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Post cringe itt

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You've done it now boy

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Now post toni

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Rick Owens

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the guy on the far right wearing red

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wasn't he in the show Eve & Steven?

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w2c jacket ?

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Wearing a well fitted suit is cringe? He looks more respectable than half of this shit board.

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If that shit was shot a century ago it would have ended in the inspiration-thread

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this. lmao

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u wash ur fucking mouth

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That looks comfy af

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in all seriousness I think Shia pulls off the "i don't give a fuck" look pretty well. Some people can't, he can.

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This suit is great, just a bit big for him.

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my gf has a zip up fox PJs like this and it's mad comfy

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@dspiffy on Instagram btw

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what a retard

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he looks fun, would kick it with this dude

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how did you find this guy
he's been posted for years

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Nice bait, didn't work

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>Not knowing about Dan "Spiffy" Newman.

Fucking pleb.

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Picking on TFL guys is like going to /cgl/ and making fun of the lolitas - too easy.

Walking stereotype.

Think of all the Gameboy games he could carry in those pockets, man

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Posted in a WAYWT thread

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this could become a core

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kill urself, my man

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/r/malefashionadvice core

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>TFL guys

Transport For London?

>mfw I just realised you can highlight text and click the post number to quote reply having used 4chan for 10 years

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u sure boi?

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looking at this jacket on amazon
>see this
looks like im not getting that jacket

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this old german guy was praised for his dope fit on facebook a while ago

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I think its more just applauding him for still trying at that age

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what would you call that shit?

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except for the boots its ok

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it is dope aside from the pants

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the boots are the coolest imho. unironically w2c?

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he looks pretty fucking awesome imo

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The Fedora Lounge. Basically /cgl/ for guys who think the 40s/50s were rad

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U usually find his fits with shorts pretty lacking because of specifically his visible legs. in this case I find it better... of all fits you could choose, you officially proved to not understand fashion.

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>someone has a different opinion than me
>thus he doesn't understand fashion
I thought autism was nonexistent on this board.

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It looks so much better when you remove his fucking ugly ass autistic head from the picture.

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the penny loafers still look shit with the rest of the fit

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Holy fucking hell

>> No.11183909

it's a patagonia snap sweater i think

>> No.11183924

It's a eccentric look but it's definitely not cringey

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enhance that image

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Taken straight from a raw denim thread on /mfa/

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How can one love fans so much?

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this needs to become a core

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what u mean

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Real human bean

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>looking at horseriding jackets on amazon

You'd better ride a horse you fedora-tier scum

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not cringe

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That repulsive deformed face isn't cringe? Lel, you must be him or one of his butt-buddy followers then.

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you got some insecurity issues dude

>> No.11184099

when the majority of your demographic is dressing literally like five year olds i can see why someone like him would receive praise

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Well first of all his face is fine. Secondly I have no clue who this guy is. Third of all just because you think he's ugly doesn't make it cringe, he's just wearing an adidas jacket that's pretty normal. It seems like you have some personal vendetta with this guy.

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I wasn't the one who posted that. And yea, ugly = cringe

Lel @ defending another man's ugly looks

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no i dont ride a horse but i am out in ''deep woods'' a lot and have been looking for a non shit trench coat for rain and the cold. i saw this one at kittery trading post and was looking at the reviews

>> No.11184129

also the cape on the shoulders comes off so its not so Amish

>> No.11184140

If you're out there "a lot" what's preventing your from getting some actual decent water-resistant pants and a regular hardshell coat? Just get some J Wolfskin m8

Trench coats are absolute shit for hiking, so unless you're just randomly standing in the fucking woods there's absolutely zero reason to get one besides "m-m-muh classy fedora aesthetic"

>> No.11184157

i already have a bunch of decent rain jackets and hard shell coats i just dont like wearing non organic fibers alot (i prefer cotton or leather) and this wouldn't be for hiking, its to heavy

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Lel @ feeling the need to poke fun at how others look on an image board to make yourself feel good

>> No.11184167

>this wouldn't be for hiking
>i already have a bunch of decent rain jackets and hard shell coats

Okay so again, why the fuck are you getting a trenchcoat?

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Lel it's you

>> No.11184178

cause i like the way looks dude

im not going to be wearing this with a sonic the hedge hog t-shirt and sweat pants at the mall.

>> No.11184186

You're probably going to wear it with jeans or whatever though

Please post pics when you do so I can laugh at you

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this was actually my first time posting on fa, guess its my last

bunch faggots on here

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WHY YOU GON THROW SHADE AT MY BOY JACOB HETZER?? You be a salty fuccboi lmao

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If you went to and English primary school then you knew each of these people.

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Hang yourself.

>> No.11184231

holy shit

>> No.11184236

that kid on the left

how is such a thing even possible

>> No.11184243

The dandruff kills it. Also, it looks too old-fashioned. Not arguing quality or illness of fit because it looks tailored.

>> No.11184272

Damn Dan, back at it again with the fat tie!

>> No.11184281

I guess you could call him a fan....of fans

>> No.11184291

Holy fuck, I feel like I'm about to be sieg heil-ed through the screen.

>> No.11184321


3 types of modern British youth summed up in one picture.

>> No.11184354


kid in the middle looks like a leader good on him he probably bangs daisy (second from the right)

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fuck off basement senpai

>> No.11184409

lmao #basementapproved

that page is hilarious.

>> No.11184444

is this a special needs class

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well its England, all of their classes are special needs

>> No.11184453

are you the guy from tripsit

>> No.11184476

this dude has been a doctor who fan since the first episode aired

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>> No.11184506

>dude on the left has probably offed himself by now

>> No.11184553

he's just a kid man

>> No.11184555

lol you got to be fuking kidding me

>> No.11184566

>All the girls in the pic more than likely had children a few years after it was taken
>The two boys on the right are both in prison for stealing a litre bottle of ASDA own brand cider
>The Indian kid probably runs his dads corner shop

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How many fucking people wear clothing for its intended purpose?

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I can't believe you've done this.

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no, the guy just never tailors his clothes, otherwise it'd be fine.

There's another picture of him somewhere where his pants are so baggy it looks like he's wearing JNCO

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>Today anon realizes that fashion is essentially irrelevant if you look good in the first place and, by corollary, nothing will make you look bad if your face is ugly

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It happens when a middle class family moves to an place in a poor school's catchment area and their socialist ideals prevent them from sending their child to a public school.

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shoulders are slightly too big for him, the lapels are too narrow for the cut of the suit, and the shoes don't work with it - but otherwise it works and isn't cringe at all

not cringe, just dated looking

>> No.11185174

>shoulders are slightly too big for him
So he has narrow shoulders. Unattractive.

>> No.11185487

Jesus christ it took me too long to realize that's not an oblivious old man, but a younger dude who has no business looking that creepy

>> No.11185501

Agreed. Once you're that old, the eccentric gentleman look is finally acceptable.

What isn't acceptable is early-20 year olds wearing it to their gaming club meets at the local state school

>> No.11185577

>You're probably going to wear it with jeans

What else are you going to wear it with desu? I usually wear mine with black jeans and black boots and I think it looks fine.

>> No.11185582

I'm the indian kid on the right minus being indian.

>> No.11185625

this is pretty tight

>> No.11185642

You wore diapers when you were 5?

>> No.11185668

this shit is fire

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Not gonna lie, I kinda like this minus the shoes.

>> No.11185887


how`s that cringe, you raging homosexual?

>> No.11186139

delete this

>> No.11186570

clown boots

>> No.11186628

so all English schools have a time traveler, a token paki and a bunch of slavs. What a nice demographic you have

>> No.11186645

M8 you must have never seen slavs
Seriously, the lad with the bottle is a younger version of what I see when I close my eyes and think 'working class brit'

>> No.11186699

>bunch faggots on here
>non-ironically defended wearing fucking trenchcoats

Holy shit mate

>> No.11187098

just checking to see your rebuttal.
regardless, still think there are other fits of his, that are more ridiculous.

>> No.11187169

is that a fucking robot

>> No.11187170

How the fuck was that taken in 2005? I went to high school in a shitty little town but everyone had moved on from classic chavcore by 2003

>> No.11187898

The realization that the stitches in the notches of the lapels are not angled the same really bothers me.

>> No.11187973

>tfw I'm wearing a 6x1 double breasted suit right now.

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>mfw i never knew this and explains why suddenly i always had partial quotes when making posts

>> No.11188007

fucking hell

>> No.11188009

Anyone have that fit with the white guy in a white tucked in T-shirt and really long skinny sky-blue jeans with the tan and olive NB shoes? It's posted in every WAYWT and I want it but can't find it

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>> No.11188076

The basement is the single most cringeworthy, cancerous group to exist.

>> No.11188083


Lol he's literally model-tier

>> No.11188101

I mean, his face is bad, but the suit fits very well, the tie is well proportioned to the collar and lapels. If he were handsome, this would be sick.

>> No.11188243

not cringey. only for newagefucbois but pretty dope nonetheless

>> No.11188280

fuckin hell

>> No.11188328

oh my god are those yeezys

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quit life if your ugly confirmed

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>> No.11189554

There's nothing worng about trenchcoats.

What's wrong here, are your insecurities dude

>> No.11189558

looks like a fastfood worker

>> No.11189565

>tag still on mid-tier jeans

>> No.11189570

I have no idea what that is, to be honest.

His facial hair and glasses may be shit, and his suit could be proportioned better, but this isn't awful. I'd definitely make some changes, but it's not like the whole damn house is on fire, so to speak.

>> No.11189760

It's just an ugly dude. I feel bad for him desu.

>> No.11189769

this is kinda cool, like a villain in dark souls or something. i would never wear it but I respect the guy for dressing this eccentric and being confident about it. He pulls it off.

>> No.11189777

this girl was posted on /s/

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File: 1.92 MB, 1080x720, dabbing like the cool kids.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11189784

lol this dude confirmed for patrick bateman

you're an ugly stupid sort of cunt aren't you dude?

>> No.11189799

she literly looks/acts autistic
she doesnt even dab right

>> No.11189801

I was thinking the same thing.

>> No.11189803

This isn't cringe.

>> No.11189806

this is actually dope as fuck

>> No.11189810

pajeet's fit is some nxtlvl shit

>> No.11189819

aw hes a qt

>> No.11189831

Yep. Especially since /fa/ can't, on average, afford a look like that.

>> No.11189835
File: 1.02 MB, 2050x2950, 100420Z3_GOSLING_B-GR_04wtmk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

carell inspired

>> No.11189839

That's awfully generous of you.

>> No.11190065

legends never die.

>> No.11190078

If anything, I'm digging the look of the fitted mattress on the ground.

>> No.11190087

Kill yourself

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File: 15 KB, 400x400, pyledriver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11190115

Yeah they are

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File: 348 KB, 1024x1365, CgWELwmUEAEO8W6.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11190156

this thread

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File: 212 KB, 712x1073, f1ad453d-c03b-4a9f-adfc-e082ea14965e..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11190338

Steve Carrell is based.

>> No.11190347

More like underclass

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File: 47 KB, 567x561, 1455579920909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11190416

Yes it is...

>> No.11190421

im not a nigger and i dont know nigger culture regarding fashion, can someone explain whats wrong with those shoes to me

>> No.11190424


It's literally a white 1980's Michael Jackson.

>> No.11190736

Those are semi-expensive boots and he's wearing them in an odd way

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