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Asalam Aleikum /fa/,

I'm currently transitioning into Islam and I was wondering if there is an essential muslim-core I could adopt. Yes, I am growing a beard.

>inb4 trolls
I know videos like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMZe5hXodQg are circling around 4chan. However I want to assure you that Islam is a religion of peace. Allah Bless.

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*sigh* I knew trolls would appear. It's ok, I forgive you my friend.

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Don't ever take showers again.

You also have to wear the hymens of all the little white girls you rape.

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You could adopt a knife through your neck.

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Look into Rick Owens

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You're doing a poor impression of yourself with that pic, bruv...nobody's gonna take your disclaimer seriously with that.

Even if there are /fa/ithful muslims using this board, you bet they'll be disappointed with this approach.

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>friendly, smiles
>poor impression
fuck off to /pol/ scumbag. I'm not your bruv.

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Nice try Tommy. Sage.

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Is this some meme? Anyway that Britain First woman is so annoying.

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raf ss02

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Not falling for this level of bait

There are limits to human stupidity

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Are you trying to imply that becoming a muslim is foolish?


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Not being a racist and a bigot is foolish.

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algeria 1970's

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Mods please delete this. I don't want to see any islam hatred on this board, my favourite board. (I really hope those who hate muslims aren't even attractive people)

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I don't see any Islam hatred on this thread, kaffir. A true Muslim wouldn't have Islam lowercased.

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>short cropped hair
>long T
and your good to go senpai

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Dude, drop your kik. I want to have a conversation with you

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Just please. I need to talk to you. I'm confused

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lmao right here

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>I was wondering if there is an essential muslim-core I could adopt
There are basically 2 variations of shoes that are allowed for you to wear:

1) your traditional muslim loafers that are worn in the mosque during prayers

2) Nike Air Max

All other shoes are forbidden in order to stay true muslim-core.

You must never trim your armpit or pubic hair ever again. Also never shower more than once a week! (it's okay to wash your feet in the mosque before prayers though) You have to finger your asshole while you let a stream of water run down from a bottle down your ass, every time you take a shit. (it's supposed to be ca cleaning method officially, but unofficially you are slowly learning the ways of anal stimulation) Learn to aim with your spit. It is required when encountering white women during the day and you have to showcase your disgust with them. During night time, you rape them.

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just tell me

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No i don't want it to be a public consumption. It's very private. About our religion and myself. Please let me talk privately to you

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nice try fbi

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No. Fuck you. If you hate something don't show it. Does it really make you feel good about making people feel insecure and uneasy ?

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you're not thinking clearly

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Tbh the assholes blocking the mosque cause it's a "white Christian area" are the only ones doing anything wrong. What the hell is this shit even doing in London of all places

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how much do you hate white people?
i brought you a snack bar

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I don't at all. Sometimes i wish i was white. no, actually, black.

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whatever has the most gibmedats, amirite?

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Not all of us are poor illegal immigrants. Lots of us are there with money and ready for a college degree and lifestyle that we see on movies.

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