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Where do you guys get yours? I like the slim-tapered fit of levi 522's, but they don't have 'em. Any recommendations for something similar? Also, feel free to post pale wave type inspo

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I copped these 511s the other day

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I got a nice pair of stonewash jeans from Weekday, really nice for the price.

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what wash r those

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How do 501s compare to the fit of 511s?

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those looks great.

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501's are a tad bit roomier, and they have a higher rise, so the waste actually sits right below your belly button, not around your hips bones

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what's the name of that wash?

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w2c slim fit stonewash w/ taper close to the ankle like pic related

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nice, w2c?

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right here senpai, color is blue stone

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just bought the same pair, we are jeans brothers now /senpai/ senpai love u <3

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american apparel

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are those the standard american? I thought those had more of a straight leg. Also they seem pretty pricey for what they are

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i own a pair, my only complaint is that the taper cut is a little weird in the lower leg. other than that, they're super comfortable and the material feels nice.

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Is their fit more comparable to the 510 or 511?

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Got these 501cts.

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511, but with a higher rise

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I think I would just go for the 511 stonewash on amazon and save $50

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levis 511 literally any mall

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>hey bro take a picture of me with my beginner level sheet music
what a fucking faggot

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thank u friend we are pants friends

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bleached these recently

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you look familiar
are you in like 5 different shitty bands?

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god I fucking hate these shitty pants

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what shoes are these

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Do you recommand more 501s or 511 ?

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adidas gazelle

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I've got American Apparel's and their p good, though a bit more expensive than stonewash 511s
Only get AA's if you can't find 511s, they're basically the same quality as far as I (a massive plen) can tell

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Should I?

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is that asos? If the answer is yes then tbqhwyrn familia no

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its asos site but dr denim brand

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No I do visuals with different shitty edm djs tho

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Fuck...These cost ~100€ in germany

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levis is fucking expensive everywhere but america

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lol i know and they are okay at best. i'm wearing dickies rn because they are better than my levis

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why ?

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better rise, better materials, back pockets that dont sit halfway down your thigh

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Just copped these, will arrive soon. I really liked how rigid they looked in the photos (15oz denim 100% cotton), the only thing is that they're straight fit and I'm skelet mode.

Any tips for pulling them off? They're mid rise.
Will post photos when I get them.

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What I mean by "how to pull them off" is more about straight leg fits on skinny as fuck legs. I'll still rock them nonetheless.

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Just make sure they're long enough to cuff and you'll be fine (no pin rolling)

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Yeah, I'll just roll them, although I like the uncuffed look better. Good vibes mane

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Going to need to have them tapered starting at the mid thigh

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Wouldn't worry about tapering them or anything, as long as you're somewhat slim/tall they'll look fine
Good choice btw the fabric looks really nice

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How many pairs of lightwash jeans should one own? I have pic related but I'm looking into jeans I could cop in a different light wash. Should I go for these?>>11111167

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Can't find them for sale to the UK. Fucking jean taxes.

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if you got those in the pic, id say no.

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