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is malitonin /fa/?

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no, but toni is

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her nose is packed with makeup holy shit

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the fuck you say to my perfect angle bitch

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plastic surgery will never be fa

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neither will jealousy LOL

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all this virgin unrequited love lmao

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LOL she replied to me on tumblr. theres no way in the world anything you do can compare to that nerdbomb.

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Jesus she is ugly lmao. Weird skin colour, mouthbreather facial expression and a nose that resembles a pencil.

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Came to say this, but staying for the toni.

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say no more

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lmao post fit bitch;i bet if she gave you 5 minutes of her time you wouldn't bother approach white women anymore.

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>mfw ill never wake up to this

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why is she so perfect

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Dammnnn ugly as fuck lmfao

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i guess reality is atough one for you to swallow. zzzzz accept her as queen now before its too late

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Tfw you have no taste in women lmfao

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lmao women are shit malissa is a mythical creature that if she actually existed people would die if they looked at her because her beauty was too much. stay mad faggot LOL

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lmao you think this pissskin compares to toni

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lmao the queenie was right all along

fuck u jealous bitch . keep watching her keep thinking about her . stay upset and obsessed about her “popularity” . i know it hurts u a lot to know how insignificant u are compared to her u wish ppl talked about you like they do about her looked at u the same . stay obsessing over her race keep feeling jealous like she won the fucking lottery race she dont think about u she think about me and her friends and her life. difference between her and you

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>those fingers

get that frog out of here

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your insults are only limited to her fingers while you don't have any options to look good at all because youre an ugly cunt. kek

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what ethnicity is she?
looks like russian/chinese or something like that

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>she wears makeup
toni is natural beauty

>breathes through mouth
toni breaths in with his masculine aesthetic god nose

>looks like the wife of a poor chinese man
toni is a super model

>dresses strictly from her local thrift store
toni wears the finest of clothes

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and yet you reply so hard you're gonna break your screen LOL. KEEP POSTING HERE AND SOONER OR LATER YOU'RE GOING TO DEFECT TO THE OTHER SIDE.

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Why does /fa/ have yellow fever so much?

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>friends with only herself
toni is friends with all races(niggers)

>she wears contacts
top kek. tonis eyes are better, and natural

>looks like she works at a library
toni is sipping wine from paris

>her hair is doo doo color
tonis hair is god bronze which shines like gold

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lmao there are so many wrong and confusing things going on this picture I could be staring at it all day and still wouldn't be able to come up with a logical conclusion LOL. THE ONLY REASON WHY SHE IS ONLY FRIENDS WITH HERSELF BECAUSE ANYONE WOULD LITERALLY DIE OF HAPPINESS IF SHE TALKED TO THEM. lmao enjoy your aids ridden sandpaki buddy

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toni is god

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Return to /b/ you shitposting faggot

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you're not the police of me faggot. malissa is the queen of /fa/ and there's nothing you can do about it

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dont make me kek harder than i already am. look how much makeup shes wearing, lets compare toni and (lack of) malitonin and see how she looks without all that makeup

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LMAO SHUT UP BITCH. if i hear this make up nonsense one more time im gonna strangle a numale.nigga all the make up in the world is only gonna give you the potential to be average, nigga stophating

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Imagine her morning, wake up, literally put your face on, take 100+ shit pictures, then be careful not to rub/smug your face off while eating

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so mad, look at her fake nose, huge contact lenses, and that caked on makeup

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its honestly hard to comprehend the sheer shit ton of makeup some girls use
to the point where id have a hard time recognizing them without it

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lmao why would i be mad you jealous cunt? I have bigger things to worry about. nigga you talk alot of shiit but you won't post a fit. im sure if every one died and you and here were the last 2 on earth she wouldn't hold your hand thats how pathetic you are lmao. get rekt bitch

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i imagine she showers with her face outside the curtain to not mess up her makeup

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she looks like an asian man wearing a wig and makeup to be a trap

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and you look like the first slice of a bread loaf because no one wants u lololol

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send pics of her without makeup
>pro tip you cant because shell look like pic related, kek lmao

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there are pics of her without makeup, and she isnt nearly that ugly as you photoshop her mate

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when "shes not wearing makeup" shes still wearing makeup. Im talking no products on her face at all.
>pic related, someone who looks good no matter what angle, or lack of makeup

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Literally every normal looking person in the world is able to look attractive if they take enough pictures at any of the angles the people in this thread are taking selfies.

Are you guys just incredibly ugly or something? I cannot be impressed by head on selfies anymore as I recon myself as a 8/10 in the face and I still look 90% as good as that Toni dude on selfies with probably 5% the effort

>> No.11152899

the amount of people who believe you

>> No.11152900

oh, really

this pic

but still not nearly as ugly as that no make up photoshops

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Holy shit she's plastic lmao her nose is fucked up hahahhahaha

>> No.11152906

shes stil wearing makeup there you retard

>> No.11152908

What the fuck is this thread

>> No.11152909

fak you rude shit nerd

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lmao that horrible as fuck photoshop looks like the gookiest chink that ive ever ching chonged. nigga malitonin isn't a fucking shit tier spic asian, she is a goddess;

>> No.11152915

Sucks to be you who apparently must look like shit and never communicate with any normal looking people on snapchat

>> No.11152923

you just contributed to the best thread of all time in /fa/ . holy shit sticky this already mods

>> No.11152930

>nose makeup
>contact lens
keep going faggot, photoshop pics is how she really looks

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Who are these people and what is going on in this thread

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desu i aint gay, but i would rather cuddle with toni than that chick

>> No.11152946

I kinda want to hit her really hard in her face to break her plastic nose...

and fuck her ofcourse

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lmao of course im gonna keep posting faggot. the fact that she is getting all this attention and hate by autistic faggots who spend 2k on an outfit to make up for their shitty genetics is thrilling for malitonin so back at you nerd LOL

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voice like a catfight

>> No.11153338

Lol hideous af like most non make upped women

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That was meant for me Kek.

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malissa pls go

nao is the only queen of /fa/

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what the fuck

>> No.11153758

She uses sooo much makeup to make her nose look thinner, it's crazy

>> No.11153782

What's her info

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>you will never win the lottery race

>> No.11153786

what a qt kitty :3

>> No.11153831

Would these two make a cute couple :D?

>> No.11153835

Everyone in this thread should die.

>> No.11153998

She is an angle

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she deleted all of her social media shit because of 4chan. sorry anon :(

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>inb4 wish comes true
>inb4 youre in this thread too
>inb4 you wished death upon yourself

>> No.11154423

Someone link her the thread

>> No.11154490

i wonder what she did to piss off some autist from /fa/ that he'd keep making these shitty threads over and over again

>> No.11154721

when will she get her nose fixed

>> No.11154730

What did you tell her?

>> No.11154743

fuck off nat portman

>> No.11154922

this is not frequently posted. Do you have more of this style from her? I searched everywhere and nothing came back.

>> No.11154930


theres not really much pics of her now unfortunately

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>one chance in life
>wasn't born this good looking


>> No.11155227

>this entire thread
sometimes this place is alright
because it lets me know that whatever I do, I'll never be as much of a faggot as the window licking retards arguing about people that will never care about them in this thread

>> No.11155228

embarrassing thread

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>> No.11155291


8/10 fits
3/10 face

>> No.11155310

least you copped trips :,)

>> No.11155322

Wish shed stop posting herself on fa. More sad than anything

>> No.11155354

Stupid hapa trying to be Asian

>> No.11155358

She posts basic ass fits and has a totally bland race
You weebs need to die

>> No.11155372

Shes a qt

>> No.11155383

fuck her on the broken nose?

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>> No.11155468


bad skin imo

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She has the face of a cabbage patch kid

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he is the living embodiment of sexy squidward

>> No.11155508

looks like lain

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This is her without eyeliner/contacts

>> No.11155515
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Also this lmao. She looks like an entirely different person without makeup and contacts

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>> No.11155524


Looks like a nerdy teacher.

>> No.11155526

she is so perfect

>> No.11155527

What the hell? She looks so bad

>> No.11155529



i was sure i'm not a gay

... before i saw this pic

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Kirsten kilponen is better desu senpai

>> No.11155537

ugh no

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Ugh yeah

>> No.11155539

i've been accepting this fact more recently
but i just still get really surprised at looking the difference makeup can do
this shit is some straight up sorcery man

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Guys stop being mean to her she's crying now

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File: 354 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-04-10-04-02-18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.11155553


what's her snapname?

>> No.11155554


>> No.11155561

post what she said

>> No.11155563

okmalissa . you can send her messages anytime which is why she ended up making that tumblr hate message

>> No.11155566
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Her twitter's private
It might have something to do with >>11153665 someone might have exposed her or done something that her really upset
Also she posted this ask

>> No.11155571

were you the one who sent a message that made her this assblasted?
does anyone know what that message said because damn

>> No.11155573

Her hands are gigantic

>> No.11155579

This thread sucks.

>> No.11155584

it was nothing really. i think she's the epitome of an attention whore. i still remember when she read the comments posted on here from the first time someone made a thread about her in her story.

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>> No.11155672


>those white knights

>> No.11155943

>Ive been too generous
holy kek

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wtf her face looks totally different compared to this

>> No.11156188

you guys don't even need to have social interactions with girls to scare them away lmao

>> No.11156194




хaхa лмao

>> No.11156410

Hi malissa

>> No.11156679

Bump for the angle

>> No.11156681

why is he crying tho

>> No.11156694
File: 203 KB, 691x1202, image-a3048f77c360a29d3b8aca6df48648c4c1b234b0ef6ad5ecd3e81f2000c47e87-V - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rate my body

>> No.11156710

This. Hapas are the worst. They're the most angry, self-hating people I know.

>> No.11156730

Its the whole site m8. They tend to be better dressed than other races too i guess

>> No.11156756
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what the fuck did you say about my waifu? talk shit post fit nigga

>> No.11156757

If they are attractive without it, they do not need it

>> No.11156778

Lose weight fatty, would bang tho

>> No.11156789

lookin' sexy 8/10

>> No.11156817

i want to dump gatorade over her stupid face

>> No.11156875

Dude she is so average it's actually embarrassing that you find her attractive

>> No.11156894

typical fish face lmao stop posting.

>> No.11157254

i want to dump my fists in your face

>> No.11157407


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>> No.11157446
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>> No.11157466
File: 118 KB, 790x1053, 8449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, it's a Queen.

>> No.11157492

she needs to chill with the contour holy shit, just save up for a nose job.

or is a botched nose job the reason for it??? so distracting

>> No.11157500


>> No.11157517

I want to kick this dudes ass for dressing like such a faggot

>> No.11157599

i got yellow fever bros thats why

>> No.11157909

But malissa is superior m8

>> No.11158007
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yeah no. nao has a cute azn face while malissa is a crazy hapa

>> No.11158079
File: 1.50 MB, 250x233, 1431770981650.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gas this thread, gas this board.

>> No.11158103

that's the only way she looks remotely decent. keep being delusional

>> No.11158575

kill it with fire

>> No.11158695
File: 1.61 MB, 640x360, XrsizRu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao all you faggots got shit taste

ju xiao wen is OBJECTIVELY the most effay azn

>> No.11158715

I know this is racist but she literally looks like an ayy lmao
The fucking distance between her eyes, man

>> No.11158745
File: 1.75 MB, 500x282, tumblr_npa9r6OOEG1r5y7pko2_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

idk man that shit gets me rock hard as long as they dont have ayy lmao sized eyes

>> No.11159031

you need to leave

>> No.11159093

I would defintely take nao over some ugly hapa bitch

>> No.11160620


>> No.11160948


>> No.11161321

Welcome to /fa/ faggot. Enjoy your stay.

>> No.11163072

omg her eyes are so tiny its so cute

>> No.11163123
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>tfw nobody knows who berry is
ayyyy lmao its my gif

>> No.11164870


>> No.11166085

Holy lel even though these are photoshop I can't stop laughing at them

>> No.11166131

Good thing she has looks she sounds pretty stupid wtf is a lottery race

>> No.11166184

Please be in London

>> No.11166188

She's cute af. Irene still best though.

>> No.11167666

That actually looks disturbing.

>> No.11167699

Without all the contacts and make-up she looks like shit. Like most Asians.

>> No.11168204

>tfw no matter what I will ALWAYS have blue colored eyes and will never ever need color contacts

Feels good

>> No.11168239

she's going to produce very ugly children

>> No.11168248


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mfw half this thread is that faggot who cant stop fapping to pictures of a sand-nig model

>> No.11169119

not if she makes one with me ;)

>> No.11170307


>> No.11170591
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dream tag team here mayne

>> No.11171852

Makeup and angles.

>> No.11171859
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Wow, she's really cute.

>> No.11171871

She looks like a dream girl from my japanese animes

When i see waifu material like this I am convinced that Donald Trump will make anime real so that one day I can get a waifu of my own

Donald Trump 2016
A waifu for everyone

>> No.11172009

This thread is pathetic

>> No.11173625


>> No.11173836

What color are those contacts?

>> No.11175438

Girl, you have way too small bra, that's not good for your tits, get yourself measured.

>> No.11175447

w2c black shirt

>> No.11175473

tfw that's actually a pretty ugly guy

>> No.11175474

Xiao Wen Ju is so great. Definitely my favorite model

>> No.11175499

the thread was better when ppl were posting toni

>> No.11175798

you were better when you were still sperm in your dads nuts

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