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How do i achieve an effay 80s postapocalyptic style? Which brands and designers? Watchs? Shoes? Colours? Which kind of distressed and destroyed?

Something that you would wear if you lived in 1989 miami after ww iii?

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Haha what the fuck is this bait?

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Casio watches for sure.
Maybe some binary watches

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Plain white or black tees or short sleeve, viscose, floral shirts
Varsity jacket
Acid/light/stonewash slim jeans
Hi top chucks or similar
Retro Casio/Timex/Omega TC2
Get a R100RS, MR2, or M1

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Hawaiian shirts, acid wash jeans and hot pink rollerblades.

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Copped. A168WG-9EF Casio.
W2c good basics and hawaiian shirts if you live in germany?

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1.21 gigawatts! I definetely lack the looks to pull this one off. Bit looks great.

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>Which brands and designers? Watchs? Shoes? Colours? Which kind of distressed and destroyed?
>I have no idea what exactly I want to look like but here's a vague description now dress me because I'm a child and can't do it myself

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The faggot store.

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rider jacket.

pull up them sleeves

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vintage windbreakers/shell jackets

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ive been into this look for the last few months
we are special snowflakes op

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Cool, i really thought i was the only one on here that is into this.

Any ideas where to cop goodlooking hawaiian shirts? I thought about cutting off the sleeves but i'm not sure if this would be effay. Plus i'm unsure if all the hot pink/ turquoise in my clothing would make look like a ridicolous nostalgic miami vice loser, since a lot of clothes from the 80s are considered awful where i live.

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Beat up high tops
Slim jeans, maybe with rips in them
Old faded tee shirts
Varsity jacket
Casio watch
Cool sunglasses

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most fast fashion stores have designer inspired hawaiian shirts nowadays

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I always got that kind of vibe from this

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irrelevant, however most "special snowflake" teenagers in australia dress exactly like this.

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commencing a dump, faggot

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It's called V A P O R W A V E

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Cav Empt everything. High-top Nikes or Chuks.

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No but close

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It's them bruh -_-

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The new version. 26th is release date. 175$.

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There is a difference, dude. No shitty asian letters and artsy vhs pictures of statues and landscapes.

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I'd cop if I get a chance

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There is a mid version too.

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yea I saw, not a fan. Need more details on location availability tho

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Yeah dude, such a big difference lmao

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are these even available yet?

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it's not. it's retrowave or synthwave. it's inspired by the 80's while vaporwave is inspired by comsumerist 90's culture. ;)

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See >>11135618

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Be born in the 90s and think the 80s was entirely neon is a good start.

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Sorry >>11134918

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Wasn't neon 90s?

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W2c shoes?

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80s = neon and pastel
90s = stonewash jeans and double denim
00s = baggy skatepants and yankee hats

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I'd definetely locate double denim in the mid and late 80s.

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all white Palladiums

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I had this in mind when I put double denim in 90's but apparently that was 2001.

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i want those so bad but they won't be available in my country

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Jigawatts you fucking tool

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>Cool, i really thought i was the only one on here that is into this.

There's an entire music scene and countless movies dedicated to this you toolbag.

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... and video games.

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name one.

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retrowave/outrun? synthwave? hotline miami? arguably drive? kung fury?

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Hotline Miami (1+2) do not take place after ww iii. They take place during and after ww iii and even in the early 90s.

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GTA: Vice City did this in 2002 before the whole retro-80s craze.

Recent retro80ssynthvapowavecorecore games are Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, OutDrive and a buttload of other irrelevant indie games.

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During and before*

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None of them is really postapocalyptic.

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>being this anal

Its just an aesthetic, bro.

Just download some new skins for Fallout 4.

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W2c shirt or similar?

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>Hotline miami does not take place after wwiii
>they take place during AND AFTER wwiii


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hotline 2 hard mode is

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>hey i am looking for x
>just take y it is kind of similar
>but i asked for x
>you are such a faggot

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See >>11139186

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>I`m looking for prejurassiccardigancore
>gee thats awfully specific, can`t I just recommend one of those

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>if i can't contribute something useful, i'll just criticize the request

I'm sure people like being around you

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been wearing this, washed and folded levis jeans, and a beige denim jacket

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Thank you. That sounds really neat. Have any pics of it?

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Suggestions for girls pls?

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Serious question, What would you guys pair these with? I am really interested in picking these up

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See >>11134806

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got the same watch, sexy boi

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wear this please

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Looks like the love child of David Bowie and Silvester Stallone

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>we live in a future when jumpsuits never went in style

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wtf are you talking about

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Fallout in an 80s setting i suppose.

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I normally think crop tops look lame on guys but shit, that shirt might have just cracked the fuckin code!

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Neat. What technology/gadget from the old world are you going to use?

You ARE following the theme properly, aren't you?

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Digital watches like Casio, walkman, etc. Probably a stupid switchblade like the german preps had in the 80s.

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W2c shoes?

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Y3 Qasa Neon, don't know where you'd cop though.

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Thanx m80

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my grossly unwashed jeans as of now

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it's honestly more of a working man outfit, but you know. what goes goes

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Thank you.

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