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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Mentally Ill Cum Dumpsters Post Skinny Edition

Last Thread: http://boards.4chan.org/fa/thread/11157257/thinspo-thinspo-general#top

Comfy Rules:
Post thinspo
No "anime mode"
/fit/ pls no bully

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

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her toes are disgusting senpai desu

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Last Thread: >>11165289

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lmao thinspo pieces of shit dont understand their heads are HUGE on their tiny weak frames

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lol wow dude. not even 5 minutes.

go seek validation for your largeness somewhere else.

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>butthurt huge head fag

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calm down. go have a drink and think about why you have to come into a thread of sickly twinks and tell them about how muscles are awesome and they're all fags. i'm down with being the lanky shit i am. why can't you be okay with who you are?

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>/fit/ pls no bully
>/fit/ pls no bully
>/fit/ pls no bully

lol im fit but my huge ass head is still too big for my frame

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>im fit
nice lie you got there

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these threads are the only reason i browse /fa/. keep it up. love the inspo

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xth for anime mode

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look at hhis fucking image
shed so skinny that she has to lean onto herself and rest on her joints because she has 0 muscle

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Skinnyfat here
So i have access to a local gym, and I'm fixing my nutritions
But i have no clue about what kind of exercise to do in order to achieve that slender/trap/hungryskelly body
I'm just so confused: Cardio? Resistance? Weights? Free body?
Help me out guys

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>>>/fit/ first until you've lost the skinnyfat. try Starting Strength. you will never gain big muscles through it, at the very best you'll become slightly ottermode which lets you cut calories/no workouts to become slender.

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You don't eat and do strength/resistance training to not go flabby.

You might end up having some barely visible abs though.

If you seriously go 500 calories a day for a few months with a few days over 1000 and train 5x a week you will not build muscle.

You'll get stronger though but that's mostly your CNS making the most of something nonexistant.

I'm still cutting btw, this is considered skellingtonmode by /fit/ already.

I'm on 1000 calories a day. Several fatloss drugs...

For those who want to lose muscle, eat t3. It'll weaken you and burn both fat and muscle.

/Fraud/ on fit can confirm this is me.

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I want to lose weight and I would like some advice. I'm 5'7" and I weigh somewhere around 139 lbs with quite a bit of body fat, although mostly on my and thighs and ass (male). I can't afford going to the gym so what would be the best way of lowering my BF except for obviously eating less? I tried body weight fitness for a while but that didn't really work out as I have the same strength as boiled spaghetti.

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500kcal + working out 5 days a week sounds a bit too much

perhaps 1000-1200 with 4-5 workouts?

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>cope with cravings by chewing and spitting
>adore sweets so buy a lot of chocolate bars, brownies and other crap
>spend more than 10 dollars with it every day
>go to the dentist
>she notices a few white spots on my teeth
>confess what I have been doing
>we have a talk and I am decided I must stop
>feel like shit because can't read while feeling chocolate inside my mouth
>trying to gradually diminish this vice by only doing it once per day, with one bread, for example
>still feel like shit


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so did you lose the weights anyway?
i was planning to do dedicate whole 500 kcal to chocolates only

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I want to be healthy and to maintain my weight (1,54m and about 40kg). It doesn't matter if I am skinny and my skin and hair are awful. So this habit was only a way to stick with a healthy diet and remain away from the shitty food.

At least eat some veggies.

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at 5'7", being thin will just make you look at a boy.
>I tried to workout but it didn't work out because I'm week
You have to keep working out to get stronger you dingus you're not born with fucking strength.

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gotta get a thinner sides on a speedo