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Reddit really seems to be stepping their game up, better fits here than most of the fits you guys are wearing. They still can't get rid of the fucking terrible dress shoes though. What do you guys think?

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i think we should just stop
these threads are the most petty bullshit ever

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W2c sweater

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>stepping up their game
gud 1

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Man these are ao fucking bad except for 10

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Idk argue these are only fits that didn't fail but they're nothing special to be honest. their choice of footwear is atrocious. lol at the guy who is wearing red wings with his harry styles outfit lmao

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>dat full Rick

Think it would've been better with milk or all-black Ramones.

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At least these guys take better quality photos compared to /fa/.

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taking cues from the toronto tech ninja crowd i see
shame only waley dresses well in that group

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christ these fits are awful
that one toronto fuccboi in all white posts on caretags too such a cuck

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5 n 9 best fits

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whole nomad gang swagged the fuck out

a lil derivative but still on point

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ivan is almost great

mike is a cool guy but dress like shit
theo has gone so downhill since hanging out with them

alex wong/stanley sui and those chinese kids are shit

bryan chang is pretty good but boring desu, he was cooler when he was still doing impulse with ivan and waley

and shui of course trumps them all

no one else in toronto that i'm aware of dresses anywhere near good

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only 10 and 19 are good
some of these are absolutely terrible

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that look likes shit dude
>11 by bbs

lmao dude

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to clarify on this i don't know any of the haven guys in toronto but if they're anything like the vancouver guys then they probably dress well

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wow so many people from montréal in this album.

happy to see this really

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further proof that canadians dress like shit

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is toronto just filled with fuerdai or what

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what gaiters? i can understand not liking assc but how can you shit on bbs and those guidis

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this is shit lol

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wow this is fucking gay. cringed hard

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So fucking pathetic. Dadcores are off the question they look like Dads. Terrible without style.


The thing is that they butcheted so many things here.

The guy trying to do the slp look doesn't even looks like he has it. It's just a dork with a button-up, black pants and shitty brown chelseas. He is obviously trying to imitate Harry Styles but failed miserably.

Reddit is still the go place for dadcorers. All I get from that imgur is that we should send all the newfags too stubborn to learn to Reddit's Male Fashion Advice.

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the thing on his face is called a gaiter
bbs is a hack 11 by bbs is even worse
guidis are fine but one piece doesn't make a fit

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yeah he's ugly and fat
don't get me wrong he looks like the average customer in an slp store but, thats not a good thing

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I love Kakashi

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>unironically buying bbs 11
wew lad

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i didnt come to 4chan to see reddit faggotry. fuck off

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this is so bad. it could literally be all zara and h&m and i wouldnt know the difference. his body type is so illsuited to this aggressive style too

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Deserves more cred

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>Checkered vans

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i dont mind wht he was going for but holy shit this turned out bad lol


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/fa/ loved dadcore until a couple years ago

its just that you're fickle little millennial children that, like good little sheep, got cucked into the next meme, and the next, and the next

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lmao r eddi t

if you like these aesthetics you are objectively re dd it

>Japanese comfy
>shia clone
>"high fashion with streetwear influences"
>whatever you call Travis Scott's aesthetic
>whatever you call ASAP's aesthetic
>full Rick

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So effectively everything that fa was having a hard on about before it descended into the shitfest that it's become now

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>streetwear not on there
feels good

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lmao what are those

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>no techwear
thank god im safe!

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Dat nigga at 21 is ugly as sin.

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lol at the bitterness in this thread
mfa dresses 10x better than /fa/
just compare with the waywt thread for proof

/fa/ is just edgy teenagers who think they know more about muh fashins than reddit because they post on a more underground (read: irrelevant) forum

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90% of /fa/'s fits are equally bad if not worse than these fits, and is overall generally garbage
if you were to do a best of waywt for /fa/ however it would be marginally better that reddits

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They don't dress all that bad they just pose weird and their ugly faces ruins otherwise nice fits

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maybe best of all time as there actually used to be some decent posters on here
but that album is just from this month

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month to month as of recent has had a few very good fits, mixed in with the typical trolling and bad angle phone camera fits

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Is dis pic still relevant?

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Try more like 2008-2009

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You're arguing about whose the shiniest turd I hope you know that

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post fit

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Post fit

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of course reddit dressed better than people on this dumb website

do you really think a bunch of racist social outcasts with no sexual experience dress good? fuck this board

i don't even go to reddit i just hate 4chan because i've been here 10 years and can't stop going even though i hate you all

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sounds like you guys would like to have some sort of system in place so that whatever you find interesting/funny is seen/recognized by most people, perhaps some sort of 'voting', I can redirect you to a site like that.

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>compare a list of the months best fits from one board to a random daily fit threat
If you havent killed yourself yet for realizing how stupid you are, I hope this post gives you the figurative or literal push to go kys

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woah did i hit a nerve? which fit pic is urs m8?
point is that reddit is consistently better than /fa/, dummy

well aware. i dont even post on reddit

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That lunarcore thread is full of people who don't know anything about lunarcore

nothing but "Do people actually dress like this?" and "Why would you dress like this it looks so different" and "what is techwear and gothninja?"

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lunarcore, techwear and gothninja are all dumb terms /fa/ made up you stupid fucking faggot

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>it's an /fa/ talks about Reddit again episode

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bouta sharingan the shit out you

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Go to styleforum for actually decent fits

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Last summer people were shitting themselves on here for wallabies /fa/ is literally no better

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No, but your daddy hits several of yours when he goes in fron the back.

I like how you continue to embrace your argument though, you still dont realize how comparing a voting based top x vs completely random posts is fucking stupid.

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i think the idea of the threads are fine but when people show their website tribalism i cringe, it's beyond pathetic

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lol I know one of the guy on there. He's such a flaming faggot I hate that bitch.

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gothninja is sz dumbass

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>going on reddît long enough to know what the thread is like

this place is not for you

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struck a nerve with the unoriginal cuckcore kanye worshipping redditor

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All I really care is that some good inspo, advice, and fashionable people can be found there. It can still be useful if you ignore the shit.

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you're a fucking moron

i understand what you're saying but you're wrong.
choose for me the best fits from /fa/ (that aren't crossposts from sufu or reddit) this month and they'll be worse than these

now go back to your shia inspo thread you cuck

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Maybe if your favorite stores are Aldo and Express.

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implying r/malefashion doesn't produce inspo

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>r eddi t

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only good fit from that album

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this guy is 170lbs 5'7" and gay
fuck no