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chart edition

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so deez nuts shirts aren't on the list? even though isilanons can fuck with tough guy (read: pussy) australian hardcore

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guys, what u think, will this become a thing?

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put some shit on and took pic whatever m8s

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This isn't terrorwave
This is pure autism

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is it any different from the rest of the __wave shit we see? it's all pretty autistic

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terrorwave is milspos bastard child with techwear it seems

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Yes but all the info graphics from them aren't centrered around making you look like an out of touch redneck autist from Midwest america

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>trying something new is bad

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When did this whole metalevel fashion for autists actually start? With every core and wave people try to look more and more bland and unoriginal, they try to look like the actual opposite of what is considered fashionable. Did it start with hipsters who started with all this irony crap? Can we enter a post irony phase please?

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Yes it is when the new thing is genuinely bad

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this is how every guy in their teens and early 20s dresses in bad neighborhoods

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Kek terrorists using American cigs

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>somewhat masculine
yeah no

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lmao you clueless fuck
its obvious you have no idea what youre talking about
lurk more

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w2c anorak bottom left in milsurp

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fuck all yall I thought this was a good post

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Looks like slavcore with a mask

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Post pics?

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for the most part terrorwave is earth tones which is desert ninja, which in a sense IS terrorwave. maybe it's an edgy enough name to bring it popularity

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W2C those fucking white sneakers on the top left.

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Fuck, swap the sneakers for vans and take out the autismo masks/nbc gear and this is basically how I already dress. Does that mean people think I'm trying to dress like a school shooter or something? Goddamnit.

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School shooter-core is always effay as fuck.

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Seriously, what the fuck are those? I think I'm in love with them. They remind me of muh childhood. Nostalgia is such a stupid feeling.

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those are stan smiths you fucking idiot

>> No.11302894

Thanks a lot, you candy ass shit heel.

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jesus christ this is how i dress

minus the weapons

how long has terrorwave been a thing?

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I don't believe most milsurp fits. Can someone post inspo? I'm not having much luck finding any.

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I always thought I was a pleb guys but i finally made it ;_;

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sambas are essential

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for about a week
jokes on you im slav

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>who are western terrorists

>> No.11303811

shitposts and not fits the thread

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>implying /fa/ is creative or has confidence to get fits going

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is this terrorwave?

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pretty much

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no boots, needs to be sneakers
the essence of terrorwave is clothes that dont really match, so make sure your colours are all mixed

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First it was military inspo, which became fascistcore, which became partisancore in reaction which both found eachother in milspo. Now some fuckhead decided he wanted to call it TERRORWAVE.

I can't believe you idiots fell for that one anon spamming MUH TERRORWAVE.

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this is the next big thing

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>feet not flat on the floor while squatting

not slav

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I think it's more slavecore with a hint of tech mixed in. It's simple and practical which has a lot of appeal to me. Also as an american burger I like the slightly foreign feel and I can actually carry a glock and switchblade to make it complete.

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sambas and ure in

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can someone make one of those for slp aesthetic?

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just look at slp runway you tard

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one of the goatest

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would look pretty good wihout mask too

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No you just dress normal and shitty and not effay, sorry

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>tfw don't own an authentic jacket like this including decade old blood on it

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where to cop bottom middle milsurp jacket

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Dropping some inspo

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>I think it's more slavecore with a hint of tech mixed in

But why are these thread full of IRA group shots and riot picturess then? Techslav wouldn't be about the violence/violent pose that "terrorwave" gets off on.

Basically, terrorwave is 90's Lad with a balaclava.

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needs more cheeki breeki

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You may be right

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the balaclava is the only thing that makes terrorwave and aesthetic, which literally makes it one of the stupidest trends to emerge on /fa/

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>falling for /k/ propaganda

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i think instead of terrorwave we should embrace and direct it towards isis and maybe call it isiscore or something.

then we just need isis to start embracing n├╝cuckcore and we have a very strong global fashion statement

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we can wear medic masks, so no trouble

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you clever bastard

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get out of here with that shitty attitude, pleb.

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>no 3 hole ski mask

>> No.11304588

>tfw the bomber i was going to buy got removed from aliexpress

sad times

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>that squat

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>mfw i can't post etainspo because the CNI will bust me and send me to jail

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I came from /k/, how'd I do? Minus everything in accessories besides the belt.

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why dont you start new insurgency group then, if authority is shittong over you

>> No.11305342

a nuu cheeki breeki
TERRORWAVE GOD lvl achieved

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I feel like pale yellow would work for terrorwave

>> No.11305823

What vehicle for terrorwave? Old tacoma or 4runner?

>> No.11305973

tacoma ofc

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Hiking shoes are infinitely more TERRORWAVE than the basic fuccbwoi sneakers in the chart. Fila's I accept but stans, killshots or those NB's aren't even close.

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Post essential terrorwave music

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1odnhNiAM_k (note: couldn't find his best terrorismcore project, Insurgent on youtube, but definitely rec the "99 Names for God" tape)

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Why aren't there beards under the accessories? Beards are an absolute MUST unless your primary inspo is east asian insurgents


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That's pretty much Taxi Driver-core

Also, would you say school shooter-core is a subset of terrorwave or its own thing entirely?

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>on a flight jacket

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I love you guys.

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are you even trying?

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>sings in english

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>Also, would you say school shooter-core is a subset of terrorwave or its own thing entirely?
depends time will show

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Whatever happened to these guys?
Were they ever connected to the IRA they seem pretty similar other that the whole Marxist-Leninist thing

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ETA ( Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) is a group fighting for an independent Basque Country. They have nothing to with the IRA other than they're both separatist groups. Read a book.

>> No.11308418

I know what they are, but I also know the IRA were in contact with a bunch of other groups like FARC and Hamas so it seemed likely that they would have some contact with a similar group in western europe

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those small accessory bags that can be mistaken for faggy handbags are a must desu

already got one from Nike but I haven't really got anything to pull it off with

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ID on those filas shoes?

>> No.11309265

check their site, im sure you can find them there

>> No.11309376

post some inspo lads... no masks perfered

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Also from /k/

Wuddup mah well-dressed nyu/k/ka??

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why is it called terrorwave

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might cop this bridgestone hat

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because it's terrible

>> No.11310168

>slavcore with a mask
isn't that basically what terrorwave is?

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>desert ninja
terrorwave takes inspo from the IRA slavs and antifacists wtf are you talking about

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get those heels on the ground m8y

>> No.11310194

these literally read like they were written by 8th graders

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w2c loli sidekick

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Some good, mostly bad on this list. You're relatively on point for the aesthetic.

Clueless pleb.

It's like you guys don't even listen to underground arab trap or experimental witch house






git gud

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>Greatest of all timeest

>> No.11312126

Digging that anorak

>> No.11312367

how do i prevent my sunglasses fogging when i wear my ski mask?

>> No.11312374

how to pull off terrorwave in summer?

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worn out shirt
cargo pants

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Terrorwave seems like something /fa/ made up to be edgy (because I think it mostly is), but it has potential as a sort of anti-normcore. Terrorwave draws inspiration from people dressed to fly under the radar (in some instances) while in reality they were more rebellious than anyone. It turns a basic military style jacket, sneakers, jeans and sunglasses into something entirely opposite from the average person.

>> No.11313092

is this from a vice article?

>> No.11313331


>that webm
russian sof look like terrorists themselves, what the fuck. too much vodka

>> No.11313398


gotchu senpai


>> No.11313534

fucking poseur pussies

>> No.11313569

that was some dangerous shooting too lmao

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Spetsnaz causing tons of collateral is a well-known meme
>all subjects dead
>all hostages killed
>half of town torched
>somehow invaded a neighbor country

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Well I didn't complain about Terrorwave being sexist or travel to Iraq to spend time with Isis and research true terrorist culture, so no.

>> No.11313697

Meant to reply to >>11313092

>> No.11315435

terrorwave started here, you fucking hippie jew

>> No.11315441

this is great

>> No.11315465

w2c cheap fluffy pilot jacket?

>> No.11315647

Where did you find these? Very patrician.

>> No.11315810

underrated post

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>1mil view meme trash and amateur bandcamp music
get onto albertslund terror korps, syg nok etc fucking loser


>> No.11315858

I'm fairly new here and even after a decent amount of lurking I still can't tell if terrorwave is an actual look that fuckboys aspire to or if it's a fucking joke

>> No.11315906

It's a cooky idea some guy in /fa/ came up after the recent milspo threads that have been happening. It'll be a new meme for a while after dying out without any real results.

Kind of like lunarcore but with balaclavas instead of grey palladiums.

>> No.11315917


W2c t-shirt?

>> No.11315922

do you people honestly think you have any sense of fashion at all?

i can pick a top at random out of my closet, pair it with my work pants and hiking boots and it will look better than 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 % of the bs you guys post

it's pathetic

>> No.11315940

post fit.

>> No.11316748

>second video

>> No.11318527

>syg nok
>not meme trash
wew, I mean, all respect to Goodiepal but lol

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Nothing like this, but I was thinking of getting a military style black vest and wear it with nothing underneath like a summer-thing
Only thing I'm scared of is I get taken for a terrorist, school shooter or skinhead (as I'm currently rocking the hairstyle)

What do? Pic related

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File: 217 KB, 1000x936, tumblr_nc0e7fzNa21rvhwhbo2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11319224

are they a meme now? i dont get where all the views are coming from on some of their videos. is it because why be got involved with halycon and Hvad had a thing on janus?

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File: 1.24 MB, 1000x500, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought I'd try something out...

>> No.11319272

none of what I posted was bandcamp. only the first video had meme views.

you know nothing about terror aesthetic

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File: 68 KB, 645x773, 1424459132001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From an underground Russian witch house artist collective.

80% of their stuff isn't on youtube.


>> No.11319575

I'm liking the baggy trousers but you'll need to contrast it with a fitting top. So the baggy open shirt is a no go and I'm not feeling the jacket either, makes you look like a beige blob of fabric. Brown leather boots would look better too cmpared to the sand palladiums.

But cheers for actually posting a fit.

>> No.11319656

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to take your advice onboard

>> No.11319673

I wish he'd sell more like those

>> No.11319720

What pants are they anyway? They look like belgian m64 trousers but it could be anything.

>> No.11319731

East German strichtarn trousers

>> No.11319765

Ah, that makes it slightly more interesting than regular OD in those fits.

>> No.11319812

w2c pants like in the top left cammo pic???

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File: 230 KB, 726x582, terrro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literally me

>> No.11321520

gorka pants, dont know wich vesion that suit is tho...
if redneck, will get weird looks/10

>> No.11321538

so terrorwave is like scumwave, looking unapproachable and all, but with different clothes + same mindset?

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