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am i the only one who thinks relaxed fit look fuckin tight

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Yep, relaxed is fucking shit.

I bet your left handed too. God dammed lefty.

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Do not bully left handers.

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The correct-term is "southpaw"

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nah relaxed fit looks good on attractive ppl

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>looks fucking tight
Looks pretty loose to me senpai

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That's more of a straight-leg and it only really works with a 50s aesthetic

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the slimmest pair never look as slim as they normally are imo

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Nah looks absolutely terrible imo. Cant stand such wide leg openings especially with slim shoes like that.

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tapered look, my man

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Straight already feels like I'm swimming in fabric, I got some hand me down relaxed ones for painting in and it's awful

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Your mom's fit is relaxed if you know what I mean

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i get what you're saying, but at the same time
>it only works with a 50s aesthetic...
>...which you can see in this example where the strange, alien specimen is wearing such outmoded pieces as boots, a white t-shirt, and a jacket

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Look at all those houses that look the same and don't have any space. The suburbs suck.

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those jeans are god tier

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i actually like your look desu but that taper is a bit aggressive, and those shoes are garbo

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can someone pls post the bootcut barry comic?

also relaxed fit a shit

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are you a furry or something?

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>skinny fit pants

lmao flyover state detected.

you= objectively late majority tier

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those r good

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he was being sarcastic you autist


$100% agreed taper is way too much and the shoes could be replaced by some simple sneaks

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I would probably buy the relaxed rather than any of the others, but that's a matter of comfort, not a matter of style (I have big thighs and calves). I think the relaxed look is okay, but tighter jeans tend to be more aesthetically pleasing, IMHO. The fade pattern on that particular pair of relaxed jeans is nice.

I am left handed. How did you know?

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No, but straight leg is superior.
Don't listen to nu-males that advocate skinny jeans like this faggot >>11146693

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Those 2 both look bad.

>his effeminate legs are so emaciated that they can't fill in straight leg pants

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>Backlash against skinny
>On /fa/
Is this real life?

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No. Skinny has been out of fashion for years, /fa/ is pretty much the only place where it's still advocated. Even hedi caught flak recently for being a skinny fit one trick pony.

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I fell for the slim everything when I first started getting into fashion. Everything looks like shit and I feel uncomfortable all the time. The worse thing was always the low pants rise. When I made the switch to classic, natural rise straight leg, never went back to slim again. Nowadays, even levis 501 legs feel skinny on me.

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I doubt anyone fills straight leg pants. Your legs are not straight but tapered in shape. Moreso if you have well developed leg muscles you will have more taper. Extra fabric flapping around your calves and ankles serves no function and generally tends to look bad in jeans.

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>NB boots


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damn dirty left handed scum

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Don't be a Billy Bootcut

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fatty detected

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w2c shoes tho

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the 2016 spring lemaire agrees with u senpai

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relaxed fit jeans and loose trousers are two entirely different stories.
the latter are hella dope, if done right. look at yohji or shit already posted.
the former just make you look like a dad.

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Fuck, I need to get into the bootcut game

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damn w2c sweater?

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where the f u c k do i cop pants like the gray ones

(maybe not to that extent, but ones that are similarly loose-fitting)

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da fuck are you talking about ?

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If you're going to cuff them and wear huge boots it looks fine but on their own eh

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Yet nothing has replaced them in urban, "early-adopter" areas, yet. I know some designers are experimenting with looser-fit pants (which are extremely different than OP's relaxed fit) - yet, it certainly hasn't replaced skinny pants/jeans.

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>which are extremely different than OP's relaxed fit
How, aside from fabric

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W2c sweater

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Loose, but with a taper. Kind of like pic related.

It's where I see things going (instead of boot cut / relaxed fit / flare jeans).

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we already discussed this
those are straight fit jeans

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>thin-shaming on a fashion board
what you're even doing here

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Damn that looks good.
I'm seeing a similar thing in women's trousers with loose cigarette cuts on the rise

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>the way the leg opening covers half the shoe

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>any other body type besides a malnourished anorexic twig is fat

m8 it's time to grow a dick

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>serves no purpose
Except it fucking does and you already mentioned it. It's to get rid of that tapered look. Slim and skinny fits accentuate it even more. Straight leg pants create a seamless vertical line without any taper or breaks. Like I said, you can still fill it in without looking like you're wearing parachute pants from an MC Hammer video if you're not a skeleton.

Destroying the walls of this pro-ana echo chamber.

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there legs look so fucking weird in these photos

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People walk outside looking like this?!??

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Pro tip. Rolling up your jean legs is for the feminine and the gay

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His pants are too short. There must be flash flood warnings

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We're the reason you eat effeminate city fag

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New Ozweegos?

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No one asked you to do that. Landlocked hicks sure do have a soft spot.

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