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I've got prom soon? This is what I'm thinking. Please help

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My pants are cuffed though so the pants won't slouch over them

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Thanks for the help!

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Good rule of thumb: ONLY wear sneakers and a suit if the suit is deconstructed or casual looking

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how about you trying posting a pic of you wearing the outfit

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Thanks. I'll switch to some black dress shoes

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>I walk into the prom
>my GATs sparkle at the end of my cuffed pants, my shirt attracts the gaze of onlookers around me
>I look around
>all I see is people in regular, well-fitted suits with appropriate ties and nice dress shoes
>i scoff at their pleb choice of prom-wear
>almost immediately, all the girls leave their dates and make their way over to me
>i bask in the glory that my audacious, yet bold fashion choice has brought

Is this how you plan the night will go? Just wear a normal suit and dress shoes

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Make sure it fits well though. And make sure it isn't black

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Im gonna do a backflip at some point in the night too though, it'll work out

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No one will know you're wearing mmm or raf, you're better off just being a normie and not getting your gats stepped on. Have fun op

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I'm not even gonna wear gats anymore. Just some dress shoes. Ty tho

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Yeah, high school hos haven't heard about Raf, Margiela or any meme designer. Now, if you wore some Yeezys, that might be a different story.

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Eh, it's my last year, I'm just trying to have some fun with it rather than go with regular suit and tie stuff

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Post fit pic

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Post a picture of you wearing the suit and GATs you fucking moron

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not with those shoes familia, get a desent pair of nigger dress shoes

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I can't I'm not home right now ;(

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get some double strap monks if u don't want to look so formal or laced ones for a more formal look

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Link me?

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Look, you only have one prom. So, here's my advice:


>b-but, I don't like Rick

Fuck you. Full Rick.

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I've got dustulator dunks coming next weekend. So I could possibly do this. I'd have to drop a ton of cash on some formal Rick though

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I love this place

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>dustulator dunks coming next weekend.

How much did that cost?

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Looks like you could afford it tho.

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so you're a trust fund baby?

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No, mom would be mad if she knew what I spending :(

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single monks also look nice (not linked)

inspo: https://imgur.com/a/P2T5u

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>I've got prom soon?

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Go in black sweats black Nike and a shirt with a tuxedo on it

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>well-fitted suits with appropriate ties and nice dress shoes
ok :)

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>the strategically fully exposed raf label
>S H O E S

i can't

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sorry but what is a deconstructed suit?

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This faggot made me want to throwaway my GATs, not even thinking of reselling them

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Flexing on my exgirlfriends

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get a tux rental with the patent leather oxfords

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Borderline underage b8?

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>prom threads on /fa/
Looks like the summer is already here. Underage reported.

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you're 18 in your final year

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Counts on what month you were born. Also how early or late you started school.

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Contrary to popular belief, you can pull off sneakers at prom. As long as they don't draw attention to themselves (definitely choose black or dark grey) no one will know, and it can actually look better than traditional dress shoes.

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How the fuck do you think your date is going to feel when she spent a few hours getting ready in a nice dress, doing her hair, etc. - and you show up in sneakers?

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>/fa/ doesnt know about sneakers and suits
it looks good idiots

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we'll never know until we see a fit pic

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I have prom too and I want to be a special snowflake. Wtf do i wear that will stand out, and look good? Thanks.

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Guys, what can a tailor do with a suit that doesn't fit well in some places.

I know that I can get the sleeves and the pants shortened, but can I get them tightened a bit? The sleeves are kinda loose on my jacket.

Also, can they do anything to tighten up the jacket around the waist?

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yes and yes

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Sweet, thanks anon. Would any tailor be able to do this or would I have to look for an experienced one for some of the adjustments?

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I saw more than a few girls at my prom wearing Chuck Taylors. Honestly, unless it's a distracting eyesore, sneakers aren't going to make you look like a slacker. I wore these bad boys to mine and no one said anything about it or even noticed it. I also had a dress shirt, a tie, and slacks.

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what the fuck? Are those elderly shoes?

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I wore something like this to prom. I didn't do the military tie tuck though

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Just wear some black oxfords itll look great

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Wtf is with 18 year olds and unders getting into high end fashion, enjoy your youth and stop worrying. Something something internet culture...

Anyways, apart from the others in this thread, I think this will look dope. People take prom wear way too seriously, kek it's just high school. Go for it anon.

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Meh. It just comes off quite immature.

It says "I was made to wear a suit".
Not "I rock this suit"

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Lol, I wore a bow tie to prom.

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So fucking true.

No one cares. Everyone is going to be wearing a shit suit, all the girls will be in horrible dresses, no one will have the taste to notice.