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Would /fa/ prefer it if their gf dresses /fa/ or just plain sexy?

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sexy is boring. if i wanted sexy i could go to the nearest club.

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Hiding behind some full-body Rick armour is more boring.

Women should dress in a way as to make men horny.

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/fa/ would be preferred. my gf is a gymrat who wants to be a fitness model. dresses like trash and keeps wasting money on shitty gymshark clothes hoping they sponsor her.
Her instagram is pure cringe

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Trick question, can't be /fa/ without being sexy. Man repeller shit isn't fashion, it's just a subculture of crazies.

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I'd take anything at this point

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just go out and talk to a girl you fancy
be Honest about what you want from her.

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dump her. trust me.

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>a girl who has goals and works hard to achieve them
>dump her, trust me

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Are you serious ? lol

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Are you a faggot? lol

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korwin król

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laa hawla wala kawta illa billah

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??? elaborate anon am I heading towards a world of pain?

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No, you're close to making it.

And /fa/ can't handle that.

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wtf is this shit ?

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Does this really work?

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Brunette Moffy is so fucking hot.

I want a cross-eyed modeltier gf :(

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Any gf will do desu

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>t. the guy who wants to steal Anon's GF

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I've been thinking about this post for like an hour

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yeah practice in areas you don't usual hangout at. If you fail 99% chance you will never see her again.

Confidence takes time

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The book of pook

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What the fuck is going on here.

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What about it?

I only speak the truth.

I don't know what körbölö or whatever the fuck that faggot just said means. I just posted something some retarded Allahu Akbörk said in regards to killing Lars Vilks (danish guy who drew Mohammed as a dog and got terrorists after after him) as a response.

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Worse, you are headed for bearable mediocrity. The pain will only come if you allow it to come through introspection. The more time you invest in this relationship the hotter the pot boils. By the time you feel mentally prepared to reach in and touch the bottom, it will be scalding. Remember my words, even after everyone replies to this post with "edgy".

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my wife can't dress for shit but imo that's a good thing, our budget can't accommodate both of us and she's fine wearing leggings and sweaters.

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Nic sie nie stało, korwinisci, nic sie nie stało

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I'd rather the girl dress cutely in her own style than like a #pastelgothfuccgirl like all the basic "LOL SEW FASHUN" bitches that congregate here.

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cute. CUTE.

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Not sure what you're getting at tbphwy famboi

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"Cutely" is correct in the context I used it in.

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cute. CUTE. is an ebin meme you dip.

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>Memorizing meme.

That's pretty sad man.

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>going 4 replies deep yelling at someone about memes
keep it up

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>not being down with the latest in maymay culture

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>Someone isn't as autistically into the "meme culture" as I am!
>They must be Redditors!

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>being this mad at memes

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>Shit the Reddit accusation didn't work

Nice projection.

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cute > sexy

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>remains mad at memes

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>Projection II: Electric Boogaloo

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>still flustered by memes

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>More projection.

I don't give a shit about memes.

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>i-i don't care about m-maymays
>is still completely upset about them

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>More projection because I called you sad for memorizing memes.


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>still mad at memes

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Do you go to the gym? If not you are fucked.

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>Angry /v/fag projecting.

Don't you have some League of Losers to play, child?

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>still mad at the meme

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how do you have so many lain gifs lol

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How does someone get so mad at memes?

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>Perma/v/irgin is still pretending I care about his meme.

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>still mad

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I'm not the one raging because someone didn't get a meme.

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>but where is the real meme?

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>mad at memes

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...I'm not that guy...I was simply impressed, but now you look like a total douche

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Not caring about /v/ memes from 2014 != anger.

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>claims others look like douches
>thinks I can't tell two completely different posting styles apart
>thinks a question is a direct insult to him
have some more gifs you faggot

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I know that there are at least 72 lain images like the ones he posts. He probably has more.

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>Backpeddling this hard because another anon called you out on confusing two people.

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>at least 72
You are in for a treat.

>calling someone faggot is back-pedalling
>remains mad at memes
>full stop during memetext
>still mad at memes

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>If I keep calling angry, people won't notice how pathetic I am for getting this triggered over someone not getting my /v/ maymay from 2014.

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You're a post late lad.
>still mad at memes

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You lads like Lain?

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Please reply to this post
Your messy responses are really getting on my memes.

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If you're the same guy I'm "arguing" with, yeah.

Let's keep the bullshit fight going so you can post more.

I mean


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Look at the filenames you silly fuck, of course I'm the guy whos memes you are mad at. You can always just ask where I got them, unless you're too mad for that.

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Both. Variation is fun.

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Fuck off, this is a meme thread you boring cunt.

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Not rly saving them, just appreciating them/enabling you so some anon that save anime gifs can enjoy the motherlode worth you're posting.

To keep the shitfest going/enable you more


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I can't be bothered any more, I'm going to bed, goodnight Lain thread.

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I thought you were cool at first, but now you're seriously looking like an autistic retard

good job m8

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How awful.

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autism m8

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/fa/ in the streets, sexy in the sheets

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kek what a faggot who the fuck saves that money animu pics on his computer??

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Way to ruin my thread with your faggotry, faggot.

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Sure, but for the sake of this thread, you need to choose one you silly fuck.


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Fuck she's ugly.