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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

"I'll Have a Salad" Edition

Last Thread: >>11177714

Comfy Rules:
post thinspo
love lizzie
make america thin again

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

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ha what a timing

recently went 53-->56kg
im a disgusting fat pig

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Don't worry, you'll take it off again. What's the plan? How are you getting back to 53kg?

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yeah i recently been spoiling myself a lot because of /soc/ial life
>pic rel
but it usually just happens, i just lose weight without even trying
im lucky to be naturally skinny, my weight's around 52-58 all the time

but few months ago i was starving myself like a fuckin idiot, good thing i stopped

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i had no idea you were a man and i almost started fapping

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Is that a white person working at McDonalds?

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Holy shit

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eastern europe
der no blek pepel

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You are literally anime. Good job.
Show us your penis please.

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must suck to have that penis because you'll never have a thigh gap.

What language is on the menu there?

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i am aching for rail thin like ocean

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Just went to the kitchen to get some ice cream

But when I opened the freezer it gazed back at me like Nietzsche's abyss so I decided against it

I'm having this guilt/averse reaction to food more frequently lately

These threads help too. Thanks OP, and think thin, friends

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Glad they help. Yeah, for me the constant thinspo and chatter of these threads keeps me discipline.

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good now you look more angelic and beautiful
empty your fridge and trash ice cream

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fuck me in my skinny ass


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>mfw you would love to go skellymode but you've spent too much on clothing at your current size

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Sell it. Skelle people look better in shitty clothing than fatasses in nice clothing.

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whatever looks ugly at bigger size

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im not a fatass though but more builtfat. id just have to size down 1 size

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why is this allowed

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There are varieties of fat, but there is only one level of skelle. It's pretty binary. You are either rail thin or you aren't.

Not saying you are a landwhale, just saying you want to be super thin to look good in everything.

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Barbie got fat?

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she was never thin enough to be on the runway but she went real far

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all of us gonna make it senpai

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What a waste of amazing genetics. She looks horrible in those photos posted above.

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vlada sama and abby chan are the only real life barbie dolls

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she is not wasting because she isnt a hf model but a beauty model for cosmetic campaigns

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she's still too fat for that even. look at her Sports Illustrated shoot, she might as well be a life raft

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Real women have curves :^)

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real fat ones do :^)

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it doesnt sell if it looks real
shows are supposed to feed us fantasies

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no women is more beautiful than my imagination ever
pic related high quality digital close up face picture prime gemma from valentino ss07

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You must have a vivid imagination. My modelfu has features that I couldn't have imagined.

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you will understand if you saw her best works in the magazines
vlada is a runway queen (in other words her photo shoots are horrible)

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5'5 100 lbs

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anyone here experimented with ice baths/cold showers for weight loss??

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>ice baths/cold showers for weight loss

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your body burns calories to keep it at a warm i guess

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How do I lose the extra fat on my thighs? I'm trying squats and running, but dunno if it'll work.

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all 35+ poles look the same smdh

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Eat less.

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Already doing that. Keeping it at 900cal max.

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That'll do it. Just be patient and your thighs will get thinner with the rest of you. What's your TDEE?

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TDEE is 1762cal per day. So it'll be fine, you say?

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That's a huge deficit. As long as you can keep it up. If you find yourself binging you need to raise your daily calories.

At 900 I'd recommend against too much exercise, maybe just a brisk walk for health. Certainly not weight training or running.

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Okay, man, thanks for the advice. I'll do just that!

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you cant lose weight from a single spot, doing squats will build muscle in the thighs making them bigger, if you want to lose the weight, just count your calories, do a lot of cardio and awoid drinking anything but water

theres no need to eat at such a deficit, it will casue more damage to your muscles and organs than you can posibly imagine, just eat at your BMR and do cardio

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>tfw haven't pooped in a few days

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naniwa keeps you going on desuka

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post some male thinspo pls

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Do you guys do anything to ensure that you absolutely NEVER become even a normal weight?
I have this list of 'calorie multipliers' that I apply when eating and counting my calories. So, just to take an example from the list if I have 30 calories of food it counts as 100, or if I add oil when cooking I times by 1.2 the total calories of the dish to ensure I don't understate.

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that's hardcore m8

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Is that Titus Andronicus? When did he get shredded

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>ate 1000cal in dates and nuts yesterday
>go out today
>someone still asks me at a store if I ate something the entire day

Feels good.

My only vice left are the laxatives and exercise. But eating a lot once in a while is fine.

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Haha soooo dam true ;)
Please sell all your grails to me

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when u cant diet 1000> kcal for more than 3 days without heart palpitations and almost fainting ;(

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this is how I want to look

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honestly just watch your calories. find a bmr calculator for weight loss and see how much you have to restrict i've been shedding quickly at like 30-40% reduction and i can still eat things that i want sometimes, as long as i watch the calories. also spend some days eating low calorie nutrient foods bc you can fuck yourself up in the nutrient department rom cutting out so many calories

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same but am boy

>> No.11183751

you guys go too far.

anyone should be able to be thin on a 1200 kcal diet. that's not too crazy

and avoid all the smoking and caffeine.

>> No.11183757

but i am a boy

>> No.11183762

i don't understand you skellies but i'd fuck you anyway

thanks years of /fit/ and roids

>> No.11183772


i live on coffee, i know smoking affects weight loss but caffeine? huh.. anyway you're right most people will thin on 1200kcal but 1000> is faster. there is a limit though

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is that what happens when you dont eat?

>> No.11183809


This. You guys won't look vigorous and healthy if you abuse your bodies like this.

You want to look thin, not like a methhead.

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what do u poop

>> No.11183821

i think the extreme level of dieting isn't to reach methy levels but to get to thin quicker

>> No.11183826


but what's the point of that if you're just going to yo-yo back to the weight you didn't want.

>> No.11183831


you can lose 30+ pounds in three months on a 1200 calorie diet. unless you're obese that should get you pretty damn close to your thinspo goals.

>> No.11183834

doesn't always happen it depends on how you get there imo. also you can ween off the extreme diet onto something lower than like 2k without putting on weight. or do light exercise and eat well.

>> No.11183845


1200 kcal diet isn't extreme. it's what's recommended for healthy weight loss. but yeah everything you said is true.

>> No.11183853

yea d'rather shred and then do light while eating delicious foods then exercise for the rest of my life all while looking great

>> No.11183869

I don't think that really works. The purpose of ice baths is to help recovery after sports practice, we used to do it for xc in high school.

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would lick your nipples /fa/m

Amazing. What are you stats?

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LMAO hahaahha

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ew that persons fat

>> No.11184288

left person's body is disgustingly wide

>> No.11184290

Literally obesity

10/10 slender

>> No.11184298

no she isn't, she's also lost more weight since that photo

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kek, yeah this is why I don't want to get too thin. I just want to be skinny but anorexia-tier. I'm not a model, so I'd just look like the guy on the right.

I'm 5' 11" aiming for about 135-lbs with a bit of muscle on. Maybe even 140-lbs if it looks better.

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another day another toni

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This is how I look tbqh fimflam. Stats: 109 5'10
never did excise, used to do parkour for fun thats it.

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did everyone pray to toni this morning?

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Are you an Aussie?

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Didn't knew people in /fa/ knew Titus Andronicus. Cool.

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I think he is that pigfuck trip that used to shitpost here, if it's him you can report him. Mods want him.

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im german

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one of his many minions

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ah, figured since you said 'this morning' rather than 'tonight' might be an aussie.

the anime guy?

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How come when you look up 'male model on runway' in google its always otter mode?

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What do you want? Slp, goof ninja? what?

I'm the animeguy I have never done anything against the rules so no mods don't want me.

Pigfuck is a ban evader, the dude that used to spam this threads with photos of some Russian weight lifter. But nah it's probably another spammer, just report him. None of them are as good as Casey at spamming back in the day.

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just physiques mayn

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how is toni anywhere against the rules fuccboi?

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not that anon, but it's just annoying because it's the same person over and over. carabro posts cara, but he posts her a few times max. even lizziebro just posts a few.

If you want a thread full of one person, there are boards for that.

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>>1118322squats will make them bigger

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And who's the model?

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sebastian sauve

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I could fill this thread with yung fashionista inspo but that shouldn't let others post img. I'll give it a rest for now.

>> No.11184544

will becoming skelle make me look taller?

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>> No.11184558

no but becoming taller would make you look skelle

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I feel you man. Went from 117.2 -> 119.8 recently after binges and feel like shit. Might go for a run.

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>will becoming skelle make me look taller?
Your height will be more noticeable due to the legs having more thigh gap that's it.

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Are carbs really that bad? I have been eating the recommended minimum of 1,200, sometimes even less but I have not lost much lately after losing 10 pounds. I have barely been eating bread or anything like that but I eat potatoes, not rediculously or anything, and am wondering if that's why I have stopped.

I am 5'5 152pounds at the moment.

>> No.11184659

>Are carbs really that bad?

>> No.11184689

Laxatives don't work for weight loss bro. They stimulate your large intestine and calories are absorbed in the small intestine.

>> No.11184825

how much do youguys think I should weigh?

Im 19 year old male 5'10

>> No.11184838

There's no ideal weight.
Just be true to yourself and comfortable with the body you own.

>> No.11184851

hey famalam how much of a bad idea are diet pills to kickstart my metabolism and lose some weight? im aware theyre bad for health but im curious if they actually work

>> No.11185013

I'd say get to 145 and see how you feel. By the time you are at 145, you'll know how much you want your final goal weight to be.

>> No.11185021
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Depends on the diet pill and your body. What's your gender/height/weight?

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some guy on /an/ had a dogger that had to get something removed from its face so it lost a lot of weight there, proper inspo

>> No.11185303


I'm not skinny yet but i lost some weight

with my current method i lose like 4kg per week

I fast for 3 days (mon-thur) and then i eat one meal a day around 500kcal

>> No.11185321

How do I meet a /thin/ girl? All of the girls around me on dating sites look like swine. I'm fairly thin and I refuse to date anybody my size or bigger.

>> No.11185329

4kg is too much per week anon. even 1kg is a lot

>> No.11185333

>even 1kg is a lot

If you eat a lot of course it is dude

>> No.11185424

how the fuck do i deal with my hair thinning from losing so much weight. im taking biotin and eating eggs but im still getting fucked

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The only way for me to gain is lifting but I just wanna look more average...

>> No.11185479

postujesz tą fote już z piąty raz

>> No.11185495


what's the point of posing like this?

or showing your entire naked body? shirt off will get the point across?

>> No.11185506

>All of the girls around me on dating sites look like swine
>dating sites

For horn dogs/bitches use those, same as the horn dog apps if you're really thirsty. If you want cute skinny girls to come to you just be a cute skinny boy. I think that is obvious. Get to know more people, there are tons of ways, one of them would be right here if you're thin, young and beautiful.

No offense but your comment was stupid, idk why I responded, I shouldn't.

Do bodyweight stuff, shave and invest all your money on high end clothes that's all you need, you already have looks.

Got any good fit /fa/m?

Then it's impossible unless it's something genetical, like you, yourself were supposed to go bald I mean. So combat that with 1g finasteride per day. I have a friend who did that. It worked.

>> No.11185509

wow your body looks weird

>> No.11185518

It's the angle and his posture. He doesn't knows how to pose he'll learn, he'll learn.

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File: 1.53 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20150301_201255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not really, I'm way too lost in the comfort of wearing all black.

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>In class
>everyone is in silence
>my stomach starts to growl
>not now pls

>> No.11185606

you look like shit

>> No.11185622

is there an minimum age for finasteride?

>> No.11185634

>being non-white in poland
that's a good way to get murked

>> No.11185652

I wanna cry. I was a couple hours away from exactly no calories.. besides these vitamins which dont claim to have any.. for seven days. I went to this restaurant for my nieces birthday and had some green tea. I was wondering about it so I looked it up, and it the brand has 5ca 1carb a cup.. I had like 4 cups ;_;

I was gonna go 14 days and now I feel like its ruined.. wat do?

>> No.11185664

is there a max height to pulling of mr skelton and looking good doing it?

>> No.11185673

whats the middle book?

>> No.11185681

thus spoke zarathustra innit

>> No.11185706

Okay guys help me figure something out

Until now i fasted for 2-3 days and then ate whatever we had at home(chicken,pork,pasta etc.) only once a day at noon

I now want to change that and instead of only eating once a day eat "negative calorie" foods like broccoli,water boiled lentils and beans,oranges,lettuce,cucumber,apple and foods like that

If i replace my "whatever meal" with this kind of things will it work faster?These foods boost metabolism so i guess it HAS to work like a wonder

Things are going to be difficult of course because you're basically fooling yourself that you're eating while in reality the daily kcal income will be around 200-300kcal

What does /fa/ has to say about my idea?

>> No.11185712

I like it /fa/m.

>> No.11185724

No. Use it now while young just remember its just 1 g per day so if they sell you 5 g at the pharmacy use a knife. That's what my friend did, he had a pill box full of cut fin.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra. All of Nietzsche work is amazing you should pick one at random and read it.

Looks model on the tall, looks cute on the shorter and looks a mix of both in the average.

It was a b-day give yourself a break you will keep on track don't worry.

hahahah that's cute /fa/m.

>> No.11185727

there arent any negative calorie foods,
but yes, do this. The fats and carbs are of them are a different quality.. dont eat apples though or lentils, the carbs/sugars are massive. I usually stick to broccoli and spinach, edamame in small portions is great for low-carb and high protien/ fiber .

>> No.11185748

They're still fruits /fa/m,they're a lot better compared to pasta or meat but i get your point

Will the diet i described sustain me though?I don't want to faint

>> No.11185921

I was straight out of the bath
Also i wanna feel sexy

>> No.11185924

Because its still relevant

>> No.11185978

How long have you been eating at 1200? No matter how long, btw, you can't "plateau" after only losing ten pounds.

Stop eating potatoes. They're a meme food. Learn to cook and cook vegetarian (pescatarian really) food with simple ingredients. Stop drinking soda and eating candy. NEVER eat until you're full, only eat until you're no longer hungry.

There's no real excuse for being 5'5" and 152. Losing weight isn't easy, it's much easier to prevent gaining more weight than it is to shed pounds. Good luck, anyway.

>> No.11186020

>I was straight out of the bath
>Also i wanna feel sexy


You're always relevant. Your silhouette looks like mine, I admire your pants sihouette in that pic.

>> No.11186100

eww commie measurments

>> No.11186109

nah man slow and steady is the name of the game in weight gain or loss. its all about making your body used to its new weight and not slashing huge weight which may have negative effects healthwise

>> No.11186371

>ever wanting to be like left
sudoku yourself m80

>> No.11186394
File: 2.57 MB, 3119x4678, 22813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ.
Literally #goals.

What's your daily diet like?

>> No.11186403

Literally eating disorder tier, bro.
You might want to go to a doctor. I'm serious.

>> No.11186425

I'm a 5'7" tall boy, atm 135 pounds. How low do I have to drop my weight to not have my thighs look like massive logs?

>> No.11186428
File: 883 KB, 3375x2250, 1438319648490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some people just have thick thighs as part of their genetic makeup. Especially if you're a male.

>> No.11186436
File: 1.35 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160418_020237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

105 - 110 apparently,

I'm 115 and my legs are bit thick still, same height by the way

>> No.11186449

Well. That's pretty low.

>> No.11186451

After finally not having to barf anymore because of salmonella, threads like these are extra disgusting.

I just hope you guys starve yourself without killing yourself.

>> No.11186474

yeah, but it all depends on genetics I guess, just lose a couple of pounds and see where it takes you. i know people who weight more than me and look the way I'd look if was 100lbs

>> No.11186496

pizza rolls, potatoes, milk, anything thats left in the freezer

i have an extremely fast metabolism

>> No.11186519

How much do you actually eat though?

Staying healthy is important too.

>> No.11186535

i feel like i eat a fair amount, whenever there's actually food in the house. currently neet

>> No.11186549
File: 23 KB, 238x485, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the more effort you have put in the less worth it that bit of junk food which will satisfy you immediately seems

>> No.11186550
File: 55 KB, 576x1024, uO4xagHb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you guys count cals?

>> No.11186553
File: 115 KB, 500x683, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11186562
File: 1.16 MB, 292x323, you-fucking-serious.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11186564
File: 40 KB, 500x496, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw pic is becoming reality

guys how do you even cook your brocolshit? it tastes like shoes
eating healthy tourtues my stomach and leads me to binge on fat food because all good foods taste shit
counting cal is too much of a hassle too liquid fasting is most simpler and faster it works so good i almost live to get on the scales now

>> No.11186565

this pretty much
I'm right between ok & good

>> No.11186574


>> No.11186577
File: 82 KB, 640x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah its very accurate and realistic

>> No.11186582


Ale jak ten maciek też jest taki thinspo to mnie z nim zapoznaj bejb

>> No.11186602
File: 240 KB, 1280x1920, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11186605

Steam it, don't cook it to mush
Add salt and butter
Except you probably don't want to add either cause of your mental issues

>> No.11186607


man the shit up and eat rawcoli fatass

>> No.11186608

Manlet thread?

>> No.11186615

just calculate your bmi
x < 16 is officially skinny and model tier

>> No.11186623

How do I lose thigh fat, all the fat I lose is in my belly and I just wanna wear skinnys and not look

>> No.11186626

>Except you probably don't want to add either cause of your mental issues
In a way I think it's fucking stupid to even ask how to enjoy food when your goal is to not fucking eat at all.
Fats make food taste good basically.

>> No.11186647

Eat less

>> No.11186669
File: 60 KB, 500x680, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

doctors said lower limbs are last part your body lose fats
face > neck > torso > upper limbs and ass > lower limbs

keep going on till you reach the goal

>> No.11186790

Nigga that better be soy milk

>> No.11186935
File: 732 KB, 640x480, maga-usa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you see a new low on your scale

>> No.11186962

Why you dont model for slp? Honestly you look unique.

>> No.11186970

traps are disgusting and shouldn't model

>> No.11186979

Androgyny gets a lot of praise very fast in high fashion due to being limited only to people beautiful enough to pull it off.

>> No.11186980

what's more important. what you eat, or how much you eat?

say you eat 500 calories a day, but all those calories come from cookies. compared to eating 1000 calories a day but it all comes from healthy food.

>> No.11186981

quantity imho

>> No.11186993

damn that looks awful.

>> No.11186996

quantity = weight
quality = health

>> No.11187005

fats don't enjoy food either. they oversalt and overgrease and oversugar because the point is to eat as much as possible, not to enjoy. fat food tastes good like alcohol tastes good: it doesn't, but if you have enough of it, it fills the hole in your humanity.

anas eat the broccoli without the butter, fats eat the butter without the broccoli. it's only when you can eat and enjoy both you obtain true balance.

>> No.11187015

I think fatties do enjoy food, it's a coping mechanism for them. It's like a drug addiction.

>> No.11187068

How tall are you?

>> No.11187076

180 / 5'11 manlet

>> No.11187173

What's the greatest deficit one can safely and consistently eat at, lads?

>> No.11187338

Depends on your height and weight, but generally someplace around 1200-1400 is as low as you should go.

Obviously a 5' 4" girl might be closer to 1200, and a 6' male might be closer to 1400.

What's your TDEE? Have you calculated that yet?

>> No.11187360

167 cm
48.5 kg

I feel incredibly fat.
I walk every opportunity I get, cut calories to 1100/day, and only drink water, coffee or tea. What else can I do?

>> No.11187379

TDEE is 2119kcal I just found out. I'm 81kg@190cm, currently doing 1500kcal a day but I was wondering if it would be beneficial to go harder or slower.

>> No.11187387

*TDEE is 2142kcal, I fucked up.

>> No.11187392

Eat healthy wholefoods, you'll feel better and less hungry and therefore it will be easier to keep at it without having a breakdown.

You'll also look better because you're burning clean fuel rather than poison.

>> No.11187407

>4kg a week
slow that shit down anon

>> No.11187431

I highly suggest taking Adderall for weight loss. I was prescribed about 3 weeks ago and went from 127 to 119 in two weeks. I have no trouble eating one meal a day on it which is usually dinner. Thinking of switching that meal to breakfast before taking it and only allowing myself one low calorie snack at night. Think that'll be more effective?

>> No.11187488

I'm 60 kg 193 cm. Like many of the pics above, I just look like a skeleton. Not sure why anyone would want to look like this. A few kgs of ottermode muscle would make me look much more attractive and I think most of my friends (or most people except for /fa) would agree. It's not worth it guys.

Although I did get scouted by slp. Still not worth it. I want to start working out but I don't want to lose modeling jobs cause I "went on a bulk" and gained fat :( not sure what to do desu

>> No.11187539

what does slp stand for?

>> No.11187547


>> No.11187548

who made this chart

>> No.11187558

It's not worth what? Do you have a lot of trouble staying skinny?

>> No.11187563


>> No.11187565

>Although I did get scouted by slp

neat. how did it happen?

>> No.11187582

I'd say you should eat 1600-1700kcal per day and drop the weight at a pound per week (-500kcal deficit)

Once you get to where your TDEE is 2000 or so, then try 1500. As long as you can maintain that without binging or feeling faint, go for it. I'm doing 1500 now and feels fine, but my TDEE is 1950.

>> No.11187587

Adderall is great for losing weight and having energy, but like any stimulant, that shit can bite you in the long run. Take it seriously, it's dangerous to abuse. Take the minimum dose you can possibly take.

How many mg are you taking per day?

>> No.11187698

I'm a different anon but I've been abusing it at around 80-120 mg IR a day taken at once multiple times per week for about 3 or so weeks now but I'm stopping to try to kill tolerance. How long does amp tolerance take to go back to original levels? Or is there no hope?

>> No.11187726

Since you aren't doing it every day, I'd say you'll normalize pretty fast. I was taking it daily 80-100mg and it took me a fair amount of time to quit feeling so shitty when I stopped.

I don't think you'll go back to like it was when you first started and 10mg lasted for a really long time, but, maybe can get it back to where you can keep it at 30mg per day or something.

It's a little bit like coke where you want to chase the effects though, that's the problem. Feels good coming up but way down you want to take more. For that reason if I ever abused it again I'd take smaller doses more often and try to control myself.

>> No.11187735
File: 28 KB, 349x349, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not sure why anyone would want to look like this.
>It's not worth it guys.
>I did get scouted by slp.
>I don't want to lose modeling jobs

get out

>> No.11187741
File: 83 KB, 500x475, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

starvation is modern couture no outfit is gonna make you or feel as good as having a thin body

>> No.11187744
File: 86 KB, 483x447, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

felt it
saw it
havent heard it yet

>> No.11187750

Bruh you're going to die if you live like that

>> No.11187756

Slimane Loves Penis

>> No.11187783

I got some compliments today :3

>> No.11187795

This guy is pulling his shoulders forward to his his winging scapula, caused by weak serratus muscles due to being an underweight soy boy.

>> No.11187807

i wish it was the other way around. i dont even care about my stomach fat

>> No.11187825

I'm taking 20-30 mg everyday but today I took 40 mg. Definitely noticed that I'm developing a tolerance.

>> No.11187841

did you shock them all
i fantasize of being asked if i am ill for rapid lose every minutes of day

>> No.11187843

is it because of the caffine in addie?

>> No.11187846

maybe it could be genetics or poor blood circulation issue

>> No.11187857

I sometimes slip up and binge, so I think I might up set my limit at 1642kcal and see how I fare.

Thanks for the advice m8.

>> No.11187858
File: 30 KB, 500x375, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i discovered no sleep boosts more losing in fasting

>> No.11187863

this is stupid
calrorie control bullshit sounds like you decide go to casiano and not addict or hardcore acoholic drinking only a glass to be less addict

>> No.11187864

It does, but for me it also makes the cravings a lot worse and adds to general despair.

>> No.11187867

I know. I just like to feel a flat belly. In addiction to a healthy diet -admittedly starvation one day or another- and exercises, I take them. I feel light again.

>> No.11187870

How to loose Muscle on thigh area

>> No.11187880

tell craving to fuck off

dont eat

>> No.11187889

it might cause serious dehydration

>> No.11187903

No, I was always skinny. What I meant was, actively trying to achieve this is not worth it because the end result doesn't feel or look good; I get that it's subjective but that's my personal experience :( would rather be average weight

>> No.11187907

Just out on the streets (in NY). No jobs yet though

>> No.11187916

pic or gtfo

>hes a model
>on the internet

>> No.11187917

sorry if I sound like a hypocrite, I'm just not sure what to do

>> No.11187922

Anyone have any tips for sleeping on an empty stomach? I've tried tylenol and melatonin and none helped. Some nights I stay awake for hours just starring at the wall

>> No.11187923

>he thinks male modeling is a real job

>> No.11187924

Not model just scouted

>> No.11187938

sparkling aid comforts and fills your empty stomach and heart
i feel full af after i just drink cascade ice pink grapefruit

>> No.11187945

Of course it's not a real job but it would be cool to try it anyway. I figure it would be a shame to throw it away at this point

but maybe I'm not gonna get any jobs either way idk, they probably scout more people than they have jobs

>> No.11187948

next thing you do is taking polaroids
whats your agency?

>> No.11187955

we are all living in despair honey

>> No.11187957
File: 53 KB, 620x827, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

modeling is for females like nurses
get mens job

>> No.11187971
File: 155 KB, 600x800, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11188008

I still want to model

>> No.11188010

that would be amazing. I did get one anorexic joke this week. felt really good. I'm not anorexic, just getting skelle eating 1400kcal per day.

>> No.11188014

Sounds like a good plan m8. I can tell you're going to make it!

>> No.11188020

stepped on a scale it it's the highest it's been in months
water and coffee or bust

>> No.11188074
File: 135 KB, 500x889, IMG_8110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, end of the line, friends.
I'm at my hotel and I'm checking into residential tomorrow.
Not eating until check-in so i can confirm I'm at my lowest weight when i do.
5'5", 101 lbs.

I almost did it, /fa/ :(

>> No.11188082

you're very hot, but I wish you the best

>> No.11188085

You have an ED? Are you checking in willingly? How much does that cost? o.o

>> No.11188087
File: 49 KB, 640x640, 10852564_377439772437815_793202284_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

5'10" 60kg am I thin yet?

Pic obviously is not me.

>> No.11188089

you in Denver?

why are you checking yourself in?

I get confused with all this. You got to a point where you were having health problems? What are they? Or was it family forced you to go? Or, no bully, do you just like the attention of having to go to an ED place?

You still cut?

>> No.11188094

yes, yes, and i assume a lot but insurance is fully covering it.
i started having terrible concentration issues and insomnia and i was devoting way too much time to this to the point where i couldn't finish my coursework. also yeah, health was starting to get bad. i am dizzy all the time.

i haven't cut in more than 6 months because what the fuck was i thinking

>> No.11188096
File: 67 KB, 1456x1108, 1460628696148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>those cutting scars
that's my fetish

>> No.11188108

Oh ok. I've never had an ED but I've done therapy for GAD and compulsive exercising which took over my life.

I have health problems but have never needed inpatient treatment which is why I thought it was interesting.

You don't do inpatient here unless you try to kill someone, are dying, or try to kill yourself and are very close to succeeding. (A small suicide attempt is ok)

>> No.11188119

Have you been to treatment before? Do you live in the treatment center? How long does it take? Are they effective? How much weight will you be expected to gain? Are you taking off from school?

I know a girl who went into "residential" treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder. It was like intensive treatment, medication management. I think she was super fucked up on meds on top of being mentally ill already - the doctors literally made her worse.

You for sure never want to go to an actual mental hospital. That's completely fucked.

>> No.11188125

Yeah my doctor tried to give me Seroquel and I couldn't even tough through the first week and quit it. Now I'm trying to find some free therapy programs or something cause next time I try to kill myself I might try a more... permanent... option.

>> No.11188143

Also, from what I've learned most inpatient ED programs just force-feed you until you're at a stable weight ):

>> No.11188153

If you are an Amerifat just use a shotgun. Cheap and very effective.

Seroquel is for bipolar. Therapy is a jewish scam, it doesn't work, best thing you can do is get outside and get around people that make you laugh. Don't fall for the CBT meme, it's not really science backed if you compare it to any other industry. The research has poor controls, poor sample size, ad hoc, non double blind... it's garbage "science".

Hope the food is good. Would suck if you got force fed but the meals weren't even tasty.

>> No.11188160


i'm going to residential which is different than inpatient
also it's like
one of the best places

so hopefully the food is good
i haven't eaten since 7pm yesterday so that my intake tomorrow will be my lowest weight

i want salad ugh

>> No.11188168

So you want your intake weight to be super low so you don't have to gain as much? What do you think would be an ideal weight for you? Like one you could maintain and be healthy?

You come from a wealthy Jewish family? (again, no bully just curious)

>> No.11188169

Seroquel is also for BPD. I've been to therapy before and it works wonders.

>> No.11188173

>You come from a wealthy Jewish family? (again, no bully just curious)


and no, it's more a pride point for me. they'll probably make me gain to around 120, 125 regardless, and i have very bad BDD so part of me feels like i'm not skinny enough for treatment. if i go in there at 100lbs, at least i can tell myself i was 100lbs at my lowest

>> No.11188176

>i'm going to residential which is different than inpatient
You stay there though, right? It's like a hotel full of qt3.14anorexicgrills?

>> No.11188182


i will stay there, yeah, but we're all vindictive, lying crazies :^)
maybe some qts though
maybe some qt boys, too

tfw no poly anorexic thing

>> No.11188194
File: 10 KB, 420x420, pepe-not-a-terrorist-at-all-no-way.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell your family you want first class next time, I don't see a priority sticker on that bag. And what's with the shitty hotel? It's not downtown? :^)

Did they fly with you to check you in, or did you go alone?

>they'll probably make me gain to around 120,
How long will you stay there? I mean to go from 100 to 120 would take a while even if you ate a bunch!

>> No.11188260


how fat do I look to you guys? 1 month into cutting, not sure how much more I should lose.

>> No.11188263

looks like I forgot how to crosslink


>> No.11188290
File: 74 KB, 412x351, 537286563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw i got under 50kg again today

Fucking shit, i hate that, i need to gain at least 15 fcking kilos

>> No.11188304

How tall are you?
>tfw got under 45 kg few days ago
>tfw still trying to hit at least 50 kg

>> No.11188314
File: 51 KB, 420x487, 1436131654429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.11188337

What is your ideal weight? Personally I think around 52kg is best for 174cm

>> No.11188344

oh yeah, shit of course.

>> No.11188373


I think between 65 and 70 would be good

>> No.11188378

unless of course you plan on that being gained by muscle
But even then muscle isn't effay

>> No.11188397
File: 759 KB, 1520x2688, 14610181096831477155802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Up or down?

>> No.11188402

fat cunt

>> No.11188410
File: 84 KB, 803x790, raise-hand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do they limit your internet access or can you shitpost from the mental hospital?

>> No.11188424

maintain weight, work out more.

>> No.11188456
File: 12 KB, 400x300, thinspo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another /thinspo/ thread, last one 300

>I-i'm not hungry edition

Last Thread: >>11182793

Comfy Rules:
post thinspo
love lizzie
make america thin again

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

>> No.11188458

I have 4 weeks to lose weight. is starving myself the best option?
also should I smoke, I heard it suppresses appetite
any advice appreciated thanks

>> No.11188461
File: 32 KB, 306x306, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bump limit is 315 and you didn't make a new thread

>> No.11188462
File: 337 KB, 848x530, extremely ripped abs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will be posting this in every thread from now on


>> No.11188466

ew wtf

>> No.11188476

Thanks senpai. I already did 10kg so far but as I get closer it's getting more tricky.

I have trouble parsing your post.

>> No.11188784

>tfw found out my boyfriend has an eating disorder too

>> No.11188831
File: 105 KB, 803x651, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I drop down a build like this?

I'm not trying to go full Skellington, that build terrifies me

>> No.11188873

Drop down to a build like the one in your pic? Or you have that build already and you're trying to drop down?

>> No.11188891

Just lose weight but don't go too far..

>> No.11188895

I started at about 188 pounds, currently down to 175. I'm about 5'11 I still have belly fat. When does that go away? I try to eat around 1200 calories with running everyday.

>> No.11188907

New thread:

310 here, actually.

>> No.11189855

Go to the build in the pic, right now I have too much belly fat to tuck in my shirt confidently.

6', 185 lbs, very little muscle

>> No.11189927

180 is only manlet in the nordic countries and in the Netherlands imo