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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

What are your stats & gender?
What are you listening to?

Previous thread: >>11084339

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"

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Hi friends, do you know the feel when: you desire a cute bf/gf that is as thin as the qts we post in these threads? Also, when the thinspo friends found in these threads never live near you ;_;

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I felt really good in these shorts today. And it's finally warm enough to wear them. Still gotta lose some more. That inner thigh bulge has to go

>Question for girls.
How do you get over period cravings?
Mine get so bad right before my period starts and I'm constantly thinking about chocolate and shit

I just constantly wanna cuddle. And it doesn't help that I'm always cold :/

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I want a hairy man desu ;_;
>tfw no big guy to lift me up and tell me I weigh nothing
>tfw no bf to crush me in his huge arms
>tfw no bf to feel my bones and run his fingers through my ribs, knowing he could break me if he wanted to

never had an issue with cravings

my mom used to get some dark chocolate and cut it in tiny pieces and ate only a piece when she thought she deserved it. she made the chocolate last all year, if she ate it all before the year shed punish herself

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I've lost 75 lbs so far, keep me going please

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congrats man, proud of you

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Thank you :) how's your progress

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im at 141 and im struggling to get any lower desu :( its very disheartening and my gf is making me eat

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Tfw your jeans fit much tighter and you have to go up one belt notch becuase your overeat during midterms. Fucking kill me.

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Emma Dumont is literally perfect.

Watch Aquarius for thinspo.

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>What are your stats & gender?
5' 11" / 159-lbs / Male

150-lbs. I'm just trying to get healthier and fit in close better. I'd like to be a 30" waist. I think that'll be around 150-lbs. Right now I'm a 32"

Just watching calories. I started at 216-lbs so it's been a long road. The bottom is certainly harder, and some days I go over my 1600kcal allotment. But overall it's going pretty smooth. Once I get to a 30" waist I'm going to do a 250 calorie deficit and just lose 2 pound a month but be more comfortable about it maybe.

>What are you listening to?
I'm listening to Eric Prydz Live at Space Miami

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I would do anything for based Molly.

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>What are your stats & gender?
95 lb
Get down to 90 lb and maybe 22.5 waist
I don't eat lol
>What are you listening to?
yellow mf claw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ywI1SIpsvc

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That makes sense. Dark chocolate isn't too bad and I always eat my food really slow and chew a lot so I feel fuller

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m age 19
6 ft 140, i was 130/135 all of 2015 but i ate so much shit this year i gained five pounds. i look the same, i dont work out or watch what i eat and i look good so im not gonnna change anything

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Pls notice me Molly

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xth for the /fa/milia.

That girl is fuggin based.

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Yoooo how tall are you. I started at 230 and I'm down to 153. 140 is my goal. I wish I knew what to tell you about the forcefeeding. My fiancée eats pizza a lot and it kills me. I've done this mostly off the GNC Total Lean Shakes

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Fuck outta here fatty

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>you will never be this cute


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Bought a pair of 25w jeans the other day and my first day of REALLY wearing them has taught me I am definitely smaller than a 25w. They're so baggy on me!!

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Congrats senpai.

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>What are your stats & gender?
127 lbs

119 lbs

sub 1k cal a day keeps the fat away

>What are you listening to?
teen suicide

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>1600k allotment
getting down to 150 is going to take you too long at that rate bud. i just lost 10 pounds from 159-149 and ur waist won't be 30' take it from me. it's not even about waist size anon, ik really skinny good looking dudes who have 31-32' waists. it's about what's below the waist bud.

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>What are your stats & gender?
female, 132 pounds, 5'7
that 120-125 range senpai
slow and steady, 1300 calories a day has me losing like a pound a week, gonna cut to 1200 soon when the weight loss slows down too much
>What are you listening to?
netflix is on in the background.. some documentary

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w2c qt ayy lmao gf?

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>What are your stats & gender?
F, 105 pounds, 5'4
100 pounds, 95 at the very lightest
Haven't been trying too hard, I just have been not eating every single time I get hungry so I eat 800-1000 calories a day. I don't follow this too strictly though. I've lost 5 pounds in the last month
>What are you listening to?
Red House Painters

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satisfy your cravings but only super minimally. just eat like one Hershey's kiss and that's it, works for me

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now thats anime mode

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/goals/ amirite?

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>What are your stats & gender?
M, 6'3", too heavy
170, otter.
Keto, calories <1600, intermittent fasting, pushups for now.
>What are you listening to?
Finishing this ep of Mad Men, then Bill Evans til I'm asleep.

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Do thin gals really want thin guys or someone more muscular?

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Height: 6'0
Weight: Down to 195lbs from a high of 269
Trying for 175 final (i was in the army and I think that all the carrying-shit-on-my-back left me with broad shoulders and a wide upper back)
Method: 20 minutes of cardio 4 days a week on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning. However far I can run in that time. Up to 3 miles now.
4 sessions of calisthenics a week (exercise using my body weight for resistance. Push-ups, squats with no weight, pull ups, dips)
Aiming for 6 small meals a day (100gr lean protein and 100gr high-fiber carbs like spinach or broccoli slaw) but end up having closer to 3 or 4 since I vape and drink black coffee all day and it completely surpresses my appetite.
Dunno if I'll make it to what you guys call "anime". Not sure that's for me, but not being a complete fatass anymore is pretty solid. Fit in to my first pair of 511s the other day. Waist 32
I like this place. You're mostly assholes but you're honest assholes with your criticism and I kinda like it. I was feeling pretty cocky with my weight loss and you guys keep me humble and focused

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We we all reach anime mode, it's all about willpower!

I want to be more Visual Kei.

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Oh. I was listening to Idan Rachel Project and some Oasis

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This isn't anime mode. It's ringucore. What's up with the hand holding the smartphone? Why is the neck so long? I can't see any hint of a head. This is horrific

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seriously im 5'2 86lbs and it is still here

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She is disturbingly unattractive to me.

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normal-fag confirmed

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27yo male, 6'1/147
Tbh I'm starting to think about gaining weight and some muscles.
For now, I just don't eat sweets and exercize every other day.
Right now, Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner, next in line is FKA twigs' last ep.

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>Weight: Down to 195lbs from a high of 269
great job anon, we're all gonna make it

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such an insult.

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Get a scale you trust and weigh yourself every week. Make sure you place the scale in the same place to eliminate variance due to floor tilt.
Weigh your food portions.
Keep track of stuff like this and run the fat to ground. This isn't rocket science. It's hiding somewhere in your method. Just be thorough and smoke it out

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I think she has what it takes.

It is anime mode. Seems Japanese thin to me also the legs are thin like in an anime.

Not Codegeass thier tho you have to be tall for that. Most Clamp characters are slender & tall.

But it's anime mode, just not Clamp. For Clamp mode you have to be born with the silhouette.

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It's true. I own a pair of AE khakis.

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It must have to be 97 degrees outside to maintain a healthy body temp for you.

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Believe it or not different people have different tastes.

I'm 6'4 and I used to be scrawny as hell, people called me Jack Skellington all the time and I attracted some girls, fairly even split between other skeletons and chunky girls.

Now that I'm fit I tend to attract more thin and fit girls I assume the chunkers assume I wouldn't be interested.

Having said that it's still up to the individual person, you're just going to get anecdotes.

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Dude. She's a hog

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/Thin/spo or thin-muscular but very very little muscle, just toned. I don't like fat thick muscle at all. Like Visual Kei or K-Pop is good, beyond that it's honestly super gross.

Muscular guys are old, hairy and ugly meatheads because douchebag broseph is still worshiped among normies in the west but I don't get my standards from the west anyway there are so many things wrong with it.

Just have a cute face and be thin however you like. I like everything thin.

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>implying all you fatfucks can resist this

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<3 doki doki
Just gotta stick with it, anon. We're all gonna make it

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You're right

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>tfw no qt pro ana Anya gf
>tfw no qt Lelouch bf

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accept foodgasm
say byebye to jewish brainwash media

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that great comfort filling when those cookies get into your empty heart

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I have a cheat day once a week where I stuff myself from dawn to dusk
3 things:
1) I can't eat as much as I used to since I just can't cram that much food into myself
2) everything I eat during my cheat day runs right through me. 2 days later I'm back to pre-cheat day weight and the rest of the week is all upside in terms of weight loss
3) after my cheat day I usually hate food for the next 4-5 days until it's time for a new cheat day. Binge/Purge/Repeat. Gotta respect the process

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you will binge tomorrow

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I think /thinspo/ is just a bunch of people who thing average is fat, and Christian Bale in the machinist is normal.

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you only eat once

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this tbqh.

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Fatass detected

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y them keep trying?
its not like they have gfs to show their less fatter bodies lol

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Im 470lbs and I frequent /fit/

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Don't you move up to /r9k/ weight class after 400lbs?

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Nah im a /b/tard

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food is love food is life

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>tfw eat as much food as i want constantly
>tfw still super fucking skinny

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dont be fooled by false image of magazines and torture yourself

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wait till you turn 25.

>> No.11089059

*gasp* the cryptkeeper

>> No.11089060

yea, it's gonna suck. i wont let myself get fat tho

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Same here. 49.5 kg and I eat whatever I want. My metabolism rocks, I'm anime mode.

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>he thinks he can be happy about his organs not working properly

bad news
you have a cancer in digesting system
rip in piano

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If you're 27, maybe it's time to ditch the cute boy aesthetic. Gaining muscle is the best idea right now.

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live to binge
binge to live

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happiness come from what you eat

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only if you care so much about what other people may say about you. how dare he be skinny in his 30s he must have a dadbod at that age hmph.

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>Who is David Bowie?

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john frusciante and jared leto aren't agree with you.

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Go higher protein and lower carb. Also reduce sodium if you can

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loving food is human nature
thin is against human nature
against human nature means psychopath

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When trump wins, there will be no your faggot thinspo threads anymore.

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it is gay to starve and impress other people when you cant impress yourself

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bite me senpai

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Keep trying, keep trying it will be gone in when you least expect it.

Good night /fa/ms.

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y keep tryin
flat belly is not kawaii

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Amen, brother!

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bellies are supposed to be the place of storing foods
stay kawaii

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>6'0 tall
>Run 10km every few days
>Eat whatever the fuck I want, never eat anything too sugary though because I hate the taste
>had pic related for lunch

Feels good senpai

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good job
your dinner is pizza

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lol it actually is, taking my girl out for anniversary pizza cause I'm classy

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i hate black olive topping

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Personally I like margarita the best, nothing better than mozzarella

>> No.11089193

shit looks delicious af desu

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>>I dont want an overly thin gf I want someone who makes me call her mommy

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fuck meant for >>11087903

>> No.11089218

102 aiming for 95
Metabolism is iffy, medication kills apetite so food mostly out of boredom/habit. Usually just snack here and there and can bet on losing around 2.5 pounds if I happen to skip dinner and go to sleep/resume snacking the next day. Shouldn't Be hard to reach goal

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youre old. thats what happened.

muscles are for old ppl that are no longer beautiful as they where on their youth.

>> No.11089266

on /fa/ everyone over 25 is considered as a grandpa. it's a board for high schoolers who listen to YEEZY.

>> No.11089271

exactly. you're too old for fashion, too old for all this. idk why do you still browse 4chan actually... are you autistic?

>> No.11089284

i'm here for skinny girls' pictures.

>> No.11089296


Right after I turned 25, I got fat. Used to be 123 lbs. and now I'm at least 146 lbs. at 5'8". Sucks.

>> No.11089302

yeah, so you're an autistic manchild. instead of idk... browsing the bodybuilding forums where there is more ppl your age with similar American republican/conservative views, etc.

getting old in general sucks a lot, yes.

>> No.11089306

You guys really are pathetic sometimes.

>> No.11089307

>skinny girls
>bodybuilding forums
art thou retardation?

>> No.11089309

Guys, prozac doesn't cause weight gain, does it?

It'll all be fine as long as I keep restricting, r-right?

>> No.11089315

you will b fine.

says the old timer talking in an even older English like an autist jej

wow yes, I believe you're too old for 4chan in general, you're still in a Japanese anime website at your advanced age .. that's miserable ..

>> No.11089322

What medications kill appetite?

>> No.11089325

>tfw hairy
>want to be thin
>will never be cute thin boy

>> No.11089331

some drugs can. best advice would be go vegan or japanese with your diet.

too bad

>> No.11089345

trying to tempt people into eating with those food coloring-based abominations, what a piss poor effort.

>> No.11089381

Last few weeks have been 1lb/week, so, seems to be okay but maybe I over estimate what I eat. I'll adjust if it slows too much. I'm not in a huge rush, just doing it for general health and to look better.

> i just lost 10 pounds from 159-149 and
Congrats on your progress!

>ur waist won't be 30' take it from me.
Oh interesting. Well, I guess whatever it is. I'm a 32" now so imagine it would shrink a bit.

>> No.11089397

Adderall is the best, anything that is a stimulant though. Vyvanse is another, but it only comes in extended release and I prefer IR stimulants because want it out of my system by the time I try to sleep.

Don't get addicted.

I've also heard Wellbutrin does, but anti-depressants are a terrible class of medications and should be avoided.

>> No.11089475

eat veggies

you can eat broccoli with salt / 0 cal seasoning til you feel like vomitting and lose weight

>> No.11089491

lel that guy posting shitty plastic food

>What are your stats & gender?
outside genitalia
55, dunno if i should go lower, cuz i still want to do sport and not get knocked over by the wind
drink water first ask questions later
>What are you listening to?
qotsa rated R, some stone roses

what is the lowest i could go and still do 'competitive' sport /fa/mlila?

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i fucked up guys, had like 2 weeks of eating take out and chocolate.

>> No.11089577
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I had a nice poop today wonder if tomorrow morning I'll weigh in lighter

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>> No.11089672

Was thinking the same thing but I didn't want to shit on all the effort he was putting into this desu

>> No.11089682

Pulling back from a misstep requires more willpower than merely staying the course
Go back to basics: Apple/black coffee/vape
Don't focus on how much you've set yourself back and put in some extra effort with the cardio for the next few weeks
If you get past this and know you can recover from a bad patch, it will do wonders for your motivation and discipline

>> No.11089715

Who is this man?

>> No.11089721
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Skate and Destroy

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Pls b my gf molly

>> No.11089766

5'7"/220lbs/unfortunate female

120 lbs

Eating <= 1000 cal/day, walking two miles to my bus stop and two miles back every day, being poor, staying away from anything that even looks like bread.

>listening to
Run the Jewels, motherfuckers

>> No.11089789

Wew, you've got a ways to go, but I believe in you! Many others in these threads have lost ~100 lbs.

>> No.11089817


If you're struggling with 1000kcal, you can bump it up 200-300 and you'll still be losing a decent amount.

Good luck!

>> No.11089833

Go running every morning on an empty stomach and then wait at least an hour before your first meal
For carbs use mostly leafy greens and other carbs with a high sugar to fiber ratio
Weigh your food so you have a solid metric to tether to results
Good luck

>> No.11089840

"average" is fucking fat now retard
all the clothing sizes have also changed so that fat fucks like you can feel better about themselves - things that would have used to XXL are being called "medium" now.
the average person (north american anyway) is overweight and disgusting

>> No.11089842

ephedrine and caffeine is a miracle combination

>> No.11089844


Probably shouldn't recommend running at such high weight.

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>5'7", 144 lbs, male
>Already down 20 lbs since I started losing weight again but figure I need to lose at least another 15 minimum - ideal goal would be similar to pic. still have disgusting muffin top and gut.
>Eating max 1200kcal/day - typically closer to 1000
>The Microphones - The Glow, pt. 2

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Molly is literally the Platonic form of the beautiful.

>> No.11089882
File: 22 KB, 291x501, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11089887

>tfw thin
>want to be big and hairy
>can't put on weight no matter what I do
Life is meme

>> No.11089896

ill satisfy your cravings bb

>> No.11089918

I'm benis and naturally 6'1 and 60kgs/140lbs. I'm looking to buy a pair of slim jeans, maybe 511's, but I'm worried that they'll be swimming on me. What sizing should I get for a slim look? Do I still get slim fit or will a skinny do it?

>> No.11089932

good luck anon! make sure you throw some body weight calisthenic exercises in there, else your body will turn into a baggy skin nightmare. and run, not just walk, to raise metabolism.

have patience and persistence--you're gonna make it someday soon

>> No.11090016

I'd say you should eat more like 1,400kcal per day. That's like a pound and a half per week for you. You have lots of weight loss ahead and don't want to burn yourself out or hurt your general health. Gradual is always better, if you want to lose 100-lbs plan on it taking a year and set monthly goals to keep on track. Don't burn yourself out.

-Anon who lost 57lbs.

>> No.11090021
File: 651 KB, 1067x800, VNyk86k[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gradual is always better

>> No.11090031

I'm an oldie and stand behind that. Whenever you make rapid changes shit seems to fuck up way worse than gradual ones.

Also how this anon got fat in the first place was not learning good eating habits, and part of dieting properly is learning how you can eat when you are done with the diet.

The main danger of eating too little is she starts getting sick more often, is just run down all the time in regular life from not enough food, and lacks certain nutrition, at a time when it really isn't needed. Once she is 140-lbs, then we can talk 1000kcal. But while 220-lbs, she needs more to carry her through the day until her body gets smaller.

>> No.11090032

>5 '8
>118 pounds
And im not even gay
I want to gain weight so bad, but I can't no matter how much I eat

>> No.11090035

why are you here instead of /fit/ then
you aren't eating enough, you aren't tracking correctly. you don't defy the laws of physics.

>> No.11090038

You don't eat enough. You just think you do.

>> No.11090049

You do not eat enough

>> No.11090112

beautiful desu

>> No.11090119

>What are your stats & gender?
ftm, 5'2, 150 lb
lose weight, shrink boobs and hips
calorie restriction
>What are you listening to?
my aquarium filter

inb4 tranny

>> No.11090144

ftm is female to male, right? So you want to remove your tits? Why not just get them removed in a surgery?

You still need to drop weight but don't think that will completely remove your tits. There are some chicas on here that were complaining a few threads back because they wanted to be flat but even though they were basically anime they still had big boobs.

>> No.11090152

Why dont you fuck off to a mental illness thread, fatty

>> No.11090166 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 264x834, aaaaa9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are your stats & gender?
5'10" - F - 135 lbs
125 lbs at the least, below to underweight if I don't lose fat in my face
Low calorie consumption
What are you listening to?
music from heaven's waiting room B)

>> No.11090170

the surgery results look better if you're skinny

>> No.11090173
File: 34 KB, 264x834, aaaaa9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What are your stats & gender?
5'10" - F - 135 lbs
125 lbs at the least, below to underweight if I don't lose fat in my face
Low calorie consumption
>What are you listening to?
music from heaven's waiting room B)

>> No.11090261
File: 76 KB, 800x800, 1397957631858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These threads are dumb. I guess you get some kind of "community" here but for actual fat loss methods the information here is garbage.

If you want to lose weight just eat nothing until you've lost the weight. Fasting is perfectly healthy. If you have issues with hunger and cravings then fast for 3 days a week then eat normally for 4. Work out some kind of calorie restriction method for yourself.

>> No.11090267


>> No.11090282

Whats the problem?

>> No.11090548

is it ok to drink a cup of black coffee once a day everyday

>> No.11090557

Nice body

>> No.11090565
File: 2.68 MB, 308x255, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw want to lose bf
>do 10km of cardio to burn it
>suddenly working out makes you hungry

>> No.11090583

>tfw never once stopped myself from eating what I want
>never exercised
>never even fucking ran or stuff
>can't stop eating chocolate
>52 kg, 177cm
And thats when i'm eating too much, I can hit high 40s on good months
I am thinking about running though, I want that anime body

>> No.11090629

Posture maybe, if you have an anterior pelvic tilt it can look like you have a little ponch even if you're thin

>> No.11090647
File: 541 KB, 500x678, 1093892992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

121 (down from 185)
less than 1000kcal a day, at least 3 times a week
>what are you listening to?
nothing, im taking a break from calc hw

>> No.11090886

how do i lose face fat?

>> No.11090893

the same way you lose all fat

eat less
do cardio

>> No.11090914

shave it off with a turkey slicer

>> No.11090917

what should I eat for dinner tonight

>> No.11090942


Someone inform this tween that his/her presence here and general lack of tact is most heinously uncomf.

>> No.11090946

>everyone older than me is EVIL WHITE REPUBLICAN©©©©©

don't you have a bernie rally to go to?

>> No.11090950

but also you're a creepy faggot, you need to be here for getting thin, not "muh dick thin girls" or you're just as bad as him.

>> No.11090957

>Implying I'm that guy

>> No.11090962

should I drink protein shakes? I'm wondering if it'll keep me from getting hungry and I don't eat a lot of meat

>> No.11090989
File: 1.90 MB, 1382x2163, 1455251165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can people stand to be fat? Even at a "healthy" weight don't they feel disgusted by the clammy pudding feeling...from sitting down, or smiling, or running? I don't understand how they can live that way

>> No.11091003

>What are your stats & gender?
5'4" 135 lbs with a penis
Nothing crazy, trying to eat with at least a 500 kcal deficit everyday, or more if I can manage. Doin some minimal exercise as well.
>What are you listening to?
The Mountain Goats - Sweden

young John is my inspo


>> No.11091005
File: 339 KB, 1000x1359, thin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What are your stats & gender?
its k
>What are you listening to?
lemon jelly lost horizons

comfy at home

>> No.11091008

not everybody has mental issues like you

>> No.11091019

Hahahahaha why even bother.

>> No.11091078

drink milk and eat an orange every day. it may not be too late to grow.

>> No.11091100

thank you for your generous suggestion, I will consider it moving forward.
I'm 20 and already taller than both of my parents, I'm pretty sure I'm done.

>> No.11091111


the thing that scares me about eating so little is how little i poop, i mean, it makes perfect sense, you eat less you poop less, but it feels weird pooping a tea spoon of poop

>> No.11091138


>what is lean mass

>> No.11091140

What is the proper weight for someone at 5'4" to become /ulzzang/

Not actually good looking enough to pull it off, but it sounds like a start

>> No.11091163
File: 47 KB, 420x560, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

min 101lbs max 108lbs

>> No.11091175
File: 41 KB, 600x652, Short-Ulzzang-Hairstyles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

72 lbs

>> No.11091185

Im 5.6ft/170cm and 110lbs/49-51kg f;
How is this? I think i look somewhat thin except my thights; i heard that running should help but my stamina is very very low; how to fix this? Also i dont have a diet, im just poorfag with no cooking skills

>> No.11091197

>I'm pretty sure I'm done.
Ah. Just trying to help out in case there are some underaged people here. Under-eating (and not eating enough of the right things) can limit bone development and height.

>> No.11091199
File: 2 KB, 199x129, hi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ill run with you and teach you how to cook anon

>> No.11091208

i want you to be my godess pls

>> No.11091215

>tfw no /fa/ thinspo gf to do cocaine with and dress in all black together with

>> No.11091225

pick me~

>> No.11091227

Fair enough.

Though I ate like a motherfucker growing up and still only got to my height. My parents are 5'3" and 5'1" though so I guess it could've been worse...

>> No.11091229

>i heard that running should help but my stamina is very very low; how to fix this?

>> No.11091231

ok deal ~

>> No.11091244

Thanks, i didnt know about this!

>> No.11091248

Im afraid you dont live in a small baltic country like me, anon

>> No.11091285
File: 132 KB, 350x750, tumblr_moypd59SrC1rvhwhbo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What are your stats & gender?
180 cm/55 kg
pic related
MC Ride
At this point, slimmer thighs basically
Ought to be alright around 50 kg prob
<1200 cal a day
>What are you listening to?
Silent Servant

>> No.11091287

y-you live in my heart anon

>> No.11091297

and yet you're posting meat
that isn't good for the pose at all

>> No.11091346
File: 3.18 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's my shadow today, senpai. BMI 15.5

>> No.11091391
File: 47 KB, 600x400, Photo on 3-23-16 at 4.06 PM #2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What are your stats & gender?
5'5" ~107-111 lbs??
32, 24, 33
pic is me
100 lbs and an SLP boifurendo
~500 calories a day, just cut out alcohol because it makes me binge. May raise calories to 800 but that seems like a lot since I'm lazy.
>What are you listening to?

>> No.11091402

fuck i'm 170 cm and i was hoping 50-55kg would be enough

>> No.11091405

arent you on the /fa/m picture

>> No.11091412

no, that's another girl

>> No.11091418

post the picture?

>> No.11091429


>> No.11091449
File: 49 KB, 640x640, 10852564_377439772437815_793202284_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What are your stats & gender?
180cm 60kg male
Work on my posture maybe. And chest/shoulder.
Take a shit after a meal. Usually within 30-60 mins.
>What are you listening to?

>> No.11091458

i have that sunflower dress too :)

>> No.11091478

i only wear black when i'm at school so since i'm home for a few days i'm embracing full femininity

>> No.11091481

>Take a shit after a meal. Usually within 30-60 mins.
How exactly could your body digest that food completely in an hour or less?

>> No.11091488

Been like that since I hit puberty.

>> No.11091495

you're actually shitting out the last meal you had as your body makes room for the one you just put in

>> No.11091505

adderall imo or coffee
nowadays my shits are coffee induced

>> No.11091509

Any proana forum I should visit?

>> No.11091510

Never thought of that. Sounds more logical.

I also shit an hour or two before meals most of the time. So idk.

>> No.11091569
File: 389 KB, 1103x2048, C360_2016-03-04-22-59-18-789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

115 lbs

Aiming for 100

I ate way too much today :/

>> No.11091624

What's your routine ?
I'm the same height as you, but just 123 lbs ( down from 142 )

>> No.11091645

Finally lost 20 pounds guys, feel so incredible, been a fat bastard all my life so this is such a big deal for me. Im going to the gym so Ive gained muscle as well so perhaps Ive lost even more

>> No.11091703

How old is too old to be cute boy? I'm 19 atm and feel like I'm getting old

>> No.11091719

feel your pain senpai, im 21

>> No.11091724

Wow that's great progress. I limit calories and carbs and eat a lot of protein instead and I jog everyday. I sometimes do other workouts about once a week. I've only lost 5 pounds so far but slow and steady. Maybe I should be asking for your routine

>> No.11091747
File: 881 KB, 562x714, effay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What are your stats & gender?
F, 5'6, 112 lbs
100-105 lbs, or at a point where I'll have thinner legs and a 24" waist
not sure yet
>What are you listening to?

>> No.11091752

top half is really nice but yeah legs could be thinner

>> No.11091767

Its hard to know when society doesnt consider you a 'kid' anymore. I want to believe it's when you hit 25.

>> No.11091772

>puffing your ribcage out


>> No.11091786

if you hold your stomach in any longer you might bust a rib lmao

>> No.11091822

good job senpai. keep going, don't stop.

>> No.11091833

most girls would kill for your bod. whatever you do, there's no rush.

>> No.11091879

Yeah you're right, really awkward pose that I never intended on posting online but I don't have any other recent side pictures

>> No.11091884
File: 1.32 MB, 3021x3254, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just ate 3/4s of this California burrito. What should I do?

>> No.11091889

Purging is for niggers, it destroys your throat and teeth. Just eat less tomorrow.

>> No.11091910
File: 466 KB, 660x990, jonah-ice-cream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That looks fucking amazing. Just eat less tomorrow as the other anon said.

>> No.11091949

Alright. Thanks for the advice. I think I'm going for a run too.

>> No.11091971

a n i m e

>> No.11092083

Agreed. Source: ex bulimic

>> No.11092137
File: 172 KB, 386x632, :fa:m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how to get this /fa/m's body?

>> No.11092184

>fem, 5'8", 117lb
>tend to binge if I feel shitty
>start keeping track of calories (1000/day), feeling pretty good, looking noticably thinner
>have shitty day
>come home to warm chocolate chip cookies
>eat a bunch and feel disgusting
I can't even control myself I'm like a fucking child, I just wanna look frail and cute. Trying to decide if I should try and eat 500cal tomorrow and risk binging, or just go back to 1000

>> No.11092185
File: 2.25 MB, 4000x2080, help-me-fa3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

teach me how to dress properly
Im too scared to dress more feminine

Im 5'6 and 105lbs

>> No.11092193

I wish I had no cooking skills sometimes. I love cooking, which means I cook for fun and then eat it.
I'd look better if I didn't like cooking and just ate apples.

>> No.11092209

Sorry for the retarded face on the 2nd pic, I hate my face/skincolor
Today I spent all afternoon at the mall and couldnt buy anything.

>> No.11092246

That is exactly what I feel, but if I even mention healthy food or if I refuse a cookie, people think I'm mental. For some reason, lots of people in uni are obsessed with food. Especially shit tier food.

>> No.11092256

Fuck, I've been exactly where you are. I've been eating ~1000 cals a day for a while now and haven't lost any weight, I think my body has adjusted to it, and I feel very lethargic. Maybe try intermittent fasting? If you eat all of your calories within an 8 hr time window you probably won't crave other things. Also do some strength training or cardio, it'll make use of any extra calories you eat.

Honestly, the only thing that helped eliminate my appetite (during the day) has been smoking weed a few nights a week. Not a good solution but it helps curb my food anxiety for now.

>> No.11092272

a haircut and not a graphic tee would be good imo

>> No.11092273
File: 120 KB, 560x632, 632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bota esas poleras horrendas, no deberías comprar ropa en falabella, no vale la pena, anda a darte una vuelta a la galería drugstore en los leones, te recomendaría que te compraras zapatos o botas ve el sitio de bestias son de fabricación local, super duraderas (y no muy caras)

>> No.11092282

tu recomendación no hace sentido puesto que >>11092185 quiere verse femenino
¿por qué hablamos en español?

are you going to transition mtf or just generally want to look more feminine?

>> No.11092289

I understood that he was scared to look more femenine, but if he plans to transition the boots are a no go then, that said, one of the brands that appear in the 3rd photo is a major chilean retailer, that's why I talked in spanish.

have a good day and thank you for letting me know.

>> No.11092304

Wow being a poor mexican really doesn't let you have many options...

shitty super cheap clothing, shitty looks, shitty phone.

At least your room seems clean...

Change your entire style, totally and wear a mask. Your hair is nice through.

>> No.11092310

Sorry senpai, hair stays.

Que tiendas del Drugstore recomiendas? La verdad nunca he encontrado algo que me llame la atención, y me gustan estas poleras porque son largas y además manga-larga.
No sé si estoy listo para usar botas, las converse me hacen sentir joven aún.
Also, you really knew Im from Chile just from the pictures?

>are you going to transition mtf or just generally want to look more feminine?
Shh, nobody have to know

Yup, being a poor spic sucks.

>> No.11092312
File: 109 KB, 420x932, gud bod tbh fam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the original photo. I have a super similar body.

I'm 49.5 kgs 177 cm which is 109.5 lbs 5'10.

So be around 48-55 kg and be that tall. Don't be skinnyfat, low body fat. Ideally you must have been that way your entire life, that means skinny your entire life.

He is anime mode. Actually he has Kenshin body when he was the young Battousai.

>> No.11092331

Kill Peña Nieto, get women jeans seriously, they will fit you properly, get better shoes... Start buying from the internet. Mexico doesn't has any good store.

Best you can get is H&M actually yeah lurk your local Mall and go to H&M to buy basics. But lots of black clothing or palewave (google it) fits.

Get a job, work, live with your parents so you can spend on luxuries, buy fashion online, get a nose surgery/rhinoplasty. God damn it you are going to have to work the triple as hard just for being born in Mexico.

>> No.11092334

>He is anime mode. Actually he has Kenshin body when he was the young Battousai.
tfw you find this super hot desu
a-am i weird?

>> No.11092340

dude, the earlier you transition the better
you look young
i think you'd probably look better as a girl
start by shaping your eyebrows and trying on a bit of makeup, slowly incorporate more feminine pieces of wardrobe until you're more confident with the idea or move out if you live with your parents

>> No.11092343
File: 17 KB, 250x300, h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope, you're /thin/spo. We want to make anime real here.

Some /fa/ms here want j-rock/visual kei bodies, most of the /thinspo/ the /fa/milia already has them.

>> No.11092402

I would get women jeans but I hate the fact that they dont have pockets, and I usually carry a lot of stuff.
I live with my parents and they're a bit against me using women clothes, I have some money to buy stuff, and Im going to get a rhino, I was going to get one on january but I got extremly depressed and thought that a rhino wouldnt make any difference and cancel it, but Im getting one ASAP.

I know. Im 23 already, I want to fix my eyebrows as soon as I can, same with makeup, and Im going to get hair removal laser for my face.

>> No.11092406
File: 190 KB, 500x440, 783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw skinnyfat
kill me now senpai

daily reminder to work out, take your vitamins and dont hurt yourself
love yourself familia

>> No.11092407
File: 482 KB, 395x561, mo_store_magdalena_olazabal_lookbook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sobre Chile, uno como que se da cuenta, sera el ascensor, que me parece tan típico, o los vestidores, la verdad no tengo idea.

En la drugstore te recomiendo que te des una vuelta por la Mo (tienen unos chalecos preciosos en su coleccion FW 2015), también pasa por las tiendas de ropa americana.

Queramos lo o no verse /fa/ en este rincón del mundo es peludisimo, pero eso no significa no poder verse bien, anda a tiendas de ropa americana y aunque me puedan tirar mala onda por esto, h&m, topman y todas las tiendas de fast fashion, tienen cosas básicas bonitas, así que tampoco es malo darle una vuelta.

Una cosa más no te sientas mal, por tu estructura facial, ni por tu tono de piel, estar un poco afuera de los cánones de belleza, no es malo, es más agrega carácter y te hace mas interesante.

ten un buen día

>> No.11092438
File: 539 KB, 2288x2192, f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.11092499

ditch the graphic tees, solid ones look much better

the jackets/flannels you have arent too bad

your pants seem nice too, try different shoes though, vans are a good start

>> No.11092529

>I live with my parents and they're a bit against me using women clothes,
then make you style androgynous not trap. dress palewave or gothninja.

or like -jaden smith- google it.

>> No.11092554
File: 706 KB, 1600x1105, Lelouch-Lamperouge-lelouch-lamperouge-zero-17893147-1600-1105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't need to work out, nobody does actually. walking/running is fine through, its useful. Lifting is totally unneeded it just fucks up silhouettes.

body weight excersie is good if you want. anything that doesn't involves drum-bells or stupid modern machinery is fine. Your body adapts to your own weight thats all it needs.

The only vitamins I take are biotin just to make my anime hair grow faster

>don't hurt yourself
nobody hurts himself but you need to eat less calories to become anime, there is no other way.

DIY duh.

>> No.11092567

to hurt yourself can help with weight problems
another tip: bulimia

>> No.11092601

>bulimia aka
>i have no self control
>i'm stupid and don't know how bulimia destroys your body, making it un-effay

>> No.11092610

you need to get on hormones ASAP. every day you wait you're becoming more of a burly guy. go to mtf general in >>>/lgbt/ and learn how to buy them online, you can do the process entirely by yourself. seriously hormones are THE most important part of mtf...no matter how much makeup or laser removal you do...without them it's like trying to drain an ocean with a bucket

>> No.11092612

idc about bulimia anons at the end they're doing what they want. but I agree with them having little self control or weak willpower.

Why the fuck they ate that shitty food in the first place. Just have a strong will it isn't that hard.

Count the motherfucking calories. Join the fitness pal group.

>> No.11092636

All that money wasted on food -> vomit, they could use to buy other shit to reward themselves. it's exactly what i do when i'm craving something badly, i make myself choose between a new lip gloss or something that'll make me fat. never a hard choice once it's that way, no matter how weak my will is at the moment.

i think they're just self destructive and want the pain with the weight loss, not the thinness in the most logical way to achieve it.

>> No.11092655

Yeah, I know, but im not here for that, Im here to get some tips on how to dress more androgynous meanwhile Im not yet a girl

>> No.11092667

female hormones are pretty weak, you can still pass as a guy or androgynous on them. it's about starting the process while it will still have the most effect on your body. at the very least get on hormone blockers if you're afraid of becoming more feminine at this time

>> No.11092668
File: 115 KB, 500x679, freja full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/thin/spo isn't the thread for that... Actually it's something you will have to learn from yourself.

You need to watch enough androgynous clothing inspo. From top of my head: Freja Beha (female), Andrej, Martin Cohn (males)... and for fashion designers: Saint Laurent Paris & Rick Owens.

>> No.11092694

The person you are talking to knows all this already, I've seen her posting on /lgbt/ many times before.

>> No.11092719

oh, ok. too many closeted mtfs that fuck themselves over by not self-medding so i push it really hard

>> No.11092722
File: 47 KB, 500x750, 05008f19ea2865b021716c03493f0781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11092738
File: 79 KB, 455x606, dadcore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11092791

Thank you everyone! I'm already down 80 lbs from last year (I was 300 lbs). Your encouragement really brightened my day. I'll start running to the stop, maybe do a couple laps around the college campus, and check out some calisthenics to do.
We're all gonna make it, senpai!

>> No.11092799

>that filter

>> No.11092851

stay there and be my gf

>> No.11092874

ok! Now I feel nervous that someone has scrolled up that far

>> No.11092908

lmao nobody knows shit it's an anonymous image board unless you upload pictures, etc media with GPS data which you didn't.

>> No.11092918

>Ideally you must have been that way your entire life
How come? Are you talking about the muscle mass developed as a result of carrying extra weight?

>> No.11092921

Probably just has to do with the person's natural metabolism

>> No.11092934
File: 17 KB, 180x271, tumblr_lxnmkvpECw1r9ez1io1_250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

person's natural youthful metabolism.

If you have a thin friend that has been thin all his lfe & still is ask him to show you his body, tell him that you want a reference or something not because you're bisexual & you're secretly into him even through it might be true.

Maybe with a Japanese diet idk. Japs always get that kind of bodies. Stop eating meats, pork, etc it's seafood only from now on for you.

If your metabolism isn't fast then walk/jog, body weight stuff is also fine but never gym, never ever.


>> No.11093085

You won't lose muscle unless you stop lifting for months.

>> No.11093138

yeah it's hard as fuck to lose that deformity. it really fucks up silhouettes for a long while.

>> No.11093227
File: 141 KB, 900x900, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking plateau


>> No.11093229

I limit my calories as well, <800kcals, and eat less carbs too (<50g). I guess I will take up running too.

>> No.11093232
File: 294 KB, 1242x2208, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a-am i gonna make it?

>> No.11093349

I think so! You've really increased your activity levels. Keep your eating in check and you'll be anime in no time.

>> No.11093366
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Fat fuck here that needs some help if one of you don't mind.

I'm 156 / m / 5' 10". I'd like to drop like 10 pounds.

I've been slowly losing but I think I'm fuckin' up. For one thing, I have a beer every night that is 150 cal. Which is awful I know but it keeps me from wanting to kill myself.

I'm also extremely hungry inbetween meals and sometimes into the night.

>breakfast (cereal, 400 calories worth) at 6:30am and by 11 I'm fucking starving. I eat lunch at 12:30
>lunch (chicken + something simple like salad, keep it around 500 calories)
... but never really feel that full. Then by 5pm I'm really hungry after work.
>snack: some dry cereal (5pm, 150-200 calories)
>dinner (7pm, another 600 calories + the beer, so like 750.)

So I range between 1700-1800 calories per day but that's too high. Where should I cut? How do I keep my appetite in check?

If I'm hungry after dinner I can't sleep, so, I at least need to be satisfied (not stuffed, but, not hungry) when I go to sleep.

>> No.11093372

..I just did some math.

So that 150cal beer is 4200 calories per month if I have it every day. So 3500 is a pound right? so if I drop the beer I can lose another pound per month easily?

Seems like the beer is the first thing that needs to go because I'm hungry, and that is calories that don't fill me up.

>> No.11093438

Relax... There's nothing wrong with not feeling full

>> No.11093467
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>Just have a cute face

Because people 'just' have a cute face.

But yeah, that's pretty much it. People have different tastes.

>> No.11093474

You aren't supposed to feel full when you're done eating. You're supposed to feel not hungry.
Tough it out or find something else to chew on, like gum or very low calorie (like crackers) snacks.

>> No.11093489

The only scientifically proven way to lose fat is to literally have a calorie deficit. I.e. consume less calories than you are spending. This is the ONLY way to lose fat, so you HAVE to resist eating as much as you do.

Either start moving more or start eating less, the best solution is to do both. This is the only way to lose fat.

>> No.11093501

I never really feel "full" I just get to "not hungry" - I should clarify. But yeah I do need to get used to being a little hungry all the time.

>or very low calorie (like crackers) snacks.
That's sort of what the dry cereal accomplishes, but I'm going to start skipping the beer again and try and hold off with the dry cereal snack. I'm still in deficit, but, not 1lb/week deficit.

I know, thanks. I'm trying to move more also, but actually that seems to make me more hungry so it is a balance.

>> No.11093586

If a beer can keep you from killing yourself, you really sont want to kill yourself, so drop that beer and if you still feel like shit buy a boxcutter and start thinning yourself with it.

>> No.11093637

u mad m8?

>> No.11093643

No, do I sound mad?
I actually lose a lot of weight cutting myself and throwing up, i managed to get very skinny arms

>> No.11093652

u have a benis or cock sock? wot does ur mother say?

>> No.11093698

5'10 145 Male. I'd like to gain a bit more weight, mostly because I'm super conscious of how skinny my arms are.

>> No.11093706

im you and i wanna lose 10lb

>> No.11093709

im you but i already am 145 - 10

>> No.11093710



>> No.11093740

>What are your stats & gender?
37 age
180 high
88 KG
Light Blonde
Searching new hairstyle for my new light blonde hair, all of my old hair look crap :(.
Don't look to human eyes.
>What are you listening to?
Old music.

>> No.11093745

>pound per month

are you kidding me? you want to take an entire calendar year to do what you can do in a month?

>> No.11093763

learn to enjoy feeling hungry

>> No.11093773
File: 1010 KB, 810x812, thumbsup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>What are your stats & gender?
125 lbs
gain 5 pounds
more food
>What are you listening to?

>> No.11093830

How old?

>> No.11093890
File: 227 KB, 1600x1200, just4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What are your stats & gender?
M, 6'1/185cm, 128lbs/58kg
Calorie deficits, depending on the day
>What are you listening to?

>> No.11093914

>eat 3 slices of pizza with extra cheese
>wanna kill myself immediately after

Fuck me familia

>> No.11093933

dude, one makes sense bc you get caught up in the taste but how the fuck do u reach for a second and third?...

>> No.11093935

I was hungry.. Sometimes I get disgusted by my lack of self-control.

>> No.11093991

youre too old for /fa/

>> No.11094003


>> No.11094011

He means just removing the beer is a pound per month additional

>> No.11094064

Hi. Naturally thin guy here (5'10" 117lb). Looking for gf to cuddle with. Please get back to me pronto

>> No.11094179
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>> No.11094190
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>> No.11094249

why is she lookinf at that cats asshole?

>> No.11094274

>not licking your cats asshole
you sound like you'd be a cruel owner

>> No.11094364

what about bf? we can three some

>> No.11094471

Have any of you tried fiber powder (metamucil etc) to keep you full? I get very hungry between my meals and I can deal with it but I'd rather not if there's a solution.

>> No.11094501

Who /starting to enjoy being hungry/ here?

>> No.11094567

I find it semi motivating at time to feel hungry because that's what losing weight feels like.

However, if I get too hungry then I get light headed and start to feel poorly. It's a fine line.

>> No.11094942

Can I be your bf?

>> No.11095245

Bump limit reached. New thread!