x1100, 1423105305363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She would literally run 7 miles a day and only consume tea, black coffee, water, and fruits and veggies.
She ended up in the hospital with a heart rate of 31bpm and no period, now she's on social networks whining about how she can't exercise (because she's in a mental hospital being treated for a eating disorder).

Her responses to peoples questions are very snobby, but I kinda of feel bad for her because there is obviously some other mental disorder going on. Can scroll down a ways to read a bunch of them:


You call that dedication, I call it being a nutcase.

>> No.11322684

losing 100lbs is nothing when youre obese u dumbshit

>> No.11322856

lol you dont know her in real life

Yeah, I will admit she can be a bit bitchy and rude

but it was her dedication that almost killed her

She wasn't trying to starve herself like some people in here, she was just misinformed on her weight and how the body works when you are exercising that much on the vegan diet she was following.

>> No.11322872

How much of a difference do you think 10 pounds makes?

I haven't seen my oneitis in 2 years, but i saw a picture of her today and she looks a lil piggu.
I cant tell exactly how much weight she put on though

>> No.11322896

How to kill appetite without adderall and coffee? Coke, cigs and rasberries have been working well for me but idk what else to try

>> No.11322898

give more specific numbers. 90 turned to 100 or something like 150 to 160??

>> No.11322901

Water, tea, gum, and exercise

>> No.11322908

i'd assume she was 5'4-5'5 and 125 or so

her body isn't shockingly different from what i could see, but her face looks almost like a different person

>> No.11322949

>tfw stretchmarks on bony ass
>never been fat
I hate myself even more
How to ass without getting thick ass thighs?

>> No.11322959


>losing 100lbs is nothing

How much gave you lost, m8?

I'm at 175lbs right now, good thing I'm not a manlet

>> No.11322976

>6'8 stretch marks down my whole back, arms and legs

>> No.11322991
File: 792 KB, 705x725, 1442963894272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>losing 100lbs is nothing when youre obese u dumbshit
>when youre obese
>u dumbshit
People should not be at 275 lbs even if you're tall. Its easy to get to a normal weight range by just not eating like a fat fuck. I've been working to get to 120 to 85ish. Right now im 5'4" 110lbs

>> No.11323004

Damn son
From losing weight?
Where in your arms? It sounds awful

>> No.11323027

Just from growing. I foolishly was really into weight lifting at the time also, which didn't help things at all.
Marks are down my shoulder to my elbow, they space out a bit on my forearm (only two or three).
Trying to go full bone mode in the hope that they fade away.

>> No.11323247


>Its easy to get to a normal weight range by just not eating like a fat fuck.

Yeah, it's easy for you to say

You're basically a dwarf, you don't need to eat much.

Anyway, fuck you, I'm skinny now

>> No.11323264

anime fag is right you're in denial

>> No.11323297

hey guys i just started adderall 5 weeks ago. i thought it would be some miracle drug and that i would lose weight like nothing. WRONG. If you are like me and in the possession of a third chromosome, you will learn the hard way that if you don't take adderal EVERY day at the SAME TIME, EVERYDAY, you will binge on the days you don't, like I did.

When i started adderal i was 146.2 at 6', now i'm 154.

it's been 5 weeks of binging on the weekends (directly because i didn't want to take it due to the negative effect that it had on my comedic skills with my friends), and 5 weeks of viciously trying to make up for it by eating sub 900-1100 calories a day and then eating like 2.5k on the weekends.

the point is anons, if u want to do adderal, take it every day until you reach ur goal weight. don't be like me and waste 5 weeks of your life because you're a degenerate dumbass.

it really does work, when it works.

>> No.11323303

on eca stack which is better. more sustained and better eating patterns.

>> No.11323306

my sister got institutionalized from almost dying at that same height at about 100 pounds, 90 was her goal. heart failure, she'll have problems for the rest of your life. just call it good at 110 you moron

>> No.11323395

fuck off fatty

>> No.11323498

gain 10 pounds. anorexia is not attractive. I'm sorry you have body image issues, but you seriously have to gain weight if you want anyone to find you attractive.

>> No.11323518

>We learned to appreciate beautiful bone structures, faces, delicacy, finesse and elegance. We were not exactly sexually educated on porn like the prole. /fa/ is also younger and more trustfund than /fit/.
Most cringeworthy thing I've ever read on /fa/. You are such a delusional subhuman.

>hey guize look i put a nickname up, just like on reddit!! pay attention to me pls

>> No.11323684

I think she looks perfect.

>> No.11323786

pls be in london

>> No.11323811
File: 306 KB, 500x600, trumpanime-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not buying that at all, nobody is that dumb. She knew what she was doing, maybe not the long term problems it would cause, but she knew she'd lost her period and was extremely low on weight and wasn't eating anything while exercising hard.

Also if she wasn't trying to starve herself she wouldn't be in a mental hospital or complaining about how awful it is to eat.

You live in Hawaii? That sounds comfy.

>> No.11323863 [DELETED] 
File: 669 KB, 2560x1440, 20160514_114154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have surpassed feelings

>> No.11323866
File: 651 KB, 1440x2560, 20160514_114154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have transcended feelings

>> No.11324050

hey /fa/, how skinny is too skinny?
122 lbs, 16.4 bmi here. i want to get fatter but im not sure if its a good idea.

>> No.11324080

How much weight should I roughly be losing per week from eating 1500 calories a day, I've been keeping at it for about a month and feel I should have lost more weight

>> No.11324089

v nice

>> No.11324141

if your tdee is 2000 then exactly 1 pound.

>> No.11324330

How do I deal with the hunger pains and my stomach growling in public, should I just start eating more that an apple a day?

>> No.11324349

>should I just start eating more that an apple a day?
yes baby


>> No.11324398

weight means nothing without knowing height

>> No.11324433

these threads make me feel better about being skinny, been skinny my whole life, girls used to make fun of me for it.

Either way some of you are dangerously skinny, but i do enjoy your hatred towards /fit/

>> No.11324452

I have complimented skinny guys all my life. Too bad I was not there to lift your spirits.
It takes someone skinny to appreciate skinniness.

>> No.11324456

Hey Killy how does it feel being so hopelessly DYEL and low testosterone that you decided it would be better to LITERALLY start dressing and pretending to be a girl.

>> No.11324482

>I've been a fag my whole life

Keep up the good work Killy

Also that sounds like the fucking worst, hope everything clears up for you soon

>> No.11324483


Honestly you have to make it work for your style. Being a skinny male is definitely not "mainstream" attractive, but who cares about attracting someone who's nothing like you?

>> No.11324536

enjoy your guaranteed heart failure

>> No.11324596
File: 327 KB, 900x1148, sohotamirite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

skele mode only looks good on girls honestly

if you are a skinny guy with no lean muscle definition then why do you even exist?

>> No.11324617

How does alcohol help?

>> No.11324635

Do you lift?

I have the abs and the chest but no shoulders.

>> No.11324646

Numbs your sensations, yo

>> No.11324651

>fat girls think guys don't like this

>> No.11324665

I don't get bulimia, why not just starve yourself like a normal person. Its really not that hard to just drink some fucking water or chew some sugar free gum.

>> No.11324684

who asked you lmao

thats not even me but seriously who cares what you think is attractive

>> No.11324747

Too many calories

>> No.11324821

wtf dude

wth are you doing to yourself

you literally sound pathetic

becoming infatuated with a below average white girl<<<<<<< lmao

>> No.11324833

im personally around that weight and height and it does make a difference from 120-130

thankfully for me it was from 115-123 is where i noticed my thighs becoming larger and my neck/chin and cheeks on face look disgusting when i wake up so im starting to loose to get back down to 110.

im at 118 now and can see my rib cages again.

>> No.11324840


>> No.11324867

5' 11" manlet here. I'm 154 how low should I go to be thin but not ultra thin? my BMI now is like 22.

>> No.11324879

get to 140, then see how you feel

130-135 is a nice place

>> No.11324933

U wot??

>> No.11324972

What's your routine then? Mind sharing?

>> No.11324978

>if you are a skinny guy with no lean muscle definition then why do you even exist?
because I'm a fag and being a skelly twink works out pretty well

>> No.11324987

Abdominals, push ups and pull ups only.

>> No.11325192


Just let your stomach growl, mane

If you're in public just pretend you didn't hear it.

>> No.11325201

People stare familia

>> No.11325222


go away skellyman

>> No.11325246


You people are idiots. You do have to actually eat to lose weight. You have to find a balance. if your body thinks it's on the cusp of starvation your metabolism slows down and you lose weight much more slowly.
Also I hope your taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

>> No.11325295
File: 135 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i like these.

these are way too skinny, it looks like their sick and it make you think they look pretty ,it makes you panic and feel bad becuase you want them to eat so they wont die...

i dont think guys should be this skinny either, even if its not anorexic looking. girls dont really feel much towards a skinny guy, we wanna feel like our bf cant protect us and we want him to have enough cushion so we can use them as pillows or lay on them without getting poked by bones.

>> No.11325303

>girls dont really feel much towards a skinny guy
who said anything about doing this for girls?

>> No.11325320
File: 13 KB, 236x354, de2077beb5b814852482e3a7eaee3b09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a little less thin Eliza, not exactly fashion skinny. How much do you weigh?

>> No.11325359

Thanks, I'll go to 140 and see what happens.

I wish I was taller. With shoes on I'm 6'. Could be worse.

>> No.11325360

what do your hip bones look like? my legs look a bit thicker than yours, need to lose another 2kg or so

>> No.11325371


>> No.11325422

bump limit isn't reached. you got close though, you have the OP and linked back correctly and so forth.

>> No.11325436

We are going to have to cleanse your brain from all the garbage you learned at /r9k/ if you want to roll with us.

>> No.11325440

bumping to make thread reach bump limit

>> No.11325461

More like, most mentally unstable person you know.

>> No.11325551

good body. keep lifting.

>> No.11326474


how long you been doing that? i used to kinda look the same, w less definition, but ive put on some chub in the last year or so

>> No.11326957

nice build up that chest some