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Can we have a body type thread? Pic related. My head and legs are disproportionately big, so im going to start bodybuilding to gain some upper body bulk and hopefully even it out a little.

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>body type thread on /fa/

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op is a dyel faggot

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i'm 6'2 and very skinny

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Daily reminder that this is the ideal male body

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fuck off you look horrible

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>wearing crocs
>still looking good

how does he do it

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jesus dude...

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Holy shit. I've never seen anyone stand like such a faggot.

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height and weight?

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6'1" 150 lbs

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You're core is tight af, whats your routine?

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>guys please compliment me
end it all you fucking faggot

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Dick size?

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you look beautiful

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50 sit ups
20 hollow rocks
30 leg raises in the L-sit position
2 minute side plank each side

Every other day

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chest is a work in progress...
where did i say im asking for compliments?

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>Thinking core is related to routine and not diet

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damn OP you have a nice body, almost perfect

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youre wrong. I eat like a fucking pig and do not stick to any diet. The only thing I dont ingest is soda

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>where did i say im asking for compliments?
What's that got to do with anything, attention whoring faggot? Explain to me why you haven't posted this on /fit/ instead and you might find your answer.

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The only reason you have visible abs is, like that anon said, diet. You're lean enough for them to be visible. That's it. Don't give fitness advice when you have no idea what you're talking about.

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Im not giving fitness advice. I was just answering >>11158461 's question. Im fully aware that it might not work for everyone, i just know its works for me.

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>you're wrong
doesn't sound like that to me m8

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kill yourself faggot oh my god

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i think u understood what u're trying to say wrong

op's core is garbage, he only has abs cause his bodyfat is low.
a strong core has bulgier abs, that stick out and will still show if you get higher bodyfat. someone like pic related, who is a strongman and developed his core through deadlifts and squats has them sticking out more than op while having a way higher body fat.

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he's a madman

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Pretty much a Joey Ramone body type. Tall as shit and skinny as fuck

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>tfw shirts don't fit me like a bag on a twig
>tfw barely even trying to /fit/

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Please someone give me tips on how to reduce snacking, I'm try a reach otter mode. 5'11 and 164lbs but I cant stop snacking on breads and shit. Also I'm a pussy who doesn't want to take his shirt of to go swimming

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Run or do some other kind of cardio, gym bikes are pretty effectful compared to the effort

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sounds like you're trying to impress somebody

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Always am ;--)

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trying to recompense your baby face?

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Dont listen to them anon please. You look fucking beautiful.

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Go away /fit/

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>Those terrible chest genetics
I feel sorry for you broni

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what you say to me bruh

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Lmao what

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Only skinny >55kg boys here

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we found the faggot
you bottom bruh?

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You look doughy desu

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power bottom daddy

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lol 95kg here boi

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unf, v hot

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Hey cutie. What are your stats?

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You dont look that fat tbqh

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what mode am i

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5'7 and I was around 115 when that was taken iirc

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manlet alert!!

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lol ok, what's your point dude? I'm p comfortable with my height. Are you?

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well bitch you shouldn't feel comfortable being this short. you should feel embarrassed

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why should I feel embarrassed over something I can't do anything about? I'm in shape and good looking. Yeah it's a bit lame when I'm the shortest dude in a group but fuck it, I'm not so insecure I'm going to feel embarrassed about it. You sound like you're projecting your own problems man.

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Also 5'7 I rarely even consider my height to be honest. Got used to being always the smallest by the time I was about 10.

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6'3 spaniard masterrace

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Only this are above average

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amazing shoulder width

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exactly, the other anon is just trying to be a run of the mill instigator and it's not really working lmao.

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why are you all so big and gross ugh

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you look like you have dirt smeared all over your skin
i can tell you smell like must

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faggot with a feminine body and needs to bulk up mode

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strong 6,5 like fantano would say

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Thats not you,, you how much do you OHP¿ 1REP MAX¿

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>tfw i look literally the same

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w2c pants

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christophe lemaire, im pretty sure

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would cuddle with / 10

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you look like shit and you are in the wrong board

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work on your v-taper, there ar specific exercises you can do that can help with it.

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It's there, covered by undies and lighting. Obviously still working on it, but that pic makes it look non existent lol

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>Spot the /fit/ crossies
Die. You're the reason this is a pathetic excuse for a fashion board.

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>clothes fit better to skinnyfats

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Than some chunky /fit/poster? Sure, even if it's not ideal.

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>LV models
>rick models
>versace models

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Are you trying to imply that those labels prefer to use /fit/ bodies on their runways?
Versace maybe, but 90% of their brand image is men in underwear and tailored suits (which can look good on anyone who isn't a complete fatty).

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6'5", 200lbs

>Clothes never really fit
>Manage to shrink whatever does fit in the wash

Life is pain

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oh look, i found all the /fit/ shitposters that are ruining /fa/.

this thread is absolutely disgusting and your bodies like distorted and ugly af.

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i am saying that their models on the runways are fit and vascular yes

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tfw fat blobby puffy nipples

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what you thinspo cucks dont understand is your head looks fucking huge on your frail bodys..

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okay true but they also use em, you win this internet argument tips fedora

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Lmao all these butthurt permacutting faggots. When your fashion sense fails you and you realize your immense physical weakness, maybe then you will understand /fit/. But go on, wear your expensive clothes, maybe that'll distract women and men from your visible ribs and skeletal frame.

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Why would you want to distract people from that?
Why are you even here?

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>being this delusional
>implying people as a whole find fit people more attractive
>Crabs in a bucket
I seriously don't understand your mindset. You focus on something solely vain and then put down others for enhancing their bodies. Getting /fit/ is literally just the better and more challenging way to become aesthetic. But you would rather spend money on clothes and skip meals to look good. I understand, delayed gratification isn't for you
>and neither is looking good naked

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>implying women don't always favour athletic, muscular men over weak and frail ones
>what are desirable evolutionary characteristics
I'm here because I could literally hear the butt botheration cross-board

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/fit/aggot here if you wore a wig i would fuck you in the ass

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I don't think the typical /fa/ bodytype is necessarily going to be unhealthy. I'll agree that they'd be better off if they lifted some weights, but to get where they want to be cardio would do the trick - isn't cardiovascular fitness something worth pursuing? Why challenge them so aggressively for having a different perspective on what is/isn't aesthetic?

Personally I think that a combination of lifting weights, learning how to actually use your body and dressing well is superior to taking just lifting or being /fa/ to the max.

(am >>11162255 fwiw)

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I'm probably not the strongest out there, but I can still do 15+ pull ups at lockout @155lbs

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Im still fat so im not gonna post. Down ~70lbs but this thread shows i still have a long fucking way to go at 6' 206lb

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preach. Nice body lol

>> No.11162985

I'd kill for your genetics/frame

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>barely even trying to /fit/
lmao we can tell

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bro i'm 157 and 6'1" with nearly identical body (though i'm older)
are you tall?

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He's fucking melting mang

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1/4 inch under 6 feet.

Imagine what I'd look like if I didn't eat shitty foods like donuts and burgers every day

>> No.11163194

Sexy. What's your Insta?

>> No.11164181

you should do a model

>> No.11164239

looking hot my friend

>> No.11164260

alaska 5000 is that you?

>> No.11164344

I tried to do a model once, she never texted back :^)

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do you guys shave your chests?

>> No.11165352

When I can be bothered. Fortunately I don't have lots of chest hair yet.

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I would guess most here are on a hormone treatment going by the wide hips and almost nonexistent shoulders.

>> No.11166097

routine this is my goal, but with a less bulked waist

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Can I get a decent toned bod without going to the gym?

I'm thinking of doing pic related as well as maybe running/swimming/cycling on the off days, would that show results?

I'm 6'1'' and 150lbs

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and u dont have a pic related boyo


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you post pictures of yourself far too often

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6 feet and 110 lbs here

i'd kill for like 30 pounds just to fit into clothing better

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the way the pants contrast with your torso is gorgeous

saved to inspo

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I think you're confusing core, abs, and roid gut.

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Stop being broke/lazy and just get a gym membership. Do cardio, Hop on machines, and do shit like pull ups and ab workouts. Creatine wouldnt hurt either. You wont get big, but you will get a desirable body.

>> No.11167132

push pull

>> No.11167185

Because he didn't let his dreams be dreams

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relax m8

>> No.11168290

bryan silva ratcore
bulk up xx

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>> No.11168327

Hell no, I have never had a girl make any comment on my chest hair, and I have more than any of you I'm sure.

>> No.11168483

>/fa/ idolising this babby twink bitch

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>> No.11168596

>thinking anything physical is not 80% genetic
*looks into camera like The Office*

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nice pecs, hips too wide/10

But yeah, /fit/ up in this bitch. Almost at my ottermode goal, pic related (not me)

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tinytrip? goal body minus his manlet height

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how can you tell his height?

>> No.11169240

I'm neither but the closest gym is an hour from here, it's not worth it.

I just want a 'desirable body' as you said, I'll see if I can get by.

>> No.11169309

Tinytrip was a /fit/ celebrity and notoriously short

>> No.11169348

Don't skip leg day faggot

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pic related is tinytrip tho

>> No.11169353

looks like two different people

>> No.11169366

pull up your fucking pants

>> No.11169368

that would defeat the purpose of a /fa/ ab competition wouldn't it? to censor the selfies too much?

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Old pic but I look more or less the same

>> No.11169782

lmao that nipple

>> No.11169833

Yeah it looks derpy cause I was trying to flex my chest like a retard and it makes it look like that. My nipples are normal though, I promise!

>> No.11169906

Man if I had shoulders that broad and a waist that thin I would be so fucking happy. I have the worst birth giving hips holy shit

>> No.11169919

>being sasha baron cohen

>> No.11169944

top kek thanks