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What's the best outfit to make girls weat?

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no clothes and a fit, attractive body with enough muscle definition but not freak huge like /fit/'s ideal body which limits the kind of girls

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i can tell you what isn't

>minimalist monochrome
>streetwear (pic related)
>avant garde

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This. To know what to dress like, simply look at what girls like. Girls like Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio. Fix your clothes, fix your confidence, fix your lifestyle.
Gauges in your ears and that kind of cut aren't going to do this.

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You can't get fit without wanting to get bigger.

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depends on that type of girl
some girls really like formal wear,other like you to be more stylish etc

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go away reddit

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What about Polo shirts?

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Ok if they are plain with only 1 color.

Everything else is just garbage.

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what kind of girls do you want to make wet, op?

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What made you say that?

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Girls gush over guys like Ryan Gosling but its not his clothing they like.

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girls love his style, but also his physical appearance.

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i feel like you people are all really ugly or flawed in some other way and are obsessed with trying to dress better thinking it will make people like you

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Of course it's not just the clothes. That's why I said confidence and overall lifestyle

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model tier face
otter mode body
untucked white button down
black sweater
black skinny jeans
black leather SLP side zips

enjoy the pussy

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so post that body brah. Are you talking like soccer player fit?

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dressing for girls and not personal style... gross

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That's autism m8

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>What's the best outfit to make girls weat?

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How has nobody said a suit?

A well-fitted charcoal or navy suit with black shoes and a black alligator belt and an Hermes tie. Bitches love the ones with little animals.

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Holy shit messi got autism core

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not him but you're literally MFA

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fuck how old are you? the only pussy you're grabbing with a suit is a 40 year old bih

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Any girl with some sense wants a guy who makes a lot of money, and those guys tend to own and wear suits.

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In general, a suit or a sports coat. For sub cultures it's different, you'll have to learn how they signal status.
Anyway, back to the general: a well fitting, slim but not skinny (looks like shit, and yes, there are guys going around in that) suit looks best.
If you want to look younger and more approachable, navy jacket and wool pants are good too, and can go tie less.
Oh, and dress shoes.

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plenty of broke bois wear suits homie

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I will tell you my personal secret kid : Axe bodyspray.

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ITT: Dumb

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suit in the right setting is #1

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lebesgy contrarian secret xlub my clothes reflect my humor and soul, dark and edgy


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dressing for an autistic samoan candlemaking chat room is even more gross

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Any article of clothing that you are confident in. That's why some say suits and some suggest casual clothing. It's about leaving an impression of confidence and having your shit togheter. You need to shape up, not buy more expensive rags

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Something like this

> Pic related, makes the bitches wet.

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until they see the fossil watch

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this is not the cringe thread ffs

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holy shit this is the worst thing ive ever seen

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they're usually shit suits anon

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if you want nigger thots sure.

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Saged don't let the pussy cheat code get out please

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No dress will help you with that.

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Kill yourself.

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just bee yuor self :^)

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>implying normie girls care about this

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Wow, well done Sherlock.

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idk about this, id say im very skater/slackercore and i get a lot of attention from girls. lets see how long thatll last though

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This for 13 to 22 year olds (replace jeans with joggers)
Left for grannies and right for slightly younger grannies

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It's not even the worst thing Primer's put out.

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this yells TJ MAXX and Marshalls and KOHLS
girls love those places
might work for them dumb girls, but youre a pussyboi nerd if u think u look good in that poor tier shit

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>not going for 40 year olds

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I used to read Primer when I was starting out. It's MFA-tier "babbys first foray into fashion" stuff.

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no outfit will

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Don't go dissing TJ/TK Maxx. You can hit lottery in there on a good day.

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That, is how real faggotry looks like.

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>guy dresses like a normal 20-something year old
>"What a faggot!!1"

Pretty sure that guy looks better than whatever you dress in m8

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he dresses like a nu male redditor. normal guys dont dress like that, he dresses like a woman would and his shits all clean like a little bitch boy

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>elfmode fucker

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Spoken like a true /pol/cuck.

Keep mad because nobody liked your XXXXXL Ron Paul 2012 shirt.

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It took you less than 3 posts to start parroting what you read on here. Of course "Normal guys" don't dress like that idiot, this is a fashion board, no one here tried to dress "normal", everyone here wants to dress further beyond what the average person dresses like.

If I saw that guy I walking down the street I wouldn't think anything of it, but he can lose the scarf and organizer.
If I saw you, however, I'd probably think you were a huge faggot for spouting "nu male redditor" every 10 seconds.

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back to MFA

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post fit

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this is litterally MFA the thread

I dress like this and people just think I am gay or that I steal my grandparents clothes

trying to leave dadcore, but I just can't stand the wave of tumblr trash dressing

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What a boring lookbook.nu basic bitch and I'm basic bitch chic myself.

>this is MFA the thread
Yes, everyone inside this garbage troll thread is DUMB as HELL! But they somehow enjoy talking for girls, totally out of their asses because straight white males have frail egos.

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>implying I care about normie girls

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soil, seeds and water lad.

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