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I made this dress today. Is it effay?

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shitty angle and lighting

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Ngl, it's pretty fuckin' sweet but your tits are too small. Same exact design would look amazing on a pair of Fs.

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Oh. I was going for the whole 'back is the new front' thing.

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Is that why your picture is from the side? So you can show off something that you can't even see?

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Here's the back detailing.

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shitty angle still, do one full frontal, one from each side, one from the back and then one POV where your looking down to your shoes

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You definitely need to take more pictures, but what I see I like quite a bit - great job!

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looks good so far but I want to see more! You don't have a mannequin you can put it on?

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really nice!! what material is it made out of?

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lol u need a friend or a mom or something to take the pics for you

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it looks pretty cool so far but you really need to provide more photos so we can actually see it. it's awesome that you made it yourself

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What the hell does effay mean?

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This was the first time I made anything, any criticisms would be helpful. Esp re how to do a backless thing better?

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sorry I did my best with the pics but they're not good

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eat a burger u are starving

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I think it's cute in concept but is a little uneven in the back, and would look better if it was tailored, and although it is uneven in the back you could go full asymmetrical with it or just fix it maybe? Idk but good luck also london

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I want to fuck you then marry you

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looks good imo

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Nice job making your own dress. it seems like the V ends above the waist and creates more blockiness and weight on the bottom part. I don't think it looks particularly flattering here.

however I really have no idea about the sewing and patterns and /cgl/ will probably know more about that, although they all seem frumpy and non-critical as fuck in some aesthetic respects.

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perdy damn good. don't know about the buttons.
seems like they're kinda clashing with the bow.
the bow has a loose, drapey feel to it, and the buttons have a more solid and uptight vibe.
both work separately, not sure when put together.
like the bow, though. you could maybe accentuate it a bit more. a different texture than the rest of the dress, slightly larger bow tie, slightly longer tails.
idk maybe that would move a little too much into kimono territory.

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And by full on assymetrical I mean something along the lines of this, sorry for the piss poor drawing, I'm a piss poor drawER

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if the material was thicker and of higher quality i think it would look much better

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on another thought im actually not sure on the thickness part, but higher quality material would look better definitely

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No that's a very helpful drawing, thanks!

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Yeah I kinda regret using such cheap fabric; I assumed Id fuck it up tbqh. I'll try and use cotton or silk next time.

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wheres your booty

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It's not effay, but it's really good (not despite, but because).

Agree with what others have said though, more pictures from the front and back would be better.

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Oh, I see you posted them later on.

Good job, OP. You should be proud.

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Today you accomplished more on the subject than 99% of the people in this forum. Good job!

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Honestly this, this board spergs the fuck out when girls appear. You got something special

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OP it's incredibly cute from the back but the front needs something?? the shape looks off from the front, idk what i would add tho

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damn woman your have some skill desu

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being this new

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This picture is by far the worst, it looks like everything is crumpled together, if that makes sense? The other photos look really solid though. Also, the hanger is just as important as the clothes. Lose a bit of weight to where the middle of your upper arm is noticeably thinner than your shoulder and elbow and you can become the best possible human hanger. Pic related, Molly's upper arms are beautiful.

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Forgot to say i designed it to be reversible (though obvs I don't really have the cleavage for the other way myself)

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Side view reversed style

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Haha sadly I am really am from the meme idyll of London

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thank you

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can you be my gf im a solid 8 and i own over 500k in cars

im also not far from london

no jokes

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o dear

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im serious though

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that's what I was worried about

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Haha you shouldn't offer these things without face pics, I could be your Anne of Cleves

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dw about that ; ) so are you interested qt

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We literally only have 2 low quality pictures. However, anything made by hand is cool. It has soul to it. But.
Let me set the record straight
>is xxxx /fa/ means, "Do white boys on a anime forum think this is cool?"
>is xxxx fashionable means, "Do fashionable people think this is fashionable?"
Being "fa" is short for: "An arbitrary thing being fashionable", so when you ask:
>Is an old school barbershop effay
>What's the most fa anime and why is it Cory in the House
>Post fa pens
>Is xxxx fa?
>What's the most fa deodorant
>Post fa ducks
You are not getting an answer from a regular person that might know some shit about fashion. You're asking the wrong people entirely. /Fa/ is filled to the brim with guys who just want to dress cool and don't really know much about fashion, which is fine, but they end up getting advice from fucking tripfags who literally wear skirts and clown shoes, who literally suck Kanye West's dick because he made graduation once, who literally stand outside of stores for DAYS just to "cop" a fucking tee shirt or even worse fucking shoes they won't wear, who think that Rick Owens and his goblin of a wife are literally god for starting the trend of wearing black and gay techno 90's goth rags, and once they realize how fucking stupid the trend is, they dismiss it like it never happened and it becomes a giant fucking circle jerk.
If you want an inspo thread, awesome, start that, but please stop piling on the fucking is xxxx fa?
What answer do you want? Use common sense. A pencil bag is not fashionable. A backpack can be. Deodorant can't be fashionable. Going to an old-timey barbershop is cool. Ducks are ducks. Come on now.

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You can see the stitchings, but nice job overall.

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I'm very flattered but I'm not really that good a seamstress irl, I'm sure I'd disappoint! :)

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good stuff op, looks great on you

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it's some faggot way of saying /fa/ which is fashionable. Apparently.

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Jesus christ fuck off this is spam at this point, you're literally worse than what you're trying to prevent

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this nigger is the truth

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dont worry i like ur small tits

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dont really like the buttons???

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u can see the raw edges

but nice concept

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>sew some non-functional buttons on