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Could cut off denim shorts ever be fashionable on men?

I have some jeans I want to re-purpose but I don't want to look like a warped tour attendee or some crust punk weirdo.

Maybe if I bleach the shit out of them until they're off-white and thus don't look like jeans?


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how about you go out and buy actual shorts u cuck

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I'm not a cuck I can't afford shorts because I gave all my money to Mr. Trump's campaign.

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Pharrell does it and it looks good

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ok this is bad

but jean shorts cuffed just above the knee are pretty cool

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ok so the answer to op's question is a strong "no" then

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It's a fine balance. >>11149843 This looks pretty good. The denim compliments his skin tone and he doesn't have any dick sucking faggot apparel like>>11149893

So if you're a skeletor twink you'd look faggy wearing them. If not then just copy what other people do and see what happens

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i would take this kid's lunch money

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Are you the one that rates fashion that way? Lol I remember you from awhile back.