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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Take me to the Hospital Edition
Thread Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncaNlxvTFzg

Last Thread: >>11182793

Comfy Rules:
post thinspo
love lizzie
make america thin again

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

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I've lost 12 pounds /thinspo/ I'm still fat but I'm workin

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Nicely done!

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I started at about 188 pounds, currently down to 175. I'm about 5'11 I still have belly fat. When does that go away? I try to eat around 1200 calories with running everyday.

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How do I know if I'm /thinspo/?

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i was super into this this past summer...like running 3-4 miles a day and eating like 800 cals max....then i started college, while i havent gained much (prob like 5 lbs max but its not noticeable which is weird) gonna get back into this. havent eaten anything today lol. bout to get some cigs

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You just shrink all the way down. I'm same height and 156-lbs, and I still have a bit of a belly. Overall I look a lot thinner though. Hard to tell by looking in the mirror because the changes are so gradual, but, I've gotten a lot of comments.

> I try to eat around 1200 calories with running everyday.
I've been going pretty slow, but, I never went that low in calories. I think it would be hard to maintain. I eat around 1600kcal per day and I'm still losing about a pound a week. Maybe a tad less. If you can handle it all the power to you though, I'd be pretty light headed and tired.

Also congrats on your success!

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welcome back.

probably all the walking on campus and staying busy kept you from gaining as much as you thought.

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I have 4 weeks to lose weight. is starving myself the best option?
also should I smoke, I heard it suppresses appetite
any advice appreciated thanks

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I hear good reviews about meth.

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remove a leg

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shameless self posting
currently hurt my foot and i'm recovering, gonna start running to get abit more fit and lose more calories. also going to start do some simple physical exercises to improve the look of my stomach and such
~ out xoxo

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Am I thinspo or should I just off myself?

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you arent thin lol. dece bod tho

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you look like you love mcdonalds

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Thanks. Actually I've lost more like 15 pounds, I try to eat fewer than 1500 cals but today I'm at like 1000 or maybe 1200. Was 202 in February and I'm down to 188. Hopefully can get to 175 by the end of summer by exercising along with my diet

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In your opinion(s), what's a good weight for a man who's 6'2" and has shoulders 17" wide? (idk if that's big or what)

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recently got into thinspo. lost 10 pounds in the past 3ish months without really intending to, and now that i know losing weight is possible for me, i figure i'll keep going and reach 105 lbs.

5'5" 110 lb girl, i have a great upper body but don't like my thighs, so i'm working on losing weight overall

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lmfao youre so fat wtf

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no thanks

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Extremely thin guy


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Saw this posted in another thread and thought it belonged here.

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these thread partially contributed to my eating disorder. love it. thanks for helping me live 15 yrs less probably

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these threads partially contributed to my eating disorder. love it. thanks for helping me live 15 yrs less probably

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it gives me the sads that marine gained weight and the ultra skele days are over. seems she lost some weight recently but she's doing commercial gigs if that's indicatory of the state her career is in. i mean campaigns for free people and ann taylor aren't exactly effay. at least zara and reformation are commercial but a step above.

pic related from a fatty marine shoot :(

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i'm 148, 5'11, fairly muscular, and it isn't entirely gone. i have abs above it though so foolish normies actually think they're an extra set of abs lmao.

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just got adderall xr 10 mg today. what can i expect /fa/? im this guy >>11189332

just went on 4 mile run in the woods and i feel great. ate about 1400 calories. too much? i feel so satisfied.

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You should expect noticeable weight loss the first two weeks but you might experience some negative side effects such as trouble sleeping, increased anxiety, and dry mouth. How much you take a day will obviously increase the effects. For me, 10 mg was effective in suppressing my appetite and boosting energy during the first week but now I've developed a tolerance. I'm on my fourth week and I just took 40 mg today. Right now, I feel extremely anxious and jittery but I should also note that I haven't eaten anything today. An anon in the last thread suggested to stick to the lowest dosage possible which I agree with despite how gratifying the instant results are. Overall, I've lost 8 lbs in three weeks without exercise so I imagine your results will be better than mine. Good luck, anon!

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not really, i know i'm not fat. i could stand to lose weight in my legs, that's what i'm working towards

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fuck you

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how much more should I lose? 1 month into my cut.

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I'm "model tier" but I have the left's body when I really want the right's.

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So can anyone tell me exactly what you guys do to lose weight? Looking to lose some weight but wondering what the best way to go about it is. Do you starve, diet/exercise, drugs or something else?

Much appreciated

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>stressed lately because of things going on in life
>falling back into old overeating habits as a result
Kill me.

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stomach could use a little bit of work if I'm being honest with myself

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also here's my collarbone

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Hitler go

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who dis

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Not your business but I remember your face, it's like a proboscis monkey. Someone posted it before and it's one of those "can't unsee" situations

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well props for very specific memory I suppose

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your height & weight?
(looks good)

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100 lbs

>> No.11190449

So do you think you'll do something about your nose? Like you're eyes are a decent color but even though they're too close together for your face with some rhinoplasty you could look cute don't you think?

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>love Lizzie
Kek she hasn't stopped posting already?

>> No.11190529

I hope she updates us with her latest progress ._.

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same height at 132 lbs, never had to cut down on calories. keep trying friends:^)

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What's that little "indentation" for lack of a better word in your belly?
>inb4 belly button

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>2nd time in 6 months i've tried to lose weight and become thin
>eating 1000 calories a day
>a week and a half in relapse and start eating like shit again

How the fuck am I so weak, how do I do it /fa/ how do I make sure I keep at it this time

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It's a scar
I've had it since I was a child

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Shit, are you me? Going through the exact same thing.
Let's cry together, anon.

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mac really needs to drop some lbs

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>youll never know how it feels to be beautiful before your prime era disappear
>youll always be a haapy swine than a hungry human
>youll never have a reason to wake up in the mornings because you binged
>youll never be free of your body
>youll always be disgusted by mirror
>youll never be anyones crush at first sight

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This keeps happening to me aswell. I'm trying again and this time I'm pacing myself better. Last time I tried I was on like 300-500 calories a day and I made it 5 days before I went insane.

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You gotta eat low cal and healthy food for a month before it becomes habit senpai

I've failed for like 2 years to lose weight until I made healthy low cal eating a habit

>> No.11190932

stick to a deficit of 500 calories less than your maintenance calories. also 500 calories of vegetables is far better than 500 calories of junk food. but when you're at a daily calorie count of that low, the second you start eating normally again, your weight is going to go back to where it started.

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This anon knows what's up

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Someone on the previous thread mentioned they weren't pooping. I had the same problem but had luck using psyllium husk fiber. It made my poo less hard (my ass hole was being ripped to shreds) and bigger. Its also an appetite suppressant, which is obviously a plus. 25 cals per scoop, definitely worth it.

>> No.11191082

Thank you based anon <3

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My weight never went up after I starting at a maintenance, but I gradually uped my calories by 70 a day, I didn't do like most people who teach their weight goal and the next day eating a maintenance right away. But even if you do you'll only gain a bit of weight, probably 3 or 5 pounds because metabolism takes some time to adjust but after that you'll keep it if you keep your maintenance.
Another mistake is that people feel the need to reward themselves after losing weight and eat 3 times what they should be eating.

>> No.11191095

My weight never went up after I started eating at a maintenance, but I gradually uped my calories by 70 a day, I didn't do like most people who reach their weight goal and the next day eating a maintenance right away. But even if you do you'll only gain a bit of weight, probably 3 or 5 pounds because metabolism takes some time to adjust but after that you'll keep it if you keep your maintenance.
Another mistake is that people feel the need to reward themselves after losing weight and eat 3 times what they should be eating.

>> No.11191238

What are some cheap heathy foods that I can stock up on that I can use to reach my daily intake senpai, I don't have much money and most of the food in the house isn't brought by me

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Male 19 years old here

I'm currently 178cm and 64kg and working on it,want to reach about 55kg or something

I eat only cucumber and oranges(half cucumber and one orange per day) and it's working like a wonder

Try eating foods that don't really have calories,this way your metabolism will still work and be good

I tried fasting for days drinking only water and i have to admit it's a shitty method,your metabolism just shuts down(not completely but slows down very much) and you don't lose weight as efficiently as eating food that contains technically zero calories

>> No.11191271

post current body

>> No.11191273

Idk I live with my parents

The thing is, eat salads from fast food places if you don't have time to prepare your own healthy food. I mostly eat fruits and vegetables. Unsalted nuts, protein shakes, chicken salads, lean chicken and shit. The main issue is portion control, you need to learn how to ignore hunger sometimes or whatever. Learn how to be satisfied with 1300 calories a day. It's been working really well for me, I eat healthy foods but on top of that I eat substantially less than what I used to, it was real hard at first but once you make it a habit it's really a good feeling

>> No.11191321

It makes me happy that someone appreciates being underweight, im usually taunted for it, and im not even super skinny

>> No.11191430

I like those. Saved.

>> No.11191436

>the disgusting stans

That really triggered my autism 2bh

>> No.11191441

The fuck is this thread? Anorexia?

Go eat a cheeseburger. No guy wants a scrawny girl who looks like she'd break every bone in her body if she fell over.

>> No.11191452

That sounds fucking great to me. I'll take yours, thanks!

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Awesome. I sneak more fiber in using this.

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Tfw lost 30 lbs so far

>> No.11191640

nicely done. what are your current stats and goals?

>> No.11191645

5'7 135. Current goal is 115-110 lbs. only 20 lbs to go :)

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>tfw ugly guy so there is no real reward for me for getting thin

>> No.11191801

being ugly is nowhere as bad as being fat and ugly

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File: 298 KB, 1088x1536, 5-Nude_self_portraitP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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im in your boat
ive got about the same measurements as you and we aren't fat, i do wanna have thinner legs and arms though

>> No.11191976

tfw no skinny gf

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the more effort you have put in the less worth it that bit of junk food which will satisfy you immediately seems

>> No.11192028

Yeah this,everytime that thoughts of eating junk food come to my mind i think that i will regret it afterwards

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I'm probably going to drop it forever as well through but I must admit I still consume it because of how easy it is to find.

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jesus you people are delusional. Why would you do this to yourselves?

>> No.11192255

I'll have to try that

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Another day.
Another day I'm not her.

>> No.11192305

Interesting. I was planning on 125 per week, take me a month to get to TDEE. Could adjust along the way sort of thing. I'm afraid of gaining after

>> No.11192326

Ew, why on earth would you want to be bloated, defeatist coke addict?

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I'm 5'8. How much am suppose to weigh to be /fa/? I lift too.

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Green/blue area.

>> No.11192435

>eat 500 kcal under my BMR for 2 weeks with only two days where I ate as much as my BMR

>not losing any weight

What is going on?

>> No.11192440

You might be retaining water. As an example I usually maintain throughout the month and drop 5lbs the week of my period.

>> No.11192587

That nerd has a nice body tbqh. Some one should replace his face to Paul Boche's and bam there he is. He is fashion.

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>> No.11192622

Honestly I've been gorging on naan frybread with several fatty spreads and I feel like trash but also kinda hopeless.

I'm deep in the country, I can't go to town regularly and I want to run but it would have to be along the side of the road where tourist cyclists and drivers already hog.

Is getting hit by a car worth it?

>> No.11192642

go hiking through the woods.

>> No.11192715

Hiking makes my thighs and calves too muscular. I want to thin out

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then stop eating like a degenerate redneck and start eating like a new york model

>> No.11192798

But all my NYC male model friend are 6'3-4 and eat whatever they want :'(

>> No.11192806

they're coke addicts, anon

>> No.11192808

post pics.

>> No.11192829

there's this girl in my phys ed class, pretty af and /thin/ she looks like a fairy or something. she's so inspiring. i can't stop thinking about her since we paired up today.

>> No.11192831

No they aren't
Of my body?

>> No.11192834

I meant your friends. Now that you mention it, that too.

>> No.11192839

No, I used to post both and then /fa/ got weird.

>> No.11192868

that's what they lead you to believe but they don't break the first law of thermodynamics.

>> No.11192876

I lived with them, I partied with them. Other than the occasional bump no one was chasing Connie.

>> No.11192891

I know that feel. Except I have a shift at work with her.

>tfw no confidence to ask her to hang out


>> No.11192894

chasing Connie means 'snorting cocaine'? I couldn't even Google that.

>> No.11192904

Well yeah

>> No.11192928


>> No.11192933

I disagree, and I also have a benis.

>> No.11192944

I threw up

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>tfw no qt3.14skelle/fa/gf to snuggle with

>> No.11192951

depression helps with eating less, strongly recommended

>> No.11192956

maybe you could try to slowly ease your way into hanging out casually outside of work. y'all share shifts so you see each other every day, but I dunno your situation so I'll butt out. I have 4 weeks to get to know this girl before this semester is over or I'll likely never see her again, which is a good excuse to at least try to ask her out but the sheer and utter self-loathing is enough to make me not even want to try :'-)

>> No.11192972

thank you skeleton

>> No.11192976

Well, it's like a student job at campus dining hall, right? and we actually only see each other every other weekend, as weekend shifts rotate from 'A' to 'B' weekends. But yeah, the end of the semester is a sort of looming deadline w/r/t getting to know people. I too have 'sheer and utter self-loathing.'

Do you like emo music, anon? I'm listening to Where You Are and Where You Want to Be by On The Might of Princes right now. I've also really been into the William Bonney EP 'Good Vibes' as of late.

>> No.11192988
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opinions on Anzu? I think she has nice legs

>> No.11193038


depends, is she still photoshopping herself to look korean? she's cute af in these though

>> No.11193061
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besides image filters and lots of makeup, I don't think so, at least having just looked through her twitter

>> No.11193085

it looks like we're pretty much in the same boat. at least I see her every week, but it's just in one class and we're not likely to be paired up. as much as I would like to get to know her, I hate myself too much to be involved in a relationship anyway. so at the end of the day nothing is changed, it's just like this stark reminder of how much I hate myself etc. but at the same time a sort of inspiration to continue to pursue my goals.

the little emo I've heard is basically just Kinsella stuff, I don't dislike emo but I'm usually not in the mood for it. musically and lyrically it can come off as transparent but thanks for the recommendations anyhow I'll check it out. lately I've been listening to Geneva Jacuzzi and Panda Bear.

>> No.11193091

Yeah she looks anime enough.

>> No.11193099

Who here /fatthighs/? My torso looks fine but my legs are annoylingly disproportionate. It seems like I can lose bodyfat everwhere but there. dude btw

>> No.11193123
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Same, this is me.

>> No.11193126

Keep losing weight eventually they have to get thinner. Where you @ atm?

Just keep going down.

>> No.11193182

~126lbs, I'm 5'9.

Tops fit me nicely when they're short enough but they bunch up around my waist and it just looks awful. I can stay to lose more fat from my top block but legs are just lagging

You're relatively fit so I think it looks fine. You have more of a v-taper than I do

>> No.11193196
File: 465 KB, 500x618, korean models.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you can't into skinny jeans I see... Yeah drop a little see what happens. Your top is nice, if you want to keep it like that keep it like that, do whatever you like.

>> No.11193214

Oh no, I'm not >>11193123.

>> No.11193215
File: 49 KB, 550x529, Biku-CqCQAAVS9b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Feeling really down lately
>can't focus on school, or even simple things like playing video games
>Feels like all I do is lie around and count down the hours before it's acceptable for me to eat again
Maybe it's time for a break, I'm sitting on 18.5 BMI at the moment, and regularly getting comments on how "sickly" I look.

>> No.11193300


Are those comments coming from obeasts or from reasonable people? The people that I tend to get that bullshit from weigh twice as much as I do.

Also like are you taking vitamins and whatnot? Calorie count is important but so is making sure you get what you need to live.

>> No.11193397

Hahaha! Iktf. The only times I have got comments along the lines of: "You're too thin"

They have been from Fat girls or fat guys.

>> No.11193496

k so, its been right around 9 days (216hrs) since Ive had any sustenance beyond water and taking these vitamins every other day( the vitamins claim to have 10ca in 3 tabs and I take one.) Im planning on starting to drink some juice and maybe have a few veggies a day when I reach 14 days- no more than 500ca a day. So far Ive lost like over ten pounds lol, what can I expect my loss/gain rate to be when I start eating?

>> No.11193520

You need bulk so you can gorge all you want with some fat and not get too many calories

>> No.11193751

just eat 1500 cal a day and you'll lose weight. don't stress too much about food

>> No.11194555
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Slighly wide hips - need to compensate

>> No.11194632

that's not wide... stop thinking that bodybuilders' waists are the norm. you look good :^)

>> No.11194640

so really; do you guys wax/shave your shit constantly? I mean, I'm a hairy eastern euro so maybe I have it a little worse than some, but I cannot be bothered to shave my chest every day like I shave my face.

>> No.11194648

It's not wide but if you want a better fit do pull ups grow ur back and shoulders a bit and you will look great.
Just get wider at the top improve your V shape.

>inb4 this ain't /fit/
stay pleb.

>> No.11194734

yes, shave.

>> No.11194746

I would but I'm too lazy.
When I become more of a normalfag I might start going to a salon and getting a full wax every few weeks.

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I used to have anorexia and got better but the after effects are that I've gained 40lbs. I'm at 150lbs right now and wanna get back down to 120-130 which I believe would be thin for me.

How do I get motivated?

>> No.11194758
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>used to have anorexia
>how do i get motivated

Isn't that like an alcoholic asking how he can force himself to drink?

>> No.11194764

I'm not a depressed faggot anymore and have a boyfriend and am happy. It's hard to starve myself. Especially since I'm a full time nurse.

>> No.11194773
File: 320 KB, 1600x2430, Karlie-Kloss-sexy-VS-photoshoot5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>full time nurse
Granted I've never been one but it's my understanding being a nurse is a very demanding job. Running around on your feet all day, burning calories, not having time to eat. Should be easy to lose weight, no?
Just don't snack throughout your shift.

>> No.11194774
File: 224 KB, 766x972, jake_gyllenhaal_nightcrawler_aol_h_2014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being thin

>> No.11194781

I just run on low energy then and then working is that much harder. I'm thinking of just drinking something like a dr pepper to keep me up through the day and then just avoid food for the day

>> No.11194782
File: 38 KB, 485x279, machinist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>movie thinspo

>> No.11194820
File: 676 KB, 1653x1000, Karlie Kloss by Adrian Gaut (A Delicate Balance - T Travel Winter 2012) 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No no.
Don't go for sodas. They're awful.
A few people in here recommend orange juice. It has a lot of natural sugar which will keep you up.
Try eating a bigger breakfast before your shift too.

>> No.11194851

>working on a floor
thats your first mistake

>> No.11194881

don't calorie restrict, just eat tons of raw/steamed veggies. green beans, broccoli, etc

>> No.11194894
File: 32 KB, 500x391, large (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I learn to enjoy hunger?
Or at least not be so scared of it?

I think part of the reason I'm fat af and can't lose weight is that I don't ever let myself be hungry. I see hunger as something that needs to be cured asap whenever it arises.

>> No.11194901

try to stop thinking about it. if you are constantly aware of your hunger levels than you are going to eat much more than if you focus on other things

>> No.11194908
File: 145 KB, 1600x900, serveimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jake looked great in nightcrawler

>> No.11194912
File: 810 KB, 540x960, 6OapuYU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep insulin steady and hunger in check with ~6 small healthy meals spread out through the day.
I just plateau'd recently and I couldn't figure out where my problem was.
I had been skipping meals and drinking black coffee.
When you do this your body panics and it tries to optimize any calorie you eventually take in.
Do 20 mins of hard cardio on an empty stomach every morning and wait an hour before you eat. eat healthy foods with lots of protein, low fat (except omegas at least once a day. salmon, sashimi, etc) and high-fiber carbs (leafy greens) with low glycemic indices.
I recently got back onto shape from a really long, bad period of being overweight.
We're all gonna make it anons

>> No.11194913


i have a skinny gf it's the best

>> No.11194918
File: 31 KB, 401x604, tumblr_n7ztvopUS31tr809no1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a kind of stomach disorder so I'm very sensitive of the way my stomach feels. It's impossible for me not to notice and think about it.

>> No.11194931

Yeah I get that sodas are bad but let's say I just drink a soda for the day. Is that better than my normal intake of just breakfast no lunch and dinner? I think I could survive on Dr pepper for a day.I'll try it when I go into work soon.

>> No.11195030

What vitamins should I take? Cause, shit, I'm starving. Right now, I'm almost 20 hours without eating. I'm a boy, tho

>> No.11195040

Haha wide hips. I have girl hips anon you look fine

>> No.11195049

Be honest with yourself, do you want to loose weight or do you want the attention you get when being skinny.

Regardless 150 is quite a lot for a chick.
Train your stomach to get smaller, so don't vast but definitly stop overeating, forever. Decline cakes and stuff at work, I'd advice snacking on nuts and fruit. Remember though you'll already be more attractive than 80% of the population once you get to 135 which is an awesome weight to get to and stay. Better stay slim than jojo from skeleton too fatty.

>> No.11195091 [DELETED] 

>buy ice cream to satisfy my craving for something sweet
>it doesn't taste good to me
>was too expensive to throw away
>too much calories to eat it if I don't enjoy it

What do?

>> No.11195094

Invite people over and shill

>> No.11195103 [DELETED] 
File: 50 KB, 408x439, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Invite people over

>> No.11195109

feed it to your relatives or neighbours

>> No.11195238

I have almost exactly your same BMI atm (m/6'0"/136lb) and I've been taking multivitamins & fish oil every day since December or so, and have been feeling a lot better since I started. I like to think it's not just placebo, since I know I'm not really eating a balanced diet.

>> No.11195253

Intermittent Fasting

>> No.11195264

Well thanks for the advice. I'll start snacking on nuts and fruit.

And it's because my bf really liked the I was super thin and he said he doesn't mind me being the weight I am but I'd rather be smaller.

>> No.11195271

You'd be better off just drinking a protein shake. Less sugar and empty calories, and keeps you fuller longer.

>> No.11195273

Unless you mean diet Dr Pepper

>> No.11195289

I could drink Dr pepper. And but what about energy drinks? You should list drinks that will let me survive the day! Water doesn't seem to do it

>> No.11195291

are you into dudes?
if so, please marry me

>> No.11195311

shave the inbetween titty hair and fuck me

>> No.11195318

bitch, u didn't see my post right above or something?

>> No.11195330

>happy smiling photos in even lighting vs non-smiling harsh lighting plus theyre over 30

great examples

>> No.11195499

> 5'4"
> 105 lbs
> 20 lbs to go
> crying

>> No.11195538


Any reason you're aiming so low? What was your starting weight?

>> No.11195587

I used to be 80 lbs before I began binging and ballooned to around 125.

I'm aiming that low because I was really happy with the way I felt and looked back then.
I'd be happy with being around 90 too.

>> No.11195608
File: 79 KB, 451x600, Kaworu-nagisa-kaworu-23206956-451-600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because you won't be anime if you don't learn to control your primal urges, turbonerd.

>> No.11195631

eventually get to the point that hunger isn't associated with negative things like stomach pain, feeling fat if you eat, etc.
you want it to be associated with positive feelings, like enjoying losing weight or feeling thin
basically just enjoy it and try not to think of it as a negative feeling

>> No.11195651


Any chance you still have photos of what you looked like at 80? Also can I ask how old are you?

I'm 5'5" and been 100-103lbs since I was 14, but one summer went down to 90 and it just felt so good. Hoping to do it again, but I have no self control.

>> No.11195768


I have loads of photos of myself at that weight, and even lower. I was about 14 then. I'm 17 now.

Same here with the no self control. All my thoughts are occupied with wanting to just have a full out binge.

>> No.11195773

>How do I learn to enjoy hunger

chronic depression

>> No.11195881
File: 896 KB, 512x384, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's pretty great.

>> No.11196039


I know you don't want a lecture, but my maternal instincts are kicking in.

You're still very young and growing, don't starve yourself. Also keep in mind even if you lose another 20lbs, you won't look the same as you did at 14.

>> No.11196065
File: 36 KB, 495x359, 1444781310322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be anime

>> No.11196068

Thanks, but I've been lectured plenty.
I understand the consequences, but I honestly don't care.
It's unlikely that I'll live past 30 anyways.

>> No.11196071

I thought so when I was 20 too. Now I'm nearly 30 and it's like second life sunrise.

>> No.11196144

stomach vaccums, google it

>> No.11196165


>> No.11196268
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Hey I really hope someone can help me.
I'm about 6' and weigh 132 lbs.
I usually have a sugar free red bull for breakfast, a fresh pressed juice for lunch and chicken or pasta for dinner.
I also walk about 4 km (2,5 miles) throughout the day.
On weekends I drink overall 5-6 beers and eat some more.

The problem is, some days I still feel like my legs are too fat when wearing skinny jeans as my thigh gap is really small.
Am I just being too self conscious or should I lose some more weight?
I like my body, the only thing I hate are my (supposedly) fatty legs.

>> No.11196296

Thoughts on yohimbine? What supplements and shit do you guys use?

>> No.11196300


Godspeed then.

>> No.11196353
File: 178 KB, 800x540, leangains-daily-intermittent-fasting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you guys think of intermittent fasting?

I'd heard a lot of good things about it, not just for losing weight but also general health. I was working in the middle east last summer and ramadan reared its ugly head so it was a good opportunity to try it out, they don't eat while the sun's up. It was surprisingly easy, though I snuck in dates here and there.

Lately I've been doing it more controlled, I won't eat from 10pm to 2pm the next day, i.e. skipping breakfast, meaning every day I take a 16 hour fast. I kind of stopped this last week. I'm not that strict about it, but I usually only break it because I'm getting lunch out or something

I think taking bi-daily fasts is more effective, like not eating the whole day every other day

>> No.11196384


r u evn real?

>> No.11196386

>red bull for breakfast

Life is fair because the retards just end up killing themselves.
Wall street deserves to run the world

>> No.11196475

I didn't realize it's fasting to not eat at night and sleep until the afternoon. nice

>> No.11196559

>that fucking link

>> No.11196606
File: 246 KB, 672x1195, Attach27587_20160417_130755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been on a trip for the past week. Glad you guys still love me <3

>tfw was on vacation and didn't pay any attention to what I was eating

But I did walk around a lot. I'll start dieting asap

>> No.11196616

What are your stats from November of last year versus today?

>> No.11196635
File: 620 KB, 1600x900, IMG_20160420_200938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I literally haven't lost anything lol. I tend to fluctuate lower than before and I hope I just gained muscle mass and lost fat cuz I feel like I look better. But I'm just gonna stick with it

>> No.11196639

How much thinner do you want to go? What's your height and weight?

>> No.11196645
File: 106 KB, 720x720, IMG_20160418_221034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11196654

im nearly 6'2. I weigh 134lbs.

Should i go thinner? Oh and this is me >>11189206

>> No.11196664

5'8 115 lbs
I'm hoping to get down to 105 or a little lower

>> No.11196678

Definitely not. Put on some weight if anything.

>> No.11196697

its a google reverse img search

>> No.11196720

What's your timeline to get there?

>> No.11196726

my body is very similar to this, but i look slightly better i think

>> No.11196855
File: 406 KB, 404x651, duckie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11196871
File: 116 KB, 500x500, net.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11196874
File: 127 KB, 1080x1080, monsiieur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11196881
File: 1.31 MB, 840x1010, VitaSidorkina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11196940

I don't know how to make a realistic timeline really. Any suggestions. Take in mind that it takes forever to lose weight when you're already skinny

>> No.11197042

How is that even possible

>> No.11197169

Angles and weight training

>> No.11197234

starting to get more serious about losing weight again. tell me if my plan sounds good.
(it's not going to be necessarily consistent schedule wise)

gym 1-3 days in the morning, or late after noon if I'm off.
one coffee in the morning
one salad for lunch
water through out the day

also is it feasible to have an extremely low calorie intake with extremely high caloric burn?

or is that a no go?

>> No.11197245

Hey guys, are there any recommended readings or articles for /thinspo/ newbies?

I never did much working out and I hovered around 115 for a long time (I'm 5'3"). I think I just started getting too comfortable and now I'm about 125 with a little bit of ponch belly/losing thigh gap.

I'd love to get down to 110 or less, and basically just be tight/thin without being overly toned. Would love to collect some good links or something to get me started.

>> No.11197250

here you go

don't diss the one from lgbt, it has a lot of good info for this aesthetic. skip the parts you don't need

>> No.11197255

are those yohji hakamas?

>> No.11197261


>> No.11197307

Pretty sure that an /fa/ thinspo thread is probably the absolute worst place ever for a former anorexic to be asking for advice.

>> No.11197317

Personally when I go below 700 calories per day I get really sick. Nausea, dizziness, flashes of light in my vision and really bad weakness. I've heard of some people having less problems though so idk.

>> No.11197414 [DELETED] 

This is the only place where he/she can get as long as he likes and we won't judge him unfairly.

He/she should be where he/she wants to be.

>> No.11197419

This is the only place where he/she can get as thin as he/she likes and we won't judge unfairly.

He/she should be where he/she wants to be.

>> No.11197493

how can i go mc ride mode? i know that hes not conventionally thin but the only thing he has muscle wise is his shoulders. would i just work out my shoulders and abs while losing weight? thanks in advance.

>> No.11197549

wow jared leto sure is going all out with this joker thing

>> No.11197564


I can't plus one this, but I would if I could

>> No.11197703

very low weight. body weight exercise, lift if you want but minimally at very low weight.

>> No.11197714

That's pretty much what I do, though school fucks it around a bit.
Wake up
>Wait 4hours
300-400 cal
>Wait 4 hours
300-400 cal
>Wait 4 hours
300-400 cal
>Wait 4 hours
Go to bed
Easy. It always takes me a few hours to feel hungry after waking up anyway.

>> No.11197785

any recommended bodyweight exercises?

>> No.11197787

Sit ups ofc.

>> No.11197976
File: 76 KB, 960x960, malissa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11197981
File: 1.75 MB, 250x250, azn thinspo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has a nice frame. she would look better more slender through.

>> No.11197989

Pretty much this. I usually don't eat until the afternoon then force myself something small. Eating isn't enjoyable at all.

>> No.11198004

>ate about 990 calories yesterday
>weighed myself this morning
>gained 3 pounds since yesterday


>> No.11198021
File: 183 KB, 743x1114, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw fasting became a habit at this moment and i dont even need to control hunger thanks to my old friend depression btw lost 8 pounds in 5 days

>> No.11198036

I cannot give up fat and dairy

Low fat and non-fat does nothing for me, I swim in butter.

But I also want to lose more weight, I've tried every non dairy, low fat lifestyle change and eventually I just go back to the food of my homeland.

My people are thin and gracefully limbed while eating dairy, yet I just can't seem to get to that way. What do?

>> No.11198049
File: 53 KB, 550x772, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i cannot give up on muh tounge's entertaiment
>i want to lose weight

it seems like you feel alright with your weight to me
which is the something you cant go on a day without? butter or your weight
choose what makes you happy anon

>> No.11198051

without thinking about*

>> No.11198094

I'm good at starving and don't have issues with not eating, only issue is, I'm still in high school (I'm 18 faggots, just stupid) so I live with my parents and they're a fucking hawk about eating. Plus every two weeks I see some shit therapist (literally the worst I've ever had) who weighs me and maps my progress. He wants me up at 55kg (im 5'6"), which is unthinkably disgusting. I've never weighed more than 50. How do I get past all of this bullshit and make it to my goal weight of 44? 48 atm, feeling disgusting. I'll be moving out next year and am cancelling my therapy, but I don't want to have to spend the next six months looking disgusting and feeling repulsive.

>> No.11198116

Seek help retard

>> No.11198141

>What supplements and shit do you guys use?
Will power + put fork down 1xf

>> No.11198145

No you dumb fuck, if I was going to do that I wouldn't be on this thread.

>> No.11198148

I'm 114lbs seems to have worked pretty well for me, used to be 205lbs around this time last year

>> No.11198164

Why wouldn't you???

>> No.11198167
File: 144 KB, 871x900, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So it's a fancy way of saying 'skip breakfast'

>> No.11198182

do you want to stay manlet?
if you really want to achieve the goal weight you can act eating and skip theraphy

>> No.11198186
File: 59 KB, 630x630, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11198191

I'm female

>> No.11198208

girls can be manlets too
you could be taller if you dont fast

>> No.11198241



>> No.11198266

Male here.
I'm not attracted to abnormally skinny women.

>> No.11198281

male here
i am

>> No.11198284

No one asked for your opinion
Eh. I'm going into the desert for like over a week, maybe I'll do a water only fast and roast in the sun?

>> No.11198300

Was 180 in January, got down to 150 (I'm 5'10") during two and a half weeks in February. Gotta love being put on new medications that make you deathly ill. Starting to work hard to lose more again.

>> No.11198311
File: 216 KB, 683x1024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

water fast might be difficult for people with life or in the extreme situations
do it when you can neet around

>> No.11198317
File: 43 KB, 623x453, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11198323

good you are a heteo and now fuck off
aim for abnormally skinny is looking like an androgynous adolescent teenag boy

>> No.11198328

Male here.
I'm attracted to attack helicopters.

>> No.11198331
File: 239 KB, 930x1400, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

miring your digits senpai

>> No.11198337
File: 55 KB, 409x409, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm going into the desert for like over a week, maybe I'll do a water only fast and roast in the sun?
Kek. You have to be a roastie to be this stupid.

>> No.11198350

I had to trek to a Sudanese refugee camp from Montane Ethiopia as a child. Believe me, I know what I'm doing.
No can do, when I sit around I eat. I've had two gallons of milk and milk derived products today. Haven't moved more than a few yards in any given direction.

>> No.11198406

Fuck me, senpai. Bought a new scale yesterday and it's reading 4-5lbs higher than the old one. Time to get to work....

>> No.11198423
File: 18 KB, 320x480, 00020m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw no thin sleek minimalist gf

>> No.11198485

nah theyre lemaire

>> No.11198530

>8 pounds in 5 days
Jesus Christ, did you eat anything?

>> No.11198545

nothing works better than fasting m'lady

>> No.11198549

hardcore cardio helped too

>> No.11198551


The fat in foods isn't stored as fat, like many people think (the name definitely causes confusion).

There's a fuck ton of food sold as "low-fat" so that uninformed people feel like they're buying something healthy, even though it may be completed packed with sugar.

That's the enemy - sugar / carbs (carbs are processed as sugar. that's what actually gets stored as fat in your body. All those excess empty calories)

If you ate nothing but protein / fat, you could eat as much as you wanted and shed bodyfat. The fat you eat is what your body starts to burn as energy.

Read some articles on Ketogenic diets.

>> No.11198583

clean your fucking socks and scale, jesus christ

>> No.11198608
File: 293 KB, 633x758, 1443696701498.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw love handles wont go away

>> No.11198626

quit sugar and cakes senpai

>> No.11198635

don't go crazy with the protein though, over half of protein intake is converted to glucose. it should be just enough to encourage fat loss instead of muscle loss

>> No.11198641

i dont even eat those, not that I think sugar makes you fat
just haven't lost enough

>> No.11198720

>Generally, women should not consume any less than 1,200 calories per day, and men should not consume less than 1,500 calories per day

How true is this?

>> No.11198741


>> No.11198744

But if my BMR is 1700 kcal then 1500 kcal will make weight loss very slow.

>> No.11198753
File: 392 KB, 200x210, 1427853683221.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>rolls wont go away
>bulging belly wont go away
>thunder thighs wont go away

>> No.11198785

hey guys. what do when I get the shakes from hunger?

>> No.11198804

One thing that works well for me is juice (some people here say oj, but really any no sugar added juice works for me).
I don't drink it straight, but rather I dilute 2-4 tablespoons of juice with one liter of water. The taste and small amounts of natural sugar "clear" my head, so to speak, and by diluting it like that I'm not taking as many liquid calories. My favorites are orange or cranberry juice, and it's to the point now that straight juice is way too strong for me.

Idk if you're fasting or what, but 9 almonds is only about 50 kcal and keeps me full for 3+ hours if i chase it with my juice-water.

>> No.11198805

Eat something.
If it's got that far then your body needs fuel nigga.

>> No.11198833

Are you at an already low weight? Yes, it will be slow, you could try doing cardio daily.

I'm surprised no one has told you to fast or eat sub 500kcal yet, but they're retarded.

>> No.11198866

Not the guy you're replying to but I love this tip! Fast electrolytes in a minimally processed manner. I'll definitely try this next time my blood sugar drops too low.

You can also try miso. In my experience I get sick if I don't have enough sodium in my diet. Most low-carb foods for ketogenic diets are high in sodium to avoid keto flu and electrolyte imbalance.

>> No.11198870

Also Potassium supplements help apparently.

>> No.11198872

Why do people here hunger instead of eating something filling with low calories like vegetables?

>> No.11198880

Vegetable calories also add up. A serving of baby carrots is 35 calories and I can easily polish off a 105 calorie bag. Cooked veggies add up in calories even faster! Veggies are also expensive and I suspect most people in these threads are college students.

Also, not sure if this is the case for anyone else but raw vegetables give me bad stomach cramps from acid buildup, which sucks because I love vegetables :(

>> No.11198887
File: 276 KB, 1440x2295, Capture+_2016-04-21-10-25-52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This threads made me anorexic, I'm fighting with everyone around me because they're worried about my health, my family just yesterday again sat with me and begged me to seek professional help.
I weight 113lbs which is not really that low compared to some weights I've seen here and pic related is what I ate so far and seriously considering it's going to be all for the day.
How long till I die?

>> No.11198906

Are you afraid of food or are you just dieting?
If you actually have anorexia I highly doubt it's because of these threads. If you weren't interested you wouldn't have read them. Plus, anorexia is usually related to anxiety disorders like OCD and occurs in "type A" personalities. Unfortunately you were probably prone to mental illness to begin with.

113lbs may be really skinny if you're on the taller side.

You probably won't die soon unless you have an underlying heart condition. You will die a slow and painful death. Please recover. Although you'll gain some weight at the beginning, once you develop a healthy relationship with food you can start exercising and eating healthy, appropriate portions and maintain a low weight without being engulfed by a mental illness.

>> No.11198945


Not that person, but aren't you just the nicest?

>> No.11198964

Sorry, I just get annoyed when people think you can "catch" anorexia. If you are already vulnerable you can get triggered by relapsing or developing disordered behaviours but it's a mental illness, not an infectious disease.

>> No.11198968

*triggered into

>> No.11198977


It wasn't sarcasm, I thought your reply was nice and thoughtful. Especially considering the amount of shit that gets posted in these threads.

>> No.11199019

I'm 5'7 so not tall.
I started dieting i was a bit over 200 and and started to lose weight normally, I still loved food. When I reached 155 I was euphoric about it, I thought there's was no reason to start eating unhealthy again so kept my diet, I went 135 and realized it wasn't too hard and made 125 my goal then 120 then 115 now is 110.
I am now afraid of food and I eat only because I know I have too, and I don't eat anything I can't weight and measure myself, if 5 cashews I'm eating I weight them, if a slice of ham I'm eating I weight it.
How do I find out if I'm type A personality?
I hope I don't really get sick although my friends have scared me when they told me that losing too much weight can cause irreversible internal organ damage, I had my calories to a max of 500 a day but never reached it so I moved it to 900 and now 1200 but I still can't eat pass 500
I know a buger + fries will easily give me at least 1500 calories but I just don't have the mental determination to go and actually eat it.

>> No.11199035

5'7 is tall enough that 113lbs is a low body weight, and if you started at over 200 that is way too much of a weight loss. You are not a 5'3 girl with a naturally low body weight. Most of the low weights posted here are from people who started off at a weight of 130-150lbs.

Type A personality is just someone who perseveres and strives for success.

Have you tried seeing a therapist? Anorexia isn't something you can overcome on your own. Personally therapy has helped me overcome a lot of personal problems, including compulsive exercising. I can't recommend it enough

>> No.11199054

I'm definitely not type A then, I'm 7s7ally the kinda guy who wants to do a lot of stuff and does nothing, I've been "serious" about a lot of stuff and never finish them I wanted to be an independent writer lately I set up 2 blog websites and have nothing in them yet.
I know I will eventually get a therapist, I'm poor but my family is willing to pay for it. Is just that even thinking that a therapist will help my mental/eating disorder makes me believe I'll get fat again. I was 130 before I went over 200 I know how ridiculously easy is to fuck up.
I appreciate your help m8 I really needed to get it out.

>> No.11199088

No problem. Are you a student? Most universities offer free mental health. Mine had an entire eating disorder clinic.

>> No.11199125

I am a student at a college here in California but really enrolled in any class at the moment because I still owe them $600 and can't even check my grades let alone enroll if I don't pay them for last semester.
But I'm about to get a job at the Marriott hotels which will give me a beast health insurance and then I'll probably go.

>> No.11199131

Not enrolled*

>> No.11199149

Damn that sucks, I'm sorry to hear.

>> No.11199540

4 months. End of August let's say.

What do you think?

>> No.11199604

^That website has been pretty accurate for me so far as far as predicting my weight loss.

>> No.11199636

is 6 ft 135lb /thinspo/ or just normal

>> No.11199646


>> No.11199683
File: 20 KB, 225x225, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whats your goal body look like?

>> No.11199687

Yeah that's a great one. I was just saying for her goal probably four months to go from 115 to 105 is reasonable.

>> No.11199688
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>> No.11199691

fucking disgusting, id break you

>> No.11199697
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it means beautiful when normies say its disgusting

>> No.11199700
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>tfw 6'1 and 125lbs, Male

Is this what it means to be /thinspo/?

>> No.11199705
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>> No.11199707

Siberian Prisoner/10

>> No.11199712
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do a model

>> No.11199715

New thread!

Perfect for a new edition!

>> No.11199723 [DELETED] 

>goal body

pointless unless you find somone with your genetics

>> No.11199959

why do you care

>> No.11200030

dont forget photoshop

>> No.11200292

nice undies.

>> No.11200299

can you take metamucil every day for ever?

>> No.11200308

is that chart really off or is it just me?

>> No.11200316

think about the word "breakfast" for a second m8

>> No.11200333

girls that are manlets are tall tho.

short is attractive in women.

if a 5'5" man switches genders he deserves to be a 6' woman

>> No.11201141

I know some of the models that photog photographs and they actually look like that irl.

>> No.11201180

notice the peach fuzz.


>> No.11201591

thank you skeleton