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Can we get more inspo that are ootd/waywt style fit pics, ill proceed to dump what i have

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Is that theo?

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I appreciate this.

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Ill dump some

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This is sick

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Max qt

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what shoes are those? I know they're Y3 but was that before adidas bought them? where to cop?

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w2c pants

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they're not worth your money

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really nice fit imo but would probably have benefited from a black instead of white vest coat.

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no this is

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More Theo

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Rick im assuming, idk which specific sorry

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>before adidas bought them

seriously kid, take 30 seconds to educate yourself with google

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Does anyone know where i can get the box logo supreme shirt? Does it drop with the other stuff or what, cuz idk if im retarded but i cant find any real ones

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W2c a tank top like this? Like with the cuts on the side, is there a name for that?

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Y3 is Adidas selling Yohji Yamamoto's products...am I incorrect? I guess perhaps they didn't buy them out but it's Adidas workin in collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto and selling his product, I knew that much. Whether they bought them out or not, whatever. My fault.

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Why is that you say? I love the look of them. I've wanted a pair for years, they just look different from what I remember.

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Yohji doesn't have anything to do with the brand anymore beside the name. it's pretty much just a cheap diffusion brand that capitalizes on streetwear hype to procure profits for yamamoto's mainline. aka cash cow.

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So you're saying I shouldn't buy them because you're mad Yohji doesn't necessarily make money off of them anymore. Got it. I don't care about that shit. I just want some nice looking shoes.

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Also, pretty sure he at least helped design the shoes so to say he has nothing to do with the brand is a bit misleading.

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I probably shouldnt like this but i do

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what is with people who roll their pants all the way up past the knee? Is this like the universal signal for "I'm gay"? Not even joking. Anyone I've ever met that does this, is in fact, gay.

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go ahead man but caveat emptor. shit is chinese made and marked up like 500%. may as well get taobao replicas, same damn thing. haha.

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those are shorts, not pants.

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Alright im gonna stop for a bit, if you want me to keep going I will later

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that sweater's doma isn't it? first time I've seen a good looking fadfit

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if this is seriously inspo to someone i recommend suicide

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don't. your taste is trash.

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the amount of cuffing would imply they've been pulled up and cuffed, maybe I'm wrong. Either way, what's the deal with cuffing shorts either? Shit's weird looking.

You're acting like they're just going to fall apart immediately...are they?

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>are they?
they'll be about as durable and well constructed as a normal $60 adidas shoe. make of that what you will.

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Sorry you dont like the same stuff as me bud

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>the amount of cuffing would imply they've been pulled up and cuffed
the resulting cuff would be suuuper thick. i recommend you try it yourself, nearly impossible. gotta be shorts.
guess people cuff them because they're too long and they don't want to bother with hemming/buying a new pair.

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>le cynical and negative bait response meme!!!!!

you got me, but I'd like to see what you consider inspo

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talk shit post fit

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expect classic dad core

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>wasting trips
gods, you're such a fucking nigger

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this thread is garbage

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>muh taste comes straight from every individual's heart and isn't at all effected at all by environment
do you even bourdieu?

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can vouch. as much as I like the look of the shoe, it isn't as durable as I would hope for. Have had mine for a month and the piece holding the laces, stitching is already half off. might just be my feet.

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No it's Margaret howell

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rick owens waxed cargos iirc

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there's actually a pretty cool pair of Rick Memphis pants for sale on grailed right now, you should check it out

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why is Theo such a god?

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isis pls go

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agree this thread is pretty bad family

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Oh good I thought it was just me thinking that

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>from front is looks like a man from back it looks like a women

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those were the ones I liked but on the other hand I am still new to /fa/

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below knee shorts what are you yhinking

only neets and mong cunts wear this

shorts are above the knee because it's hot , not so you can wear leggings and munted looking half pants. this is blasphemy


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checkered vans why
what has this world come to

sorry for the negativity but what the fuck is this thread

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holy fuck are you retarded or what

>> No.11168686


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bieber feverrrrr, hella fools be wearing the checkered slip ons now

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w2c bomber

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probably been here longer than you :^)

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your fedora is tipping

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Then you would no that isn't theo you posted...

And the inspo you're posting is embarrassingly tasteless

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been wainting a while to post this desu

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srsly who's that guy then?

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>I'm not a new fag
Whatever you say hehe

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show us your inspo senpai

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say that to my face cuck

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Y-3 Qasa Highs.
Also kill yourself for not knowing this already.

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ID on shoes?

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Its strawtengu u fucking queer.

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not >>11168796 but LOOOOOOL

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how many times do i have to tell you motherfuckers that tucking your shirt into low waisted pants doesnt look good before you actually listen

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I fucking love this coat

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too bad you didn't contribute, because then you couldve saved it couldnt you?

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w2c pants?

>> No.11170010

>giving your opinion when it isn't asked

no one cares faggot

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WTC jacket?

>> No.11170776

foot the coacher i think


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lol ghoulish

>> No.11172105

productive, thanks!

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please leave you are fucking disgusting.

>> No.11172451

very nice

>> No.11172458

ya senpai let me kill myself because some memester on a website is buttmad i didn't know exactly what shoes those were

lol good one faggot

>> No.11173850

>not theo
Hello newfriend

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Any inspos that are actually comfy for the sweltering sunny summer?

southern californiafag reporting in :(

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Better Image of Otto Lotz

Really liked the scarf and have been looking for it with no luck for like a year.Trench could have been cut better. On a whole wouldn't exactly say this outfit is inspirational.

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>Ur fucking some chick
>"Turn Over"
>"Whatever you say hehe"
>"So it was you"
>Single Tear
>Beat the ever living fuck out of her

>> No.11174118

the weather is never better
socal is hell, im burned
leave this foresaken place
do it you, do it for us....

>> No.11174227

>he thinks he's got an intimidating physique at 180lb 15%bf

>> No.11174254

>mfw youre 6'0 and 130 thinspo faggit

>> No.11174259

I'm actually too jacked to be /fa/

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go to kith maybe Its y3 qasa his everyone has them lmao

>> No.11174335

Can I get some inspo with bright red shirts?

>> No.11174344

Seriously most of this thread is shit, what the hell is happening here

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i think this is the same guy. I like these fits regardless

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earring is horrible and hes too thin but this is lowkey my aesthetic

>> No.11174669

those 2009 F21 Pants

>> No.11174806

jeez.. fashion looks boring

this is all flat and desaturated

>> No.11174951

the "girl" in the red...fucking lmao

>> No.11174973

tori spelling's ugliness mystifies me

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I recognise that guy
it's a poster on r/tfa

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they are both theo

this is theo too

>> No.11175122


>> No.11175126

this too. wew

>> No.11175131

it keeps getting worse

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>laceless flyknits
why is he always so fucking cool

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>> No.11175340

no pic no care

>> No.11175361

hhooOOlLy shit i never noticed he just took the laces out

brb unlacing all my shoes

>> No.11175494

i thought it was peanut

>> No.11175543

reminds me somehow of the nerd in breakfast club

>> No.11175545

Is that you Paulo

>> No.11175597

what jacket to wear with this ?

>> No.11176118

he never said anything about intimidating, my dearest cuck

>> No.11176425

and the white dad 16's make an appearance!

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id on that jacket

>> No.11177193

cav empt icon pull over

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File: 244 KB, 383x1408, 161607M202002_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the only full outfit inspo i have saved lol fug

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I had geopatches slip right through my hands on Grailed and since then I can't get over Visvim FBTs

>> No.11178022

this is so fucking shit for so many reasons. i cant believe its on an inspo thread lmao

proportions are cringe-tier, terrible layering, each piece is china polyester dog shit, tryhard staged pose, SLR carry bag which he carries with him to take selfies

/fa/ there might be one or two of you here still not too far gone to save. this is the end game for losers who obsess on "fits" and not living a truly /fa/ lifestyle
get out while you still can

>> No.11178110

"Oh no, I disagree with someone's taste. Maybe I should be a huge babby and bitch about it"

Kill yourself.

>> No.11178122

You're one of the too far gone I see.

>> No.11178125

agreed...basically anyone that uses anything more than a cell phone to take fit pics is a fucking loser

>> No.11178165

so staged. silhouette is trash
nikes are little kid on the special ed bus tier

>> No.11178281

does anyone else get SUPER horny for penis and cum when they see theo's posed fit pics? or is it just me..

>> No.11178285

Id on pants? I like em

>> No.11178711

post fit

>> No.11178851

there's always one

>> No.11179024

Sage for this
Back to tumblr with this food stamp mom core trash, how in the fuck is this inspo in any way

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>> No.11179416

´Somewhere out there, there is an article about the influence of jihadism on fashion. No joke. The goof nigger etc. styles, that drapey aesthetic is muslim style.

>> No.11179611
File: 909 KB, 1699x3106, IMG_20160416_174642~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This old Chinese guy was ballin'. Comfy as fuck, colours all over the place but working so well. I'm going to base a fit around it.

>> No.11179652

Moar relaxed and/or cropped trouser inspo.

>> No.11179982

scarf is thrifted in paris good luck finding one:)

>> No.11180020

what brand of shit is this?
i love the cut

>> No.11180060

>because you're mad Yohji doesn't necessarily make money off of them anymore

he said the opposite you cuck

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>> No.11180256

w2c jeans anyone???

>> No.11181000


Patrician taste

>> No.11181064

extremely gay

>> No.11181076

why do people smoke its so cringey

>> No.11181083

jesus christ fuck off