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Hey /fa/,

I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on a uniform I'm trying to put together. It's based on the German SA uniform. (I am not utilizing it for that purpose, just copying the style.)

So far I figured I'd use a beige kepi, a beige shirt (base on their uniform) and either Jackboots or Combat boots.

I was unsure if I should do about the pants. Should I get the beige/khaki? the black? dark beige? Also I wasn't sure if I should go for a more modern pant style (eg straight) or for the ol german military style where they kinda puff out.

Here's the Kepi: http://www.epicmilitaria.com/german-sa-kepi-black.html

and the shirt: http://militaria-net.co.uk/german-uniforms-ss-uniforms-sa-brownshirt-p-894.html

I haven't found the boots I want yet.

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SA had shit uniforms. The first layouts were accidental cause brown shirts were left over from intended southern expeditionary forces in WWII.

Imo SS and informal wear was the best nazi/fa/, like kriegsmarine, winter and bike complementaries, and luftwaffe. Go watch das boot or something for more inspo on that.

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how is it a uniform if its just you, dumb ass

I know where to put together a fairly accurate SA uniform depending on specific period if budget is no concern but I am not telling you how because you sound like a didgeridoo.

are you OIOI?

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what's the uniform for? What are we supposed to give advice based on?

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