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Health Goth is dead, seapunk is long dead, normcore is dying, vaporwave is lost. So, in 2016, what is the underground fashion movement?

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A return to color. Loose fits might get it as well.

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It's time for bright colors to come back.

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>Health Goth is dead, seapunk is long dead, normcore is dying, vaporwave
do you fucking hear how retarded you sound?

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>implying that anyone on /fa/ hears themselves

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I like these weird trends. I don't usually subscribe to them, but its fun to see how the internet impacts fashion

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We get gold like this meme shit

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What would u call this?

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You're right, but at the same time, I know I'm right too.

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normcore is not dead, it is now called marcdemarco core or palewave.

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normcore, but really obvious gay internet normcore

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Thats what i thought. So, the search continues.

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is that the jon lajoie public masturbator trench coat?

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90s normcore

even google and watch what comes up


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drug dealer core

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plenty of color and /fa/

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of course the next trend is samurai core

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Ader error is like 90s norm-core infused with late 70s

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who wouldnt wanna be a samurai

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yes please

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People seem to want to dress like chavs now. I wouldn't be surprised if the next trend was mid-2000's rap clothes or trailer park-core

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terrorwave obviously

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Where do these kids come from? That kid has fucking pierced ear in age I fucking thought if I'm going to play football after school or not.

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>that lack of trigger discipline
0/10 would not cop

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LOLOL I forgot about seapunk what the fuck were they thinking

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holy shit in france this is 100% accurate

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dean blunt

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Id on jacket please

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thats not samurai core
this is samurai core

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I agree with that other guy. Where are pics like this taken exactly? I mean, where are there four model-looking pre teen boys with matching, extremely distinct haircuts and 90's skatewear just casually hanging out together?

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>implying any of these were /actually/ good
these were all just fashion trends among internet geeks turned fuckboys (not as in fuccboi but as in a degenerate douche)
i'm glad this shit is dying out

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Really have you seen the newest health goth movie?


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You know those super baggy/scrunchy socks Japanese schoolgirls used to wear? I keep expecting that to pop up as a new trend.

Also suspenders, to go with the current porny/BDSM look

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My guess is UK. Here in Finland quite a few people get piercings at a very young age as well though.

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oversized shit

hence the rise of vetements

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Asian inspired comfycore and loose airy fits in general. Normies don't seem to be onto this yet but they will be by ss17
Also a more mid 80s/90s normcare featuring high waisted jeans and tucks

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vetements influence
more 90s shit
relaxed fit lightwash jeans

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Is that Robert Smith

>> No.11295517

Are those hats?
I want one.

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this, also metal influence, germanic shit, etc

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bigger clothes
more layers
and random vintage stuff

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damn guy on left is dope
full suit @white gloves

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Im going to agree with other anons and say that T E R R O R W A V E is the new thing, in an age where terrorism is a real threat; it is our duty to steal their sik fits.

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Seriously wtf its 2016 man, parents are shit trynna be friends and shit... idk man things are wierd nowadays

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I'm from the UK and 20% of boys had piercings in Year 8/9 (12-13).

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90s australian kids shows always had dope costumes

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Enjoy your free trip to Guantanamo Bay.

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yo yo wassup crackas, da nest big thang gun be nig wear cuz we be undagroun fassin n shieet

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Scratchcore and neofade are on the rise. Wouldn't doubt an eventual resurgence of bright colors next, as previously stated

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And I'll still be wearing a plain white tshirt, blue jeans and converse.

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O-okay man.

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tryhard tumblr shit
fuck off already you fucks

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This is beautiful

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God your country is a mess

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That's rebelcore you dummy

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The UK is insufferable

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so we're still doing the 90s revival thing then right?

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dont turn this isnt some pussy "i wanna be trendy and different" shit

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>Health Goth is dead

sucks to hear that, because it never caught on in my shithole town. I just think goth fashion looks so sexy on women. Guys not so much.

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I wish.

I'm not wearing bright colors. Fuck that and fuck you guys too.

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you cucks first have to figure out what an 'underground fashion movement' is first. Since seapunk the platforms have been shifting and the goal posts have moved, and so comparing any two of these things is pretty conjectural.

So what is it you're trying to see? Something not attended to by major publications? Something big on 4chan but not on tumblr? Is this recycling older elements or relying on new constructions/fabrics that are being made now?

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its classic middle england 'lad' fashion

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>all 4 have the same hairstyle

Lmao lrn 2 crew

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What type of camera do i need to take pictures like this

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in UK too

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clothes on ur face has been effay for a while but it's so not practical for everyday wear

like imagine i go to uni wth a baclava on people are going to think im about to shoot everyone

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we wont know about it... we are on 4chan, even though we think we are "in" we really arent.

jk i dont know, im still recovering from vaporwave

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requires blackness, also dangerous because cops be schemin when they see you chillin.

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current trend is oversized tops, ripped jeans, and palewave

underground trend is lolita

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idk but mark my words, black people are going to be dressing like dipset again

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you heard it here first

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you mean the golden era of fashion?

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Underrated post

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accurate in upper canada lololol

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be a part of an underground and wear clothes you like loooooool
fxcking nerds

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checkout buzzword chic.

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can someone please explain to me what health goth is

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Just nike and adidias athletic wear in black and white

>> No.11299134

why didn't i get the invite to the jim reid cosplay convention?

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slav core


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Japanese have been doing that shit for decades because they're manlets but all that has ever come from it is some weebo ass crackers looking stupid in yohji

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Where the fuck do I even find underground slavcore raves in the US ?

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you don't.
Pop up and swim over

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Am I the only one who thinks health goth is fucking hot

>> No.11300687

slavcore is definitely making moves
i just hope it dies faster than healthgoth

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Hggnnnn so trashy

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is health goth just dressing in black and white?

>> No.11300740

you have to dress like a junkie athlete going to a sex club

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You don't wanna fuck that.

>> No.11300869

I kinda do anon

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Wtf is this style actually called? I call it Beverly Hills teens addicted to Xanax core

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I'm definitely visiting Russia someday.

Also this song is dope https://youtu.be/Q7r8Fnhzi0Y
But I fucking keked at 0:45

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terrorwave is where its at

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Terrorist-core starter kit

>> No.11301252

beat up sneakers instead of boots

>> No.11301432

got dam i love me a health goth

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I've seen the same things in LA, OC & Chicago, at the slowest once a month, and from what I've heard they're out in NYC & Detroit too.

The taste leans more towards dark than eurotrash but you still get it in shitty internet pop gigs that play nightcore and PC music stuff. But everything gets shut down so things are either really sketchy and reserved or stupidly commercial and anything that hits the sweet spot inbetween doesn't last long

>going to russia for raves
lol. just go to berlin. Pretty sure moscow/st petersburg scene is hard af to break into as a foreigner

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who is the girl plsssssss

>> No.11301549

shorty fell in love with a hustler. shorty fell in love with a g.

>> No.11301550

Ok, sweet. But how do I know when and where those gigs are coming up ? Any blogs or youtube channels I should follow ?

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>underground fashion movements
>not being a complete autist

pick one

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No fun allowed : the post.

>> No.11301572


>whole squad got the same cut.
>squad fucking goals


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well shit nigga what are the best movies cuz this shit seem lowkey lit

>> No.11301976

lolol i wish.
.also wish fubu would come back

>> No.11301984


>ctrl+F 'dungeon punk'
>0 of 0

im ashamed of you /fa/

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No, not at all, anyone have good health goth inspos?

>> No.11302128

some random thot, she looks gross

>> No.11302309

So fucking accurate in toronto holy shit

>> No.11302526

Corepunkcorewavecore is the next thing.

>> No.11302577

I know Russians often place their fingers behind the trigger instead of being out of the trigger guard. Pretty sure this pic is in Romania so maybe it's something like that.

>> No.11302580

IRA leave, go back to bombing children. Anti communist partisans is where its at

>> No.11302624





>> No.11302667

I didn't know where to post but, what style is in for a girl who will never be skelly? I love big clothes and layers but since I'm not twiggy it just looks like I'm hiding my fat body.

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I can only speak for Melbourne here, but there is a lot of skater-esque clothing in younger people. Ankles are ususally in view of cuffed pants and designer shirts, like mac demarco core but more high fashion and skate based. skatecore?

>> No.11302714

hopefully less nigger influence, monochrome edge shit, skinny bitch male jeans and a return to a more genuine style from 00's fashion

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inertia drift!?-core

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Bring back grunge core

>> No.11302777

What does she smell like?

>> No.11302807

kyoto is such a banger
like, hit of the century

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rap metal circa 1996core is back

rapcore revival desu

>> No.11303196

cigarettes and shit

>> No.11303243

learn how to shorten URLs, faggot


>> No.11303252

literally has been a thing for the past 5 years, also skatecore? why the fuck isn't it just called dressing like a skater or skate fashion

>> No.11303482

is that earl sweatshirt's ex girlfriend

>> No.11303485

those are contradictory. good lose fits are generally monochrome

>> No.11303588

lol get real m8

>> No.11303672

monochrome can include a color, as long as it's uniform, you stupid stupid idiot

>black and white or in varying tones of only one color

>> No.11303681

rapist murderer smelly nerd-core

>> No.11303700

Real subtle Damiano. This thing is objectively fucking terrible. Go drown yourself in the harbour sydfag.

>> No.11303703

>I'm dressed by the internet

srsly? what the fuck, this thread is cancer.

>> No.11303704

in london at least this is true lol
all about stone island, nike, adidas, 95s, tns, etc at the moment

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File: 33 KB, 800x600, f93132_climacool_balaclava_white_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11304107

wait, is y-3 health goth? I've been wearing a lot of that recently.

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>> No.11304217

Scratchcore probably

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File: 2.73 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20160519_230612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

n i g g a w a v e

>> No.11304650

DAMN I was on their party like 2 weeks ago. IT WAS LIT

>> No.11304659

Ironic, 2003-inspired outfits are big in Denmark

>> No.11304690

Nazi occupied France core?

>> No.11305436


dude how do you pronounce those guys.
that was fucking nice.

>> No.11305505

>that footwork beat

>> No.11305639

It's all just facebook events senpai. You just need to add one socialite in whatever scene and then you've got a constant feed. alternatively, just look at the related/recommended events of a good show.

I guess the first trouble is breaking in. for house/techno you can look through resident advisor calendar for your city, for punk and noise and shit check terminal-boredom or something. just go through the related events until you start seeing good selections being put on or places you have to message for address

>> No.11305650


>> No.11305654

When are cigarettes coming back in style?

>> No.11305699


Would not be surprised rly. Revival Inspo just keeps moving forward. 00's is next

Think Britney Spears, Hit Clips, You Just Got Served (movie), Lizzie McGuire.


This. Normies always late to memes

>> No.11305711


you literally have no idea what you're talking about.

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Chavcore 100%

>> No.11305986

Alright. Thanks !

>> No.11306026

aaahhh goddamn it where do I find a decent pair of hakama pants?

>> No.11306080

Are you asian?

>> No.11306107

part but im 6'0 and like a buck forty and pretty attractive before any of your bullshit

>> No.11306239

"a buck forty"

is that how much a blowie joey from your estranged mom costs

>> No.11306391



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normcore/90's-core/post-ironic logo never died tho

it's intrinsically become a part of post-2010 fashion zeitgeist

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This is likely. With places like Hypebeast publishing articles about streetwear interpretations of the kimono for S/S and looser fit clothing easing into new collections, I can see this coming to some extent.

>> No.11306664

Holy shit I thought this was a UK only thing

>> No.11306666

Everyone is going to look like shit.

>> No.11307278

Is there any fucking difference between chav and slav core??? Seems the same. Almost even the attitude.

>> No.11307289

well chavs are basically western gopniks

>> No.11307310

ok frankjavcee

>> No.11307328

not sold at Target probs

>> No.11307330


>> No.11307338

Still a thing in Oklahoma for sure.

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I am the new core. NEW GREASER CORE

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File: 80 KB, 640x490, FullSizeRender (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.11307776

Americana Fits are the future.

Washed Jeans, Oversized t shirts tucked in, trucker caps, vintage/classic sneakers eg white converse high tops.

Skinny fit jeans but less super skinny tapered fit and more of a skinny drainpipe.

Jackets will be sports sateen bomber jackets, leathermans, denim/cord westerns, etc.

PBR will become unironically cool again.

Everyone's gonna look like they want to make america great again basically.

>> No.11308089 [DELETED] 

Lmfao dude that peaked in 2010-2014. It's still around on Reddit but it's pretty dead otherwise. Was mostly americana/workwear bastardisation

>> No.11308120
File: 24 KB, 600x546, ralph-lauren-pet-dog-fashion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dog meat core
Be effay vicariously through your dog

>> No.11308248


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>absinthe drinker-core
a man can dream

>> No.11308940

P A L E W A V E is coming back as well as Comfy-core. It's the year of the C H I L L

>> No.11308945

Also I hope its the year we consider super basic fits that wear tricky ricky shoes not 10/10 anymore

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you guys are corny as fuck. stop following trends and like what you like.
we are the ones who make the decisions you cuck

>> No.11310154


>> No.11310163

new oioi/10

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>tfw not having a cheeky nandos with the lads

>> No.11310260

this girl is so sick she's a club girl around the LA scene:


>> No.11310266

she's just a nobody ripping off shanghai/hong kong thots.

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