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Is metal /fa/?

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In no way whatsoever

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w2c sweater ?

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hard mode
post something other than varg or burzum you edgelords

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ugly white guys with hair that looks like a 40 year old mother

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this beauty

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Metal is for edgy cocksuckers

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Sounds like you're kind of thing

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Yes, but not for people who wear jackets covered in patches.

Save that for Punks.

Metal fashion should be high-waisted jeans, hi-tops, some shirt with a brand/image on it for fun, and a leather jacket.

No patches; no bracelets covered in spikes; none of that shit.

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Tosin Abasi.

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Yeah, but he was meaning like classic metal.
In other case, modern progressive metal is /fa/

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god damn those eyebrows

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Here's a better picture

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dubs confirm black flames of blasphemy

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Do metalheads nowadays still have long hair and how did long hair cult start among them?

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Metalheads are a sort of hipster. They have long hair because it's different than the norm.

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It depends, certainly not those in this thread.

Metal is most fa when it is more subtle, IE don't overdo it with all those patches and shit.

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Vitek is 9 years old in that picture and /fa/ as fuck.
Three years later they started a death metal band.
Vogg still plays in that band and Vitek played to his death.

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Metal is for 14 year olds and man children

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Babymetal is fa

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The metalest

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W2c swether ???

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what you just described is the ramones. and the ramones arent metal. the op pic is metal.

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>The metalest

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you're going to get normalfags saying that it isn't but it is. they're too old or too cucked by society to pull the look off. One needs YOUTH

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Is far right have a benis fade on denim?

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Go to reddit mfa dad

your fits are shit

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his hair is gorgeous

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is varg out of prison?

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pretty tight desu

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Ya he's been out for quite a while now. It's been at least five years I think.

Now he mostly just posts videos on youtube and makes ambient music while living on a farm in France. Pretty /fa/ honestly.

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>tfw no Scandinavian metal bf

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dat ass

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>fedora-tier as fuck
sick pipe baldie, suits your shitty Klebold trench.

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Just look at the handsome motherfucker on the right

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> having a nigger in your band
lmao tbqh f@m

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The boots in the show always appealed to me.

Are they modeled after any real boots?

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that shit is terrifying

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>inb4 took the bait

Metal is and always will the pinnacle of human musical talent. There is a lot of shitty metal out there. But there is some masterpeice that deserve spots next to some of Beethoven symphony's.

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How can Varg put such processed filth into his body?

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>no cliff

fuck you

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Anyone got some sauce on this?

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No, absolutely not.
Sometimes accidentaly it may seem /fa/, but in fact it always is a whole different thing, and always was.

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if camo hoodies were /fa/

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Thee guys are so FUCKING thight.

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Only when it's actually basically just punk

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Here`s something more in accordance with /fa/ sensibilities.